Mommy Makeover- almost 2 yrs PO- new pics, belly button touch up

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I am 25 years old (will be in 2 days) and I have 2...

I am 25 years old (will be in 2 days) and I have 2 children. My son is 4 1/2 and my daughter is 1 1/2. I am 5'10" and about 165lbs. Bra size 36B, Pants size 10, tops S-M. I have a curvy body, wide hips and thicker thighs. Ill post before pics soon as i get a chance.

I Had my first child when I was 20, and it took a toll on my body! I have always been tall and curvy but somewhat slim up top. I guess my skin didnt take well to carrying a 9 1/2 lb baby! And my boobs got HUGE (bought a nursing bra from a boutique in cup size F!! And I was a pre pregnancy B cup). After having my son and nursing for a little while I did the hcg diet and lost 30lbsd in 6 weeks going from 185lbs to about 155lbs and I looked and felt great! Except for the stretch marks and extremely loose skin! Ive hated my naked body ever since I gave birth to my son. Had my second baby 3 years later- she was also close to 9 1/2 lbs but no aditional damage to my body was done because i was already all stretched out :-) But I did gain all the weight back then.

I nursed my daughter for a while too and with her my breasts got even bigger than with my son, especially when I quit nursing! The size of my boobs after they became engorged was unhuman! HAHA it almost scared me to look in the mirror. Anyway I think my boobs turned out a little saggier still but i didnt realize it til i dropped the baby weight (which took alot longer the second time around) by doing low carb/whole foods and being patient. I lost 35lbs and my cup size dropped from a C to a B, leaving more loose skin. My daughter is now 1 1/2 and I am down to my normal weight of about 165lbs (Still trying to lose the last 10-15, but if not im very happy where i am). Ive been SO unhappy with my body for almost 5 years, finally got the money and made the appt.

Went to my consultation only yesterday! I was expecting the price of the TT and BA together to be much more so I was pretty sure i would only be getting the BA for now. Well to my surprise it was around $10,000. My husband had said if we could get it done for that amount then it would be fine. Otherwise Id have to choose one or the other for now. SO I was ecstatic to get the price yesterday! Came home immediately and showed my husband the paper work. I called this morning and scheduled my appt for surgery for January 19th!! SO SOON! YAY...

Post OP is scheduled for January 3rd. Cant wait to do the sizing and have my husband there to get all the info on the procdures and what to expect. He will be taking some time off work to take care of me and the kids, and possibly my mother in law if I still need help after he goes back to work.

I only went to one PS, but I LOVED him and his staff. They are awesome! SO nice and knowledgeable and they make you feel right at home and its a very comfortable setting. I didnt feel shy like i thought i might. My friend had went there and her boobs and body look great! He does good work and has a good reputation.

My reasons for doing this are: I dont feel comfortable even being naked in front of myself! lol... When I get out of the shower, I look away from the mirror until I cover up. I dont like my husband to see me naked and I feel SO self conscious even though he is amazing and tells me 10x a day how beautiful and sexy I am, and that he wishes I could see myself through his eyes (so sweet!)... I tell him thank you and I believe you when you say that, and it means a lot to me- but its me who is unhappy with myself. Im doing it so that I will feel good again and feel sexy. I guess im totally doing this for me. The way my body look and the way I feel about it has really impacted our sex life too. I think once I get this done, our sex life will be much better. Our sex life is good and a lot of times GREAT, but my self consciousness really hinders me at times! Sometimes I just have moments where I feel totally disgusted with myself and think HOW can he look at this mess of a body I have? I have come to accept it and be ok with it for the most part, but that doesnt mean im not gonna jump on the chance to change it!

Anyway I realize it wont take all my stretch marks or be miraculous. I do have realistic expectations and definately not striving for perfection here, just improvement.

My feeling about this are:

*Guilt! haha I keep having lots of feeling of guilt for spending so much money on myself! But hey we actually have it right now and this could be the only chance I have.

*Nervous- Im a little nervous of complication but really not too bad! Mostly Im worried about the pain and recovery time but i do have a high pain tolerance (had my second child at home, water birth- no meds! Thought it was relatively easy haha.) Its just I have two small children. But i also have an amazing husband! He even took 3 weeks off work when both of our kids were born and took care of everything while I recovered and nursed all day and night.

