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This site has been so helpful as I make decisions...

This site has been so helpful as I make decisions through this journey so I thought it was time that I added my review--especially since I didn't find many women with my stats.
I have always loved my smallish breasts. I frequently go braless, and I love open-back shirts, or just wearing a cute bralette (like from American Apparel) under a top. That being said, I have always loved the fuller look and would love to be a full C. But for many years I decided to just be happy with what i had. However, in the past year I have started weightlifting and I noticed that my once perky 34B breasts started to lose a lot of volume on top and now I really don't like how much they slope. And I HATE how they are when I lie on my side. I also noticed that in all my bras I started to have a gap near the top of the bra which I hated! (I should note that I am a 34B in Victoria's Secret, but in fancy Chantelle bras I am a 34C--but I have gap in those as well).
Ideally, I would like to be rounder on top and fill out bras and bathing suits better, BUT I'd still like them to be small enough so that I can still wear bralettes or wireless bras and have them still look nice and perky. My friends (who mostly have natural D cups) keep warning me not too go to big, so now I am very nervous about that! I know that I want fullness on top, not to have them be too separated, and some side boob.
I have gone to two PS and I got very different vibes from both (I have two more consultations scheduled before I decide). In those appointments I learned that I have a bwd of 12.
Doctor #1 suggested I go with Mentor 350 Moderate Profile Plus (diameter = 12.5, projection =3.9), but when I first tried those on they felt HUGE and when I saw the Crisalix images (which are the blurry screen grabs I took off of my computer with my phone) I thought the side view was too big. Also, I believe those would make me a full D?

Something that I am nervous about is the chance that I will experience muscle distortion (or animation) where the implant moves substantially (or just noticeably) when I flex or use my arm / chest muscles. The first doctor made me feel silly for even expressing concerns about that and says that I will love the way they look (by going under the muscles rather than over the muscles) that I won't care about any distortion that happens. His response helped me realize that he isn't the doctor for me. The second doctor took my concern seriously and explained that some distortion will happen but that it should be minimal because he is doing partially under the muscle instead of completely under the muscle. Also **and this is the reason that I am leaning toward going with him** he said that if get extreme muscle distortion (or any amount of distortion that I feel like I can't live with) he would do a revision surgery for free. In fact, if there is anything that I don't like (other than just wanting to go bigger or smaller) the revision surgery would be free. So amazing. This really helps put my mind at ease.
So now the MAJOR question is what size and projection to get. I'd love any advice.

Here are my stats:
Height: 5'10
Weight: 155
Hips: 42 (I have a round butt, which I love, but my top is not proportionate for it)
BWD: 12
My right breast is slightly lower than my left.
Distance across breast : 8.4 (so I am a fullish B cup)
Planning for Oct. surgery
Location: under the muscle

Questions I have:
--Doc #2 prefers periareolar as the incision site but I noticed that the majority of people on here have the crease incision. Any thoughts on what the pros/cons would be by using periareolar approach?

--Any thoughts on likelihood of muscle animation/distortion? is it just something I will notice but not others?

--Should I opt for the $300 pain pump that Doc #2 provides? (He still provides muscle relaxers and rxn pain meds, but the pain pump would deliver pain meds directly to breast area . I would wear a fanny pack for 3 days and then it would be removed. I figure if the pain meds and muscle relaxer work well enough, I could deal with some pain and save the $300.

--Can anyone help me with size decisions? Will somewhere around 350-375 CCs get me to a full C or will it push me to D/DD?

--If my BWD is 12, could I go with 12.4 diameter implant, or should I go with implants with diameters around 11.4-11.7?
Size options from Doc #2 (who uses Natrelle, whereas Doc #1 used Mentor):
I tried on 339 Mod + and thought those looked good. Those have a projection of 4.0 but the diameter is 12.4, so I am worried about going over my BWD. I have read that it is best to be no less than a centimeter less than your BWD. Does anyone have an implant that is slightly larger than your BWD?
I also tried on 350 High Profile which has a diameter of 11.4 and a projection of 4.9. My worry with this one is that I won't have side boob or that it will make my boobs look too far apart. The next size up is 375 HP, diameter 11.7 and projection 4.9. So, same projection just a little wider. Unfortunately, I didn't try this one on.

The next doctor I see uses Sientra, so that will introduce a whole new mix of sizes! :-/ I looked online and it seems like 355HP might work (diameter = 11.5, projection =4.5). There is also a 375 HP (diameter = 11.7, projection =4.6).

SO MANY DECISIONS!! Any help or advice would be appreciated!!

Some wish pics

Ideal Saline Implants

Doc #2 just sent around a newsletter saying that they now carry Ideal Saline Implants that feel like silicone and don't ripple. I'm intrigued... Has anyone gotten these implants?

Picked a PS!!

After two previous consultations I was almost positive that I was going with the 2nd PS. But I kept my last appointment with Dr. Davison and I am SO glad that I did! I had a 4pm appointment and it ended up lasting 2 hours and I NEVER felt rushed.
Dr. Davison spent the first half of the consultation answering all of my questions and asking what kind of result I was looking for. I could tell that he was a perfectionist and was clearly detail orientated. Then he took my measurements and actually said I had a 13 BWD (the previous PS's said it was 12 and the other said 12.5). He also noted that one crease was slightly lower than the other and that he could correct for that (the other PS said they wouldn't do anything to the crease).
He recommended the nipple incision (and I agree).
Then--and I think this is the BEST part--he wrote down 4 sizes that he thought would help me reach my goals. The sizes ranged from C, full C, D, full D. The key part is that he already had reviewed the dimensions of the implant so no matter what I chose would look beautiful on me. In contrast, with my other appointments I went in and talked to an assistant first and then tried on sizes (some of which I now know weren't appropriate for my dimensions and goals) and THEN I was measured. Well at that point I was all sorts of confused. But with Dr. Davison he already narrowed down the huge range of options and basically had me decide on size.

Then I went into another room with Kylie, an amazingly nice staff member, who took my images for the Vectra image. During that time I remembered that I hadn't shown Dr. Davison my wish pictures (that I have so carefully cultivated over endless hours!! ha!). I showed her my pictures and she said that those pictures all looked more like high profile (style 20) than style 15 (which were what the 4 sizes that Dr. Davison had picked out for me). So she went out and grabbed Dr. Davison who then came back in, noted that what I was saying earlier about what I wanted didn't *really* match these photos... In other words, I made it sound like I wanted something much smaller. So apparently I have no idea how big of boobs my wish pictures were! (I will post my collages I showed him). So the lesson is to use wish photos because the words "full but not too big" means different things to different people. Long story longer, he said that I might be interested in the Allergan SRF style which is a new style that is in between the 15 and 20 (which sounds perfect since I was hesitant to do HP because I would need to go quite large to get the dimension to be appropriate for my BWD).
Ok now I am rambling...

Big tips I learned:

* Always bring wish photos and show them even if the PS doesn't ask to see them.
* Go to see more than 1 PS because you just never know. It always helps to have things to compare to.

* I am now leaning toward SRF365 or Style 15 371. Either of these would be a small/med D, the main difference is the projection. SRF-365 is 12 diameter, 4.9 projection. Style 15-371 is 12.9 diameter and 4.1 projection. I think I will go with 365.... Any thoughts are welcome!

Questions I now have...
1. Does any have these Allergan SRF style? (They seemed like they were new to that practice but I don't know if they are new in general).
2. Has anyone had a PS "lower their crease" during surgery? I'd love to see before and after pics to see if that really makes a difference.

Now I just need to decide between Oct. 9th or the 14th....

Allergan Inspira SRF-365 vs Allergan Style 15 371

thought I'd posts pic of the comparison shot I took of the Style 15 (mod plus) and this smooth round full style (Allergan Inspira SRF). they are basically the same CC amount but one really covers the entire base of my breast and the other has a smaller "footprint" and could give me more "upper pole fullness"

Size considerations...

I asked my doctor if the 365cc would get me to my wish photo (posted on Sept 10). He said that that wish photo is slightly larger than what I would get. I would need more of a 415 of the full projection profile (SRF style) to achieve that.

Soon. Advice needed Please!!!
If I want to wear camis or bralettes and drapey tanks, do you think that I could do that with the wish photo I posted? Or would that size need more support than a little bralettes could provide? Or would it look TOO sexy (my friends with big natural boobs keep saying "you can't wear a lot of cute little tops if you have big boobs!")

Can anyone refer me to reviews that show their new boobs in a variety of clothes?

I know any size I choose will look great naked or in a bikini but I'd love to see pics of people wearing semi-casual clothes (not ultra sexy club style clothes or super conservative work clothes). I stayed up last night looking through this site until 3am! So I'm mildly obsessed at this point! Ha!

Latisse or Botox as my "gift with purchase"

So I was told that Allergan had a deal going on right now. By getting Allergan implants I could either get Botox or Latisse. My husband has actually asked me in the past to never do Botox because he hates the way it looks (I think he is only aware of the bad examples) so I am leaning toward Latisse. Anyone have experience with either??

Comparing myself with Bombshell bra

So I think I might show my doctor the picture with the bombshell push-up bra and say that I'd like whatever size of the three he suggested would make me look like that...

Thankful for helpful advice --Inspira 415cc full profile

So in addition to the awesome advice from ladies on here, I just had a long conversation with my best friend who has a bangin body and naturally large 32G boobs. (Sadly I live many states away from her so I only get to see her once or twice a year)
I told her about my concerns that I would be too big if I went for the 415 and she reminded me of how she looks in clothes (we wear similar style clothes) --even sending me pics of herself in bras and clothes--you gotta love best friends. After that conversation, paired with the advice from others on here, I'm feeling really good about 415cc full profile Inspira implants. (I'm putting this out there so that it hopefully challenges me to stick to this decision and stop waffling!!)

Things to buy...

So far all I have bought in preparation is sports bras. Lots and lots of sports bras. Only one that is a front close so I'm clearly not even doing a good job in that department!

