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You've got your Dad's nose! God bless my Dad but...

You've got your Dad's nose! God bless my Dad but his nose is not his most pleasing characteristic. When I was in the Air Force I had scheduled a rhinoplasty but got out before I had a chance to get it done. Over the years I have visited many doctors and done a ton of research.

I am now happily married to a man who tells me everyday that I am beautiful and that he loves me. He does not think I need surgery but knows that it's something have always wanted and is totally supportive.

My nose is not horrible so I have struggled with this decision. Is it vain to have this done when people have legitimate health issues? Shouldn't I be putting this money into something more worthwhile? Am I totally vain? One friend asked me why I was getting this done, "What are you going to model now?" she asked sarcastically. That would be why I have only told those on a need to know basis. There are only 4 people close to me that need to know!

I researched doctor's online and was lucky enough to have quite a few locally to choose from. Once I met Dr. Bridges I felt completely comfortable. When I sat down with him, instead of telling him what I thought was wrong, I asked him what he would do. He addressed all of my concerns and also suggested a small chin implant which I wanted to ask about anyway. Rhinoplasty is his passion and he was super excited about the results that he expects to achieve. It was important to me that the doctor I choose have digital imaging to show me the hoped for results and to make sure we were on the same page.

I work out of the house so I can hole up until I am fully recovered, we don't have children and my husband is fully supportive and willing to deal with the crap (literally in the case of our small dog;). I know I wouldn't be able to go through with it if I weren't in this position. I am paying with CareCredit because it's interest free for a year and will be a great credit rating boost for me.

Surgery is tomorrow. I have been pretty calm up until now but today I have a case of the freak outs. I am not sure what I am going to do with myself as I have cleaned the house, washed the dog and shopped for everything I need already. I suspect I'll be reading more reviews. I stay away from the bad ones because I don't want to be anymore freaked out then I already am.

Here is a list of things that I have for my recovery:

Percocet (SO scared this is going to make me sick to my stomach)

Recovery Stuff:
Orange Sherbet (it's my comfort food!)
Campbell's Vegetable Soup (again comfort)
Cottage Cheese
New subscription to Netflix and Hulu
Neck Pillow
Frozen peas (and little bags to divide them up)
Arnica Cream and Tablets (been taking all week)
Vitamin C (which I have been taking all week)
Q tips
Icy Hot Pads (in case my back hurts from lying in bed all week)
Lip glass for my dry lips
Bendy Straws
Diet Gingerale and Root Beer

I am very scared of getting sick from the IV and have requested anti nausea medicine be included in my "cocktail". Cross your fingers for me and thank you to everyone who has been generous enough to share your stories!

I wish I were one of those people who experience...

I wish I were one of those people who experience no pain. I am not. I look like I got into a bar fight. (you should see the other girl) I have been rotating peas non stop to prevent bruising and NO appetite. Trying to eat jello and orange sherbet. I also had extreme nausea even with the patch and something mixed into my iv. The staff were amazing and St. Francis hospital is beautiful. You know what helped with the nausea? Listening to soothing music on my Ipod.

Day 2 I went in for a post op visit with Dr....

Day 2

I went in for a post op visit with Dr. Bridges today. He cleaned out my nose and took a look at things and explain a little bit more about what he did for me during the procedure. He really went above and beyond the call of duty. I am such a wuss, I cried when he took out a very tiny amount of packing and cleaned my nose up. It didn't hurt so much as I was just scared. Back home to bed now!

Day 3 My chin is massively swollen and itchy. I...

Day 3

My chin is massively swollen and itchy. I am using Benadryl lotion and got the go ahead to try the pills if that doesn't work. On the upside I will take them before bed so maybe I can have a full night's sleep. I am still mouth breathing so am not sure if that will happen. I have been sleeping on and off all three days so I am not very tired. I do have a fair amount of pain and I am NOT trying to rough it out. I am worried I will run out meds! I don't get my cast off until next Thursday and I think that's probably a good thing. My husband brought me roses, a chocolate frosty and some fries. He is the best! I hope everyone else has a great support system as well!