*Excited!! Im excited but im also not letting myself get too excited until the actual day is here and im waking up in the recovery room! Thats just my pessimistic side.

PS- Ive been stalking this site for a couple years now haha.. Its been very helpful!! So I plan on writing and posting picture throughout my journey, so maybe it will help others because ive definately enjoyed having stories to read of what to expect and pics of before and after.

Well that about sums it up! Ill post some before pics when I get my husband to take some later.

Got some befores to post.. Cant believe I actually...

Got some befores to post.. Cant believe I actually had my husband take these! LOL I guess im ok because i know i wont look like this for long.. The one of me bending over is especially repulsive. THAT is why I cannot be on top with the lights on hehe all that skin just flapping around yikes.

*Question-- PS says he thinks I can get away with not doing a lift. Now that I see the pics they are saggier than i even thought! But hes the expert... Id like to get him to reduce the size of my areola and that would also give me a little bit of lift.. I wonder what the extra cost to that is. Anyone know? My nipples got HUGE when I had kids. With the implants i think theyll really look massive. Plus they got all misshapen, the pigment is really splotchy toward the outside of the areola..

Went to my Pre-op today! everything went good.. I...

Went to my Pre-op today! everything went good.. I tried on 500cc, 450cc, 425cc, and 400cc... We all talked about it and thought the 450cc looked good. But then the Dr came in and was saying that the largest he will go is 500cc and that he always fills them about 50cc over when placing it under the muscle- for corrective purposes.. I realize 500cc sound CRAZY right? My husband and I had talked after the sizing and both decided it would be ok to go down to the 425cc and maybe even the 400cc. So when the Dr said that, I said i'll compromise. Im not looking for a HUGE chest at all. So we decided 425cc filled to 475cc on the left and 460cc on the right. Im still thinking and Im gonna look around at some more pics and think about it some more..
Surgery is in 15 days!!! Yikes!
Got all my perscriptions written out. I have to give myself a shot of a blood thinner for 10 days, sounds a little scary to me! But he said its kind of a cautionary thing. Blood thinner can increase the risk of bleeding but it would be better than getting a clot because thats very very serious.
This tummy tuck thing has had me nervous all along! Im still nervous but just hoping it all turns out fine..
Im worried about my boobs turning out lopsided for some reason.. I guess its because they already are.. I have more rib prominance on the left but more tissue and sag on the right.. So gonna have to try to correct that.

Anyway. Thats all for now.. Im gonna go do some reaserach on sizes and things to figure out if i wanna go that high.. I AM 5'10" and I have very wide hips, so I know i can go bigger and still look very natural.

11 days!! Woah I'm nervous!!!! Also considering...

11 days!! Woah I'm nervous!!!! Also considering going a little smaller than 425cc.. Maybe 400cc.. Thats not much different but I am worrying about the weight of the implants and my already saggy boobs.. Ugh so many decision.
Getting nervous about how imgonna feel going to the OR. I'm gonna be freaked out...

My ps didn't give me a list of anything I'm gonna need after surgery.. They must supply everything. Still I'm surfing realself for helpful tips and would appreciate any advice! :-)

10 days til surgery and I have a lingering cold....

10 days til surgery and I have a lingering cold. It started over the weekend my chest felt like I inhaled fire and the next day I got a very slight fever and chills. By the next day I was fine except for this darn cough! It's a junky chest cough. I'm hacking up mucus so that's good. But I'm nervous my ps will reschedule me? Do I need to let them know? 10 days away and I'm sure it will clear up by then.... Hmmm what to do?
Also had to stop taking all vitamins and herbs otherwise id treat it myself with both! I use a lot of herbs and stuff but I'm supposed to quit all by today.

ONE WEEK from today I will probably be home...

ONE WEEK from today I will probably be home recovering by this time. YIKES I AM NERVOUS. I keep saying that but wow am i going through many emotions.. Its not the boob job im thinking about (Im super excited and ready for that!) but the TT is just scaring me. And more specifically I am worried about blood clots from the TT. For some reason thats always a big fear for me. This time last year I had set up a consultation with the same PS but ended up being hospitalized with a perforated colon. I had a PICC line for a few weeks and the blot was always a consern for me. I even went to the ER one night because i was afraid I had one (i didnt). Well my PS gave me an rx for 10 days worth of blood thinners (I forget the name of it right now but its pre loaded suringes), so that will help. But then I worry about bleeding!
Ive realized that pretty much ALL of you ladies have gone through these same emotions and fears- so atleast I know im normal!!

