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Eleven years ago, I had my first PS experience. I...

Eleven years ago, I had my first PS experience. I had breast augmentation that brought me from a B cup to a DD. I was young and kind of dumb and just wanted big boobs. No one warned me that I would have a hard time finding clothes, cute bras, and swimsuits to cover to make them look decent. But over the years, they became a part of me. No one knew I had implants unless I told them. Or someone asked about getting a boob job and I'd tell them my experience. I loved having boobs!

Fast forward breastfeeding 2 more kids (at the time of surgery, i had 1) and 11 years. Gravity has taken hold of them and they aren't where they used to be. I had also lost a significant amount of weight after being a yo-yo dieter over the years. My overall body is not how I pictured it should be after working so hard over the last couple of years. I had planned to have everything done in 2015.

One night in the shower, I felt a cold sensation on my right breast, looked down, and saw the significant CHANGE in it. It was going FLAT! I hollered for my husband, told him what's going on and he hopped on the internet to find out what to do. Since it was a Friday night, I had the whole weekend to stir and be sad over my one flat boob. I scoured the internet for local plastic surgeons and went over their pics for reconstruction. I did end up going to my primary care physician who gave me a referral to the military hospital to have it removed. (I'm a Navy spouse, btw). Come to find out, that surgery wouldn't be covered by my insurance anyways so we dismissed that idea. My husband was so sweet. I was panicking over the money we'd have to spend to repair it. And he tells me to just go find a surgeon and do everything now-- new implants, lift, and a full tummy tuck. If I were to get the implants removed, he knew how unhappy I would be. Love him.

Monday slowly arrives and at 9AM I start calling plastic surgeon offices to schedule consults. Most could not see me for 2 weeks! Here I am with this floating thing in my boob, and I have to wait a week or 2 to be seen? There were 2 that could see me that week so i scheduled those for Wednesday and Thursday.
April 2nd:
Wednesday FINALLY arrives and we see Dr. Michael Denk. We first met his NP, Tricia, who assists him in all of his surgeries. She is very pleasant and takes a few notes about me. Dr. Denk comes in and we have a conversation about what I want. No boobs and a new body. He's VERY informative, knowledgeable, and I could tell that he is a perfectionist. We went back and forth about what type of implants and said we'll pick out the actual size later. As for the tummy tuck, he showed me where the cut would be and how it worked. I would have lipo on my hips to give me an hour glass figure and smooth things out. Goodbye muffin top! The husband and I were very comfortable with him. And although most people would shop around for docs, we were both set with him. We scheduled with his consultation pro, Kat. The total for everything was $12,000. Later, we received news that the implant manufacturer would rebate us $1000 for my defective implant. Total down to $11,000. Did I mention that Friday was my birthday??? Happy 35th Birthday to me... and mother's day.... and 4th of July, Christmas, Valentine's Day 2015, and so on. LOL

April 16th- 2 week pre-op.
We met again with Tricia and she took my horrific pictures. My right side implant has fully deflated now. So, it's very sad and flappy now. I hate it. I cannot wait for surgery day. We discuss post operative care, medications, what I'm going home with, how I should be sleeping. And we thoroughly over the need to buy SPANX to wear over the next few months to optimize my results. Who knew that the skin is shrinking up to 3-4 months after surgery? I want all that sucked in for sure!! all the lost inches i can get.
Dr. Denk comes in and we go over again what I want done and how long and what will my final result be. He assured me that I will be bikini ready in June. WHAAT? We didn't expect to hear that. My husband asked what is expected of him.. now Dr. Denk is a man's man- kinda macho, but we like that. He's a perfectionist. And he straight up tells my husband, Just be there. You'll be the target of all her pain, anger, and frustration. After the sh*t storm passes, you'll benefit from all this. Happy wife means happy life?? My husband appreciated the honesty and his blunt humor. I liked that too.
We go on to talk about after care stuff. I will have a catheter and a drain. ONE drain. I see others with two all over the internet. And he says for my husband to remove the catheter at home, with a simple cut and it will fall out. And the drain will be removed the NEXT DAY at my follow up. WHAT?? I never heard of anyone getting their drain out so soon. Of course, this is best case scenario. Some people he said, have them in a little longer, but he doesn't like to do that. I did go on and ask him how many of these procedures he does in a month. He says he's been fixing other doctor's implants more than ever lately. And he's had mommy makeovers every week just about. The next day on his schedule was another boob revision. I'm good with that. Ok, good to know!