In terms of things TO buy, here are the things I have on my list
-Therapearls sports ice packs (thanks sweetiepotato!)
-Wedge pillow (12 inch height rather than 7inch...though I'm not sure if even the 12 inch will be enough)
-Smooth Moves tea and Prunelax (never tried either but those are the two I've heard about on here. Other than Miralax)
-bendy straws (I have these already)
-dark colored work blouses because I realized all of my work blouses are cream or white and that won't work with a sports bra underneath--especially since the majority of my sports bras are not white! (I did just purchase a Calvin Klein one but you would still see that through my blouse)

Here are things I'm not sure about...
-Arnica gel?? (my PS hasn't discussed this but I've noticed a ton of people get it)
-Should I get some sort of stretch mark cream? Like Mederma or something else?

- Anything else?

Would love to hear any tips on things you ended up *not* needing or things you wish you had.

What is considered a narrow vs wide chest?

I have seen a lot of people on here talk about which profile they chose based on whether they have a narrow or a wide chest. I was curious if any of you knew what is considered narrow? I have a 28 inch rib cage and 32 band size and either a 12 or 13 bwd (I've had different measurements for that..).

So based on that, do I have a more narrow or more wide chest?

I ask because I am planning to get full projection profile (a small step down from HP but above Mod +) which I think work best on people with more narrow rib cages.

Thanks for any insights you smart ladies may have! :)

Rice sizer fun

Ok so I had some time tonight to play around with rice sizers and it has been facinating. The knot in the panty hose is hilarious. Please excuse my hard "nipples" in the photos. :-)
I tried on a variety of tops to see if they looked bigger or smaller in certain things. They definitely seemed big when I just had a sports bra on but once I put shirts on I felt really comfortable with the size.
I made one with 400cc (1 2/3 cup of rice according to PS) and one with 380cc. I probably should have compared 400 with the 365 but I figured if I get the 410cc it might look like 380 since I am going under the muscle.
I did put on the same shirt that I wore when I tried on 339 cc so I could compare these sizes to that size and it wasn't that big of a difference (surprisingly). Here are some observations that I hope will help others...

1. You really can't tell a difference between the two sizes. So no more stressing out between 385 or 415. :-)

2. My "diameter" of the rice sizers was closer to 12 than 13 so I wonder if these more closely simulate HP implants ?

3. My clothes still fit (the satin flower racerback doesn't fit that well but it fits odd on me now too). The peplum style top was very snug but still fit.

4. Bikinis might get dicey. I didn't post any of those photos but I will probably need to buy new bikinis. Oh darn ;-)

So based on this little rice experiment I think 410 full projection makes a lot of sense for me. As a reminder I am a 34B (wearing 34c in Chantelle brand bras), 5'10 and currently 155.

Photos from rice twat that didn't post

Let's try this again...

Rice TEST --sorry about typo (lol!!)

Why doesn't Realself let you delete old posts or edit them??? So annoying.

Pre op appointment complete!

I went in for my pre-op today and everything went well. I was told that I have to stop taking my oral birth control (which really stinks because it took me FOREVER to get regulated and to stop spotting once I started taking it a year ago) and I was told all of the things I shouldn't take before surgery. I also confirmed that I will be going with 415 Inspira SRF style. I just wish they had sizers in that exact CC and style for me to try on, but unfortunately because they are so new they only have the 365 SRF sizer. So I'll just have to take the doctor's word for it.

Also, the nurse mentioned that my doctor recommends I put on SkinMedica Recovery Complex cream twice a day leading up to the surgery. Basically it sounded like a VERY expensive version of BioOil. Because I wanted to follow all doctor recommendations I paid for that pricey little cream (hope it is worth it! I might just put some cream on my face too since it is also good for skin appearance!). The nurse made it seem like (1) I would have very little pain (mentioning that some people just take Tylenol afterwards...umm... no thanks) and (2) that I probably won't get too constipated. I am quite skeptical about both of those things so I am stocked up Colace and Miralax and I will be taking the prescription pain meds on schedule.

Oh and I also confirmed that I chose the free Botox (which they will do while I am under anesthesia so I don't feel the needles, yay!) and the nurse said that a friend of my choosing can also get either Botox or Latisse! Since my mom has been with me the most through this process I gave her the option of which she wanted. She has had Botox in the past and said it was too painful for her, so she will be trying the Latisse. Who doesn't love a good gift with purchase :)

I can't believe the surgery is 14 days away!!! I am super excited. :-)
My husband asked if I will stop being obsessed with looking at this website once the surgery is over and I said probably not. ha!

Silicone Sizers versus rice sizers--rice are bigger!

In case this is helpful to anyone, I'm posting a side by side of me in the 400 and 380 rice sizers and the 400 (high profile) silicone sizers that I tried on at doctors office. I wore the same shirt to my Preop to help with this comparison but the angle isn't 100% the same ...but interestingly I think the rice look bigger! The 400 implant sizers look closer to the 380 rice sizers in my opinion. (I'm actually going with 415 SRF full profile implants but they don't have those to try on so we tried a 400 Hp to get a feel for it)

More before pics

Can't wait to get to compare these to after pics. I am mainly taking these because I am a perfectionist and I am honestly a little scared about how the girls will look in the weeks after. The square boop, frankenboob, all these crazy terms I've heard of and seen examples of worry me. Not because I think they will stay like that (thankfully the ladies to keep updating their review with progress pics help to alleviate my concerns) but I still think ill have a hard time seeing that and going through that process. So in the moments when I think my new boobs aren't "perfect" I can at least look back at these pics and know that they are an improvement! At least that's what I hope will happen....

How much will these implants weigh....

If anyone else is curious, this is how I was told to figure out how much the implants will weigh:

[Implant CC for both] x 0.0375 (the weight of one ounce of silicone)= _____ + 1.5 = _____ /16 = ___lbs

(I am basing this on 415 implants).
830 X 0.0375 = 31.125 + 1.5 = 32.63 / 16 = 2.04 LBS

Apparently the 1.5 is to take into account the weight of the silicone shells in ounces.

Another equation I have seen is [impact ccs] x 2.2 = ______ / 1000 = ____Lbs
According to that, my implants would weigh 1.8lbs.

So my takeaway is that I will have about 2 additional pounds from the implants.
Good to know, right?! ;-)
In other news--no real updates. I have ordered my wedge pillow and I have all of my prescriptions except for the muscle relaxer that I will pick up the morning of surgery. Now I just need the next few days to fly by so that it can be FRIDAY!

STATS before the big day

Tomorrow at 7am I will be in surgery and on my way to the boobs I've always wanted :)
• 5'10
• 155lb
• BWD 13
• 34B
• My right breast is slightly lower than my left so my PS is going to “lower my crease”…(?)
• 415cc Inspira SRF (full profile) silicone
• Location: under the muscle
• Periareolar incision

Most nervous about:
(1) extreme movement of implants when I work out (or use my arms to lift/open things).
(2) Liking my before pictures more than my after pictures... yikes. that is some heavy truth right there. (I have said that it would be easier going into this if I hated how my boobs currently look. I don't hate them. In fact, I have been a proud owner of these ladies for years. But even though I didn't act like it or vocalize it, they have also disappointed me for years and I am very ready to feel better about my body.)

Wish me luck (and thank you for ALL the support and advice up to now. it has been SO helpful!!)

Day 1 (spoiler: it sucks)

Hi everyone--
Well I officially have boobs--and possibly very large boob which scares me a little. Yikes!

I got to surgical suite at 6am, took a pregnancy test, did the intake procedure and got my IV in.
As an FYI for those who are curious, they gave me some socks to wear and you leave on your underwear.
Then I got marked up by the doctor and was walked into the surgery room. When I saw the room I honestly got really nervous but I held it together and within minutes I was out. Surgery started at 7:09am.
I had a really hard time waking up from the anesthesia. They said that I would probably be up by 830 (surgery went to 815) but I didn't wake up until 9 and then I was still very out of it until 945 when I was finally cleared to leave.
The nurse helped me dress and gave me some saltines because I got very queasy (but I didn't puke). At 10 I was brought to the car for the drive home. Even the slightly bump in the road HURT. it was a painful ride home. :-( then on the walk from the car up to the elevator and down the hallway to my apartment was horrible. I felt like I was going to puke and my chest hurt so bad. Getting into bed was also really tough but I am SO THANKFUL that I had my wedge pillow, but it was still too low so I had to put more pillows on it. I had a nice little cry after getting in bed because my chest hurt so bad. The pain/pressure on the side of the boobs was the worst. The Vicodin makes me dizzy and tired and probably takes *some* pain away but it only makes the pain more manageable and I guess I was hoping the pain would be basically gone. :-(
At that point I took a peek at the girls and my first reaction was that they are too big but I'm going to chill out on that feeling and not let myself get too freaked out.
In summary--this is harder and more painful than I expected ! Maybe I'm just a big baby... But the pain plus queasiness sucks.

Day 2 (1 day post op)

Feeling a little better today. I set alarm for every four hours last night so that I could take my 2 Vicodin, arnica Montana, and ducolax. I slept on my wedge pillow at an incline and used squats to get out of bed and that worked well. Today the right boob feels very tight --and is it clearly higher in the photo. The left boob is the one that the PS dropped the crease of to make it more symmetrical with the right, so I'm surprised that that one is doing better because more was done to that side. Today I am starting the antibiotic and dropping down to 1 vicodin every 4 hours and 1 muscle relaxer twice a day. Still keeping up on arnica tablets for brushing and ducolax and miralax for going to the bathroom. My doctor said not to ice bc while it may feel good it might keep things tight. Oh and I'm also supposed to raise my arms above my head 10 times every hour. Every time I do that the song Shout plays in my head and gets stuck there. Lol. Gonna take it really easy today and just relax and watch tv.
Hope everyone else that got surgery these past few days is doing well!!
Oh and I almost forgot--I am not feel nauseous today!!!! Thank God!!! I think it must have been from anesthesia and now that must have worn off completely. So thrilled that I don't need to have my puke bucket nearby "just in case"

Heal well all of you lovely ladies! And thanks for everyone's kind words and encouragement on my crappy day 1!