One other thing-- This is pissing me off- I cant get rid of this cough! Its not so much an urge to cough as it is just an urge to clear the mucous from my chest. I called PS Tuesday and they had said to call back Monday to let them know how I am doing. Hopefully Ill be better by then.. I think it is getting better each day, but little by little.. Im drinking TONS of water, atleast a gallon a day. Taking Mucinex trying to clear it out. Coughing as much as i can and taking really steamy showers. I know i cant go into this having a hacking cough- that would be horribly painful and dangerous since im having a TT and muscle repair also. Nothing else is wrong with me! I had the fever and chills and aches last friday and saturday- Was fine by sunday, and all thats left is this phlegm! Its driving me insane.. And not knowing wether or not itll be gone by monday is driving me double insane because ill have to reschedule my surgery. But I do think it has gotten better each day..So 4 days to go and PRAY that it goes away!

Anyone have any advice on how i can get rid of this damn phlegm? Its not constant either, its kinda random and sometimes when i breathe in and out it sounds like a rattle. I cough and its like i just cant get it up. It doesnt feel thick and my breathing doesnt feel impeded. My throat isnt sore and either is my chest. Strange!
Could be that I quit smoking (for this procedure) and my lungs are just clearing out or taking longer to clear after the cold I had..
Thanks everyone!!

2 1/2 days til TT and BA! Sometimes im excited but...

2 1/2 days til TT and BA! Sometimes im excited but mostly im dreading it, lol... When I think about the good im super excited! But I cant seem to keep my mind from wandering to "what if".. Ugh! Gotta keep telling myself its gonna be fine and everyone else tells me that too which helps. Im not really afraid of the pain because i know that will pass and its only temporary- thats always been my view and im very tough mentally. Its complications that worry me. Ive never been put under and i have this RIDICULOUS fear that they will put me under and ill still be able to feel everything but i wont be able to talk or move..WTF haha is that even a realistic fear?

PS called today to make sure i was feeling better from having a cold. I am. Still have a tiny bit of phlegm but no biggie. Im feeling back to myself as far as energy and mood and all that good stuff. They told me I will not be on antibiotics after the surgery- only on the day of surgery. Im very pleased about that! I hate to take pharmaceuticals and try to avoid that by eating healthy foods, green smoothies and using herbal medicines. I got some silver nitrate which is awesome as an anti viral and antibiotic, and wont give bacteria chance to build resistance. I got silver nitrate gel to rub on my incicions and liquid to take internally (most importantly it wont kill the good bacteria!!)

Here is what Ive got so far for recovery. PLEASE let me know if im missing anything or if theres anything I may want to have on hand.

-Shower Chair
-shampoo shower caps (like they give you at the hospital to wash your hair without water)
-silver nitrate gel and liquid
-lovenox (anticoagulant)
-anti nausea meds
-stool softner
-hi cut panties and tank tops with-out shelf bra

Wednesday Ill go to the store and stock up on food.
I got a Vitamix blender last year and LOVE it- plan on drinking many green smoothies (YUM!my 4.5 year old son begs even begs for them and i make them VERY green) with plenty of greens and fruit and veggies to help with recovery.

After 10 days i can go back to taking supplements so then i will add in my Superfood (its a whole food, super nutritional powder)and Ill start taking Garden of Life Raw enzymes for women- which has a large amount of Bromaline and all the other good enzymes, plus probiotics, vitamins and minerals. Also probably get a bottle of their raw probiotics. Good stuff! Ill be sure to stock up on Kombucha too. Love love that stuff.

OK so i think im all set for the most part. Hubby is gonna be taking care of me and the kids. My son goes to Pre-K at our church m-f from 10-2 and then i have my 1 1/2 year old daughter. He is an amazing dad and he does great taking care of the kids, and he will be just fine. Hes super dad! I am very confident that he will have no problem keeping up with the kids, the house, the laundry, and meals. Hes awesome and im a lucky woman to have him!
His mom is the same way and she will be helping out some as well. The kids adore her and she is very helpful.

