32YO Mommy of 5 Ready to Get my Body Back (MM = TT, BL, BA) - Virginia Beach, VA

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Hi Real Self. I am like many on this site who have...

Hi Real Self. I am like many on this site who have stalked this site for months before actually deciding to share their own story. This site has been such a resource for me, I knew that at some point I would share my journey with others. I am the mother to 5 beautiful children! I have given birth to 3 and adopted 2. Giving me a grand total of 5! I am a pretty young mom and love my children, but of course hate the toll that breast feeding and pregnancy have had on my body. Also with having 5 children you always put yourself on the on the back burner. Well I have wanted a "mommy makeover" for about 4 years now and actually started looking into it back then. But my husband and I were in the process of buying our first home so of course that was way more important. So i put it on the back burner. Fast forward 4 years later it started nagging at me again. Just not liking what I see in the mirror. Not feeling like I look like myself! So I couldn't ignore it any longer, I had to do it! First I had gained 40 pounds over the last 4 years, so I knew I had to get rid of that. I decided I wanted to loose 20-30 pounds. So that is what I started working on. I have lost 17 pounds so far, I began that process on April 8th. I am currently 5'5 158 pounds and have at least 3 more pounds to go. I am confident I will lose this by August which is my surgery month. I think 150 want be so bad either. You see I love my curves and so does my husband. He doesnt want me to get too small that I lose my curves. Cause then I would need a BBL too, which would totally freak him out, LOL. My husband has been great and is very supportive, of course he loves me the way I am, but wants me to be happy so here we are. This site has helped me in choosing my PS. I have looked at you ladies before's and after and who you recommended and didn't recommend and use that as a guy to screen PS. I have thought about DR. Contacted PS in Miami. And had consults in my home state of Virginia. I have ultimately decided on Dr. Mancoll in Virginia Beach. I went to his consult on June 3rd, my husband and I, and completely fell in love. We did have to wait about 30 mins after our scheduled appointed time, which my husband commented on, but I was fine with that. The lobby is very welcoming and nice and so are the girls that work at the front desk. They continued to check in on us and make sure we were okay and give us updates to let us know that we weren't forgotten about. Once we did go to the back, our nurse who took my pics and blood pressure was super nice. She explained everything she was doing and why. She also mentioned she had just relocated from out of town and was a new employee. I told my husband I couldn't believe it because she was so knowledgeable about the office and how to do everything. Dr. Mancoll used the pics to do a virtual computer imaging to show me what to expect with the procedures I wanted. I was fitted with sizers. He asked me lots of questions about what I want. Was honest with me when my expectations were not obtainable and explained to me why. I loved that! Please don't sell me a dream. Any who I felt very comfortable with him and his team. More comfortable than I felt with anyone else. So here we are. I actually had more consultations lined up with other PS that I cancelled because I have found my guy. I have an appointment on Monday to put my deposit down and secure my date and then the count down will begin. I have more questions for Kim (his patient coordinator) which I know she will be able to answer because she is amazing too. Since last Friday we have been in constant contact via email. Well that is it ladies. I will keep you posted. I'm sure I will be asking you guys for your advice as time gets closer. I will add pics as well. And feel free to ask me anything I will respond. So glad I found this community.

Deposit Made!

Hey RS fam. So I made my deposit on Monday. My pre-op appointments is on August 11th and my surgery date is August 24th! So now the waiting game begins. This week I am weighing in at 156 pounds. I think I want to lose 6 pounds. I don't know, maybe I should focus on toning. I want to make sure my body is as fit as possible before the surgery, so that I can have the best results. Any who I will post some before pics soon. I'll try tonight. With 5 kids my schedule is hectic.

Here are my current pics dolls.

These are pics from about a month ago. I took these pics and sent to the doctors in Miami I was considering. I was 161 pounds then so about 5 pounds heavier. Not sure if I look that much different now but I will share my pre op appointment pics to have a good idea of the change. Hopefully I will be at my goal of 150 for my pre-op appointment.

Wish pics

Can't wait until August!

Supplies Needed?

When I spoke to Kim at PS office, I asked was there anything I needed to purchase. She said they will provide me with everything. But after reading a lot of these reviews I know their are a few must have items. I am planning to buy a recliner. After that I'm stuck. Does anyone have any suggestions that will make my recovery easier? Would rather start picking up things here and there then wait until the last minute in be in panic mode. Greatly appreciate any and all advice. Thanks in advance.