Day 3

Nothing huge to update other than I got to shower today and that went well. I think raising my arms over my head 10x every hour has helped. My right side is still the tighter/more sensitive side (which might be because I am right handed) but my left side appears to be higher up than the right. Today is my last day of Vicodin and instead I started taking ibuprofen to help with swelling. No more nausea, which is great. I always eat a little something when I take my pills (like saltine crackers or those applesauce squeeze packs). I am also drinking some protein shakes to make sure I get enough protein in my diet. Still haven't gone #2 despite prunes, Ducalax, and Miralax. So there's that. :-/

My inital reaction to the size of the girls is that I wish I had gone smaller, maybe like 365 instead of 415. It just feels like they are really crammed in there because of how tight they are and my skin seems like it is stretched to the max. I may get over this feeling but I just wanted to put it out there.
After my shower I put on TNX Recovery serum my PS gave me and then followed it up with BioOil. I also took some pics in bralettes that I didn't want to get too big for. Right now they are high and slightly separated (so no natural cleavage right now).

I think I start massaging them when I go to my post op appointment on Wed. I might call my nurse to ask if I should be massaging before then. My I do gingerly press on the edges of my boobs I hear a gurgling/bubbling noise which is bizarre, but thanks to this site I know that is normal.
The incisions look ok (from under the tape that is) but the right side looks like it has more blood and after my shower it looked like it started to bleed again a little bit.
That's all for now! I'm sleeping a lot which is lovely and I'm very glad I am not going back to work tomorrow. I am wondering how I will fee at 830 tonight with my last Vicodin will have worn off and I will only be on OTC pain meds ....

Day 4 (spoiler: loving one side, 'meh' about the other)

Woke up still feeling VERY tight but slightly squishier. No real pain unless I try to open a heavy door (big mistake to do try to do that!). My skin still feels stretched to the max and I'm wondering when the swelling will go down. (Any ideas on when this might be?!)
The implants feel very wide--or maybe it's just that the swelling as mostly on the side of the boob??
I still have feeling in my nipples and all around boob. So that is good. No shooting nerve pains yet. I do feel the squishing/gurgling when I press on (what I believe to be) the edges of the implant.
I may be in the minority but I love sleeping on the wedge pillow. I haven't woken up to square frankenboobs yet (yay!!) and I'm not sure if I can attribute that to the incline or not but either way I'm happy. :-)
I'm done with Vicodin and only on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory and I'm still taking Arnica tablets for bruising (so far so good in terms of bruising)

When I go into my post op I'm definitely going to ask:
1. When will swelling go down?
2. When will hardness go away?
3. Can I massage them in a way to encourage the implant to move toward each other rather than fall near my armpits.
Here's the other thing I will ask about...
My left side is higher but I actually prefer the look of the left side when I look at photos. It has more of the full profile look that I liked so much. It's weird that my left side is higher bc my right side is the one that feels tighter. I wonder if there is any chance that my right would end up looking like my left side rather than having my left side drop more to look like my right. Any thoughts on that?
I measured myself and I am currently a D (as expected). I think it is just the wideness and separated was of the implants that is throwing me off. Otherwise I think the actual size of the implant is good. If that makes any sense...
Oh and I went #2 --woohoo! But I am still going to keep up with prunes, ducolax and Miralax until I am really regular again.

Day 5 (turning point!)

Hi everyone,
So last night was the first night that I had a hard time sleeping on my lovely wedge pillow. I think it's because I didn't have any hard narcotics to knock me out! Haha. I'm hoping tonight I sleep better. Today I took some pictures and started to feel so much can better about everything. Even though the left side is much high and they look wonky when I'm naked I am trusting the process :-)
I noticed that I started to get some very faint bruising along the crease of each breast. I am taking arnica tablets every 4 hours but the damn compression bra is so tight along the crease I guess I'm not surprised if bruising appears there.
This morning is didn't have as much tightness (woohoo!) and today all I am taking is my antibiotic, still taking ducolax (no "movement" since Sunday..), and taking arnica 4x a day. I am also taking aleve twice a day. And that stops tomorrow.
I still hear gurgles when I press on the implant. But I don't have any numbness yet.
They are noticeably softer today but still firm.
I had a huge yawn this morning and as I did that I got a jolt of pain in my right boob. That boob is the tender one that gives me shocks of pain every now and again.
I have full movement in arms and no pain when I move them.
Still very bloated but I'm not as concerned about that bc I know it will eventually go away :-)
Tomorrow is my postop appointment! I can't remember if they are taking my stitches out or not.....That's the only thing that I'm nervous about right now.
I know it's VERY subtle but I feel like my boobs are starting to move closer together and that makes me happy! I'm still wearing my compression bra 24x7 but after my shower I like to take some pics and track my progress and give my boobs some freedom from the pressure of the bra!
Thanks for everyone's support. My husband isn't the kind of guy that gives a ton of complements. I asked him what he thought about the outcome so far and he literally said "They look fine. I know try have a long way to go." FINE?! Fine!!!!??? Lol gahhhhh men.
While this is true--they DO have a long way to go--what I wanted to hear was a lie saying they are amazing! Lol. so all of the sweet words of encouragement on here have helped me not flip out on my husband hahah. So thanks for that!! ;-)
Oh --the final update is that I go back to work today. But I get to work from home on my computer so I think it will go well. I'm about to "clock in" after I post some photos.

Full body perspective

I took a full body shot (I can't say that without thinking of Napoleon Dynamite haha). I think that that really helped me appreciate the size I chose.
(Please ignore the bloated belly.) I think this size really balances out my booty so I'm happy about that! I can't wait to get back to the gym to keep working on my Strong Curves workout routine to keep the booty perky! :-)
I also did a lot of back and arm exercises with heavy weights before the BA so I am curious to see how low in weights I'll have to go once I get the go ahead to return to the gym!

Natrelle Inspira vs Natrelle Classic comparison pics

Marmolada asked if I had any additional comparison pics between the Allergan Natrelle Inspira and Allergan Natrelle Classic implants that are basically the same size (365 and 371). The 371 is the "mod plus profile" (Style 15) in the Natrelle Classic line and the 365 is the "full profile"

Day 6 --Post Op

So today I had my post op appointment and was THRILLED to find out that they didn't need to actually take out my stitches (I was very nervous about that). Instead they just removed the tape over the stitches and trimmed the edges. When I say the incision/scar I was Soooo pleased. Dr. Davison's incision was perfect in my eyes. I was so happy about that because I am a bit of a perfectionist and I was really worried that I would hate the scar or that it would be noticeable. I think when these scars heals they will be hard to find. Yay!!
My nurse instructed me to take 800 ibuprofen every 8 hours for the next 3 days to help with inflammation. But she said that I don't really need to massage yet (I was actually looking forward to some massage instructions so I was a little taken aback by this...). I just need to keep the incision moist by applying Aquaphor *at least* two times a day.
Oh and the best part is that I GET TO TAKE OFF THE COMPRESSION BRA!!! Yay!!!! I immediately went home and put on a cute sports bra. Oh what a difference it makes. I feel happier already. :-)
I still get random pangs of pain in my right boob (along the side). And tonight when I saw a friend (who didn't know I had a BA) she gave a HUGE hug and I thought I would pass out from the pain in my right boob. She squished the living day lights out of it!!! OUCH! I think I stammered for a view seconds until I could compose myself. Lol. Sheesh. I should have a sign that says "please no hugging, no bumping, and please open doors for me". Lol
Almost forgot--the final part of my appointment was to get my Botox which came free with the implants. I decided to go with the Botox and use it as a preventative measure against wrinkles in the future. In about 4 days I'll know whether I like the outcome or not. Fingers crossed I like it! :-P

Bad bad day...Advice/insight needed please

Today sucked.
Ive been the solo attendee of my own Pity party because I have to put on a happy face in front of my husband because I feel like if I complain he will ask me why I did this in the first place. (He was always against it but I ended up convincing him)

Whereas yesterday I felt great about the progress and how things are looking, today I am really depressed about it.

here's why.

First I think they're too wide apart.
I literally stayed up until 3 AM last night on this site trying to find massage techniques or sports bras, or basically anything to help them come together more. During my postop my nurse said I didn't need to do any massages, which kind of stunk because I really wanted to do something to feel like I had some role to play and making them look great. I can't imagine just sitting around and staring at them and taking daily photos until I finally see the surgeon almost a month from now. The nurse also said there was no need to take vitamin E, but I think I might ignore that and just take it

So my first question is when the boobs drop and fluff do they tend to come together more? Am I doomed to have them be wide apart?

Second thing that really bothered me was that I made a terrible mistake of flexing my pec muscles accidentally while I was naked in front of the mirror. Much to my horror there was VERY noticeable Implant movement/animation. I wonder if it's worse now because my muscles are so tight. I really hope that goes away and I clearly will be avoiding that movement anytime soon.

Second question;
Did any of you ladies notice weird/unwanted implant movement early on in healing that later went away??

That was/is probably the biggest thing that is upsetting me. I could cry if I let myself. (Since day 1 that has been my biggest fear about getting implants under the muscle)

Finally when I was reading the million different reviews before I got the surgery I noticed that so many women asked if they would get Smaller after the swelling and D&F was done. Most people did NOT want this to happen. I am the opposite. I was reading people's responses to other ladies questions about whether they would get bigger and most say they got slightly bigger after D&F. That's kind of terrifying me. Right now they are on the cusp of being too big for me. And by that I mean, too big for me in terms of Wanting a size that fits my lifestyle in the goal I was going for.

Third question: how many people that feel that their boobs got bigger after they dropped and fluffed and how many feel that they got a little smaller?

Ok I need to hold back my tears and anxiety and try to go out to dinner with my hubs and put on a happy face.
Thanks in advance for your help!

One week! (Cliffs notes: I'm feeling better today)

So I have been on this rollercoaster ride for one week. Day 3 and Day 6 were the worst, emotionally for me. I have felt good about results then great about the results, and then upset about the results. And the crazy thing is....THESE ARENT EVEN THE RESULTS YET. lol. Sigh.

I am feeling better after my post last night. Thank you for the insight and advice you all offered. It really helped me calm down.