Day 4 I am in pretty good spirits despite my...

Day 4

I am in pretty good spirits despite my ginormous chin! I slept on and off last night and the skin outside of my bandage was itchy and warm. I also tried to do just one pain med last night and I woke up in alot of pain so I took 2. I have added an ice bag in a white scarf and tied it around my head. Very attractive! Right now I am concentrating on recovery and not as concerned with the end result. I have basically been in bed since Wed with a few trips to the kitchen. I am eating soft foods like jello, orange sherbet and wheat bread. I plan on staying in bed as long as it feels helpful. I am going to try and accomplish a bath today.

Still Day 4. I have been sleeping on and off...

Still Day 4.

I have been sleeping on and off today and feel like the chin swelling is going down. a little light at the end of the tunnel. I am taking pictures everyday and will hopefully find the courage to post them! I asked a question in the open forum because it didn't seem like an emergency and I didn't want to bother my Dr. with it unless is got worse. The funny thing is....he is very active on here and answered my question. He is awesome!

Day 4 (still) I am wondering if anyone else had...

Day 4 (still)

I am wondering if anyone else had a chin implant at the same time as rhinoplasty. Was your chin itchy and hot and if so what did you use to alleviate it? (have already tried icing, arnica and benadryl. Nose is doing great, if I hadn't had the implant (which I am not regretting) I would be off the pain meds and fine. The implant is a little painful.

I was hoping to wake up today and feel better. I...

I was hoping to wake up today and feel better. I feel like I have a cold, still swelling under the chin with itching and redness. I am thinking that my recovery is more difficult because of having the 2 surgeries. Has anyone had both?

Feeling better this afternoon. I have to keep...

Feeling better this afternoon. I have to keep reminding myself that technically it's only the fourth day after my operation and I have almost no bruising. I tried to eat some pierogi's earlier but it's too hard to chew so I had a smoothie instead. This might be the best diet ever:) Just taking it day by day and trying to go easy on myself and have a sense of humor about how silly I look!

Feeling better today. Woke up, made a smoothie,...

Feeling better today. Woke up, made a smoothie, cleaned the kitchen and now I am back in bed! My nose feels like I've got a bad cold. No pain really and almost no bruising. My chin still feels itchy and has a little pain but I guess that's to be expected. Going to try and put my contacts in today and take a bath. Very ambitious day!

The word of the day is patience. Yesterday was a...

The word of the day is patience. Yesterday was a tough one. It started out great and then I tried to take a pain medication that did not work well for me and was sick to my stomach the rest of the day. If you are having a hard time with the pain and run out of the medication that works ask your doctor for more! I would also like to say a little something about the effect of pain meds and your BM. I learned the hard way that you should get some sort of stool softeners to deal with BM issues. Talk to your doctor when you are getting your prescriptions. Don't wait til day 5. Just sayin. I went to see my doctor today about an infection on my chin and he was awesome. He fit me in, took off my tape and prescribed me some antibiotics (as well as refilling my good pain meds). I am getting anxious because I am not used to having so much down time and it hasn't even been a week yet! So I will try to have patience!

I am 2 weeks post op and I just got the tape off...

I am 2 weeks post op and I just got the tape off my nose yesterday. I am freaking out a little bit because I am unused to looking in the mirror and seeing a different nose. I have read a ton of reviews and am fully aware that the swelling takes up to a year to go down but that didn't stop a minor (ok major:) sob fest yesterday. My husband was sweet enough to talk me down from the edge and my dr. was kind enough to reply to my inquiry about swelling. It's funny, I read reviews when people discussed having melt downs and freaking out about swelling and I really didn't think I would be having issues with it. I need to go easy on myself and have patience. I have a great surgeon and have faith in his abilities and I chose him for that reason! My chin is looking a lot better. The incision seems to be healing well and the red, itchiness is almost gone and was a reaction to the tape and not an infection thank god. From hear on out, it's all about healing and patience. I feel like my nose has changed shape hour by hour:)

I was freaking out a couple of days ago about the...