Ive been readin recovery stories like a mad woman! Trying to prepare.. Please let me know if i missed anything that I may want to have! THANKS!!!!

Well less than 24 hours away!! I couldn't get to...

Well less than 24 hours away!! I couldn't get to sleep last night and I woke up very early this morning! Thinking about everything and being nervous.... My son woke up with an awful cough, snotty nose & a slight fever. UGH! I can't escape it. He catches eeeeverything from church and school. Anyway praying I don't catch anything!! I've been taking a lot of vitamin C and also been using Zicam.. I woke up yesterday morning feeling like I was coming Down w something so I did the Zicam every 3 hours and felt 100% by night time.. I've been stressed this whole time thinking that knowing my luck I'll wake up the morning of surgery with a temperature of 103. Hahaa... Or some awful cough or stomach bug.. I just need to get this all over with!! Make it in and out of surgery and my nerves will be much better off! :-)

Anyway I go in at 6am. All you praying women Please say a prayer for me and the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and staff!! THANKS!!!! :-)

Well I'm sitting here ready to go. Leaving in 20...

Well I'm sitting here ready to go. Leaving in 20 minutes. I'm ready but I can't believe this is actually gonna happen wow! I didn't sleep much at all, woke up at 2:30 to use the restroom and barely fell back asleep after that. Oh well I'll be getting plenty of sleep in the days to come!
I want some water so bad!! Lol I love water and I drink tons but can't this morning so its killing me.
Wish me luck!! I'll update whenever I can.

Well ladies I'm home! Just got home, ate some...

Well ladies I'm home! Just got home, ate some toast and took pain meds. I'm in my recliner about to fall asleep, soooo tired. Glad I expected pain bcuz it is here! Lol... Oddly enough my chest hurts the worst. Don't get me wrong the tummy hurts bad when I move but sitting still its bareable.. The ps put numbing meds in my stomach though so I'm sure that's why.
They went me home w this maching airs up every 10 seconds or so to squeeze my calves to help prevent clots..
Nurse gave me Dilaudid in my iv, then I got up and walked to the bathroom to pee.. Sat down in the recliner and had a conversation w the nurses bout my home birth l, then I got all nauseous. Ps came and said lean her back and give the rest of the iv fluids. That helped. Sat up and got nauseous again so nurse gave me fenergen (sp?) suppository.. Helped a little... The biggest help was eating!

Oh and PS doesn't use a binder at all! I knew that some dont.... Ok gotta go gonna definitely nod off..: gotta get up walk around every 2 hours- dreading that,

I have a question. Wanna know if this happened to...

I have a question. Wanna know if this happened to anyone else: I've had that mucousy couch, well after surgery it started up again (ouch!).. Anyway I coughed and felt a chunk in my mouth and pulled out a little chunk of blood, about the size of a half pencil eraser Or so.. I freaked, called ps.. Nurse said she talked to the dr and anasthesiologist and they both think it's just an isolated incident from the mucous plus that breathing tube they put in... I coughed a few more times, mucous this time and some was bloody but not a lot. Anyone else experience this?? I'm breathing fine. Been walking around, drinking tons of water and wearing the calve squeezer things non stop. Don't start my lovenox til tomorrow when I see PS at 1:30.

Well its about 2:45AM, sitting here in my reliner...

Well its about 2:45AM, sitting here in my reliner that im sleeping in, hubby on the couch. Just got up to walk around, eat and take pain meds. As of now im having to take 1 1/2 percocet every 4 hours, and most of the time an hour later ill take that other 1/2. Honestly my stomach hurts but my boobs hurt a lot worse! haha i was expecting the stomach to hurt more.. The drains are very annoying but really not hurting too bad. they sting a little when I move around or when they kinda stick to my leg and pull.

I go see PS tomorrow (today) at 1:30PM where he will take the big dressing off my incision and put the white tape on-- NO BINDER! wow! I wont be wearing one at all they said. Saweeet. Also gonna massage my breasts- NOT looking fwd to that at all! They are so sore. They said take pain meds before you come because its not gonnna be pleasant. Dear lord be with me. I guess they have already settled a little because they were high and completely covered by the ace wrap and now my nipples are hanging out both sides and they feel lower. They are very hard and swollen, and numb.. The area that hurts most is in between my boobs- the chest and on the sides.. So the areas around my boobs they are just sooo sore.