I wrote to my nurse today to ask her if there is anything I can do to help the implants come close together (I don’t want them constantly touching, but I think I’d like 1 finger width of cleavage) and about the animation/distortion when I flex my arms.
I will let you all know what she says.

I took comparison pics today with my shoulders back and with my shoulders relaxed to show ck25 and I was all prepared to have this great reveal of how upsettingly wide they were with my shoulders back. Well..... turns out it really isn’t noticeable at all. So I freaked out over nothing… 8-/
that is really embarrassing but I am so thankful to have this place where I can freak out and you all can help talk me off the ledge, as Mia so nicely put it :-)

Then I filmed an example of the "Horrible" muscle animation….and once again I realized that it really isn’t bad at all.

SO, I have come to the conclusion that I think my chest muscles were exceptionally tight last night and that that is why they were acting oddly.
Today I took a half of a muscle relaxer so perhaps that is why I didn’t see the wide cleavage gap and the crazy muscle animation today. I am sharing this experience in case anyone else has a similar freak out. Know that it might just be a temporary situation due to cramped muscles.

Oh—and finally my size worries. I really think that was just because I am not used to having boobs. They kept getting caught when I put my arms down and crossed my arms and It was bothering me. The main thing is that I like the size right now, but I don't know that I want a whole cup size bigger than this, and that's what I was worried about. I do really like the size when I try on clothes and see full body shots.

And I also reminded myself that IF I had gotten the smallest CC Inspira size my doc recommended (365cc) that wouldn’t even be a perceptible difference but it would have a smaller base width so my cleavage would be even wider.

LONG STORY SHORT—I feel better today, based in large part because of you all :-) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Day 10: loving the periareola incisions and tracking my slope

Hi everyone!
Had a great weekend just checking it new restaurants and hanging out with my husband. I haven't had any pain lately, which is great. Mostly feel pain when I'm adjusting myself in bed or I get random shots of pain in my right boob. But otherwise I have full mobility of my arms (been like that since day 3 pretty much. I credit my doctor's healing method for that!)

I'm an sooo happy with how my incisions are healing. I scar easily and I was nervous about doing the periareola incision but my PS assured me that it is the least noticeable scar and I'm so glad I trusted him! You can barely see them and it's been 10 days! Woohoo! Small victories. :-)

Although I am liking where I'm at from the front view I still can't really push them together because my muscles are still so tight. When I look at my slope I'm reminded I have a lot of healing to still do. So excited to see how things progress!

Day 9-12 sunburn sensation ?

For the past couple of days the bottom of my boobs have felt like they have a bad sunburn. The top part feels normal. It's nothing terrible just stings alittle when you rub the bottom. Best way to describe it is a sunburn. Anyone else experience this? I wonder how long it will last...

Week 2 (Are you there, Cleavage? It's me, Harper.)

Officially two weeks post today.

So I'm happy overall.

* Very happy with size (I'm measuring a D). As swelling has gone down I'm no longer worried they are too big. Very happy I didn't go with a smaller size.

*How big or small they look REALLY depends on what I am wearing and the angle of the picture. But recently there hasn't been a photo where I felt they were too big. If anything I am surprised at how small they look in some pics. (I blame the lack of cleavage for this)

I'm *patiently* waiting for them to be more movable and I am crossing my fingers that they get closer together.

What do you guys think? Do you think that is a pipe dream or is there a chance they will look closer together as they drop?
I wonder if cleavage without a push up is not attainable. Perhaps mod plus would have given me that but I would have had to go with a smaller CC... So anyways. Fingers crossed cleavage happens when they drop and fluff.

Speaking of dropping, if they do drop more I don't think they will end up having the full profile look I was going for. They barely have that now in my opinion.

I posted a video of my pushing them together (forcefully). But I can only get them to go together if I push along the top portion. Can't wait until they get jiggly. :-P
Although my boobs seem to be relatively squishy if you just squeeze the top, bottom, or sides, my muscles and boobs totally rebel against my when I try to push them together. I'm not sure if attempting to push them together will help them move closer together--but that's what I'm aiming for. Haha

*still sleeping on wedge pillow but I sometimes go to regular pillow in the middle of the night and sleep on my side (I shove a thick tube sock between my boobs and that makes it pretty comfy. Lol)

* incisions still healing really well (still putting on Aquaphor on them at least twice a day)

* not having sharp pains as often. I can even open heavy doors (carefully). Bear hugs still hurt!

* swelling has gone down a bit and they are a little more even

*don't have any numbness or hyper sensitivity (yet?)

* Still have sunburn feeing underneath boobs. No big deal. Just thought I'd mention it in case others experience it too.

Support bra / sports bra combo. Loving it!

As my boobs soften, they bounce a tiny bit when I walk. And that bouncing can lead to some soreness at the end of the day. I went and bought a Jockey front-zip sports bra (size Medium) and it's nice but not *quite* supportive enough.

Based on some other reviews that I've seen on here I bought a Playtex 18 hour bra yesterday and today I have worn it all day with the front zip on top. I LOVE the support. The girls don't move and don't hurt.

I started getting nipple sensitivity yesterday morning so this combination also helps to keep the cold out.

*Here's the best part.* Unlike just wearing a super tight compression sports bra (I have one of those and it really just squishes the girls down) the Playtex bra does a WONDERFUL job of forming a perfect shape (keeping my boobs out of my sides a bit more and closer together but not acting like a push up or anything) then the zip up sports bra just ensures they stay right there. The combo doesn't create a pointy boob look, so that's a plus! When I took off both bras to apply Aquaphor to my incision, my boobs seemed to stay in the wonderful position that the Playtex bra had put them in all day. So I was happy about that!! (I know it's temporary, but I wonder if I keep this up it will help to have the pocket heal up in this shape)

Downside of the Playtex 18 hour is that it doesn't come in band sizes under 36 (unless I'm wrong about that?). I find that 34D fits me best right now so I bought the "sister size"--a 36C and that worked well.

Also--it's not a great looking bra. But I just plan on wearing it for a couple months while I heal. Then I'll move on to a Chantelle shopping spree. I was seriously SO sad about giving away my collection of 34B Chantelle bras :-( :-(

17 days post - First time back at the gym!

Today I decided to head back to the gym and get a leg workout in.
I figured my booty would thank me because it's been sorely neglected these last couple of weeks.

I tried to do everything slow and deliberate and to not do exercises that would work my pecs. It ended up going really well (woohoo!!) and I actually got a good burn in my booty and thighs, which is awesome since I did only body weight exercises (I'm used to doing higher weights and low reps).

Here's what I did in case anyone finds it helpful:

Superset for A and B
A. Glute bridges (going slow and really squeezing at the top)- 3 sets of 20
B. Glute kick back - 3 sets of 10 per leg

Split leg squats - 3 sets of 12 per leg

Back squat - 4 sets of 10

Deadlift with 7.5lb Dumbbells - 4 sets of 8

Sumo squat - 4 sets of 12

Day 18- using the L- word.

Throughtout my updates I never went so far as to say "I love them". I held back. Like any small imperfection made me hesitant to say Love. Instead I said like. And using the word "like" and highlighting things that bothered me started to eat anyway at me. I kept focusing in on my cleavage gap. Or my implant movement or whatever else.
But I am over the negativity and the nit-picking.
You know, I also found a million things wrong with my before boobs. I wonder if being so used to judging them made me more likely to find fault in my new boobs. Either way I am turning a new leaf (or at least trying to).
I'm making this public statement because you can't delete a damn post on this site. So this is going to hold me accountable. :-) [or at least that's the plan!]

So here I am. ...
Jumping up on Oprah's couch and saying
*** I LOVE MY BOOBS. ***

Cheers, pretty ladies!

3 week update (a little late)

Hi ladies!!
I didn’t have time to post anything for my 3-week update so I am doing that now.

Not much is new from week 2 other than in between week 2 and 3 my boobs started to bounce a little when I walked which caused some soreness. When I am wearing my two bras (the support and sports bra) they don’t move and feel great!

Nipple sensitivity also kicked in right after week 2 but it isn’t terrible. I never experienced any loss of nipple sensation so everything is good in that department. (yippee!)

As of a couple days ago the sides of my boobs started itching a bit. I haven’t been as good about applying bio-oil all over the sides, and that is when the itching started so I am going to start putting on bio oil twice a day again. I am also still just using Aquaphor on my incision.

I still can’t squeeze my boobs together—by putting the palms of my hands on my ribs and pushing in—because they clench up and it still hurts to give big bear hugs.

I really love the way they look. They are the perfect size. I looked back at one wish pic I showed the doctor, and they look identical size-wise! So that makes me SO happy. I was so worried about being a D because that seemed huge when I was a B. So this just makes me realize how important it was that I chose a size based on the LOOK I wanted and my body’s dimensions and NOT by just asking for a bra size. I know that has been said time and time again, but it is so hard to break away from the cup size idea.

I finally went back on the pill and am really emotional and somewhat down today (probably from hormones). But I am very happy and still love the results.

I am going to do a second post shortly to talk briefly about implant movement, but I have to run now.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Implant moves when I use pec muscles...is this a normal amount of movement?

I am going to call my PS office to see if I can move my post-op appointment that is scheduled on the 16th to be sooner because I want to ask my PS about how my implants move when I use my pecs (like opening a tight jar or pushing down on a hard-to-press soap dispenser). Before surgery my PS said that everyone with implants under the muscle will experience some movement and that would be normal and likely minimal and easy to live with.

I only see the extreme examples of implant movement on here. So I was wondering if how much my implants move is similar to what others have experienced.
Basically, I have no idea what is normal and what is not.

The left side is tighter and the right has dropped more (and in dropping, my nipple seems to be looking off to the right. But whatev).
So I wonder if once my left boob drops, it will only move as much as the right boob. If that is the case then I would be absolutely fine (and actually happy) with how much the implants move when my pecs flex.

**note to self. Don't take pics/videos with an upward angle in the future unless you want to make it look like you've gained 10 lbs. lol **

Cleavage update & side-by-side pics with pre-BA computer images

Thanks to an awesome realself lady, boobtiful, I went back and looked at the computer images from the different PS to see how my cleavage looked in those pics.