I was freaking out a couple of days ago about the swelling and then I took a picture of myself and put it next to the before I took the day before surgery. I am SO not freaking out anymore. Even with the swelling it's a vast improvement! I can see why I am having a hard time getting used to it, it's a different nose. I am really happy with what I see and am not freaking out anymore. I am looking forward to the final outcome but am pretty happy right now!

Morale is a little low this morning. I had a...

Morale is a little low this morning. I had a couple of sips of red wine last night and feel like my nose is more swollen this morning. I am having moments of doubt and hoping that it's swelling and not what my final outcome will be. I KNOW it's too soon too tell but it's hard to keep that in mind sometimes.

I highly recommend taking good before pictures. It...

I highly recommend taking good before pictures. It helps keep things in perspective. My nose literally changes every couple of hours! I should probably stop spending so much time obsessing over it. Whenever I start freaking out about a bump or swelling or whatever I look at my before pics next to my afters. It's a sanity saver! I am feeling pretty good about my nose, there are little tweaks that I am nit picking about but all in all I am good. My chin is still a little tender and underneath is kind of hard and a little lumpy on the sides. I will see my doctor in a week and he said if the swelling in the chin is still as is he might give me a steroid shot which I have read helps a lot. I started using the Arnica gel on my nose again and it seems to be helping. I didn't realize that it helps with swelling as well as bruising. I have been going out and running errands and for the most part feel pretty confident. Thank goodness it's cold and I can wear scarves while my chin heals! I met with a client last week and was a little self conscious. My neck is a little stiff so I felt a little off and it was in a bright place so I was a little curious if she noticed a difference. She didn't say anything if she did and that's totally what I want!

Arnica is awesome. I have been taking the pills 3...

Arnica is awesome. I have been taking the pills 3 times a day and slathering my nose and chin 3 times a day and both my husband and I can see the difference. I highly recommend using it! The swelling is going down, a little bumpy and lumpy but on my nose only I would notice it and on my chin is a little lumpier but easily disguised.

I just saw one of my close friends that I told...

I just saw one of my close friends that I told about the rhinoplasty. (I've only told 3) She said it looked great and that it looked totally different. It's so weird, I have been staring at it for a week or so and am getting used to it. She said it changes the shape of my face (am guessing that would be the still swollen chin implant that she doesn't know about and I tried to camofluage with a scarf;)

Bangs are my lifesaver:) I cut bangs a couple of...

Bangs are my lifesaver:) I cut bangs a couple of days ago. Last night we went to dinner at one of our usual places and the bartender could tell something was different. I told him it was because I have bangs now. Who is going to argue with that?

As far as the swelling goes, my nose continues to...

As far as the swelling goes, my nose continues to look more refined. My tip is still swollen and hard and one nostril seems to be flaring up a little. I had huge nostrils and my doctor was able to take them down. My doctor was also shaving down the bones on each side to make my nose narrower. One side is perfect and the other feels like it still has bone. I have read that skin has memory so maybe it's still swollen on one side, I am not sure but I see my doctor next week so I am sure if I notice it, he will as well.

I saw some good friends this weekend and NO ONE...

I saw some good friends this weekend and NO ONE noticed a difference. A little bummed out today. I guess I don't want a huge difference but the swelling is starting to make things a little uneven and one nostril is def larger and more flared than the other. I see the dr on Tuesday so I will see what he has to say. Hopefully it's just a swelling issue!

Just reading through my posts and I hope I don't...

Just reading through my posts and I hope I don't come across as negative. I am just writing about my progress honestly as I see it. I have a ton of faith in my Dr. and I know that the results will end up great no matter what. I also have pretty thick, oily skin which from what I read takes a lot longer to heal.

Met with Dr. Bridges today who soothed all my...

Met with Dr. Bridges today who soothed all my worries and gave me a couple of shots of steroids to make the lumpiness in my chin go away. He also gave me the go ahead to start massaging my chin and nose so I'll be doing that.