Tricia came back in and we tried on some implants to be sure of shape. There are so many different options since I had mine. Glad my husband was there because I couldn't remember the ones that I wanted, but he was able to. Dr Denk also chimed in with what he knew I wanted and explained how during surgery, they will be putting in sizers, sitting me up, and seeing what will look best with my frame and keep me at or near the size i want. As long as they know how i want to look, that's what they will do. I want to go DOWN a size. hard to believe, but with a flatter tummy, these big boobs won't be needed as much. I'm super excited now!!

10 days!

My official countdown has begun. My husband went out of town and will return the day before sx.
I started taking Arnica I addition to Probiotics and Vitamin C. I have become a bit of a hypochondriac lately. I so afraid to get sick between now and sx day. I even canceled running a 5K on Saturday because it was drizzling out. 2 of the gals I work with were coughing and just came back to work after being sick. I am spraying alcohol on all my work surfaces!
Did I ever mention that my surgery date is perfect timing? May 1st-SX, May 30-my husband's commissioning ceremony to become a US Naval Officer, June 18th- I fly to Vegas for 4 days. July 27th- We move. So, delaying my surgery is out of the question! I need to ne healed and ready to go.
Sorry this is so long. I have zero friends who can relate to what I'm going thru. So, hoping to get to know some of ya'll.

7 days??? really!!!

Hey everyone.. can you tell me which category this review has fallen under? I am still learning this site and can't figure it out for the life of me. LOL

Well, I spent 2 hours trying on compression garments the other day. The PS office recommended Spanx. My only issue with those is that I would need to pull them up and down. I did get 2 pairs though. And I found Maidenform Flexees-- the kind where you can wear your own bra underneath. It has the hook and eye closure at the crotch. So once I step into it, I'm set for the day. Fun stuff!!
I have nothing really for post-op as far as supplies. My office said that if I wanted, I could come in to change my dressings, but that sounds like a lot of effort on my part to drive there. I have no idea what the time from for post-op visits is like. I will learn that next week, I guess. I do know that my first post-op is the following day where they take out my drain- if I even have one!
I messaged a gal here on RS that has had the same procedure done by the same doc. She clued me in that she had no drains and they sent her home with everything she'd need post-op. Sounds good to me! I am still taking my Women's Probiotic and Vitamin C daily. I have a bit of a runny nose, but I think it's allergies. The pollen is really bad here in Virginia!!
Oh- I also have been working out and being conscious of my eating since my SX date was set. The doc recommended I lose 5 pounds. So far, so good on that that aspect except that I lose the 5, gain back 2-3, and then re-lose it again. Darn those weekends!!
Does anyone else struggle with telling people that you are having surgery? The close friends that I did tell don't want to hear about it anymore. And I can't tell my family (mom and sisters) because they are set against me going under the knife again for the sake of vanity. I have few supportive friends who are reminding me that I NEED this surgery because the ruptured implant needs to come out. I really appreciate them. One of these friends has zero health insurance and needs to see a doc, but can't afford it. Yet, she still supports the elective part of my surgery. God bless her.

Another interesting thing.. Human Resources called me yesterday. They are sending me some paperwork to fill out to see if I qualify for paid medical leave. Whoa! That would be nice. I planned on this being unpaid leave, but heck- gonna find out ASAP.

Rambling done for this morning. I'm sure to be back since I'm a RS addict now. Have a great day lovelies.

Just a few more days of work....