Well... turns out, the cleavage I have is basically the cleavage that those pictures showed me I would have! lol. Go figure.

I also did some side-by-side comparisons with pre-BA, 1 week post, and now as well as now compared with rice sizers I made

Here is what these side-by-sides have taught me:

1. This is my cleavage (which I now like and appreciate, hehe) and I could have known that going into this and saved myself a lot of fretting! So maybe this will help other ladies. It seems like it is wise to look at the computer images from the top view in particular if you use Vectra (see why I say this at the end of post) and from front view with Crisalix to see what an attainable cleavage goal will be.

2. My cleavage gap was MUCH wider week 1, but my cleavage looks identical between week 2 and now week 3.5. I don't expect it to change any more. But I will definitely post a new cleavage update if it does!

3. The difference between 350 and 415 is tiny. The Crisalix front and side image was actually a 350 Mentor Mod + implant. I think it looks pretty darn close to my 415 Full profile Alergan implant. (So if you are stressing about which size to get, and those cc differences are around 50 cc, go with the bigger but either way you will probably look about the same.).

4. My results are pretty similar to the rice sizers I tried on. (The pic says 400 cc rice vs 415cc implant, but I actually think that that is the 380 rice sizer .. The difference between the 380 and 400 was so itty bitty that it really doesn't matter--see earlier rice sizer pics for evidence of that).

***Final note about computer imaging: I HATE the Vectra imaging that my PS offers. I believe Vectra is what is used for Allergan implants, unfortunately.. I only saved the one pic from the top view because the other views were so horrendous that I almost got scared to get a BA in the first place! They made me look like I was going to have snoopy boobs that pointed out in different directions. It was terrifying (I have a pic from the side, but I am too embarrassed by it to even post it. lol) My nurse said that Vectra images usually only look good from the front view if you have an A cup or less (because the computer does weird things when there is more breast tissue). On the other hand, I loved the Crisalix imaging that another PS used--I believe that is what is used for Mentor implants. That is the front view shot that I included. But the Crisalix image did seem to make my side view larger than reality (see pic which compares the 350 Mentor with my 415cc--the 350cc looks bigger to me). Interestingly, that Crisalix pic is from my very first consult and that side view was what made me think that 350 would be too big because the side view looked huge! So be careful about relying solely on the imaging in terms of size, but it *seems like* [disclaimer: this is only on example] the depiction of cleavage was accurate.***

1mth appointment with PS -- No animation, starting massages & cleared for underwire

Yesterday I met with Dr. Davison and he said he was very pleased with how I looked. I really like him. He is definitely a perfectionist and that is what I wanted in a PS.

**Implant animation**
My main concerns was the tightness in my pec muscles and how they appear to move. I flexed to show him what I meant and he said that I didn't have implant distortion/animation. Instead that was just my pec flexing and it was completely normal. Since my pec muscles are so tight, they feel like they are flexing more often than they will later on when I am all healed.
He gave me some Valium (which I guess is like a muscle relaxer?? I thought it was for anxiety so I am confused....) for me to take before I walk home from work every day (because that is when I notice the most tightness). So I am hoping that will help loosen things up and reduce the flexing.

**Starting massages**
He also said I should doing massages 4 times a day to help with the tightness and my inability to push my boobs together very easily.
Oh I also asked about my right nipple because whereas it used to stare straight ahead, if you will, it now seems like it is looking down and off to the side. lol. I have a wonky-eyed nipple essentially. It is VERY subtle, but I figured I'd ask anyway. He showed me a specific massage just for the right boob to try to loosen up the pocket to help the nipple move more toward center.

I asked about my dropping and fluffing status and he said that I have a little dropping left to do but not much--which is great, because I like the fuller slope.

**Support Bra/ Compression Bra combo**
He said there is no need to wear my two bra method.... Unless I like the way it looks..um... no, not really...lol ... So I guess that was overkill. I was doing it because I thought it would help my implants heal closer together. But not letting them move at all--paired with not really massaging---may have contributed to my muscles being so tight and my boobs not moving around much. My husband liked this update the best, FYI. [I'll still wear my support bra to bed for 6 mths because it helps my boobs not get in the way when i turn to my side. And wearing the bra helps me shove a big sock in between my cleavage when I sleep on my side. You may laugh, but it feels wonderful.]

**Underwire bras**
I am now cleared for underwire bras, bralettes, basically whatever I want. Bra shopping, here I come!! I think I will wait one month before trying/buying my favorite Chantelle bras because they are pricey and if my boobs fluff and change in what size fits best that would suck. It was already so sad to get rid of my old 34B Chantelle bras (I love them because they are beautiful with pretty little details and usually lightly lined or unlined. I set up a sale alert on my computer and get emails whenever they are on sale.. .I'm clearly obsessed. haha)

I am going to start putting on the SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex Serum on my areola scars and those should be invisible soon enough. (I also dab a little bit on my face because apparently it is also amazing for wrinkles). It smells like a grandma, but man that stuff works magic.

He said I can do any workout that doesn't hurt me... he prefers to take a more intuitive approach I guess. So I am going to slowly incorporate light weights and work up slowly. I figured I would take this time at the gym to get back to basics and really perfect my form.

**Next appointment**
He said he doesn't need to see me for another 6 months! I guess that is when we will take the "after" photos.

**Comment about Dr. Davison and choosing him as my PS**
Dr. Davison didn't have a ton of reviews on RealSelf, so when I was choosing a PS, his name wasn't one of the first 10 I even looked into. But I heard about him because my friend went to him for a nose job and was blown away, and because
he has been named the top Plastic Surgeon in the Washingtonian magazine (either being the 1st place person or runner up) for many many years. (I also saw the person that keeps swapping 1st place with him every other year, he was also great but a little *too* laid back for my taste.). Dr. Davison also recently taught at Georgetown as a full professor, triple-board certified, and served as an oral examiner of junior surgeons seeking certification by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. So basically I felt like he really knew what he was talking about--enough so that he could teach future PS. His motto is to tailor the treatment to the patient and not the other way around. The reason i am mentioning this is because I think people need to find a trait or something that matters to them in a PS so that they can fully trust their judgement. That trust will be essential when you hit rocky moments in your recovery (which are almost inevitable). Also, don't be overly concerned about picking a PS if they don't have many reviews on this site (as long as the few reviews they have are positive ones). I valued a PS that was active in the field of PS (publishing articles, training, teaching, etc.), very keen attention to detail (read: perfectionist), and would choose an implant size for me that was tailored to my body and goals and not just suggesting a popular implant size. Dr. Davison fit the bill. He is very confident in his work, but nice enough so that it doesn't come across as cocky. Bottom line is that I trust him. Having that trust has put my mind at ease. For example, when he says I don't have animation, I trust him. And now my mind can rest easy. If you are in the decision making stage of this process.

Ok sorry for the long post! Hope all you ladies that had surgery around the same time as me are doing well! Thanks for all the support everyone has given me!

1 month update

I didn't feel like updating because honestly I am in a funk. I blame the emotional roller coaster that is going off and then back on birth control (which means hormones, breakouts, bloating--all of which make me feel crappy about myself). But for those deciding on size I thought I'd post a comparison between me pre-BA and now me in the bra post-op. I also show a comparison from week 1 in that same bra (and another similar bra) to now.
I dropped really quick so after week 2 my pics are not very different. (Which some may say is lucky but I think it's made me feel disappointed because I expected a lot more changes from week 2 on but there haven't been much so I feel stagnant. The grass is always greener, right?)

When looking at my pre-op pics I noticed a few key things:

**my left boob has also been "the better boob" (we all have one, right??!) and it still is.
I honestly never obsessed over how it was different than the right before BA so I guess it's silly to be annoyed with it now. My right bra used to be the one that always had a gap. Now there is no gap but my left always had a little better volume even now. I didn't do different sized implants but maybe that would've helped ? Too late to think about that now though! My doc said he lowered my crease on my left which I think could have made the volume more similar but I wasn't able to confirm if he did in fact lower the crease.

**before BA I feel like I had good cleavage in a bralette... Well not really "cleavage" but I feel like the bone structure is there to support close cleavage. (You can kinda see the shadow of close cleavage) So that begs the question, why aren't my boobs as close now? Will they get closer? Only time will tell. They definitely got closer and have more cleavage than week 1, but seeing my pre-op itty-bitty-cleavage-shadow makes me wonder if I can eventually have that post-op.

**415cc totally didn't make me look too big. I've said it before and I'll say it again, my D's don't look like how I envisioned D's to look before BA.
(32DD seem to fit better than 34D --they are sister sizes , but I'm not sure why the smaller band was better).

That's all for now. I've heard week 5 can be a game changer....so maybe that will be the case. All in all I am still very happy I had this done.

Oh, I worked out today and actually lifted some weights (carefully) and it went well!
I also didn't lose much strength so that's exciting. Woohoo (little victories!)

Periareola incision update

For those considering a periareola incision I thought I'd update you on how it's looking and what I've done to treat incision and scar.

For the first month I just applied Aquaphor at least two times a day to keep the incision moist. I put pantiliners in my bras to help not get oil marks/stains--however if you do get a oil stain on your bra or shirt the trick is to put "barkeepers friend" which is a kitchen cleaner on the stain, let it sit and then wash it out ( this works on all oil stains and it's amazing).

As of 1 week ago I started applying TNS recovery complex on scars. I also applied TNS recovery complex over nipples every day for two weeks before the surgery (my PS suggested I do this but I wish I hadn't only because it's a pricey product and I don't know if that **reallly** helped. But maybe?

You will notice that there is one tiny section of the left boob's scar that is more red. That is because for that section he was about a half a centimeter off of my actual aerola. I am pointing this out because if my surgeon wasn't precisely on the aerola line for the entire circle I think they would be much more noticeable. I am still THRILLED with his work but I point it out because I know some ladies have more noticeable scars and I'm not sure if that is why? My Ps said he prefers the periareola incision AND does it the majority of the time. So I think that also contributes to my result. So if your Ps isn't keen on doing them or doesn't do them a lot, then you might want to ask to see if he/she has any examples of ones he/she HAS done to make sure he can achieve a result you want.

