25YO Athlete, 5' 9" 150LBS, No Kids, Nearly B Looking for Full D, 500-600cc. Virginia Beach, VA

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So I guess my feelings started much like the rest...

So I guess my feelings started much like the rest of you...Growing up I was always behind the curve, literally being a tall and skinny girl with no breasts. I have always thought of my body as a "manly" build, lifting weights, playing sports year-round which left me with little fat, especially in the chest area, and I've been self-conscious about them ever since. I have been following this site for years waiting until I could finally have a chance to gain some femininity and reading all your lovely stories which has guided my search and helped me realize that this is something that I really want to do for myself. I do want to say thank you to all of you! I would say that I have been content with my life without breasts, however it is something that has been repeatedly brought up and I am finally in the financial and emotional position to actively pursue this dream. I have an amazing husband who loves me just the way I am but he has given me the okay to move forward with this for my own personal happiness. He really is the greatest! Any who, being a physiologist and medic, I have researched heavily the impact of breast augmentation (BA) on my body and my ability to continue my current active lifestyle and sports/work regime. I have also researched plastic surgeons to the same extent and have decided to go with Dr. Mancoll of Virginia Beach. He has superb bedside manner and does incredible work. Furthermore, he takes the time to answer my millions of questions and in a way that is not talked down at or condescending at all, which I have found with some other surgeons. I have my second consultation with him this Wednesday which I am so excited about and we will go over sizing options/measurements/wish pics. I feel like I'm pretty prepared for this consultation but I have to ask you ladies, being experienced, is there anything you wish you had asked the surgeon or spoke with him/her about sizing? What is the best way you found for expressing your desired result? Researching, right now I am thinking somewhere in the 450-600 range, because I am a small B and wish to be a full D, but not so big as a DD as I want to still be able to play basketball and volleyball and lift like I do now. I know with my size, being tall, muscular, and broad shouldered, I can handle a lot more cc's without looking too "done" but during my first consultation I was still shocked when he and the nurse said I may need somewhere in this range to get my desired result. I do want to have a natural appearance but I really want cleavage and some side boob, to balance out my hips/butt. Any of you taller and active ladies have an implant of this size and would like to share, I would definitely appreciate it! It's kind of difficult to find reviews with these constraints. Well I think I've shared enough for now. I hope to maybe post pics tomorrow but please share your story with me! Thanks!!

1st & 2nd Consultation (wish pics)


During my initial consultation, I met with the physician but only discussed sizing and my wish look with his nurse, since I was having a second consultation anyway. However, during that first consult I was able to utilize the Vectra 3D imaging software (which is awesome) to get a glimpse of what size implants would look best on me. I am currently at most a 34B and would like to be a full D but not a whole lot bigger than that, so I tried a 457cc as well as a 533cc implants on. On the Vectra, both looked small on my frame to me. Then, I tested the actual implant in my bra and I knew that 457cc would be too small, however the 533cc looked too big. EVER SINCE that consultation, I have been walking around with different sizers everyday (rice size test) to see how much I actually like and I have come to like 550cc....so that's what I went in thinking for my 2nd consultation.

NOW...I just had my 2nd consultation with my surgeon where we discussed my specific wish pics and sizing. I told him that it seems as though the 533cc may be too small for what I'm looking for, however he said, based on my wish pics, that the 533cc may be TOO BIG...I was so surprised! I was stuck on 550cc but now he said that he would try 533cc, 492cc, and 457cc ... I DON'T WANT TO BE TOO SMALL AND BE DISAPPOINTED!

PLEASE give me your thoughts whether you think 533cc would be adequate/too small/too big for what I'm looking for as I have little breast tissue to begin with. I would love to hear from you! I have attached my wish pics. To remind you, I'm 5'9", 150lbs with a muscular build. THANK YOU!!

Oops, forgot to show you what I'm sadly working with!

Here I am ... and BTW my PS told me that I have mild contracted breasts (tubular deformity) as if I wasn't self-conscious ENOUGH! Could really use some support right now!

2 Weeks, 6 Days Until "D" Day!

So here I am, less than 3 weeks away from D day...and literally since I'm hoping to be a full D cup size lol I've actually been taking a break from boob thoughts since I have officially set a date and have everything I need prepared. I will be taking a personal leave of absence from my full-time job as a medic for about a month and a half following my procedure. My husband and I are blessed enough to be financially stable enough to be doing that and I am so grateful of him taking a few days off work to care for me! I did want to buy a couple more sports bras for the weeks after surgery. I have a few brands that I have read work well, but my question to you ladies is, how did you figure out your post-op bra size prior to actually having breasts??? Do you buy your normal waistband size and just hope it fits or do you go up a size? I'm so confused. I am still more excited than EVER and I really hope all of you are just as excited as I am! Good luck and happy healing to all of you beautiful ladies!!