Still coughing and ohhh its not fun! I have to have a really good cough every hour or so and i have still been coughing up some bloody mucous, and after i feel i can breath better. Im doing ok with breathing though- i dont feel its a struggle or anything so i guess thats good. My chest does feel a lil heavy of course.

I had a crying spell earlier. I got all sad and worried. This is a big mental challenge for me. Also being tired really can mess with my mind. After ive figured out how to manuver better and gotten some sleep i have felt mentally better. Also been praying and my mother in law was praying for me and hubby, so glad to have them! Hearing from you ladies has been a great help too!!! I really appreciate it. What i need most right now is encouraging words and reassurance. Hubby has been great about that. He knows me so well by now that he knows what he needs to say when i start getting emotional and down. He Just tell me everything will be fine and youre ok! He is my rock!

Well i will update again after my Post-Op appt later on! Please continue to pray for my mental and physical health and for my healing and safety, Thanks a bunch!

Oh here are a couple pics from earlier today! Its...

Oh here are a couple pics from earlier today! Its all I can get so far but maybe at my PO appt I can get some good ones.

Wow I've been saying silver nitrate but I meant...

Wow I've been saying silver nitrate but I meant COLLOIDAL SILVER.... Duuh I have no clue where that came from :)

Suddenly I find myself very depressed.. Did anyone...

Suddenly I find myself very depressed.. Did anyone else go through this and when will it go away? I feel very sad, guilty, just plain blah and depressed bad... It doesn't help that I can't get any sleep. Lack of sleep is always my downfall. Please any advice would be great.

I had surgery on 1/19, so is this PO day 2 or 3?...

I had surgery on 1/19, so is this PO day 2 or 3?
Went to PS yesterday for post op appt. He took the ace wrap off my breasts- they look so weird! hhaa but i already expected it because they had told me since i have some sag that the implant will be sitting high and the sag would be below it kind of hanging off and swollen. Of course everyones look funny at first. They will drop. They showed us how to massage them. It wasnt as painful as i thought it would be. Hubby has been doing it for me and he does a good job. We do it after i take the pain meds though, that helps.

PS did not start me on the blood thinner shots yesterday like he was going to. He talked to the vascular Dr in his building about me coughing up blood, because he said he had never had a patient cough up blood after a TT or a BA. The vascualr Dr said he wouldnt do anything right now but Monday scheduled me to come in for some kind of test on my legs. I for getting what he called it. Then Ill see PS after that. He prescribed me some antibiotics for a bronchitis he says he thinks it was from what i had before the surgery since i had been coughing up yellow mucous. So i started those yesterday and I have been coughing up more mucous but not bloody like it was, ever once in a while ill get a little blood tinged mucous but mostly its light yellow and white or clear. It sucks having to cough so much but im kinda getting used to it and PS told me its actually good to cough real good every hour or two. They also gave me a pulse oxymeter to take home w me to check my oxygen saturation. So far its been good! Even when I feel like i cant breathe well my Sp02 stays around 98-99% for the most part. Ive noticed that when i sleep i tend to stop breathing sometimes and at bad times it will drop to 85% but i wake up and breathe real good. I think the fact that i was taking 2 pain pills screws up my breathing bcuz im SOO knocked out.
Im down to about 1 pain pill every 5 hours or so! Im much less sore today than i was yesterday. My boobs have been the worst part but now that we started massaging, they are getting better!
Hubby Loooves his job of massagin the breats, lemme tell ya! haha. I was surprised bcuz right now they still look deformed! But he couldnt stop drooling on them. He gets very excited when its massage time (LOL)...

I get to take a shower tomorrow (Sunday)!
I got super depressed last night around 6pm. I realllly needed sleep though and we had MIL come get the kids and take them out to dinner so i could unwind. I slept a goot 1.5 hr and i felt so much better.. Then I slept pretty decent all night, waking up to pee and walk and cough. The first few hours were really bad bcuz i was having alo of trouble breathing bcuz of mucous, but it got better and i slept pretty good. Felt WAY better this morning. Got up and cleaned myself up, washed and exfoliated my face, washed my hair with the dry shampoo cap, made a smoothie and just tried to feel like a normal person for a bit. It helped! But i wore myself out and needed a nap big time. So slept a little and woke up feeling good again.