I am just shy of 3 months and I am semi pleased....

I am just shy of 3 months and I am semi pleased. We had talked about slimming down the sides a little and apparently that wasn't done so I feel like right now the sides look wider than my tip which is still stiff and numb. (to be expected and I hope it's going to round out a little so it's not as pointy) There is also bumpiness where a graft was put in and it makes it look like a hump from some angles so I am not thrilled about that. My chin implant looks good but I have a square, jowly look that I have read other people have experienced so I am hoping that goes away. I see my dr. again next week and am hoping we can try a steroid shot to make the jowls go down in the hopes that it's swelling. I know there is a lot of change that takes place but it's hard to read everyone else's reviews and see awesome noses after a month and still be dealing with awkward bumps and a wide base that makes me think revisions are going to be necessary. Keeping my chin up (pun intended) and I know at the end my dr. is a stand up guy and we had an honest conversation about revisions before surgery so I know he will fix anything that needs it. I just hate the idea of going through the swelling again!

Going to see the Dr. Today

I am 5 months post op almost to the day. I am going to see the doc today to talk about what I feel is a hard, pointy tip and to see if he'll give me a steroid shot to smooth it out. I am pretty sure it's still swelling so hopefully this will help. Part of the reason for my impatience is that it's summer, which mean lots of beach time, time with friends and pictures. I feel like my nose looks pointy in every pic. I kinda feel like I am being super vain and then I remind myself that I got a nose job soooooo.....! I have taken photos and will post later after (fingers crossed) steroid shot goes down. I guess I need so positive affirmation!

Photos Finally

I have been a little shy about putting up pics because I live in such a small community but I've been so helped by everyone else's courage in posting that I fell like I should show a few. I am 5 months out. Hope this helps someone!

Just a little patience....

When last I wrote I was going in to beg my Dr. for a steroid shot or something to smooth out my pointy tip. He told me that a shot on the thin skin of the tip of your nose is not a good idea and to be patient. I am happy to report that half of my tip has smoothed out. The other half is taking it's sweet time. It's not noticeable to anyone and just another tiny lesson in this huge learning experience. My scar is fading nicely and my chin seems to be shaping up. Also, I had a ton of clogged pores on my nose and Dr. Bridges has his associate do a complimentary peel to unclog them. She recommended Dermalogica clearing mask and I have since been using their products and my face is almost completely cleared up. I am almost 6 months out.

Help! I need opinions!!!

I am 8 months post op and my new nose is a definite improvement over my old nose. I love the side views from both ways although there is a little more nostril show on one side. I am cool with the extra show and realize that nothing is perfect. I am less cool with what seems to be a divot on one side of my nose and the fact that although we discussed it, my nose wasn't thinned at all. When we discussed my nose pre op we decided the main issues were:

Needs to be thinned
Bump on the bridge needs to be reduced
Refining tip

These were all equally important and as much as I freaking HATE the idea of going through it all again, I wish what had been discussed would've been done. I would love to hear opinions from the Real Self community as everyone's stories have helped me along the way. Thanks in advance!

Side View Photos

I really like my side views!

One more front

Thinning the bridge

After a lot of thought I have decided to go in and talk about making an appointment to thin and straighten the bridge. The bridge thinning was one of the first things we discussed in our consultation and I am not quite sure why it wasn't done. This isn't something that's going to change after the swelling has gone down and with the amount of travel we're planning for the new year and knowing the kind of down time I am going to need, I feel like it needs to be booked now. So bummed to be going back under the knife but I have spent too much money and waited to long to not be happy with the outcome.

Totally Worth It!!!!

It has been a little over 2 years and I can truly say it s worth. Dr. Bridges was a rock star!
Richmond Facial Plastic Surgeon

Real Self Dr. Bridges is a caring, hands on Dr. He and his staff were super friendly and patient with me no matter how high maintenance I was. My nose looks great and I can't thank him enough!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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