24 Years Old, 5'7 & 105 pounds, 425cc's silicone

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Hi there ladies, This website has been sooo...

Hi there ladies,

This website has been sooo helpful for me in deciding what I want to get and what to expect from a breast augmentation. I hope my story may be able to help some of you ladies as well!

I am 22 years old, 110 pounds, 5'7, and wanting to go from a flat A to a full D cup. I like the "big boob" look better on me than a natural look. I wear "layers" daily to give the appearance of larger breasts, 2 bras and silicone inserts. It is very uncomfortable and has become a pain to keep that appearance up, and I miss out on any activity having to do with a swimsuit (since I can't layer that as much as my everyday look and would be embarrassed for people to know I've been extreme stuffing my bras).

I have wanted bigger boobs my whole life, and decided it's ridiculous to miss out on things like swimming, wearing strapless dresses, tank tops, etc. just because I am uncomfortable with the way I look. So I finally decided to seriously look into breast implants. After lots of research on local surgeons, and a few consultations, I found a doctor I like who has a good idea of what I want my results to be. At the consultation I showed her pictures of what I would like to look like after surgery. We talked and decided that around 425ccs should give me the look I want. She suggested saline, submuscular, inframammory incision, smooth, round, moderate plus profile.

After doing more research, I am now leaning towards 450-475ccs. My pre-op appointment is September 12th, and at that appointment I will try on sizers and pick out the cc amount I like best. My surgery date is September 24th, and that is when my doctor and I will make a final decision on size!

So far I have been moisturizing my chest like crazy, I quit smoking, stopped drinking, I am eating healthy, taking a multi vitamin as well as vitamins A, C, and pineapple enzymes. I have been exercising a few times a week, and do chest stretches morning and night. I hope to prevent stretch marks by doing this, and help with the healing process by stretching the muscles the implants will go under. I wouldn't mind gaining a little bit of weight before surgery. I am afraid that if I go in and look too thin, my surgeon will not give me a big enough size for what I want.

I will post some before pictures of me tonight or tomorrow, and I will write another update after my pre-op appointment! I'm getting so excited about it! LESS THAN 3 WEEKS AWAY! WOO! (:

My before pictures

WELL... here ya go

A few of my "wish" pictures (:

I would be THRILLED to have results like any of these. This is about the size I am looking to be if I am not too little! I love the fullness and nice round shape. Beautiful!

Exactly 2 weeks until my BA!

SO, today officially marks 2 weeks until my BA, and 2 days until my "sizing" appointment! I am sooo excited, anxious, nervous, all at once! I am so ready to get this done, I am just nervous about recovery and if the size I choose will give me the look I want. I've been spending my free time eating healthier and working out in hopes that it will make recovery easier and faster. I also made a list of things to bring with me on my surgery date. I'll post it here in case it helps some of you! If anyone has suggestions of things I could add that might be helpful, please let me know (:

Bring to BA:
- pillow for car
- blanket (I hear you sometimes get cold afterwards)
- front close sports bra
- front close, loose fitting, button down shirt
- sweatpants
- ice packs
- bucket for car ride home (in case I get sick)
- protein shake or a smoothie (so I can take my pain meds soon after I get something in my system!)
- slip on shoes

If anyone has suggestions of things I could add that might be helpful, please let me know!
Thank you ladies (:

Pre-op Appointment, Silicone 475cc's

Today I went in for my pre-op appointment! I didn't get to see the doctor, but it was still very thorough and informative. I signed all the paperwork and got my prescriptions to get filled before the BA. My nurse, Susan, is wonderful and super sweet. She will be there with me on my surgery date and told me exactly what to expect on the day of surgery and what to expect the following weeks after. The surgery is done right there at the cosmetic center, and she said they will numb me up before putting the IV in (I am weird with needles haha so I was happy to hear that). She said that I will come in, talk with the doctor, get marked up, hooked up to my IV, then fall right asleep and wake up with boobs!!! Surgery is scheduled bright and early at 7:00am, I'm the first of the day, and my doctor will call me that night to check in on me. I come back the next day to get bandages removed and then a week later for the tape on my incisions to be removed.