OH and my drains are doing great! One has mostly turned clear yellowish and the other is getting there but they are BARELY producing anything so i bet ill get one or both out Monday!!

Thats all i can think of for now so Ill post later or tomorrow. Sorry if ive repeated myself or havent answered anyones comments as i have been SO out of it! Im sure you all understand. Thanks for the support!! Ill post some pics now too.

PO day 4-- Went to vein and vascular dr today and...

PO day 4--
Went to vein and vascular dr today and they did ultrasound on my legs. Results were good no sign of clots. I haven't been coughing up any more blood either though. That was mostly the first and second day. Tomorrow is my last day of antibiotics for the congestion. I still have the congestion but the mucous is coming out a lot more, and it's mostly clear instead of yellow so that's good.. My son is sick with a yucky cough now too.

Saw PS after vascular dr and go one drain out!! They are barely draining anything so he went ahead and took the one draining the least and I go back tomorrow to see him again (keeping a close eye on this stupid chest congestion since my breathing is really impeded by it at times) so maybe I'll get it out then and if not I'm sure it'll be this week sometime. Yay!!!
I'm trying to take myself off the pain meds. I've drastically reduced them and at times I still need them but I feel that they are hurting my breathing. Especially at night! I asked ps if they could be the reason I keep waking up gasping for air because I stop breathing a lot in the night. He said yes the def slow down your breathing when you're sleeping.... I feel that they zonk me out to the point of quitting breathing when I fall asleep. Otis extremely frustrating! But once I get sleep I've been sleeping pretty well. I'm coughing up so much mucous today. It's glance to get it out but ugh it still hurts quite a bit and my tummy get sore.

Got my sutchures snipped on the boobs today and new steri strips which I can take off in a week. The boobs are still pretty tight and high. Doing the exercises though.

My back is starting to really hurt me from walking hunched over. But all in all Im feeling much better! I got up this morning and took a shower, got dressed, didn't hair and makeup. Felt human again!! Then we went to my appointments and then went to lunch at panera. It was nice! Nice to get out a little.

Everyone is right when they say each day gets easier. Those first 2-3 days are tough for sure but it passes quick and it's worth it. Living my results si far. Hope everything continues to heal well. Can't wait for my boobs to drop! I think they're gonna look very nice.

DID my hair and makeup*. ... Using my cellphone...

DID my hair and makeup*. ... Using my cellphone results in many typos :-)

Hello! Im feeling great. Actually very surprised...

Hello! Im feeling great. Actually very surprised at how good im feeling only 5 days PO... Im not taking my pain pills and im breathing much better and my cough is much better. Finished the antibiotics for that today.Saw PS today too, said everything looks great and I go back Friday to get my last drain out! YAAY!!
BTW- the other drain didnt hurt at all.. I always take a pain pill before i go to PS because im always anticipating they will do something painful, haha.. But it didnt hurt at all. Felt weird but thats about it!

My only complaints at this point are:
*My back, from walking hunched over it hurts when i walk and stand so i cant walk or stand for more than a few minutes time. Its ok though because im taking it easy and sitting def takes the pain away.
*Sleeping- Im so tired of sleeping in the recliner! I wanna stretch out so bad. I found a way to prop up some pillows on the couch and lean on the on my side kind curled up. Ill probably switch between the recliner and that tonight.

I feel like ive had a pretty easy recovery so far, knock on wood! Muscles still sore like i worked out hard. Cant wait til i can stand up straight, and my boobs drop!!

Not loving my belly button but im accepting it and giving it time to heal until i make any judgements on it. Its not like everyone elses ive seen. I have a big triangle like cut about the hole and almost looks like im gonna have an outie. NO! But hopefully once it heals all up and once my stomach is able to straighten out, itll be normal.. Idk we will see...
Otherwise loving it so far! I have some swelling but i cant say i see what the big fuss is over swelling. Do I not swell much? I never have been a sweller though! Even 42 weeks pregnant i wasnt swollen anywhere.
Hopefully im not speaking too soon and cursing myself!! haha..

Oh I do have numbness all around my belly button especially below, and my nipples are completely numb, no feeling in them or below them. Hope that goes away in time.

FINALLY slept on the couch last night! I was SO...