Update! Down 6 pounds... and still time to lose more.

I'm really counting down to SX day by how many days left of work I have. Saturday is my last day at one job. And then I only have 2 short shifts at my other next week. I fully have Sunday and Tuesday off to either relax or get a lot of things done. I still need to go shop for a bikini bottom to wear to SX. So that is definitely on my agenda. I know it's not recommended to work the day before SX, but I need to pass the time somehow!! So I asked for a morning shift and my mgr granted that.

My husband is out of town until the day before surgery. So I'm home just stressing about getting our house in order for our move. But he said to me yesterday that he will get it done in big chunks while I'm recovering since I will be home to tell him if I think we should keep this or that. Our move isn't until the end of July, but he won't even be here for that either. It's amazing how much stuff a family can accumulate over 11 years. I just wanna get a dumpster and throw it all in and start over. LOL

Another obsession of mine is finding the perfect post-surgery nutrition plan. I still have 10-15 pounds to lose after surgery. I am doing a program called the Ultimate Reset once I am off the pain meds. You can check that out here: My friends who have done it feel and look amazing. I think it would be perfect since I won't be able to workout.

More thoughts running through my head......

I truly don't know what size implants I'm going to be getting. I am putting total faith in my PS on this. We did decide on the Ultra High Profile. But the actual number of cc's is in the air. I currently have 525 on one side and 540 deflated on the other. I am downsizing into a "D" cup. That is something that I know 100%. 420-480 cc Ultra High Profile implants are being ordered. So it's up to the doc to decide once i'm in sx what looks best with my body and keeps me in a D cup. I'm discovering that it's difficult to find pics of people with UHP implants. they are a rarity online. Most people are getting moderate +, and high profile. not too many with ultra high's. they are the unicorn of breast implants. LOL
ok, good night.

thought I would post my befores

I really want a diary of my trasformation without having to do it on Facebook or youtube. So here are some pics.

no bikini bottoms

a friend of mine who recently got a TT suggested I go to the Jr's dept and buy a pair of undies for surgery... the lowest i could find!! It's a lot cheaper than buying a bikini bottom and she's right! LOL I headed to kohl's with the kiddos last night and discovered that the undies i already own are hipster and bikini... they ride pretty low so i'm just gonna go with what i got. i think the ones in my pics will suffice. don't you? I also picked up my pajamas that I'll wear home and threw in some nice soft slippers too.
Today is purge the house day. I'm going to start sorting things out for our move. And tossing a bunch of stuff too. I wish I had a dumpster in my front yard. I need to get something accomplished before SX day. Oh, and laundry... lots of laundry to be folded and put away. I do have to work Monday night and Wednesday morning so this leaves me really today and Tuesday to get some stuff done.. Tuesday though, is mani-pedi day with a friend. I won't pass on that. No nail polish allowed on my hands, but I think my tooties are gonna get some cute designs.

2 days a wake up

went for a run with friend this morning. i thought my days were "off". she had no idea surgery was this thursday. i think she tunes me out when i talk about it. but she's the one taking my kids to the bus since i gotta get to the doc by 7:30. LOL i'm just a bundle of nerves and stress right now. too much of that going on to be excited. i work today so that will take my mind off of things a bit. at least i'll be busy for a few hours today. right now, planning my next few meals for the day... tomorrow i'm going all out of dinner- SUSHI with the kiddos. My husband isn't back yet so it will be just them and me for dinner. I don't want to go all out on Wednesday night... sushi would be horrible coming back up if I do get sick after I wake up from surgery. Oh, the things that run through my head, right?????? Btw.. got my period on Saturday. Thankfully, it will all be done and over by Thursday.