Exactly one week left!

My oh my, I have exactly one week until I have my breasts! I am prepared but I am getting more and more nervous. Any tips that you lovely ladies have to prepare myself mentally? I am getting moderate plus profile 533cc or 575cc, whatever my PS decides while I'm under. I think that size would be good but I still want to be able to exercise and play sports like I do now....do you ladies think this will hinder me at all? I mean I know I will have to get used to them but I just want to make sure I'll be able to play basketball and volleyball because I'm on a few league teams in the fall and I really don't want to give those up by goin too big... All of you lovely ladies that have or are getting yours this month, goodluck to you and happy healing! Can't wait to see all your updates! You all are amazing!


Hey ladies! Thank you to all of you lovelies for posting reviews and helping me through this journey and now I'm down to crunchtime! I will have my new breasts by noon tomorrow! I'm prepared and calm about my size and PS, but just the simple idea of surgery makes me a little worries. My husband and best friend will be taking me and waiting for me and my new twins! My best friend already has beautiful DD breasts so she's excited for me, and of course my husband is excited as well. Goodluck to all you beauties that share D DAY with me tomorrow and to those recoverin, happy healing! Thanks for the continued support! I'm going to try to post some more pre-pics before I leave in the morning but we will see, it will be an early morning! Until next time! Woohoo boobies!

So Today Is The Day

Hey all,
So I'm pretty sure none of this hit me until late last night after I finally got done with my last shift at work and had time to actually stop and think when I got home. I'm can't lie and say I'm not nervous, because I definitely am. My husband and I have spent a lot of money and time in this procedure and I don't want either of us to regret this decision. I know it's more than likely the idea of surgery and not so much I'm worried about my implant size or whatever, because I've been nothing but excited about them until last night. I am trying to redirect my thinking to happy, positive thoughts because I know it will help but it really is difficult. Some of you ladies and like superheroes with your positivity lol good work!

...side note...I AM STARVING! On the brink of hangry but still on the pouty stage currently. I am used to eating within 30 minutes of waking up and every couple of hours after that. This whole not eating thing blows!

Anywho, I'm riding to my appointment now and I wanted to share my last thoughts with you lovelies! All you ladies that already went through this, you are strong and courageous! All you ladies that are feeling what I'm feeling now, I am here for you. Well that's all for now I guess, ON TO BIGGER BOOBIES! haha YAY! Good luck and happy healing!


Before I tell you about my surgery I wanted to post my last pre-BA pics since the site wouldn't let me from my phone. Here they are!

More Pre Pics

Rice Size Test

Hey Guys...I tried the rice size test and these are 550cc rice sizers and I think they look great..I wore them shopping and to work just to test drive the size and I like it. This is why I decided on 533cc or 575cc with my PS. May not be "official" some PSs but it worked pretty well for me!

Boobies Are Here!!! 533cc mod + profile with areolar reduction

So I finally have my nice set of breasts!

Age 25
Height 5'9"
Weight 150lbs
BWD 13.5
Athletic build

My procedure was scheduled for 10:00 but I was asked to be there by 09:15, as Dr. Mancoll performs his procedures in a beautiful private OR in his office. When I got into the office, I waited about 15 minutes and got called into the back where they asked me to empty my bladder and pee in a cup...this may be TMI but I also was on my period, which started early of course, damn Eve...when that was done, I got brought into a recovery room by the nurse, where I changed into a robe and the nurse started an IV. The anesthesiologist came into the room, introduced himself, and asked me some general questions. He was a really nice man. Then I walked into the operating room and lied on the table. While I was talking, the anesthesiologist gave me medicine and I went to sleep...next thing I know, I'm awake, dressed, and have wonderful breasts! Apparently, my husband was disappointed that I wasn't more loopy after waking up from anesthesia, but at least he didn't get any embarrassing videos! lol My PS also put on an upper pole strap and instructed me to wear it 24/7 for the first week. I ended up with 533cc, moderate plus profile, submuscular, silicone implants! Also, I didn't like this size of my areolas, as they were large to me, about 5cm in diameter so I received an areolar reduction, which brought them to 3cm in diameter. My PS told me that the ideal areolar size ranges from 3cm-4cm. Yay! I had a really great experience with Dr. Mancoll and his team and would recommend him to anyone. Currently, I'm sitting and watching tv . I feel pretty great! To me, it feels like the day after a way too intense chest workout. Doesn't hurt at all when I'm not moving, but when moving my arms and trying to sit upright, I definitely feel the tightness, but it's not necessarily pain for me. My skin is super tight and my breasts feel like rocks right now. I really hope they soften. I haven't peeked at them yet because I have a feeling like I might freak out at their shape right now but I did take my jacket off to take a few pics and look at my cleavage....which I actually have now!!! Hope all of you are doing fantastic in your journeys and I hope this review helps a few of you ladies out! I am feeling really positive and happy about everything right now, and I hope to continue when I take everything off to shower in the morning.