FINALLY slept on the couch last night! I was SO sick of that recliner!! It was heavenly to sleep laying down on the couch.. Had my head and legs propped up but it was much better than the recliner... Things are going good still. Have my appt PS Friday to get this drain out and i cant wait bcuz its been giving me pain and its sooo annoying..

Thanks for all the support ladies.

Adding a new pic. Im liking my boobs a lot and so...

Adding a new pic. Im liking my boobs a lot and so is hubby. Still alot of dropping to do, especially if you saw them from the side but they have done good! The nurse yesterday even commented on how they are moving very well already.

Ahh slept pretty good last night! Loving being...

Ahh slept pretty good last night! Loving being able to sleep on the couch. I think Ill attempt my bed this weekend after this drain is gone!!
Ive been waking up feeling soooo sore. I think i move around too much durring the day. Been going out and about most days. MIL takes the kids to church on Wednesday so me and hubby went to dinner and then to look at tile for our kitchen. I rode the motorized cart around the store!! HA it was so fun and i felt totally justified doing it, since i cant walk for very long.
My upper abs have been sooo sore. They get sore and extremely tight feeling by the end of the day. I feel when im walking i use them most because the way im bent over. They are tender to the touch.

My incision is starting to hurt sometimes. It feels sore to the touch, and when i wear pants i can feel it hurtng. And sometimes it feels like a paper cut.. Ive noticed that when my sweatpants are tight fitting where the elastic waste is, when i go to pull my pants down when i pull that pressure away from the incision line, theres this horrendous burning feeling in the same spot every time. Its on the right side more toward the end and it HURTS! But only when I pull my pants down or something. Strange..

Drain comes out tomorrow HALLELUJAH!!
Hey heres something weird too- when i cough the spot here my drain was feels so weird! I get this weird sensation like somethings being pulled on..

Ive been taking my pain pills in the daytime again. When i wake up i feel like i almost cannot wait to take one. I wake up so sore- especially my boobs OUCH! Theyve been aching so much. I only take 1 or 2 pain pills a day to kncok the egde off my discomfort and aches. Cant take them at night because of the breathing issues they cause me. i mostly just need them so i can move around w/o so much soreness. Hope im not over doing it. Im gonna take it much easier today.

9 days PO TODAY.... feeling good. Still sore of...

9 days PO TODAY.... feeling good. Still sore of course. So very sore when I wake up but once I get moving it helps a lot! These boobies hurt so much!!! Ugh wasn't prepared for that I guess.. However it's nothing I can't handle. It's just very annoying. It's mostly like sore muscles, except on the putter side of the bottom of my boob the skin is so very tender. Hurts for my shirt to even touch it sometimes. It helps to gently run the skin. For these reasons in still taking atleast one pain killer a day, sometimes 2.. I'll be able to start taking ibuprofen so I'll try that instead.

Saw PS yesterday and got my other drain out!!! Feel sooooo free!! I'm loving it. I hated that drain it was always the one that gave me problems. The spot where it was is very sore. I go back next week and I'll get my tape off the incision for the FIRST time. I'll get to finally see what it really looks like up close. They said they'll put some much smaller tape on it after that. I think it's that special scar treatment tape they mentioned something about.
Oh also, my pubic hair is starting to grow back and it's growing through the tape!! Like web you see grass growing through the sidewalk hahaha... That's probably not gonna feel too good when they take that tape off :-/

Sleeping pretty good, actually slept on my side a lot last night, it as great!!! I'm gonna attempt sleeping in my bed for the first time tonight :-). Hubby and I may do some experimenting haha.. We've messed around but haven't had sex of course. Now that my drains are out and I really am feeling pretty good, I think we can try it and just take it slow. We'll see how that goes.

So all in all I think I can say I'm feeling 75% normal. Still not standing up straight. Ps says don't make any special attempt for two weeks bcuz they really took a lot of skin from me. But I am definitely standing much straighter than I was! I've been standing a little straighter and propping myself up w less pillows little by little, and it has worked to get me straighter.. Can't wait til the one month mark! I planned a celebration last night lol. At the one month mark were going out on the town to celebrate (given nothing happens to slow my progress and that I'm feeling good as I assume I will.)

Day 12 PO... Saw PS today. Got the big white tape...