waking up anxious = nauseous

My hubby surprised me and came home early from his trip. Yay!!!! I have been soooo anxious with him gone. I've been dealing with a crazy neighbor and glad he was home to set her straight. I'm in no mood to entertain irrational people. I don't need the stress and aggravation. So I have been laying low in my house and rushing to work to avoid people. Sad, right??? Well, now it's all good.
I'm off from work today. But it's so ugly out. I'm supposed to have a mani-pedi date with a good friend. Good thing she's a morning person so I know we will get this out of the way early so I can spend time with the hubs and do some last minute supply shopping and maybe squeeze in a sushi date. We'll see what time I'm done with my friend.
All I really need right now is Coconut Water from my list. I hear that's great for hydrating. So I want some of that. I *think* the doc office is going to supply us with a goody bag since they didn't give me a list of items to have on hand. I did pick up
-Disposable gloves
-Generic Ibuprofren
-Generic "Tylenol"
-Clorox Wipes
And that's about it. Maybe I'll get more pillows or something. I am planning on being in the recliner. But the couch is looking really appealing for when my husband goes back to work on Monday. Yeah- he just let me know that he's back to work Monday. I have him for a full 5 days. But after that he'll get the kids on the bus and perhaps be home early enough to pick them up. We'll see how this goes. I have a friend around the corner that I could call in case of an emergency.
Does anyone else get really nauseous feeling when they are anxious or excited about something?? This happens to me every time since I was kid. Ewww... I'm feeling better now.. But waking up is rough.

update from the flat side

First, I wonder how the ladies who don't get exparal (point shot) or pain point handle this. I jad a little glue stuck on my leg and when I move a certain way, it stings amd pinches. I noticed it bruising there. My boobs don't hurt though.aybe tomorrow? Lol
I did end up with 450cc and 480cc ultra high profiles. From what I can see, they are beautiful.
The doc called my husband for some follow-up while I was sleeping. I wasn't draining enough, so he told my husband how to move me.
My update is gonna be a little crazy. I can't think right now. Lol

pain pump, not pain point.

Slightly going crazy. Lpl

no more injections

The nurse practicioner just called and said that we can stop the lovanex shots. My muscles look good and I'm active. I still want to ise the spirometer. I'm starting cough a bit.
My catheter was removed at my follow up this morning. I got a glimpse of what Iook like. Although I think it looks scary, everyone is saying my results are going to be awesome. I saw my boobs and they are looking good. I got 450cc and 480cc of the ultra high profle. I didnt see many gals with them. They are a newer model. But the doc uses them a lot for revisions. Cant wait to fully see and enjoy this body. Btw, my TT is so low and so small. I can't believe it. And no lollipop scar on my lift. I am so impressed with the docs skills.

Recovery is a loooong road

My drain site has been bleeding every time I get up. Poor husband has to play hazmat crew every time I get up to pee. I sent him off to the store yesterday for some protein pudding. And now for some arnica gel and to the thrift store to buy me more pajama bottoms. Hes been awesome!
Yesterday, I had a super spurt of energy and got up for a while. So far today, that's not happening. I wanna lay here. Im still scared to take off my CG so pics will jave to wait ladies. I can feel how swollen I am. I don't wanna see it because I may have a mental breakdown.

day 4

Does anyone else get really cold? I'm fine during the day, but when im doing my last rounds around house I feel like I'm going to pass out amd I get the chills.My friend suggests that I am low Iin iron which make sense.
I had my BM today. I know that tmi, but I have been gassy and bloated feeling. So it felr good to get it out. I did usee a product called Slim to None. It's a detix laxative. I was using it prior to surgery. I also had an ounch of MOM hoping to ease the gas pain. Promethazine did better for that. I also stopped narcotics yesterday in order to poop.
Caught a tiny glimpse of my scar. My cg barely covers it it's so thin! Dozing off again. Will post more later

boob shot

I had to crack open the compression bra today to sneak peak on my boobs. I really dont know how to feel about them right now. So im posting my before and current boobage.

opened up the binder...

I have been very light headed from cutting the narcotics cold turkey. I haven't been able to stand for long periods of time or shower. But I needed a break from the CG. I did need to clean my BB.

