Getting Excited 4 Weeks Til my Day. Virginia Beach, VA

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I'm getting so excited. I can't believe I'm 4...

I'm getting so excited. I can't believe I'm 4 weeks out. I just purchased a Ann Chery vest waist cincher, and I need to look into foam boards, faja & other little accessories. I am nervous especially reading about the after pain. But it still doesn't take away the excitement and knowing I'm finally doing something for me. The BBL is just getting a name that I can see in Virginia, so I'm hoping the fact that the surgeon I went with is prepared. He has studied with Dr. Miami & his technique. and does several BBL a week. All I want is a fatty, with some hips & smaller waist. I will be posting my preop pix soon, but for now here are some wish pix

Shout out to the BBL ladies who update!

I was just looking through the reviews like I always do & became thankful, appreciative & a little frustrated. I know before you get the BBL most of us live on here, trying to learn as much as we can before our surgery date. After the BBL a lot of women stop coming as often or at all to update the ones who haven't made it to the other side yet. Just wanna thank the ones who come back with updates of their experience & especially pictures. You help so much. I promise to give thorough updates after mine in June. good or bad.

PreOp Appt Today 2 weeks to go

Had my PreOp visit today, so it's getting even more real. I now have two weeks left before my body is hopefully contoured the way I'm imagining. We went over what to expect but I know there's no way to really prepare for the aftermath. He did some kinda vertex visual thing where he showed me where he would be taking the fat & where he would apply it. He's planning to take from my stomach, flanks, & lower back. Adding to my hips & butt of course. I'm very nervous & hopefully. I mean no onexcuses wants to waste money to be disappointed. His work looks great & I also had to take in account what those patients may have wanted. In all his patients the waists were snatched, some had a great difference in their butts but their were quite a few that were very subtle. I want big lol. Anyways where did your surgeons pull from for your BBL, what kinda garment did you wear?

1 day & a wakeup!

It seems like time isn't going fast enough. My supplies are here or the last few will arrive today & tomorrow. I bought a rolled yoga mat to practice driving with it, since I only took off 3 weeks. It's not but it definitely is awkward. It takes the pressure off my butt & I can tell my butt is lifted off the seat. BUT barely so I'm wondering how that's gonna work out when I have my BBL. So excited. I know Miami is the known place for butts so I've noticed that those are the reviews that get the most feedback. I'm not going to Miami but hoping you ladies share in my excitement just the same!

1 day post! I made it to the other side

Everyone's body is different, so is their tolerance. I said that to say I have no pain maybe some stiffness but I'm thankful for no pain. Dr Mancoll did an amazing job giving me what I want. I know it's only 1 day post but I'm loving what I see so far. I remember nothing after they put me on the table, I don't even remember how I got in the bed at home. I just woke up to my husband checking my drain. He has been a trooper. I get up & walk every time I wake up because it's good to move. No appetite but I've been getting yogurt, water, & Gatorade down. I'm so happy this is finally done, now I just have to heal. I'm not sure how many CC's were injected I do know he placed fat in my hips as requested. Since I'm doing a tummy tuck with him next(he wouldn't do them at the same time) he did lipo my abdomen & back aggressively so he would be able to pull my skin tighter during the tummy tuck. Anyways here are a couple pics. The top row is the before & bottom is after.

juicy booty

4 days post! 46 inches major difference

I'm 4 days post now and feeling better each day. I always get up and keep moving but I do tire easily. Prior to the surgery I measured 38-36-42. Since the procedure I'm measuring 38-32-46. I still have a lot of swelling in my lower back, something about they have to inject fluid. Either way I hope to only continue to progress.

17 days post

I return to work tomorrow and so not looking forward to it. My body is still so sensitive, the faja feels like it's cutting off my circulation, and I'm always itchy as heck. I've been driving around sitting with a yoga mat under my thighs. it is never more than a 15 minutes drive. When I'm home I'm either laying, standing, or kneeling. I'm going to try to go at least 6 weeks before sitting on the bum. I still have a lot of swelling in my back and sides. Oh and my va Jay Jay is hard and swollen as well. very annoying. Anyways haven't really taken any pix recently can never get a good shot. However my husband got one today. Love how my bum is hanging off the bench lol

1 Month Post today

While I still don't think my butt is big enough nor that he did enough lipo or the right area I still think Dr Mancoll did a good job. I would recommend him highly for this are . However if I wished had gone to Miami for this procedure. I've seen people with more weight, rolls, everything come away straight snatched getting work done in Miami. I mean no waist. For me to still have that back roll there tells me he did not lipo enough or even me out. Like he gave me the indentation right above my butt but didn't follow through if I make sense. It really has me questioning do I wanna do my tummy tuck with him or just go down south. In any event my body is healing well, it still feels funny when I'm outta my garment, and sore in my lipo areas. I started working out this week because I just feel like I have to work this waist down on my own. My measurements this morning were 36-31-45. Again big difference from where are started.

7 Weeks Post

I made 7 weeks on Thursday. Honestly at this point I think any changes in my body will be my doing. Like gym wise. My butt has dropped and I guess fluffed as they call it. It's still not as soft in some areas but it's getting there. I'll just keep working on my body until I get my TT. I don't take many pix because I can never get a good angle.

5.5 months post

Oh man, haven't been updating like I should. I was popping all that noise and now I hardly check realself. I'm about 5.5 months post, for the most part still pleased with my results. My butt is still looking great, I've gained weight but that's my fault. Hopefully I can get back focused, because all the weight went to my tummy lol. Not sure about other ladies who have had the procedure done, but my skin still hurts in lipo areas especially my back. Here are a couple of pix!
Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon

Dr Mancoll is amazing. I love his bedside manner and the fact that he loves what he does. He listened to what I wanted & did just that. I'm only 1 day post but I know my results will continue to be fabulous as long as I do my part. If you're in the Virginia area go to him, he's worth it. So giddy and happy. His staff was also amazing. I don't remember all of their names just know they were all great! Can't wait to get my tummy tuck with him in a couple months. Thank you so much.

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