24 Years Old, No Kids 700cc Silicone High Profile Unders - Virginia Beach, VA

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I am scheduled for breast augmentation surgery...

I am scheduled for breast augmentation surgery next month. I am currently around a 32 B, not full so in the middle of A and B. I told my surgeon I wanted at least size DD, I would rather have too large than too small. We agreed that 650cc Silicone HP unders will give me an ideal look. Hoping on this being as excellent as it appeared on digital imaging!

Some wish Boobs

Just a few photos of desired size

Tomorrow is the Big Day!!!

Here are my before photos. I haven't posted them yet but it is my last chance to do so since my BA is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. My naturals are a small B cup, and my band is a 32. I am about 130 lbs bow and last time my band was measured I was 123...so I might be a 34 now though. (Not that it matters I guess) but I guess in many posts I've seen, the smaller your band size is, the larger your implants will look. My surgeon Dr Mancoll is going to choose between 600cc, 650cc and 700cc silicone HP implants tomorrow. I'm really hoping 700 will fit for me. I have some digital imaging photos I will upload as well showing a preview of the 700cc implants.

Dr. Manolo was very helpful and confident so far for my consultation and pre op visits. I am nervous because my only experience with surgery was my wisdom teeth, but I'm not "scared" I suppose because this is something I have pretty much always wanted!!!

I want to go big with 700cc despite my frame and height (5'5) because I think it will fit my over the top personality. I'm a little backward and shy, but my hobbies are kind of quirky and I'm very drawn to the ideal of large breasts, big eyes "cartoon" makeup. One of my hobbies is making costumes for comic and anime conventions and I think it will be easier to fit the image of many characters with dramatically large breasts.

However, I am not getting this augmentation to "be" someone else. I truly feel that this surgery will give me a little boost of fulfillment to become beautiful to myself.

Although I've gained maybe 10 lbs over the winter, I am just at my normal weight now from high school or so. (I'm 24 now.) A few years ago, I weighed close to 180 lbs and I was very unhappy. Over a couple of years as well as treatment for depression/anxiety I was able to get back to a normal weight for myself. I feel way more confident about my body...just not my natural breasts. So with this surgery I think I will be feeling awesome once I heal up.

I do however have a very patient and open mind about what my result will be. I might be a bit bummed if they can't be as large as I hoped..but I trust in my surgeon if he thinks the larger end of the spectrum I can get would not be safe. I'd rather be healthy above all else. If I can get the 700s and they look bigger than I imagined (or if smaller implants look big enough) I will be extremely pleased though. I'm trying not to make my expectations unreal because I don't want to feel bummed by the result..but I'm always like this, and most of the time my wariness leads to pleasant surprises honestly.

Despite being nervous I'm ready for tomorrow for sure :)

Digital Imaging Preview

I loved the look of these on me. These are digitally rendered images of my breasts with high profile 700cc silicone implants. I will be getting an under incision with the implants placed partially under the muscle.

Day 1 Post Op Update

I cried tears of joy when I woke up from my surgery yesterday! Although I am sore and my new breasts will probably drop a little in a few months, I already think they look amazing !!! The nurse said they will probably be around a D cup now but it is too soon to measure for new bras. For now I have to wear the sports bra for healing. I was hoping for DD, but after looking at myself without the sports bra I feel like they could very likely be a DD especially if they drop a little more. They have good projection, but also they are full on top and across. So I have both good cleavage and projection so far. I was worried about having a space in between but they look perfect to me as far as placement and how my nipples are. I am extremely pleased and I look forward to some more updates during my healing process :)

1 week Update; weight gain very quickly..not just from the implants :(

The swelling keeps alternating on them. At my post op appt, my surgeon told me I can go without the sports bra but I must wear the white band I was given over my chest for another month because the implants are sitting high. If they don't drop he said he may have to do a revision so I've been wearing it. I wouldn't mind if they stayed a little high, but they kind of look square shaped sometimes. I can't tell if it is the swelling or not as they are almost always swollen still. They stopped hurting inside after only a few days. Now it just hurts if I stretch out too much because it feels like it tugs my stitches (yeowtch)..

