30 Year Old Male, Extended Tummy Tuck with Lipo and Ab Tightning After Losing over 100lbs - Virginia Beach, VA

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Well I used to be 346 Lbs, I went on a 2 year...

Well I used to be 346 Lbs, I went on a 2 year mission to lose weight, I built a Home gym downstairs and over 2 years I lost at my lowest 115lbs. I was down to 238 lbs. When I reached that Zone I would no longer lose weight, I was watching and logging everything I ate and burning 1200 cals 3 days a week with 2 hour work outs, Needless to say I got pretty Burnt out at that point. I also hit the point that I realized i could do nothing about my Loose skin and fat trapped inside my gut area and sides and got really discouraged with working out and to some point my resolve was shattered, for 6 months I kind of went into depression mode and gained about 20 lbs back but recently i have started cross-fit and its motivated me to at least get back at it. I also considered getting the surgery and now its about 2 weeks away, I just found this site so i wish i had found it sooner but im happy to see that most people are really happy with their results and also theirs some amazing before and after pics. Any suggestions or tips with this is highly appreciated and i look forward to showing my before and after pics.

I will add a picture about 2 months into my Weight...

I will add a picture about 2 months into my Weight loss Journey I estimate the pictures are from 2009.

Need to get my things together tomorrow like loose...

Need to get my things together tomorrow like loose fitting clothing and some other things. Any suggestions on things to buy pre op? Laxatives? Certain clothing? Types of foods to avoid pre op or to eat post op? Any suggestions really. Some recently have had thiers done and have been making me nervous :( hope this is worth it.

Well I'm hitting the sack. Heading into surgery in...

Well I'm hitting the sack. Heading into surgery in the morning. Figures a snow storm hits the same day. Wish me luck all. Il try to update as I can.

Feeling ok. Some scary moments today. Had to be...

Feeling ok. Some scary moments today. Had to be put under twice due to a blood drainage issue but I'm ok now. I was under for about 2 hours and then I had to be put out again for an hour for that to be resolved. Then I was in recovery for an hour and a half. When I was stood up I had major nausea because of The Anesthesia. I had cold sweats and it was pretty scary. Then let me rested like 2 hours longer and was released at 4 pm. I'm at my gfs now and she's being wonderful and honestly I'm overwhelmed with how she's handling the whole thing. Thanks for all the prayers and kind words.

Day one is over. Apart from having to be put under...

Day one is over. Apart from having to be put under twice and the cold sweats when I was being discharged to the ride home everything went ok once I got home.

I have two drains. They are flowing well. I'm currently taking 2 delauded every 3-4 hours. Pain level is fine but I want to see if just one will be fine also.

I also have an on q pain pump installed that cost 300$ more. From what I can tell this is worth it's weight in gold and it numbs the area of the ab repair for about 3 days post op. I am positive without it the pain level would not be the same.

I have peed several tiles with the assistant of someone to get to and from the bathroom. Each time it's been eaiser. I have yet to have a bowl movement or feel the need to. I am taking stool softener also and will join in a mild laxative today I think.

Recovery seems to be doing well. I feel tight as a drum in the mid section. Do to the compression garment. And numb due to the pain pump.

For the first day I was pretty much cold. In my arms and legs. This has changed heavily over the last fee hours and now I don't need as heavy a blanket as I was sleeping with.

Buying some over sized boxers and button shirt was a great idea. They let all the stuff hanging off you have a place to see.

I had to take a sleeping pill around midnight because I was wide awake. It knocked me out for about 3-4 hours. I'm going to try to rest some more. Any comments are great I hope this turns out like I'm imagining in my mind. I remember the doctor saying something about a touch up in 3-4 months to the flanks. Don't think it's included in the price anyone know anything about that ? I think it's for if you have a rim or bump where the skin settles on the scar?

Ok so day two was not to bad. Still have not...

Ok so day two was not to bad. Still have not passed a bowel movement or felt the need to. Eating solid food with veggie fruit shakes here and there. Been going to per regularly every 1-2 hours. Need help to get up and down from my gf who has been awesome.

I'm taking two delauded every 3 hours on the dot. Pain is at an acceptable level I guess.

