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Hi! I have been to several consultations over the...

Hi! I have been to several consultations over the last 10 years. When I went to Dr. Alspaugh I immediately knew he was the surgeon to do my BA surgery. He is kind and thorough. I didn't feel rushed when speaking with him. Also, his nursing staff is very helpful. Right after meeting with Dr. Alspaugh I put down the deposit and scheduled my surgery. I am beyond excited! I plan to get saline implants on 1/26/17!

Wish pics

I'm 5'4" around 130lbs....now debating silicon v saline. Here are some wish pics!

Natrelle Inspira it is...

I go in for my pre-op appt Jan 10th! So excited! Still need to decide on the profile and size. I'm thinking between 300-375cc! Ah! I also decided on lip injections while I'm under, why not??! :)

Post op done! 350cc natrelle HP

I met with my Dr today. Will be getting 350cc HP! 2 more weeks to go! Here are pictures of me with the sizers...

Less than 1 week away...Got all my supplies ready

I have got my "boob box" ready for post surgery....
-V pillow
-Extra pillows for bed
-Meds: a Norco, Tylenol, Phenergen, Celebrex and OTC stool softener and Benadryl
-Bromelain and Arnica pills online for bruising
-Heat and Cold packs
-Front snap bras in various sizes from Amazon
-Hibiclens surgical cleaner for night before surgery
-silicon scar sheets

Also I went to the grocery and picked up yogurts, soups, crackers, Gatorade and ginger ale.

It's almost time! I'm ready for Jan 26 to get here! :)

Tomorrow is the big day!

Got all of my supplies ready! The house is cleaned. My husband has taken off work. I'll be out of work for 9 days, which is good because I'm an ER nurse! I think I'm ready ;)

I'm have to be at the surgery center at 12:15p tomorrow! See y'all after surgery!

Post opp day 1 - 130lbs 375cc

It's finally over! Yippie!

Yesterday I got to the surgery center at 12p (both starving, thirsty and sleepy). I worked at night shift 7p-7a the night before surgery. Anywho, the doctor came in, I talked to my nurse (who also does my Botox - love her) and we were off. Everyone was super kind and reassuring.

In recovery I woke up actually feeling pretty refreshed. The pain was there but pretty tolerable. They have me two doses of pain meds and ginger ale and we were on our way. The car ride home was only 25 minutes but my nausea took over. I vomited once on the ride home as we were dropping off an addition anti-nausea prescription (irony).

Once we got home 1 vomited once as we walked in the door, but felt better afterward. I haven't had anymore vomiting episodes. The pain and been touch and go. Never horrific but no great. I've stayed on top of pain meds, napping and using ice packs. Literally the hardest thing is the fact you can't open your pill bottles! It seems crazy, but it's amazing how much you don't realize you use the chest muscles on a day to day! (Thank God for my "nurse" husband)

I finally took a peak at my new boobs this morning and so far I'm really happy with the size! Look forward to seeing them in ten coming weeks!

Also, the V shaped pillow I bought on Amazon is a HUGE life saver. Seriously, go get one if you're having a BA! It allowed me to rest with minimal discomfort!

So recap,

I'm 130lbs, 5'4'' and received Natrelle Classic round implants in 375cc on the sides. Hoping to achieve a large C or small D.

Pain and been tolerable.

Dr Alspaugh and his staff are amazing!!! I'll be going to my first post opp appointment today at 12p.

Looking forward to a shower tomorrow!

I might try to post pictures today or tomorrow if I'm feeling brave :)

Riding high - day 1 cont - 375cc

My left side is super high! Can't wait for home to drop and look less like monster boobs! Anyone feel like there boobs shrank a little after swelling goes down?? I hope so!

Post op day 2 - 375cc - Shower Day

I took a shower this morning and it was life changing! Felt human again.

The pain is very minimal. I mostly feel pressure and tightness. I did take one Norco this morning, but think I am switch over to just Tylenol.

During my meeting with my Doc and nurse yesterday they said I could start doing the obligatory breast massage. Might try that tomorrow.

My breasts are still very high, worse on the Left. I was terribly worried about them being too big, but I think the 375cc was perfect! The doc seems to think I'll be a full C from a A. We shall see...

Oh and the bloat everyone talks about is real and bad! Ah! At least I'm not alone!

I am going to try to take an easy today and perhaps venture out of the house tomorrow. Happy healing real selfers!

Going strong....

I'm feeling pretty good today. I drove to meet my husband for lunch without incident.

I haven't faced these spoken about "boobie blues" yet, and doubt I will. The only thing I can say with regards to that is I AM ready to a- feel totally normal again and B- work out again. I am in no pain, just an extreme amount of tightness. The tight feeling is the worst part of this whole adventure.

With regards to size, my biggest (no pun intended) concern was they would be too big. I like to go to barre class and yoga, and huge breasts might hinder that routine. Today I found myself thinking I should have upped the ante and gone slightly bigger, but I will re-evaluate this line of thinking once they settle.

Overall I'm very, VERY happy I went through with this procedure. A week or so before my procedure date I caught myself thinking "what on Earth have I gotten myself into??". No regrets now, however. I am also really glad I chose the doctor I did. Really though, go see him. He is awesome. High five to Dr. Alspaugh and his team. :)

Day 9...I think...

No real new update.....no actual pain, just high and tight still, sore perhaps. The left side is less irritating, like it was days previously.

It is still hard to sleep at night. I can't seem to find a really comfortable position to sleep in yet. I also wake up with super sore and tight breasts. Otherwise things have been going pretty smoothly.

In regards to size, I'm glad I didn't go bigger or smaller. Any bigger would have been too much!

2nd follow up appt....and back to work...

So, I went back to work 2 nights ago (night nurse life). It went well, but I was pretty sore. I get little zaps of sharp discomfort, but nothing intolerable.

I saw my surgeon today for a follow-up. He stated everything looked good, just need to wait for these bad boys to calm down and settle. They are still very high. The good news is they get a little softer every day.

The only other thing to report on is I had put waterproof band aids over the steri-strips while I was at work and it caused a rash. Guess I'm allergic to adhesive. Not the end of the world.

Still happy about getting surgery. Will post new pics in days to come!

Happy healing ladies! :)

Pictures and cards

Here's a photo update. I also got a card from my surgeon's office, which is nice. :)
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