When I was trying on sizers, I really felt like 425cc's would be too small for what I want. I tried on 425, 450, and 500 and decided to go with 475. The nurse told me that the size I want isn't a guarantee and that it will ultimately come down to the surgery day, when I'm under, that the doctor will decide on the final size... a little nervous that I will wake up from it and have a size smaller than what I want, but honestly I will just be happy to have boobs that fill out a bra even if they aren't exactly as big as I want them to be! I trust my doctor's judgement, so if she feels my skin is too thin or I am too small to go with 475cc, I trust that she knows what is best.

The nurse said that the doctor will most likely put in an empty implant first and fill it with air to look at the sizes on me before putting the silicone implant in. She will most likely have three different size implants in the operating room to choose between to try and give me the look I want that works best for my body type as well.

I changed my mind from saline to silicone since I have read that it can have a more natural feel, and the chances of rippling with saline is higher for smaller people with larger implants. I'm very happy with my decision to go with 475 silicone and hope all goes smoothly and I am able to get exactly what I want on the day of my BA!

I also did the "rice test" at home and was very happy with the way 475 looked compared to smaller or bigger sizes. I used the little bags you get for produce at grocery stores since it was easy to tie them up and get a nice shape with them!

New unexpected appointment this Wednesday...

My doctor's office just called and said that after looking over the info from my pre-op on Friday, Dr. Joanne wants to have a further discussion with me, and redo my measurements. I hope this is just because I changed my mind from saline to silicone since I last saw her.. I also hope I am able to get the size that I want, and that my doctor doesn't tell me that what I want is unrealistic for my size. Fingers crossed, the appointment is this Wednesday afternoon, exactly ONE WEEK from my surgery. I am hating how I really have no idea what size I will be getting right now. Just lots of guessing. I am spending A LOT of money on this and don't want to go too small for the look I want.

Even if she tells me we need to go smaller, hopefully being able to see her at this appointment I will know EXACTLY what I'm getting on my surgery date. I have been more anxious about knowing the size than anything else! I am a worry wart and this is a BIG DEAL!

Wish me luck, I will update after the appointment!

Appointment today went great!

I was nervous about this unexpected appointment today, because as I thought, I am too small to get the size I wanted. I found out today that my width is only 12 inches! Dr. Joanne was great though, and said that on the day of surgery she will have 425cc High Profile implants, and 450cc High Profile's there as well. She will try to go for the bigger ones, but the width required for that size is 12.8, so she told me that she is leaning towards 425cc's. She said gaining weight and coming back in a few months won't make a difference, because my width would still be the same regardless of weight gain. She showed me how much 25cc's is with a cup, it is tiny. It's like the amount of little medicine cups they give you when you have to take liquid cold meds. She also reminded me that if I do gain some weight after the surgery, I will still gain weight in my boobs as well.

Even though it's not what I thought I wanted (475's!), I know I will be VERY happy with them! I really am tiny and I don't want to risk them looking too fake in a swimsuit, bottoming out, being too far out on the sides, "uni-boobing" etc. I tried on sizers again today just to make sure I am 100% on board with what I am getting and I was very pleased with the look of the 425-450 sizers under a shirt and know I will just love the results either way! (:

My doctor put me at ease about the surgery, and now I know exactly what to expect next week. Excited is an extreme understatement at the moment!!! I can't wait for my new boobs. Just ONE WEEK AWAY! (: (:

Today's Monday, boobs on Wednesday!

I can't believe how close it is now. Time has just flown by! Only two more days until my BA and I am sooo excited!!! I have wanted this for so long and now it is almost here. I've done ridiculous amounts of research and am pretty convinced that I will be sooo happy with 425hp silicone (: I know there isn't much of a difference between silicone and saline, but I am happy I made the switch from what I originally wanted. I'm so small starting off with barely any breast tissue, silicone should feel softer on me and have less rippling with my thin skin. I usually wake up pretty late and go to bed late, but I've been trying to back my schedule up by getting up when my boyfriend leaves for work so I will be tired earlier at night. I would hate to get next to no sleep the night before my surgery, especially since I have to wake up at 6:00am to get ready and go to it.

My boyfriend is pretty excited for me too, he will be taking care of me during my recovery and took time off work to do so. He's bringing a pad and pen with him on surgery day to make sure he asks the nurse questions and knows exactly what to do to take care of me, it was his idea to bring a notepad haha. He's been really sweet and helpful this whole time, and more than anything very supportive. Of course he says I don't need a BA and that he's happy with me the way I am now and has been for the past 3 years, blah blah blah.. but I'm pretty sure he will be happier without his girlfriend having majorly stuffed bras all the time! And I'm pretty sure my new C-D cup boobies will be nicer than my A cups right now, I know I will be happier with them!