I haven't had any issues with the stitches being pulled loose or any tearing or bleeding at all..I just can tell when it is stretching and it is unpleasant. They're still really tight, but I noticed I have at least a little more range of motion and I can move around more without pain.

I measured myself at a 30 band and 37 inch bust. So it would convert to somewhere in the DDD or F cup range if I'm not mistaken? I used some conversion tool online and it told me 34F. I think DDD and F may be the same cup size according to that site though.

Also, it included my swelling. So we will see what happens. Before the surgery I was a 32A or B.

I am weighing in at 140 pounds now. That's 10 pounds since before my operation.. the implants themselves weigh something like less than 5 pounds total so I hope I can lose it. Not being able to be as active and being bed ridden during recovery (basically) made me pack on some pounds I think.

I have had days where I have felt very bloated looking and I feel like with large implants it is important to keep my weight down for me to make them look as large as possible. I noticed in gaining weight the implants will always make me appear larger in general as a person if my clothes are baggy :/

One perk small boobs had was I could look slender for a larger window of weight. I hope to get down to my weight of 120 from last summer. With these implants, they maybe add 5 pounds to that even though they feel heavier.

Injury caused hemotoma that was corrected

I over exerted myself at work during the healing process and it caused a hemotoma (bleeding behind implant). It caused extremely painful swelling in my right breast. I called Dr. Mancoll and he saw me promptly to examine it. Soon after he scheduled me for correction by reopening the incision on the affected breast and cleaning the blood out. He was very kind he did not charge for his time I was very grateful for that. I only had to pay facility and anesthesia fees which were not bad.

After the hemotoma was removed, my right breast went back to the state it was before as far as dropping and softening up. It has made slightly more progress dropping than my left breast.

My left breast was sitting high for a while but it has slowly started to make progress dropping and softening. I can still see a bit if uneven level between them, but as long as the left makes progress it is likely doing well. Many women do not have both breasts settle at the same exact rate.

Today I had a post op appt and I was given the ok to start massages and I am healing well. Feeling good now!

10 Week Update

I feel no pain now! My right breast is a little stiff and seems it isn't dropping as fast as it was before now that the left has caught up. My surgeon instructed me to do implant massages to prevent scar tissue that could keep it too firm. After I do the massages, they both always feel a bit softer but they still get stuff at the end of the day. Especially the right one. For a while, my nipples didn't react to temperature at the same speed. They both did, but one always got hard before the other. Now I think they are starting to synch up better. As I've become comfortable with them, I feel like they look smaller to me. My measurements for my bra size are still large but I think it is because I'm just used to them and when I first got them done (after the swelling faded) the size was new and surprising every time I looked in the mirror. My bust measures at a 32DDD . I only have 32DD bras right now and the only issue is that they tend to not cover my nipples all the time. Like they pop out. I have large ones though. So according to measurements I'm 32DDD but I don't feel that big. Technically, I measure closer to a 30 band which would make me an F cup u believe? But it is so hard to find that band size let alone for F cup breasts on a tiny band. I might go online and buy 1 30F bra to see if there is a difference. There were none of those size in any stores I've been in locally. I lost my post op weight. At the height of my weight gain after this surgery I was about 145 pounds. I am now weighing in at 132 as of today. Before surgery this is about the weight I was. My scars are darker than normal...my surgeon said to avoid the sun even with clothing on but I dunno I literally have a problem getting out of bed a lot due to a mood disorder so I know it isn't from the sun :/ I have very pale skin and I lack vitamins though. So I've been putting fade cream on the scars I'll see if it helps.
Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon

I went to my consultation last week with Dr. Mancoll. The visit was very informative and he used digital imaging to give me a realistic idea of what different sized implants would look like on my actual body. I was amazed at how realistic the computer generated version of my body looked...the implant size I was hoping for actually looks great on me and Dr. Mancoll said I would be a good candidate for the size I wished for. He was very confident and answered all my questions. My surgery is scheduled for next month and I am very excited to finally have the breasts I always dreamed of

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