Some final things :

I haven't even lost nipple sensation

For one week the nipple sensation was Crazy and annoying (aka hypersensitive)

My PS recommended I use silicone strips as well but I didn't buy them at his office.

SO question for you all: Are there certain brands that are better than others? Can I just get them on Amazon? I'm thinking I'll use a silicone strip for that one section of the left boob.

5 weeks post (SO much more softness & squishiness)

Hi everyone,

I wanted to give a quick update for the 5 week mark.

--opening doors doesn't hurt anymore
--no real pain only some slight twinges with bear hugs on my right side only

--started massages at 1 month mark. I don't then whenever I can. Always in the shower and at night so at least twice a day. I find them to be exhausting so I think I have the "vigorous" part down ....

So on Saturday, I woke up and as usual I tried to squeeze my boobs together but this time they didn't fight me as much and they definitely werent as tight!! I was shocked. I think the massages have probably really helped but I also remember a lot of people saying around 5 weeks it became easier to squish them and move them around. It was a huge victory. They are definitely still tight though and the journey to easily squeezing my boobs together is ongoing but this was a big milestone. In a previous post I showed how close I could get them and now I would say it's an inch closer than that (I forgot to take a picture this morning in my excitement).

I am also posting a pic of me in an outfit that I liked to wear pre BA --it's just a sports bra, tank and sweater. I fill out the sports bra now by the outfit still works (yay!) so in case it helps to see what a 34D/32DD looks like in clothes (on a 5'10 person) here ya go! (P.s. This sports bra comes in a three pack from Walmart for less than $10 and it creates good cleavage!!)

I also showed the slope comparison. That is the main reason I wanted a BA. I hated the slope pre-BA and how there was usually a gap in my bra cups that embarrassed me (especially on the right side, which you can see had a more dramatic slope). I am still dropping but I hope I maintain the slope that I have now. I LOVE the fullness.

6 week update

I haven't been online as much because work has been busy and I've been on a couple business trips. But I wanted to quickly update everyone.
I bought some silicone strips to wear on my scars per my PS recommendation. Otherwise I have been using the SkinMedica serum but sadly that is almost gone.

I went bra shopping and got this one Natoria "Feathers t-back bra" it is a 32DD. I almost got another Chantelle bra as well but I went with the Natori one because it creates awesome cleavage. Yay!!
Interestingly, before BA I was always a 34 but I keep finding that for most underwire bras the 32DD seems to fit better than 34D. Not sure why. But there are more 32DD on the clearance racks, so that's a good thing.
The other pic is of the Chantelle bra that I didn't buy because I need more white bras instead of bright pink/purple ones. But that is the Chantelle style bra that I loved (and had 3 of) before BA and had to sadly give away. They are such beautiful, well-made bras (in my opinion).

I'm still doing massages but I am less aggressive about it because my PS said I need to be gentle because I don't want to create too large a pocket.
Last week I started to hear a weird balloon rubbing sound that I have heard other women describe and had NO IDEA what they were talking about--until I heard it for myself! So funny. It went away within a couple days. Just another interesting "side effect" or whatever you want to call it.

I can push my boobs together more easily but I can tell there is still a ways to go. Excited for the progress over the next month!

2 mths! The Good, the bad, and the boring.

2 month update!

I wanted to update everyone in case anyone finds it helpful. I personally needed to stop updating so often because sometimes taking the pictures and making comparisons was making me become more negative and nit-picky about my results.

So with that said...

SIZE: I love the size BUT I do think I could have gone larger now that I am used to them. When I started this process I said I wanted a full C and AT MOST small D and I think that is what my results visually look like. (But if you ask me to go back in time I would tell myself that I probably would like a DD).
I was worried in the first week or so that that were too big but I realize now that they were just swollen at that time. (But now I wouldn't mind to have that swelling back--haha). I posted a side by side of day 5 and today and I like day 5 better. Sooooo I guess I should have gone a little bigger to match how I looked when I was swollen. But oh well. This was the biggest size option my PS have me so I find some comfort in that. Also, I still fit in all of my clothes and bralettes but my 34B bras definitely do NOT fit anymore (thank god or I would be pissed!)

TIPS ON SIZE: Don't be scared of a bra size pre-BA. I was worried a "D" seemed Huge. But it isn't. At all. I am almost positive that cup sizes of boobs with implants look a full cup size smaller than natural boobs. So a natural size C looks like a size D with an implant. I would also ask your PS what your max implant size would be just so that you know that number. I'd try to go close to that as possible if you want to avoid boob greed. After all, maybe that's the size your body was made for!

SPITTING SUTURES: last week a tiny pimple-looking bump formed on my incision line and I got worried and emailed my PS office. They said it was most likely my body rejecting the dissolvable stitch and it was no big deal. They said a white rice-like thing may come out (sorry this is gross to describe) but that that is normal too. Something like that did push out and then in a couple days the bump was gone and all was well.

SCARS: I'm still wearing the silicone sheets and the scars are looking great. Woot woot!!

MASSAGES: I'm doing them when I shower and at night. I have seen no difference from doing them though. My boobs are squishy but they still resist being pushed together at times.

MORNING BOOB??: I don't know if this classifies as morning boob but I do sleep on my right side quite a bit at night (with no pain or issues). But recently I took some photos early in the morning right after I woke up and was terrified at how horrible my right boob looked. In general I'm not a fan of my right side since it points down and out and it's not as full on top as the left side, but in the morning it looks *particularly* bad. So basically I've learned to not look at them in the morning too much. I don't know if the shape is weird because of how I slept or what--but I don't like it one bit. When I was getting paranoid I thought it looked like my right side was "bottoming out" but I think that was just in my head. (Again...this is why I can't take picture updates too often because I am prone to being extremely self-critical!)

PAIN: I no longer have any pain and opening heavy doors and even bearhugs don't hurt anymore. Yay!

[Disclaimer: Stop reading if you want to end this post on a high note and want to avoid reading the Debbie downer portion of this review.]

CLEAVAGE: "What cleavage?" is pretty much all I want to say about this... The side projection is BEAUTIFUL. I love it. But from the front? NADA. (See bralette pic. Such a bummer)
I almost don't want to talk about this because I don't want others to get sucked into my negative obsession and every time I think about it I actually get really depressed (which I hate. I really wanted to stay positive about things!!) Let's just say that the one thing I wish I could change is how close together they are. I emailed my PS and the bottom line was that he won't even discuss it with me until my 3 mth appointment because he says it is too soon. :-/

For Me, they were closer together up through day 5 and then once swelling went away they have stayed the same width apart. In a day 10 and 2 week post I wondered whether they would get closer together when they dropped and fluffed and that has not happened for me (sadly). I swear they have even gotten a tiny bit further apart but that could just be in my head.

75% of me thinks the gap is based on my body's shape and structure and nothing can be done. But 25% of me wonders if it could be improved by changing the placement (like, maybe he could have placed them a little closer together so I wouldn't have SO MUCH side boob), or I wonder if I have the option of adding an "internal bra" (I've been searching high and low for what options I may or may not have) or maybe the only way would have been to get a bigger implant. Who knows!! I'm trying to force myself to stop thinking about it until next month.

Because it would *really* bother me if they moved further apart, I have not done ANY upper body workouts because my PS mentioned that my muscles **may** be pulling the implants laterally. in the off chance that that is the case I stopped all upper body workouts. This makes me very very sad too because I loved working out my arms and back. But I figure it is worth a shot and at least it would help to rule out that working out was making it worse.

ONE LAST THING....SORRY FOR SUCKING: I'm so sorry for being MIA on here. I feel like I have formed bonds with so many of you and I've completely avoided this website because I'm trying to stay positive and stop thinking about the imperfections ---but in doing that it means I haven't been able to support you all and your updates. I'm really sorry for that because you all have been such great "virtual friends" to me. I am going to try to catch up on some things tonight and see how you all are doing! :-)

All about Bras / Cup sizes

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd share some SUPER helpful links related to bra sizes. I wish I had seen some of these before my BA because some links show what boobs of all sizes look like and I think it would have helped me not be concerned about looking "too big" if I was a D cup.

In terms of buying bras now, these links have been very helpful (at least for me)!




Anyone have any other good links/resources to share?

The gift of a proper bra fitting (415cc gave me about a 2 cup size increase)

First, let me start by saying that for years now I have worn 34B. About a year ago I started working out more and lost like 10 lbs and I wasn't professionally sized since then. I am mentioning this because it is possible that before my BA I could have been wearing 32 C (a sister size to 34B), which impacts how many cups sizes 415 gave me.

So... with that being said.. Here's my story.

About a month ago I started going to Nordstroms to look for bras. I shopped the clearance racks and it was SO STRESSFUL because I basically brought a TON of sizes in the dressing room because I really didn't know what size I was (and I didn't feel like having the Nordstrom ladies really size me properly because I was cranky and impatient. lol.

My husband (who has had his moment of being supportive and then being very over this situation) did the incredibly kind thing of giving me a gift card to a fancy bra boutique in my city where you make an appointment in advance and can basically plan on being there for 2 hours trying on bras. It sounds awful, but let me tell you, I had THE BEST TIME.

Here's why..

SO MANY COMPLIMENTS..... I am a tall girl and I'm not built like a model, so I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have ever been called "Tiny" in terms of my proportions (boobs aside). Well when this woman measured my band width she must have told me 15 times during the appointment how "tiny my back was" and how "I must workout". I"m almost embarrassed to say how happy it made me.. lol
I once filled out this book called "The Seven Love Languages" (you should get it... SUPER helpful for relationships) and I found out my "love language" was verbal affirmations. In other words, I feel great love from compliments. So basically this woman showered me with compliments (which I am just going to tell myself were 100% sincere) and made me feel like a million bucks in each bra I tried on. Sure, she is a sales woman and trying to sell me bras that are pricey, but dammit I loved it. haha. Much like you ladies on here, she only focused on the positive when we reviewed how each bra looked, and I love her for that. It made me feel So so good. Almost better than buying the bras themselves was the customer service.