He set up an hour long massage for me tonight since my back is always killing me from all the "layers" I wear everyday. I won't be able to get a massage for a little bit once I have the ladies (and won't have to wear all my layers EVER AGAIN too!) So hopefully I can get rid of some of this back pain for good tonight! Then tonight and tomorrow night we're getting carry-out at our favorite restaurants so we don't have to cook dinner and can just sit back and relax before the big day. Maybe watch some Harry Potter.... actually probably definitely watch some Harry Potter hahaha, maybe throw in some LOTR/Hobbit, nerds over here.. Not sure if I will update again before surgery, today is pretty relaxed but tomorrow I will be busy with final preparations around the house and grocery shopping for things we might need in the next week or two! So if I don't update before I go in on Wednesday.. WISH ME LUCK (: (:

About to go in...

Wow I can't believe it, but I went right to sleep last night! My alarm went off bright and early at 6:00am. I got everything I would need for today ready last night so getting ready this morning was really fast and easy. No makeup, no lotion, nothing to eat or drink past midnight. I have a grumbly tummy and Lion King hair (decided to go natural and let the curls take over), but idc that it's huge (: Now I just have to wait 15 more minutes before I can leave for my BA. I am sooo sleepy! You'd think I would be feeling more anxious but I'm not! Usually anxiety for big stuff like this hits me once I get there, right before it happens (like waiting in line for a roller coaster, I won't get anxious until I'm next in line to ride haha). Not sure if I'll be up for updating later today but we'll see how that goes. I go in again tomorrow for my first post-op to get bandages removed to see the new twins for the first time! Expecting some frankenboob action lol. Anyways, I had better get going now! Talk to you ladies on the other side!

It's done!

Everything went great! I got 425 hp unders. I did get a little sick afterwards but so far that hasn't been too bad for the last few hours. My boobs feel tight and sore. They get more sore as more time goes by. I'm in an Ace bandage for now and just resting today. I can't wait to get some "after" pics up here!

2 days post-op!

Hello lovely ladies!

I am on day 2 after surgery. Yesterday was pretty terrible, not gonna lie haha. The procedure was fine, everyone said I did great and said I was the perfect patient. My nurse Susan has been so awesome through this whole thing! She even wheeled me out to the car, held an umbrella up for me since it was raining, and buckled me in my seatbelt when I left. I just couldn't stop throwing up when I got home, and that was the sucky part! I called my doctor on her cell later on last night and she called in a different pain medication and a stronger anti nausea pill, which really helped. I haven't gotten sick since then! I had an Ace wrap on when I left the OR that felt pretty uncomfortable throughout the night but that was removed at my appointment today (thank God!!).
Sleeping wasn't too fun with that, I woke up every couple of hours in pain and would take more pain meds if I felt too tight and sore to fall back asleep.

At today's appointment Dr. Lopes said I'm "high hard and funny" and that's right where I should be! I have another appointment in a week, and she said we will probably need to do a compression strap to push these ladies down. Not looking forward to that, but this whole recovery is going to be one long process and I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end! I can't wait for everything to settle in, but I'm prepared to wait a couple of months for them to drop and fluff out (:

The pain really isn't too bad, I've been taking pain meds every 4 hours and using ice packs when I need to. It just feels very tight, and it's strange to look down and not see a flat chest. Instead I see two square things on me, and a lot of my boobs feel numb to the touch. But I have a feeling when these things settle, I will be very pleased with the size! Being able to take a shower tonight was nice, I finally feel clean. Since I can't move my arms much my boyfriend helped me wash up and wash my hair which was a hugeee help and very sweet of him. He's also been putting my hair up for me.. Which has been kind of funny to me haha. He has no idea what he's doing lol, so as you can imagine I've been sporting some rather crazy hairdos.

Okay enough rambling!! Here are some pics of me from today. Don't laugh! Lol. I'm looking kind of funny right now, but it's all part of the process (:

Day 3

So I'm panicking a little. My boobs look SO square, so tube-y, far out, and SO high up. Is this normal?! I cried a little last night abou it. I'm freaking out, what if they don't drop nicely? What if they don't drop at all and I have to get a revision?! The doctor told me everything looked good yesterday but I still can't help but worry :/ I've had a lot of time to look at post-op progression pictures of people who have similar stats and got the same size implants, and everyone else seems to look more normal than me right after surgery :/ Any ladies who had similar immediate post-op results and rounded and dropped nicely?! I'm calling my doctor today just to ask if I should go bra-less or not as I read about a few people who said their PS had them do that to help them drop faster.