I'm no champion

Had to take a narcotic last night to sleep.The bruising hurt really on one of my butt cheeks. And I was at my witts end. FFrustrated with how long the healing process is taking.
I had some dreams last night of getting out of my chair and going to work just fine. I got up this morning and liftied myself out if the chair and went to the restroom. My strength didn't last too long. As soon as I got back to my chair I need to undo my bra and CG. The brusing is spreading. Having the husband put arnica gel on me now. He says its from the CG.
I can hear my kids getting ready for school. It's nice having help every day. I could get used to this. Lol. Thursday I will be on my own. I really hope I will be managing by then.
I see the doc today to take out my drain and check on things. I will shower today too. Yay! So will update later.

drain out

Ok... my goal today is to finally shower. I went to my follow up appt. The doc said to eat and drink more. That could be why I feel like passing out so often. My bruising looks good. My hips look great. My husband saus he can see where my hips and waist will be. I'm discouraged with my belly button and my nipples. They are so sensitive! I hate them so much. Getting the drain out was scarier than needed. I was concerned with showering with a hole there. The doc cracked a joke and made me laugh about it. He is amazing.
Grabbed donuts and coffee to get my energy up so I can shower. They gave me gas. Lol. I can barely eat, but I need to.
Somehow after my shower, I need to squeeze into spanx. The np says they will feel a lot better since I'll have even compression. Wish me luck.

5 day post op pics

I still look like Frankenstein, but doc and nurse think im recovering just fine. It's discouraging to see others who had the same sx date, look so much better than me. I feel like garbage. The depression is setting in.

feeling great today

The doc said a lot of my healing will be from my self assurance that I can get back to normal! I got up this morning, made my breakfast, had coffee at the table, saw my kids off to the bus, cleaned my room, tried to sit on the couch (uncomfy), talked with a friend while standing/stretching. Attempted to lay in bed with pillows (not ready). And all this in 2 hours. Now I'm wiped out and back in my recliner. I need a nap. The hubs is off to the gym and a friend is coming by with lunch. The girl covering me at work wrote me a strange email. I'm convinced she is just weird. And she thinks I'm on vacation.
As far as pain goes, my right hip is super sore. I rubbed arnica gel on it. Its hard to rub gel on yourself when your skin is numb. I am trying to avoid my scar, but its so low, I get it once or twitch. I need to peroxide it and belly button today. I hate my belly button. I think that's my downer in all this so far.
Follow up appt is friday. I may be driving myself or my friend might drive me. We'll see. No pics yet. Nothing has changed, I dont think.

spanx and cg's

I gorgot to mention that I swelled so much that the spanx and flexees I bought do not fit. I got the maidenform on, but after sitting in it for a few hours, I nearly needed to cut it off. I bought 4 pieces altogether, so I will exchange the other 2 I hadnt put on, for bigger sizes. I need to do this at some point today. Being in the binder just isnt the same.

day 7- I need an attitude adjustment

I made it thruy sons concert performance last night. The kids were really happy to see me up and about, hanging out with them. I was happy too. But all of the fun took a toll on my energy and my body. I stayed yp late enough to take motrin and toom an ambien to get to sleep. That was the most rest I got in a while, but woke up so sore and stiff.
My body just hurt all over today. Motrin and tylenol hardly help. Im having good bowel movements today. Saw the kids off and the hubby and I went off for new cg's for me. I got 3 different types to try along the week. I did a lot of walking. The store was huge. Came home exhausted, but needed a shower bad. That feels so good and loosens the stiffness. I didn't want to get out, but I need my husband's to helpe and je needed to leave for a few hours. We squeezed me into a cg. Got me lunch and settled into the recliner for a bit.
Thinkgs im thinking, I dont look any different from before sx! And that was fear #1 that I had. Hubby says I do, but I dont see it. He tries to remind me that it has only been a week and the swelling is crazy.
Im trying to change my attitude. I really am!! All my negativity is getting me no where right now. Help! Lol.