I took a light laxative an hour or so ago just to wake things up. So hopefully in the next day or so ill have some result.

My drains have been pretty consistent. Seems to be getting to be less and less.

I should be able to start anti inflammatory meds tomarrow. And hopefully get my drains out Monday.

The pain meds are making me stay up however. I'm not resting as much as I should. Going to take my sleeping pill much sooner tonight to get some rest.

Ok so day 3. Good day. Lots of progress. Went to...

Ok so day 3. Good day. Lots of progress. Went to the doctor. Got both drains removed and my pain pump. My belly is gone. I had major nausea in this long car trip to the doctors office. Forgot to use the med I was given by the doctor for it.

I have not fully accepted or been able to get a look at the work done yet however my girlfriend has and she was overwhelmed by the result so tonight when I take a shower I will see for myself in the mirror and maybe try to upload a pic here of day 3 post op.

I managed to go to the bathroom which was a relief. I picked up some milk of magnisia just incase plan on taking it tonight just to keep regular because of the pain medication.

I go back next Monday for another follow up and scar treatment services which I'm not sure what that involves yet.
Also my doctor said he will need to touch up the right flank or both flanks but I did not get detail on that yet. He just wants me to heal for now. Which I plan on doing.

However now I'm able to bend somewhat. Have a much greater range of motion and its pretty much night and day when your drains are removed.

Uploading some new pics day 3 post op. going to...

Uploading some new pics day 3 post op. going to need a touch up done to the rear right side where the skin joined but I was told to expect that issue and that it would be touched up later with local numbing of the area. I am so shocked by the initial result. Mind blowing. Let me know what you think.

Today is one week post op. I feel good I'm pretty...

Today is one week post op. I feel good I'm pretty much walking around about 98% upright which I'm told is not common. Swelling is pretty much happening on my flanks but due to my diet and low salt intake I guess I have been spared.

Only taking pain meds 3 times a day with only 1 pill instead of 2. Just to feel comfy. I am really sore in the mornings when I wake due to being hours without a dose but this allows me to be regular and not constipated and also my pain threshold is way lower then week one.

Sneezing laughing or coughing can be very painful. I have become an expert at not sneezing.

I am walking around almost fully vertical which I am told is not common and I am healing well for the most part. Lots of brushing on my right flank and swelling.

I can walk up and down steps. Get up out of a recliner and have even bent down and no longer need help to shower. All in one week. Not bad.

I am considering using my elliptical for 20-30 mins a day next week just to keep my fitness up. But I still need to judge how tiring that would be.

May try to squeeze in a short walk outside today.

Two weeks post op is tomorrow. I'm doing half days...

Two weeks post op is tomorrow. I'm doing half days at work. 4 hours onsite then 4 hours home. It's ok. Sitting at work sucks but it's just 4 hours.

I'm still wearing my compression bands like All the time. They said 2 more weeks. Any feedback on this. I'm still pretty swollen in the front and around the surgery area. But this band is so annoying to have to wear and honestly I think the logic behind it makes sense for 2 weeks post op but not a month. Healing is good I'm using silicone sheets. Pricey. Scaraway brand need to swap in some new ones tomorrow.

Well. It's 7 weeks this Friday. I look like I'm...

Well. It's 7 weeks this Friday. I look like I'm prego if I relax my stomach. I'm pretty sure it's still swelling but it really blows. Very discouraging. I no longer wear my binder and just started to be able to fit in jeans but they are so right sometimes I wish I didn't put them on. Done days I just wear training pants.

I hear it can take up to 6 months for the swelling to fully go away. I'm positive it's swelling however as its very firm and around my surgery area above it. Looks like I have a pot belly. I'm hoping my incisions didn't loosen up to soon or something durning the abdominal tightning. I saw my doctor the other day and he said he wants to see me in 4 months.

We shall see I guess I hope one day it will just be flat like I wanted it to be. Right now it's just depressing.

Been a while since i updated this, Im doing fine,...

Been a while since i updated this, Im doing fine, been doing crossfit again, Still have redness and swelling around my abdominal area. But i can wear normal pants and jeans and, Im suppose to go back in 4 months to have a touch up done to my rear flanks "dog ears" , Im going to start doing more ab toning moments and try to drop like 20 lbs.
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