Day 4 post-op, pics!

Hello ladies,
I'm at day 4 now! Not much has changed and I am taking pain pills religiously haha. I am also taking nausea pills to make sure I can keep food down! Just a waiting game at this point, still very hard and tight but I think they are starting to drop a tiny bit more.. And I mean a TINY bit lol. I called my doctor yesterday about whether I should wear a bra or not (I've been wearing the genie bra since I came home from surgery) and she said it's really up to me and what's more comfortable. She said if my bra is too supportive my boobs will take longer to settle into their pockets. So I decided I'm going braless during the day, it feels nice to let them loose for a bit. Sometimes I put a coobie bra on for comfort and a little added pressure, and then I'm sleeping in the genie bra to keep the ladies closer together at night when I sleep. I use ice packs every now and then to help with swelling. I added a day 4 picture and will keep updating throughout this whole process (:

Btw, everyone on here is amazing!!! I love the support from you all and it's so nice to have a community to go to who understands what this journey is like! I'm so grateful for all of the well wishes and helpful comments, you girls ROCK!

Day 5

Still high and hard, getting a little softer but not much. Pain isn't as bad at all and haven't really been taking meds for that anymore... Maybe like once or twice throughout the day and right before bed. Slowly able to use my arms again and raise them up more (still can't go over my head but I can't complain!) Can't wait to drop!!! I know I need to be patient though (:

I was able to go to the store today without much pain, even the car ride wasn't so bad. It was nice to be out in the world again! Let me tell you, recovery is sooo boring. Cabin fever to the max!

I have an appointment on Friday and will probably get a compression band. I know it will be annoying but if it helps, bring it on!!! Anyways, here's a pic of me today in my new cheap sports bra I got at Wal Mart. As you can tell, the ladies have barely moved at all.

This website is a pain in the

Really annoyed with this stupid ass website!!!! I just posted a longggg review and it didn't update!!!!!!!! >:(

10 days post, added pictures!

Okay well I just wrote this reeeeally long review and it didn't post anything. I was talking about how happy I am with my BA so far and blah blah. It was like a small book of information. Super annoyed about that not posting.

I've been doing great, the boobs are dropping some, getting softer, and filling out. Not much pain. My doctor is awesome. Here are the pics I just tried to post. Hope it goes through this time...

More pictures...

Hopefully these post!

13 days post, update and pictures

So I'm 13 days out. I posted some day 12 pics that I meant to get around to yesterday!

I am sooo happy with my new boobs so far. They are still high and tight, but they are rounding out a little bit more each day and very slowlllyyy starting to drop. I wear a compression band 24/7 (except when I go out and want to look nice). Under clothes right now it just looks like I have a really good push up bra on (: I also do 4 different massages 3-4 times a day now (I've been doing them since my 1 week appointment). I'm still a little sore but have my pain pills when I need them which is super helpful! My doctor has been so amazing throughout this entire thing, and her staff is wonderful. Very pleased with the doctor I chose and the quality of her work! She gave me the look I was going for, without going too big for my frame. I have had no complications so far and am healing nicely. I was also pleasantly surprised at the small size of my incisions! They took the bandages off at my last appointment and put steri-strips on. I can take those off on Friday and start using scar cream! I've also invested in Coobies bras, and I would highly recommend them (: Very comfy.

Can't wait for the final result and am very happy in the mean time with what I have now! NO MORE LAYERS!!!! It is soooo amazing to be able to wear whatever I want now, without having to worry about my 20 bra straps showing, or not filling it out, or it being too low for the lack of cleavage I had. I went halloween costume shopping the other day and was so happy when I was trying things on and could actually fill them out! I felt sexy just being me, no extra padding or anything else. It was really nice and I look forward to that being a regular thing now (:

It's been 1 year and 4 months!

Sooo happy I went through with this, this size is perfect. Clothes fit better, I can wear any kind of bra I want now! I'm a D, and a DD in Victoria's Secret bras. Definitely worth it (:
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