Sizing.. So it turns out that when I lost weight I guess I dropped a band size. She had be consistently at a 32DD or its sister size, 30F (also called 30DDD). So based on what I was wearing before, 415 gave me basically a 2 cup size increase (which is consistently what I read on here).
That being said, I think I look **slightly**smaller than I did when I wore my Bombshell "add two cup sizes" bra. Just wanted to mention that in case you are like me and wearing the Bombshell bra pre-surgery. (I had asked my doc to be a little bigger than the bombshell bra)

. New Brand to love. So I already mentioned that I love Chantelle. BUT, the nude bra I ended up buying was Simone Perele. I fell in love with it because you truly can't see it under a thing white t-shirt AND it brought the girls together and gave the appearance of some volume while being a nonpadded bra. I think it does this because the two underwires touch. In a lot of demi bras, there is a gap between the underwires... and we all no I don't like gaps.. ;-)
I also got a Chantelle push up bra for when I really want push up, but I think I prefer the Natori push-up that I found on clearance so I might just look for that one in black or nude.

**Tips for buying bras on sale** So whenever I find a bra (or any clothing item) that I want, I set up a sale alert on ShopStyle.com. It emails me whenever it goes on sale. It has saved me so much money and as long as you don't need to buy something right away it is wonderful (you can also search on the site to see if another website is selling the same item for cheaper, which is also great).

So, in conclusion. I spent this weekend LOVING MY BOOBS and feeling pretty damn good about how they look. That doesn't negate my previous posts, but it just goes to show you that you can still love your results but have little things that irk you.

Cheers my lovely Realself friends!

(For local ladies, the store is called Coup de Foudre)

12 weeks post update!

Hi guys!

Just wanted to post some photos and brief updates. Really loving my results overall :-)

My 3 mth appointment with my PS got pushed back to next month so no updates on spacing/placement questions I had.

Love the cup size. In my first post I measured across my entire boob and I was 8.5 inches. In case anyone is curious I am now 9.5 inches across the mound (or however you describe that measurement. Haha)

I've definitely noticed an increase in softness and bounciness and I haven't experienced any pain.

**animation/flex distortion**
Early on I freaked out about muscle animation and asked you all if it got better with time. Well I'm so happy to report it did! THANK GOODNESS. The only time I get any muscle animation is on my right side only (which is my 'problem' side) when I flex my bicep REALLY hard. And even then the animation would only be noticeable naked (but I'm still going to inquire about why it is only on the right side because I'm wondering if it is related to how my right nipple pulls down a little. Almost like the muscle is more connected to the right side and wasn't released as much). At any rate. This is awesome news bc I was terrified of weird flex movements.

**temporary asymmetry?**
Before my BA I thought that my nipples were symmetric (both were 21 inches down from my center point in neck area). Now the right is 1.5 centimeters lower. It's very small but I'm just curious why that is. That's one thing I'm going to ask my PS about. I wonder if it is related to how my muscle pulls more on the right side. I'm not stressing it but I thought I'd document it. :-)

My scars arent noticeable except for one inch on my left boob where I had the one spitting suture. That segment of the scar is darker pink and noticeable. No big deal. I'm hoping that will fade with time. On my right boob I can't even see the scars when I look in the mirror. Yay!

So in the last month I've really only had happy times with me and the ladies :-)

[reminder: 415cc smooth round silicone, nipple incision, under the muscle]

Tip! Take these measurements before you have your surgery!

For all you ladies that haven't had your surgery yet, I highly suggest you take measurements before your surgery.

I posted a pic *that isn't me* to show what measurements are helpful to take.

Your PS takes them, but not all PS share the measurements with you without asking. But by taking these yourself you can help keep your expectations in check. For example if your one nipple is a centimeter lower than the other before surgery and you and your PS don't discuss addressing that difference in surgery then you will probably have a one centimeter difference after BUT it may seem more noticeable because you are hyper aware of your boobs after surgery and any small differences or issues there may be (or at least I am).
I recognize that this is an emotional process (but one that's worth it!) so for me, taking measurements is a nonemotional assessment of how things are looking. And for me that has helped.

Anywho--I just thought I'd share this pic in case it is helpful to girls who haven't had surgery yet!
For example wish I had taken a measurement of the space between my boobs before surgery. I took the measurements from my base of your neck (see image) down to each nipple but I didn't think to do all the other ones.

That's all for now! :-) I'll post an update after I see my PS in Feb for my 4 mth check up.


Ch ch ch ch changes (at almost 4mths)

So I have to be honest. I didn't really go into this at my 12 week update bc I wasn't really out of these feelings so I wasn't ready to voice them. But the time In between Month 2 and 3 sucked for me. I swear my boobs were tighter and further apart in month 2 than ever before. But the other thing, was that I think I had *expected* to see more changes at month 2 and I wasn't --and that messed with my mind. Anyways so I rode out the crappy month with grace. And by grace I mean freaking out, taking countless pics, and googling revision surgeries. Lol. Ya. I was a pillar of calmness and serenity. :-/
So month 3 slides around and things seem likes they are getting a little fluffier and better overall (magicalunicorn you mentioned that at my last post, I wanted to agree but I thought it was just in my head). Well about a week ago I feel like things started to really come together. Like literally. The gap has gotten smaller! I had to take comparison pics and they seemed to confirm it too! Woohooooooo!

In pics and in person I'm giving the girls an A. BUT whereas my left boob is an honor student my right boob is getting sent to detention because it's really obnoxious as s$&%. My left is a beauty. Perky, full, nipple is centered. My right is the opposite. Honestly at first I thought the left boob might be bottoming out before it was the one that the crease was lowered and it still doesn't really have a crease but now I think it's just that the right boob has such a prominent crease that I was making me question my left boob.
Looking back at pics it's always looked that way AFTER surgery. The more it drops and settled the more wonky it looks. Not all the times. But in a head on angle the asymmetry is bananas. NO GOOD. It seems like they were positioned differently from day 1. So this will be my main topic of conversation with my PS when I see him in a couple weeks. My right doesn't need to drop anymore --so I don't think it will improve. But we shall see what my PS has to say. But, to be clear, for the most part I don't see the asymmetry (hence the A). But in a majority of pics it's just a glaring difference that bugs me (perfectionist alert! But still. I think I have a right to be bugged.) I posted a before surgery pic --I didn't see asymmetry before. But maybe it was slightly there and now bigger boobs just exaggerates it? I dunno. It's a mystery.

Other updates: I started taking 800 IU of Vitamin E a day in the middle of month 2 because I heard it makes boobs soften up.

Full nipples sensation (although I never lost sensation)

Still tough to squeeze the boobs together in one particular way. Otherwise they are squishy and bouncy.

I think that's it! So just keep in mind that some great changes may come around month 4. At least for me they did :-)

4 mth check in with PS (reality check regarding asymmetry before surgery :-P)

At exactly four months (last Friday) I had a 4 mth checkin with my PS. I have to be honest, I was REALLY nervous and could barely sleep the night before because he isn't exactly a warm Doctor and I didn't think he would react well if I voiced any concerns whatsoever.
I am happy with my results I just was curious about my right breast reacting differently to flexing (it shows some upward pulling when I flex but the left doesn't) and I just wanted to see my before picture to see what kind of improvement was made to the asymmetry.

So I get there and he does an exam, unsmiling and very serious, and notes I am healing perfectly and things look great. Then he sits down and has this blank/annoyed look on his face and says "so I hear you want to talk to me about some concerns". The way he stared at me was so intimidating that I almost lost my nerve!! But I powered through and asked about the things below.....

**Asymmetry, the wonders of Lowering a Crease and the power of an accurate before photo**

In the before photo that I first posted on here I now know that I, perhaps subconsciously, tilted my shoulders ever so slightly to reduce the asymmetry. Therefore, when I looked back at that pic I didn't really see any asymmetry and was sad that I now have some asymmetry. Well let's just say that I was wrong wrong wrong. Lol .. In the "true" before picture that the PS took (which I took a picture of that picture so excuse the quality) I was shocked at how high my left crease was and I guess it turns out I had about a 2 cm difference in nipple placement... It is now a 1 cm difference and the crease is at the same place. My PS made sure to let me know that "I made your breasts considerably more symmetrical and the change is about as good as you can make it"
As a note, The other two doctors I had consultations with didn't mention doing a crease lowering so I feel very confident that I would have been very unhappy with my results because the asymmetry would have been much more amplified. After seeing that true before photo all of my issues with my one inch asymmetry and slightly different shape of my right breast went away.

BUT. What I DID NOT appreciate was how my PS pointed this out to me. He was so smug when he pointed out that he made "a huge improvement" and I should be thankful. He also kind of insulted my before photo and that offended me. Yea I know they weren't great before but that's for me to say, not you!! Before surgery, I knew he had a cocky personality but I figured that was fine as long as he could back it up, well now that I now how important the after care and follow up process is to my sanity I wish he had a better bed side manner. And also cocky turns downright abrasive if you (God forbid) don't think they did the best job ever. I digress.

***cleavage questions***

I showed my PS my wish photo and noted that the size was spot-on but that I wish that my breasts were closer together like hers. I asked if I would ever be able to achieve that or if I would have had to go with a larger implant to achieve that
((((Please note that when I showed him this photo BEFORE surgery he never once said anything about me not being able to have that kind of cleavage because of my body shape. If he had said that it would have made my healing process so much better because I wouldn't have had these unrealistic expectations.))))

He goes on to say if I look at my before photo i had nice cleavage but that my nipples weren't pointing directly forward or weren't completely centered. He has to place the implant centered before the nipple so in my case that meant not as close to the center. So if my nipples had been pointing forward and not slightly out to the sides then I would have gotten my wish pictures result. Then he said "the only way that you can get more cleavage is to take out about 3 inches of your sternum" <<---He was Super smug and condescending when he said this.... But despite being a jerk I heard his message loud and clear. Again, I just REALLY wish he had said these things before surgery so that I would have had more realistic expectations. Perhaps doctors don't want to really be honest about what results you might get because they want you to choose them. Who knows.