first day on my own

I managed to get the kids off to school, shower myself, and be bored all day! I couldn't even nap which sux. But, I felt great today. I was unable to get back into my CG, so I wore my binder. I scheduled a lymphatic drainage massage for tomorrow. I need some swelling relief! I have a little rash under my left boob. Its irritated from the bra and cg. I put some bacitracin ointment on it throughout the day.
It's rather warm out today. I turned on the a/c this afternoon. But now I feel a bit feverish. I've moved from my recliner, to standing, to sitting at the computer table. I don't know what else to do really. Im bored, but not comfortable enough to drive yet. Gonna try that tomorrow. Lol

Woke up AMAZING!

I had a pretty bad night starting around 7PM with a lot of swelling and soreness. I didn't want to take an AMBIEN to sleep for fear of becoming dependent. Cuz of all the swelling, I had to get up and down to go pee. I guess that means I'm healing.
Anyways, I woke up with a great attitude to do great things for the day. I walked around my block 4 times with my neighbor. Came home to shower... was able to get myself into my Flexees. I could see some changes today! I hung out with a friend for a bit. I DROVE myself to my son's school to have lunch with him AND DROVE myself to a massage appointment.
I had the best time having lymphatic "cupping" done. It brings the blood to the surface to get rid of swelling faster. I am hooked!! I look and feel better already. Downside, drinking even more water and peeing even more. But, I have not been in the recliner today, at all. I'm back to my normal home-work station. Yay!! And I didn't need a nap today either. I am feeling fantastic!!

day 10 pic

10 days post op

Had my 2nd massage with the most amazing therapist. My swelling is a lot better and my "recliner back" was worked on. I did a ton of walking today for kids soccer games. I am beat!

Doc appt today- 12 days post op

I was feeling great on Friday so didn't wanna see the doc and pushed my appt til today. I'm trying to remember all the questions that I have about my healing. #1- why are my boobs square at the bottom and my nips are pointing down? Will they fluff? They are textured implants so I am assuming that's why he hasn't instructed me to massage them. I never thought to ask. I have been having a few ache and pains around in certain spots. I wonder what those are.
I was looking at my incision and I don't see stitches. I never thought to ask what in the world is holding me closed. I want to ask about silicon strips. My massage therapist said I could start those now and that's what she did when she had her TT, but I'm gonna ask to be safe. My belly button is still concerning too. It's soooo swollen still and hard to clean. My hubs asked when he gets to go marble shopping. LOL I can't even imagine sticking something in there right now.
I'm not feeling as fragile as I have been. But the swelling became UNREAL last night. I think it was a combo of dinner (Middle Eastern food) and sitting on the couch without my feet propped up. By bed time, my right leg was a tree stump and my lower ab was sticking way out like i was preggers. grrrr...
It's almost time to take the kids to the bus and I'm gonna walk a big lap around the neighborhood to get the blood flowing. Still taking motrin. i need to get more consistent with my Bromelain to see if it help with the swelling. I need to find my other bottle of arnica too. i finished one bottle already.
Take care RS Sisters.. maybe i'll take some progress pics today.

12 day pics

Swell hell... going to the doc todag

boobs not fluffing

Gonna ask about this. Size is good though.

Compression Garments!!

Ok.. i have had to go to the store 3 times buying and returning garments because I cannot get them up past my swollen butt..... I finally got one at Kohl's that i love but it has straps and those hurt my boobs from time to time. I did a little online shopping (since I've been resting lately) and came across I bought bras and sundresses the other day and Today's Deal is SHAPEWEAR!!! And they have a Waist Nipper-- no straps and I don't need to pull it over butt!! You guys should take a look. They are only $17!!!!!
Here's my referral link if you could use it please--