Countdown Continues (7 Weeks, 52 days)

Thankful to my RS Dolls for suggestions on supplies and sharing their list. I have put together a list of stuff to purchase before surgery. The big things are Recliner, Tylenol or Ibuprofen depending on what PS suggest, Bed pads, Arnica Gel or Pills, non stick gauzes, tape, granny panties, and entertainment stuff. Im sure I will probably think of other stuff I need, but that is what I have thus far. Im picking stuff up here and there. Weight loss update Im still trying to get down to my goal 150. My last weigh in was about 2 weeks ago and I was 156 pounds. So I have 6 pounds to go. Time is moving slow and fast at the same time. I have 7 weeks (52 days) before my BIG day! Which seems like forever. Well thats pretty much it. It's the waiting game from here on out.

New Date!

So my surgery date has been moved up! My new date is August 11, which is like 32 days away exactly! Which makes it feel even realer than before. I still freak out a bit about spending this amount of money on myself, but hubby says I deserve it. Now I really have to buckle down and get things in order. My house, to make my down time to easier on hubby with the kids. My fitness to have optimal results and a easy recovery. I have to check off the items on my supply list a little quicker, so that is what I will be working. Sounds like I have a busy 32 days ahead of me. Oh and my new pre-op appointment is July 28th. Well real self dolls until next post.

Sooner than later

Who knew my next post would come so soon. Well today I began to check some of those boxes. I ordered my power lift recliner today. My hubby had the best idea. He suggested a rental furniture place. I was opposed to the idea, but then I found out that they will order the chair, brand new from warehouse and I was able to pick what I wanted from the factory inventory. I was welling to what they had to offer. We ended up choosing a leather power lift recliner and pre-paid for one month. They will deliver, set-up,and pick up when we are done. It was 80 bucks for 4 weeks! Since we really don't have anywhere to keep it permeantly and plan to sell it afterwards. This a great option. Happy hubby suggested it. It will be delivered the Monday before my surgery date! I also picked up granny panties. I got briefs, I wasn't sure if I should get the bikini. Which is better for your incision? Oh, I also got Miralax and Arnica gel. Thats is it for now. Have to order some stuff offline and pick up more supplies. Oh and hit the gym, haven't been doing well on that front. Will pick up gear with that real soon. I think thats it for now.

Vacation time approved!!!

So yesterday I received the good news that my vacation time is approved! Which is big because I started a new job this year and had not been their long enough to access my vacation time. My boss had already approved the time off but I had planned to take it without pay. However the best thing happened, Human Resources approved for me to use it early. So I will have paid time off from work! Everything is just falling into place. August 11th is taking forever to get here, lol. Oh so I ordered button up night gowns from Macy's. They had a great sale so, Im waiting for them to come in the mail. I also purchased a two piece, so I can show my PS how low I want my scar. I haven't purchased a two piece since my teenage years. And I am planning a girls trip to Vegas in December. Which is perfect because I should be all healed up and hopefully able to wear my two piece. Still working my list of mush haves, but its coming along. Im going to go on amazon now and order my walker. Thanks for all the support dolls, until next post.

Checking the Boxes

Ok so today I am weighing in at 154 pounds. Yay! I have reached my original goal of 155, now my second goal of 150. So I have 4 pounds to go. Also a co-worker let me borrow her walker and shower chair that she had in her garage from a past surgery! I have purchased my detachable shower head and also took advantage of a sale that Victoria Secret was having. My button up night gowns came in the mail the other day that I ordered from Macy's, and today I went to the mall and purchased a few more dresses to wear during recovery. Also its nice to have things that fit a little better with the weight loss. I started my journey at 172 pounds so I am happy with where I am. I will weight to purchase my bandages and stuff like that until after my pre-op appointment to see if PS has any recommendations. This week I will start clearing my recovery station, its my book self in my room, that has tons of papers on it. So yeah not looking forward to that. I really don't know what else. I think I should start taking multivitamins. Does anyone have an opinion on that? My pre-op appointment is next week! So I have 8 days before I see my PS again. What typically happens during your pre-op appointment? Dr. Mancoll just said to have my wish pics, in which I do. Well I guess I have to wait and see. I would live to hear you dolls pre-op experiences and suggestions on if I should or shouldn't start taking multivitamins. Also I read some people began taking Arnica pills before surgery too. Should I be taking that as well. I don't know. Can't wait until I have some answers to my questions. Well good night dolls, until next post.