Goodluck lovelies and happy healing!!!

Day 1 Post Op

Thought I'd post an update from my first glimpse of my new breasts! I honestly was scared to look at them yesterday because I thought they were going to look square and terrible, and rock solid but when I took my bra off to shower this morning, they were beautiful!! I absolutely love them. I know they are still in the beginning stages, and they have a long way to go, but so far I have no complaints. They really are rock hard though! But here they are! Positivity is key!

4 Days Post Op

Not a whole lot has changed visually since Day 1 but I've been feeling pretty good ever since my op...even went shopping with my girlfriend yesterday and walked around all day. Granted I did have to take my pain pills half way through but I haven't been in any serious pain at all. I do have some slight tightness in my chest, obviously. And no bruising whatsoever. I feel like the most painful part has been the darn upper pole strap that I've been stuck in for at least the first week. I am loving them already. While helping my friend search for a dress I even found a couple swimsuits that I had to try on and show you ladies. I would have NEVER been able to wear these before because I couldn't fill the cups out ever... I'm so happy and so excited that I did this. I even told my mom and one of my sisters, and believe it or not, they were even happy for me. I was so scared to say anything to them because I didn't want them to judge me and think I was doing it for the wrong reasons, but I was surprisingly mistaken. I keep looking at pics of you ladies, still hoping that mine with drop and fluff and look like yours but I know patience is key. I love them already and can't wait for them to continue getting better!

Oh and side note, my husband squeezed one today (obviously very gently) and he said that they are already getting a little softer! Yay!

Happy healing all!

IN LOVE ... and continuing to grow

HEY ALL!!! So it's been over a week and I had my first post-op visit on Tuesday where I got my bandages off, and it looks a bit scary...but I have hope! I am absolutely IN LOVE with my breasts...size, shape, self-confidence...AMAZING! So just a recap, I was a between a 34A & 34B, 5'9",150lbs, and wished to be a full C at first but before pre-op I performed a rice size test by wearing different sizes each week to see what I actually wanted and could handle on a daily basis...after I decided on a full D, so I got 533cc, mod+ profile, submuscular, with tubular deformity reconstruction as well as areolar reduction. My plastic surgeon is incredible! I was definitely feeling some tightness those first couple days but now I am feeling little pain even when going out and about, shopping, walking, being active. I do have some muscle spasms every now and again, which I take my prescribed Valium for (as needed). I also do have some restriction as to movement like reaching for things and lifting anything heavy but that's obviously normal. I have ordered many new sports bras, bralettes, and swim suits as it is almost that time of year! Yay! And I am SO SO EXCITED to show off my new ladies to the world. However, I will say, I made the mistake of ordering online and I would suggest waiting to go in-store and try EVERYTHING on...I am having to return ALOT of items, but now I also no what works and what doesn't....as far as sports bras, I know many of you wonder what is best, however I would suggest not spending too much money on fancy sports bras at first. Here is my sports bra size run down. I started in Fruit of the Loom front close sports bras size 36 which were really comfortable but had no padding to control the nippage that will most definitely be occurring. So then I switched to DanskinNow Zip Front high impact size Large, but then realized Medium is actually better, so that's my new size, and I LOVE those and still wear those. I also got the DanskinNow Crisscross Backstraps medium impact, but those were cup and band sizes 36C is the best fitting for me now. AMAZING. Last but obviously not least, the most incredible...literally...is the Victoria Secret Incredible Zip Front sports bra, which is the best sports bra that I have found, thick supportive shoulder straps, lightly padded for coverage, and definitely best fitting. I ordered a 36D and it was okay, but 34DD, INCREDIBLE!! LOVE LOVE LOVE... I haven't tried any wired bras as I've been told to stay away from those, but I've always liked sports bras anyway. I have been dying to workout and do exercising so this weekend, I will be doing some light exercising and maybe some ab workouts, but still trying not to push it too much. Anyway, I don't know what else you would like to know but here are some pictures, so please ask me anything, I'm an open book!! To all you ladies second guessing or getting anxious, you won't regret this decision! It is amazing and totally has changed my life. Happy healing and good luck to all of you!!
Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon

I LOVED my surgeon!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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