**working out**
I told my doctor that I hadn't really been doing upper body workouts because when I do I feel my implants moving to the side. I was concerned that in the long run this would make them wider. He gave me a ridiculous look like I was an idiot and then said that I can work out all I want and that doing that will not make my boobs Wider and that "they are where they are". Because my implants are partially under the muscle I am just feeling the tension of the muscle pushing on the implant, but that is just temporary. Also he said that after time the muscle atrophies a bit so I won't feel it as much. So again, good news delivered in a rude way. At any rate, I am sooo happy to say I will finally start doing upper body workout regularly again.

***when can I push boobs together with arms (see pic***
So when I bend over I still can't push my boobs all the way together (I took a pic to show what I mean). I asked if that would change and he said that yes, my implants will get softer with time and my skin with stretch a bit to accommodate them more. Check back at my pic from Day 18, there really haven't been any changes in this respect. Hopefully that will happen in the next couple of months.

(((The rest of just general updates not from the appointment ...))))

**Itchy skin on side of boobs**
Starting right before month 4 my boobs started itching more on the sides. I wonder if that's a sign my skin is stretching more to loosen up (which might account for the change in shape). I haven't been putting on bio oil or anything because I haven't noticed any new stretch marks. The itching isn't terrible just something new.

**Scar progress**
My scars are imperceptible EXCEPT for one inch on my left side where my PS colored outside the lines (i.e., went slightly outside of the outline of my areola). I'm glad he was a perfectionist for the nipple incisions because I would have hated to have those bright red scars around the complete incision for both sides. I scar REALLY easily so I was hesitant to do the nipple incision, figuring that I'd rather have a scar under my boob, but in the end I LOVE that I did a nipple incision-- but I'd check that your doctor does them regularly and can show examples of how they heal to make sure it is done well so that you can't see the scars.

**Scar treatment**
My fabulous scar treatment (in pictures in previous posts) ran out (I literally scraped out every last drop). It was so worth the money but I couldn't bring myself to buy it again bc I was pleased with where my scars are at now. I stopped using my silicone strips after they got old (mine last about 2 mths after wearing them all the time except to shower). I really noticed a difference with the strips (even without my precious scar serum). Now I bought ScarAway --a roller ball stick-- on a whim (I want to say it was less than or around $20 at drugstore). Just started using it about 2 weeks ago and after the first week I noticed my scar was smoother and less red. So that's exciting!

Seeing my true before photo really has made me prescient the results that I have and I could not be happier. Perfection is unattainable I will certainly take a huge improvement. I have seen some pics on here were girls have really changed their shape by month six and month eight so I'm really looking forward to the changes ahead. For those ladies early on in the healing process, keep your head up, stay positive and try your best to remember that changes really do take months and months. Patience is definitely the hardest part.

Now my dilemma is how to review my PS. I haven't done that yet because I was waiting to see how he was throughout the follow up process. I am torn so how to rate him because as a surgeon he did a great job, but if he had spent more time with me before surgery and been forthcoming about what was and was not attainable that might have saved me months of anguish. Also his general demeanor which is both cold, defensive, and rude makes it extremely hard to feel comfortable asking any questions. (So bedside manner and follow up care get a low score for sure!!) I know there are different categories on realself to rate him, but I'm having a hard time deciding on the overall score. If you have any thoughts that would be helpful!!

I will keep trying to Check in here randomly to see how you all are doing and I'll be sure to keep updating to document any longer term changes!! Xoxo

A cup size increase in the last 2 mths.. Wha whattt?!

Yesterday I went back to the same bra store that I went to two months ago to buy one of the bras that I had put on my wish list. I tried on the bra in the same size that fit perfectly two months ago and this time it was entirely too small. So the lady brought me the next size up and I was shocked that it fit perfectly. My weight is basically the same (maybe 1-2lbs more now) and my band size stayed the same. I am still a 30 in Simone Perele and 32 in Chantelle. I figure that the cup size increased either because they have dropped and now they fill out bras differently OR there is a slight possibility that they are swollen due to PMS. But I am on the pill that you take for 3 mths straight and then you take sugar pills one week. I am on month 3 and in 2.5 weeks I take the sugar pills and the other day I was spotting a bit (TMI sorry) so there is a possibility that hormones can account for it. I still bought the bra in the larger cup size because I really only have one real bra right now (the Simone Perele I bought two months ago). I've been wearing sports bras and I'm really over doing that all the time.
I don't *feel* like they are bigger now.... So I think it is probably just that they have dropped and sit differently in bras. I really love the size and am VERY happy with the fun changes that continue to happen well past 2 months. Woot woot!! (Insert happy dancing salsa lady here!)

So, in the chance that this cup size increase is gonna stick around, I thought I would tell you all so that you don't stock up on bras too early as more changes may still come later on in the healing process!

Also if you are in the early months and freaking out about cleavage gap issues like I was, I am posting a side by side to show huge changes in cleavage from month 1 to now. Patience is a bitch but it is also key. Hang in there and feel free to message me if you have questions!
Happy healing all of my lovely RS friends! Xo

Comparison pics to track progress! Cliff Notes: Big changes from 4 to 8 months.

Hi everyone!

I haven't been on here very much in the last 4 months because I forever myself to take a brake from constantly analyzing my boobs :-) I wanted to check back in to post some comparison pics because I had a hard time finding updates past 2-4 months and I am hoping these pics will be helpful for others.

***Am I happy with the size?***
Yep!! Very happy. I would not go up in CC at all. So I think my doc helped to pic a great implant size based on my wish pics.

***Did I still notice changes after 4 months?***
Yes. One hundred times YES.
At the start of this, I know my doctor said that the final results would take 9 months to a year. For some reason I refused to accept that and got it in my head that I should see the final results at 2 months or so. Lol. I think it's because my results looked pretty good the first few weeks so I was feeling like I would heal SUPER fast and that was just not the case. Waiting and having patience is the WORST part of this process. BUT I hope that seeing how much my results have changed even after 4 months will demonstrate that if you aren't happy with the results early on, get your mind off it and give it time. I had a nurse tell me at my two month check up that my results would be how they would look. I burst out crying because I hated them at 2 months. I wish she had told me, don't worry. There is still a lot of changing that will happen. So that's what I'm sharing with you all. Give your body time and be patient and take comparison pics in the same tops so that you can see the awesome changes that will take place 4 to 9 months after surgery. (Who knows, maybe mine will change even more in the next 3 months).

If you have scrolled through my journey you may see my tourmoil and whining over my cleavage (or lack thereof). Well if anyone else is feeling this way early on after surgery, there may be sunlight at the end of the tunnel. At least for me, I have seen huge improvements. And I am Very Happy with my current cleavage situation. :-).

***Did they get bigger/look bigger after 2 months?***
In my situation. Yes on both accounts. The cup size increase that I had at 4 mths has officially stuck around. So I guess that is just how they settled. I'm A-ok with that. Interestingly, I still fit in the same bralettes as pre-surgery (I could probably go up a size in some of them through. Hehe). My major concern, as dumb as it sounds, before surgery was that I wanted to still be able to wear bralettes and not have to wear underwire bras all the time. And I am able to achieve that. However, I wear a supportive bra almost every day and the bralettes only for cute outfits on the weekend.

My most favorite bra (that I now have 3 of) is the Simone Perele Delice 3D molded underwire bra.

***Any Complications/Issues?***
At 6 mths I started to randomly get strong pangs of pain in my right nipple (it felt like a dull pain just shooting through my nipple). When that happened I would push and apply pressure on the nipple and it would make it feel better. After it happened on and off for a couple weeks I decided to write to my doctor. I had never lost nipple sensitivity through the process so we ruled out nipple sensation returning as a reason for the pangs. At the same time, when I was laying on my stomach I started to feel like my right boob felt like I was laying on an implant whereas the left boob just felt normal. After telling my doctor this (over email) and a number of back and forth questions he ended up prescribing me 3 mths of Singulair. I'm assuming bc he thought I was getting early signs of capsular contracture (though he never outright said this). I have been taking 10mg every day for 2.5 mths and the nipple pangs went away and when I lie on my stomach my right breast feels more like my left. Sometimes (like after I work out) my right breast feels a little firmer and tighter than my left. This is especially true when I am laying on my back. But I think that might have more to do with me being right-handed. I am most likely going to stop taking Singulair once the three months is up and then I might go in to see my doc so that he can feel both sides and see if things are now good.

***Flex distortion/implant animation***
Aside from my bralettes concerns pre-surgery I was also pretty freaked out about the possibility of implant animation / distortions since I was going under the muscle. I had a hard time finding feedback on RealSelf that wasn't focused on the more extreme cases. So although the pics aren't flattering, I wanted to post some to show what happens when I flex really hard.
The flex distortions that was there at 9 weeks is still there but in the pics I posted I am flexing as hard as I can and I'm naked. So the reality is that while my implants do move when I do certain things I think I am the only one that notices the movement because I can actually feel it. Since I don't flex my biceps like that on the regular, another time that I notice movement is when I open jars or push down on something with force. I can also make them both push outward very easily like by flexing my chest muscles. I have guy friends like can make their chest muscles jump around and now I can do the same... :-/ :-/ :-/ :-(
But I obviously don't try to make them push out to the side, but it happens rather easily and I wish it didn't but (1) I guess that is the reality of under the muscle implants. And (2) I don't think anyone notices but me.

I think that's about it! Here is some basic info:
-I got a periareolar incision.
-415 Inspira full profile implants under the muscle.
-5'10, 155lb
-34B/32C before and now I wear 32DDD. From month 2-4 I wore 32DD.
-Only a couple button-down tops no longer fit after surgery.
-I work out and when I went back to lifting upper body I hadn't really lost any strength despite taking time off. (I don't do predominately chest-focused exercises because I don't like feeling my implants move that much.)

To sum it all up... I love my boobs. My husband loves my boobs.
I would not go any larger in terms of CC size.
I wish they didn't move so easily if I work my chest muscles at all, but there isn't rippling so I guess, for me, staying under the muscle was still probably best.
I wish I could go back in time to 2 mths post surgery and tell myself to chill out because they have a lot more changing in store :)
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

This review is for Dr. Steven P. Davison, DDS, MD, FACS (I'm not sure how I can properly link my review to his name?)

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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