Pre-Op appointment

Hey RS dolls and dolls in waiting. I had my pre-op appointment on Wednesday. Sorry I'm just posting but between work and trying to prepare my house and get supplies for my surgery, I have been crazy busy. At first it felt like time was creeping by but now I feel like so much to do so little time. Any who, I had my pre-op appointment and it went well. My PS answered all my questions and I am actually not very nervous about the big day. However I hope I am picking the boobs for me. I told my PS I trust his judgment better than my own because I am a very indecisive person. We are going with Natrelle silicone 400cc either mod or high profile. He will decide which one achieves my goal. I actually think the mod profile looks better on me. I was able to see the images on the digital screen. He has a virtual/digital simulation that allows you to see before/after images. I will try and do rice sizers this weekend. My hubby is concerned that 400 cc once increase my size but keep me at the size I am. And we definitely want bigger, so we will see. I did not have to do labs. Due to my age and no health issues. I did receive my prescriptions and some were called in to my pharmacy. I believe he prescribed me an anti-nausea pill, antibiotic, Percocet, valium and celebrex. I have not picked them up yet, will do this weekend. I picked up some more stuff from my supply list , and will list everything I have soon. My mind is racing because I still have lots to do, including finishing up my items on my supply list. Making time to get a wax, mani/pedi deep cleaning the house, grocery shopping for the house as well as my recovery groceries and finishing up my recovery items. Oh, also I paid the remainder of my balance on pre-op day and almost had a pain attack, pulling that kind of money out of my savings account. I feel the anxiety coming back just thinking about it lol. Oh well dolls, I am headed to Busch gardens with the kiddos today, I am off work and want to spend as QT with them before I am down for the count for probably the remainder of the summer. I will you guys updated. Until next time dolls.

Tick Tock

So I have 8 days to my surgery date and I am going through so many emotions. I am excited, anxious, a little nervous (but not as much as I thought I would be) and tired. I find myself holding back tears. I don't know if that is because I'm so tired. I am having very restless nights. My husband says its probably nerves. I am working everyday and coming home to take care of my family and clean like crazy. As well as trying to find the time to complete my pre-op to do list. I am trying to do as much around the house I can and I'm not really allowing my husband to do anything because I know, I won't be able to help out for awhile. Anyway, I think I am burning myself out. Oh and I am going to the gym everyday after work as well. Tomorrow I have a wax scheduled and I will get a mani/pedi. Completely looking forward to it, maybe it's exactly what the doctor ordered. I am also nervous about my cycle. I should come on later this week but nerves sometimes delay's that process. God, I pray it comes on on time or even early so that won't be a problem surgery day. Does anyone know if you would have to reschedule your surgery if your on your cycle? I know it's kind of gross but a legitimate question I think. Any who until next post dolls.

Productive Few Days!

I am feeling much better today. Yesterday I was able to have a spa day. Wax, mani and pedi. Hubby ordered take out for dinner and poured me a glass of wine. It was just what I needed to get my emotions under control. I also got 8 hours of sleep last night! Any who I am feeling very accomplished. My recliner will be delivered on Monday. I have all of my recovery supplies. My current weight is 151, so one pound to go. I went grocery shopping for house and picked up a few things for myself. Don't have very much to do, but wait for the next 7 days to pass. I guess I will continue to get house in order. Want to make sure hubby isn't stressed with taking care of me and our 5 kids.