Doc visit went well

I had my 12 day check up yesterday and everything looked good. I had concerns with my boobs being square at the bottom. He said they haven't settled and i need to start pushing in my implants. not like everyone else with smooth implants that have to push down and massage them around, I literally have to push them "in" because they are textured and are meant to stay up. oh gosh- am i the only one afraid of touching themselves? I mean seriously... i don't want to touch or push anything at this point. Anyways, he says I look how he expected me to look at 12 days. I'm looking at everyone else on RS and noticed that I am significantly more bruised than most people. I know i shouldn't compare but GOSH- I am so bruised. I have bruising that goes all the way to my knees. and i'm wearing shorts so it's obvious that something happened to me. Bromelain and Arnica haven't done much to keep the bruising low.
On a good note, he has cleared me to go back to work if I want to. Kinda stinks taking the month off with no pay so I am considering it. I need a doc note to send to HR. He offered one and I didn't think I'd need it, but apparently I do. So, need to call and ask for one to be emailed to me today.
Well---- I'm gonna go for my morning walk. Have a great day RS sisters.

I haven't updated in a bit... Day 19

Not much has changed really... I had another lymphatic drainage massage on Saturday. It was wonderful!! I have a stubborn hard spot and she's working it out. my belly is beginning to soften a bit and I'm getting feeling back in my skin. That is so weird!!! The feeling of my clothes against my skin creeps me out a lot. Talk about hypersensitive! I'm trying a few different compression garments here and there. I can't wait for my waist nipper to get here from I got 3 dresses and 3 bras from there too. I love them all.
i'm moving around a lot more... and able to go back to work too. i start back tomorrow at one of my jobs. my manager is a doll and gave me only morning shifts since I swell more towards the evening. it will be nice to have a paycheck again. LOL
Today, i started back with clean eating use the 21 Day FIx program. I can't work out yet, just go for walks, but at least I'll get my eating back in order. I've been a snacker lately and not all my snacks have been super healthy. I need to not give in to the chocolate!!! I weighed myself and still 3 lbs over my surgery day weight. I could chock it up to swelling, but who knows. all i know is that i wanna be 135-140... so gonna keep at it. have a great day RS sisters. will try to post some pics today when i change or shower.

cannot wait for appt tomorrow

I thought I was picking glue off my body, nope it was a scab on my incision. So now I have a teeny spot to treat with neosporin.
I cant wait to talk to my ps about my belly button. I hate it. Im embarassed by it. I am still super swollen around it and that could be why it looks the way it does, but I will not be in a bikini this summer. Its way too embarrassing, ugly, and off center. I hope this is a give it time thing. All the scabbing is done. The stitches havent fully dissolved yet. So there is still hope, I hope.
That's all I have to update or just whine about. Have a good day rs.

2 Months Post-Op

My oh my.. it's been a roller coaster for me since the last time I posted!! I've been working a lot and NOT exercising!!! I also started stuffing my face. BAD CHOICES all around. I started to gain weight. I actually gained 10 lbs!! Who does that?? Gains weight after paying $$$$$$ to have weight loss skin lopped off?? I had went to Vegas for a few days and came back looking like the pics with the grey bra and black shorts. I finally took control and started a detox/cleanse and the pics with me in the pic bra and boy shorts are just 5 days after i started.
Aside from that craziness... my scar is healing really nice. I am getting massages weekly to help with scar tissue. My belly button looks MUCH better!! i think the gaining weight had a lot to do with it. I see my PS next week. I don't have as many concerns as i did before now that my pudge is coming off. It was all self induced!!! If you want any info on this cleanse, comment!! It's great to do if you are already done with your pain meds but still not cleared for exercise. I wish i did it sooner.
Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Denk and his staff are amazing. I haven't met such a thorough plastic surgeon. He answered everything before I even had to ask. When I did have a new question, he had great insight and explanations. He knows what he's doing and I put complete trust in him for my surgery. Tricia and Shavondah, his nurses are always sweet and pleasant. I would text Tricia in the early days of recovery with ALL my questions and concerns-there were a lot of them! I look forward to my follow-up visits to converse with the doc and would definitely have him do my "work" from now on.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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