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I have 3 kids, ages 7, 2 and 1. I have always...

I have 3 kids, ages 7, 2 and 1. I have always worked my butt off after the babies to loose the weight but never was happy with my results . Mt tummy got uglier the smaller I got and boobs would just hang lower ! Can't wait for my new body !! I never thought I would actually go through with the procedure but finally talked myself into it !!

Today is the day !!!

My mother in law came into town yesterday to watch the kids for 4 days so my husband can take care of me . We went and got all of our supplies last night . My surgery got moved to 130 so I tried to stay up late and sleep in but didn't work out to great . Went to bed at 3 woke up at 9. Spending the day with the kids and getting stuff packed for the stay at the motel tonight . I'm surprisingly very calm today ! I am more nervous about being put under (because I've never been under ) than anything . Anyone have any advice on what they wore for the day of surgery and the following days !?!?!?!? I have loose cotton pants and large t shirts!??

Right before I went in

So excited!

Night of procedure

I arrived at the doctors office at 115. They took me back right away . I talked with my nurse and she answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. The doctor came in and marked me up and talked with me about the procedure and my expectations again making me feel very comfortable. Last I talked with the anesthesiologist who was very thorough with explaining everything as well. My nurse hooked me up to my IV and rolled me into the OR. The worst part about it all was prep. They had to rub down my whole body with a freezing cold liquid in the freezing cold OR lol. I laid up on the table face down and they finished getting things together . They didn't tell me when they were putting me to sleep which was probably a good idea since that was what I was worried about the most (I've never been under until now ) . I told her I was getting sleepy and she said yes its time and next think I remember was waking up in a wheelchair searching for my husband (he was right next to me lol). It was really scarry coming to and my pain level was about a 10. It continued to be bad until about a few hours ago . I have been able to fall asleep here and there for an hour or 2 at a time which is great . I am walking to the bathroom alone and situating my self ok . I don't have drains which I think is nice so just changing my depends very often and keeping areas clean . Tomorrow I have my follow up at 1130 so I will update again ...I will also take pics and attach some now :) happy healing ladies !
P.s. Having my husband taking care of me is amazing he's doing such a good job !!!??

day 2

I have alot of bruising, swelling and just all over sore. My breast are not that bad pain wise. Doing the massaging 4 times a day and wearing the strap . My stomach and back are the sore part from leaning when I walk . Back hurts really bad . Pain is a constant 5. Which that wasn't so high but don't want to depend on the pills. Hoping it just keeps getting easier . Slept so good last night slept 4 hours got up took pills went to the bathroom and back down for 4 more hours . Feeling much better . Will post pics later . Happy healing ladies !!

pics from follow up appointment

4 weeks out

I know i have not posted in a while but things have bee normal. No infections . Normal pain . Went back to work last week . Very very swollen but everything is looking good . My scar looks like it will be crooked but hoping it's just because of uneven swelling . I absolutely love my breasts they ate fabulous! Following doctors orders and wore my strap on my chest for 3 weeks . Doing my massages every night . My scar and belly button are very red but buying silicon slabs to help tomorrow! ! Well I will post alot of pics hope that helps !! Happy healing ladies !

1 year plus

After 4 weeks I quit posting . Life when back to normal and having the 3 little ones and a full time job I just forgot all about this so here are some pictures of my end result ! I'm more happy than I have ever been !!
Waldorf Plastic Surgeon

So far everything has been amazing . Doctor is great and love the staff !!

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