Recovery Supplies

So today I cleared book self in my room and claimed that area as my recovery station. I wanted to update those following my journey as to what post surgery items I have picked up in hopes to make my recovery easier. I gathered my list from other dolls on RS. So my recovery items include:
Arnica Gel
Triple antibiotic cream
2x2 Gauze pads
3x4 large non stick pads
3x4 large sterile all in one adhesive gauze pads
Flexible clear bandage tape
Summer Eve's cleansing wipes
Hand sanitizer
Granny panties
Button up nighties
Bed underpads
A good book
Adult coloring book (love these things!)
Prescription meds ( Percocet, Valium, phenergan, Celebrex)
Toiletry items (to keep bedside)

Non-pictured items:
Shower chair
Detachable shower head
Zip-up bras from Victoria secret size 34DD (hope they will fit)
Button up dresses and shirts (for when I return to work)
Recliner (will be delivered tomorrow)

Food items so far:
Bottled water
Organic applesauce pouches
Graham crackers
Fruit snacks

So that is it for now. Still working on my food supplies. Will finish up before my surgery on Thursday! I just shaved for the last time before my big day. Tuesday I start my hibiclens showers. Not much to do, the house is coming together. Will continue to get house in order and wait until my big day. My cycle is still not on. If it's not on by morning, I will be officially late! Not worried about pregnancy, my tubes are tied just hate to have to go through that during my procedure as well...ugg. I will ask my Cordinator tomorrow, just to be sure it's ok if I am on. Anywho, dolls going to bed. Until next post.

More wish pics

It's Transformation Day!

Good morning dolls! Today is the day. I am a little early so I am in parking lot waiting. I did not sleep a wink last night, nor did I try. I guess a combination of nerves and excitement. Anywho wish me look dolls, see you on the flat side!

Made it!

So I made it. I'm in lots of pain all over. Will pot more when I get better. One right breast gave doc problems, so hopefully it look better when healed!

Day 1

My hubby has been great. The pain can be a little much at times esp when having to get up in use restroom. I had experal injection can't imagine not having one. I a big baby when it comes to pain. I only have one drain. Hubby said PS said that's all I need. Hubby also said PS is happy with results, which makes me feel good knowing that. I just hope I am too ????. I'm sure I will be. Oh I can shower tomorrow or today since it's 3am and I can't sleep lol, so I thought I would give you dolls as update. Water proof dressings! I have been taking my mess around the clock, don't want to miss a beat with those. Hubby has it set on his phone so gives it to me like clockwork, whether I am sleeping or not. Like I said he is the best! Until next post dolls. I really appreciate all the support and will keep u guys up to date as possible.

Shower Today

Yesterday I took a shower, it feel great. My doc said it was going to be okay and it was! Hubby help me clean me up. I was also planning pics to post but its harder then I thought I keep coming in and out of concussions. PS office sent me beautiful; get well flowers. I will post that stuff tomorrow. Anywho, until next post dolls.

Belly Button Problems

So my bully button is draining blood. I don't think its leaked out of the dressing. But just wondering is this is normal or should I call my PS...hmmmmm

No Pooooo!!!!

Oh my god, I am ready to poo but my body isn't. So I've taken Miralax the last few days and Mag Citrae this morning. I am passing gas so I think that is good. Hopefully something will happen by the end of the month. Also trying to wen myself off the Percocet. Today has been a bad day, but I know it will get better. Anywho easy healing dolls.


Today has beem a much better today. I finally had a bowel movement. My PS called me today to check on me and see how I was doing. He said he was thinking about me whilw out running errands for his wife. How sweet. I taled to him about my contstipation and he made recommendations that were successful. I also talked about my belly button. He told me to take dressing off, clean it and apply dry dressing as needed. I haven't had a Percocet since this morning. The arnica gel and ibuprofen have been sufficient. I am standing more straight up now but back hurt when up to long. Oh and I have swell hell already, hope this is normal. Post-op appointment is Thursday!

Forgot to post

Flowers from my PS!

Concerns about swelling.

Not sure if it is normal swelling or signs of an issue but I am swollen in abdomen area. Hubby thinks it's fine. But I am a worry hog, so will call office as soon as they open. Physically I actually feel great the Ibuprofen is working well along with the arnica gel. My appetite is picking back up and so is my energy. My mom stayed the night last night to help hubby with me and kids and give him a break. He needed it! Today I plan to venture out to Target and get another support bra. I will ride in the handicap thing. That's about it. I will let you know what doc says about swelling. Hopefully its good news. Until next post dolls.

Things I might should have done differently.

Well dolls the last 4 days have been a roller coaster. I had the experall injection during my procedure so I believed that has helped with the pain alot. Since day one I have been able to get around pretty well esp when taking my pain meds around the clock. I believe this has been a blessing and a curse. I was told by PS office that I could shower the next day after my surgery which was very surprising, because reading most everyone else reviews they sometimes have to wait weeks. But being that I was on my cycle, I had my husbands help and PS office said it was fine that's what I did. Taking the Percocet around the clock made me very loopy, in and out of consciousness. Not much of an appetite and when I did eat something quick it was things like goldfish, crackers or applesauce. My daughter had a very important doctor's appointment on Monday so I loaded myself up on pain meds, put my walker to use and made sure I was there. Even though everyone thought it was a bad idea. I say all this to say, I am paying for all that now. My belly feels 3 months pregnant. Last night I had unbearable pain and was full of emotions. Mostly crying and yelling. Talked to the nurse from PS office and sent her pics of my swollen tummy she said not to be alarmed this is normal. But I feel all things listed above contributed to this. So I say all this to say ladies, no matter how good you feel, take it easy, relax, allow your body to heal and take it one day at a time. Today I am focusing on resting, watching tv, drinking plenty of water, health eating in hopes to reduce this abdominal swelling. My post-op appointment is Thursday and I am hoping for good news. On a good note my boobs seem to be doing okay! Until next post dolls.

7 day post op visit yesterday

Had my 7 day post op visit yesterday and I was a little disappointed. My PS didn't spend much time with me but I could tell by the waiting room he had a busy day. I guess my biggest concerns are my abdominal swelling, which he says is normal. It has gone down, but it is still there. He recommended a place for me to go and get fitted for another garment because the one he provided is now too loose and digs into my incision. Since he removed all the taping over my incisions this is very uncomfortable. Not to mention the lack of support I would prefer in a garment with me having the swelling in all. Well I had a 3 o clock appointment wasn't seen until 4. Which really didn't bother me, but by the time we left the office they were closed. Very disappointing. And they don't reopen until Monday. I was very frustrated and emotional, hubby and I got into an argument, because I am sure he is exhausted as well taking care of 5 kids and waiting on me hand and foot the last week. But with all that he came up with a great idea and went to Babies R Us and purchased a garment traditionally used for women recovering from c-sections. It fits great, a little too tight but great. He is returning the small for medium this morning to see if it will allow me breathe, lol. Other than that I walk much straighter with it and it restricts my movements, so that I am not turning or bending because my mind tells me I can. Hopefully the medium will be perfect. My left breast (the trouble child) is still riding high, has a hematoma but PS says he is not concerned about this early on, because my body still has alot of healing to do. He says if it doesn't act right we will re-visit once we are near final results. He says he is pleased on where I am and says my final results will be great. I just wish I felt the same way he does. Oh also ladies he removed my drain, and took off my transparent dressings covering my incisions. Now my concern is the binder rubbing against my incisions. Actually just spoke with nurse at his office who has approved me to using abd pads or something of that nature to protect them. Ladies do you have suggestions on protective padding you use of your incisions? Or where to purchase a good garment? This is a long process and I am only 8 days in. It is very emotional, just not being able to do for yourself and investing so much money in something and feeling like you have to cross your fingers and hope everything turns out looking great. This is the best outlet I have at times. Thank you for your suggestions. I will post pics a little later, when I feel better about my body. Oh the good news, I physically feel great for most part, able to stand up pretty straight and only taking Percocet at night to help me sleep. Still wake up around 2 am, talking crazy my family says, lol. But I've never been the one to tolerate heavy narcotics well. Please flood me with your suggestions ladies, I am eager to hear. Until next post dolls! Thanks in advance.

Listen To Your PS

Hi dolls, I am doing well. My swelling is steady going down. I was fitted for a custom made garment that I received on Monday and it fits my body like a glove. I received it from Novelle my PS actually works with them. They ship all over the world but have a local office near my PS. I was measured and my garment was tailored made in less than an hour. They re-measure every two weeks and alter, but will do sooner if needed. The idea is to make sure it's never too loose or too tight! My spirits are much higher, each day I notice the improvements in my body.This a marathon not a race, so be patient. As my PS would put it this short out I am just an infant in the healing process. Dolls remember this forum is awesome to ask questions and share experiences and give advice on what worked for us, but ultimately listen to you PS. Everyone body is different and will heal differently. Every PS operates and sculpts the body differently as well as uses different methods. They know what works best for their patients. I say this because I am a research queen and question things if someone is told to do something different, or is doing something different for the same procedure. But you don't know that person's background or their PS methods. We pick our surgeons for a reason and they have amazing results because they know what works best for their patients. Trust in that! I return to work on Thursday, I am super excited! I am down to taking Ibuprofen 3-4 times daily and using my arnica gel (love that stuff). I'm still not walking completely upright but everyday gets better. My PS wants me to walk upright more and more as each day passes. My energy level is getting better. Still tire quicker and still have back pain if I stand too long. (Thank God I have an desk job). So I will focus on healing and getting back to life as usual. I will keep you posted as I continue my journey.

Status Update!

Hi Dolls. I wanted to give everyone an update on me. The first couple weeks after surgery were a real emotional rollercoaster for me. I have never had any type of surgery prior to my mommy makeover and although I researched the heck out it. It was still difficult to experience all the limitations and changes to my body. Anywho, I am back to work! Able to move a little more freely, standing about 90 percent straight up. Still sleeping recliner, tried the bed with a bunch of pillows but after a few hours I was ready to go back to recliner lol. It's crazy to watch my body change almost on a daily basis. The swelling is still real. But mornings start
somewhat okay and usually by end of day I can feel the tightness. Ladies swelling is real prepare yourself. My breast are changing daily as well. I love my scar placement! Wish I could fast forward to see my final results. Weight gain is real mostly due to swelling but I can't help but to think being sedentary also contributes. I eat healthy a good 75-80 percent of the time. But I totally notice the weight gain even in my face:( But I am a bounce back queen so when I am allowed to and feel up to par I will hit the gym and my body will be snatched in no time. So from here on out patience is key and allowing your body to do its things thing. I have added some photos of the changes and will continue to keep you dolls posted. Thanks for all the positive comments and encouraging words they do mean a lot. I hope my review will help other dolls out there.

Forgot photo of when swelling started

Then vs now

Side by side-1 day pre op and 20 days post op

Checking in-7 weeks post-op

Hi dolls! It has been a while since my last update but I am doing well. I love my body and watching it change week by week. I am currently 7 weeks post op this week and i feel great. I am back at work so my schedule is back to being hectic with working and taking care of kids. My swelling has decreased significantly, however I usually wake up in morning flat and swell by the end of my work day. Love my scare placement and love my boobs. I don't really have many restrictions except for my PS still wants me to sleep on back for boobs and wear spanks for compression. I can wear any bra and my boobs are amazing! I am 2 pounds under my goal weight which I believe I'm like 4 pounds less than my pre-surgery weight. I really haven't started back working out yet but that's on my list of things to do asap! I don't have much time to take a bunch of pics but I will load what I have on my phone. Anywho until next post dolls. Easy healing!

Swelling going down!

8 weeks!

Comparison Pic

Can not believe this is me! Loving my new body. Still healing but improving day by day.

Another pic

After Workout

Still have a little swelling at end of day...especially after gym. But super satisfied with my new body! Just trying to get toned now. I am able to do all exercises now but ab work is still super uncomfortable. I will try again in a few weeks. I am 12 weeks now!

After Workout

Still have a little swelling at end of day...especially after gym. But super satisfied with my new body! Just trying to get toned now. I am able to do all exercises now but ab work is still super uncomfortable. I will try again in a few weeks. I am 12 weeks now!

5 months post op!

Go to PS tomorrow for follow up. No real concerns. Still not a lot of feeling in my abdomen but starting to get itching but can't feel the scratch lol. Boobs are amazing! Hubby loves them. Maintaining my weight, at least trying the holidays were hard, smh. But absolutely no regrets one of the best decisions I have made in my life. So worth it!

Not sure what happened to my pics

Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mancoll is awesome and so is his team. They make you feel so comfortable. The setting is top-notch. Exactly what you expect a cosmetic office to look like. He uses great technology to show you what to expect. He really concentrates on what you want to achieve. He ask for wish pics and actually post those during surgery so he can make sure he gives you what you want. His team was awesome from beginning to end. My surgery went smoothly. I love my results and his staff is very knowledgeable. Happy to be a Mancoll doll!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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