Day 12 PO... Saw PS today. Got the big white tape taken off, and saw my incision for the first time. Very thin and very very low, looks nice!

Ive been sleeping in my bed able to sleep relatively flat and on my side some. Still tossing and turning a few times but sleeping pretty well.

IT HAS STARTED-- Im in that phase where im hating everything :-( and being really picky.
My boobs look so uneven, my belly button is ugly, i feel like a fat ass.. None of my jeans fit but i havent gained but only 1-2lbs.. Once PS took the tape off I realized that I really do have a lot of swelling. Its so ugly... I look fat in clothes too. Looks like i have a tummy. But its oddly shaped because its swelling... UGH! I reallllllly hope my boobs even out more. Of course they are still riding really high but one looks like it has begun to drop and the other one hasnt, making them look really dumb.. One book is fuller on the outside and the other is fuller on the inside. You can even see it when im wearing a shirt. Luckily its winter and i can wear sweaters. I cant help but obsess over it though. I keep trying to tell myself its only been 12 days chill out!!! But its hard to do.. Getting impatient. Tired of wearing sweatpants and tshirts. AND my butt is looking looking terrible too! Its from not being able to stand or walk in my normal posture, im still a little hunched over, though it has gotten much better. Ive been working on getting back to my normal posture. Still tight though. Atleast my back isnt killing me anymore, only occasionally.
Cannot wait until a few motnhs have passed and my boobs are dropped and my body is looking more normal (Less swelling and better posture). This sure gets annoying. My PS says things will continue to change for about a year. wow! Such a long time... But im really hoping that by may or june ill be feeling very happy about my body. Doesnt help that im SO pale. Had to stop tanning so i lost my awesome tan :-(

OK Ill stop bitching and moaning! HAHA I hope its normal to feel this way and that it will pass soon. I keep reminding myself that what i have now is better than the body i had before, no matter what! The only thing is that I spent SO much money I feel like i should LOVE it not just like it or accept it.

Anyway!! Physically I am feeling GREAT! Dont have much pain, only in the mornings when i get up im a little stiff and my boobs hurt when i first get up. Once i get moving im good to go. Feel like i can do almost anything now. Im cooking again, driving, cleaning house, did a little laundry, bathed my daughter, even vacuumed. Everything felt fine and normal was not a strain at all. Im slower of course and still spending more time sitting on the couch, but all in all good! I went shopping today, tried on clothes and walked around for a while and felt fine. ( yep got some new yoga pants and tshirts since it looks like ill be living in the damn things for quite a while longer lol)

The only problem im having is with where my last drain was removed. That area swelled up HUGE the day they removed it. It went down a lot but still is a bit swollen but there is one line of swelling that is realllly hard and PAINFUL as could be. I told him today and he looked at it and decided to give me an antibiotic because it could be infection. Its where my drain tube was. so im sure it probably is from that.

PS gave me some really thin brown tape to put on my incision now. Said change it every 4-6 days as needed but keep it on 24/7. He said dont tape any areas if there is a rash or a stitch trying to come out (called a "wet spot")

Not gonna post any new pics yet because im feeling embarassed of the way I look as of right now. Trying to wait on things to settle down a little! Also, I feel like when i look at my bare chest in the mirror it loooks pretty good, but in pictures they look really bad! What is up with that!? PS said today he thinnks they look good and he said they will drop into place, etc etc... Hubby also said he doesnt think they look different exceot that ones seems to be lower like its dropped a little more than the other.. Anyone else feel this way? Im totally obsesing about it but i know i need to just be patient and chill!! Hard to do when youre sitting around all day haha.. I so wanna get dressed up and go out on the town with my hubby. Darn i shouldnt have given away all my fat jeans to goodwill last month! :-)

Day 15 PO Havent logged on in a bit but...

Day 15 PO

Havent logged on in a bit but everything is going well still.. Feeling better mentally and telling myself to chill out and be patient because my boobs will drop and be much softer! They are SO firm right now, oblong, and almost hard feeling. But i know its normal.

Been having this strange sensation in my left boobs/nipple. Feels so weird! lol but its the nerves regenerating so thats good. I actually think im starting to regain some feeling in that breast, a tiny bit.

SWELLIN! Definitely experencing that to the fullest now! Cannot wait til that part is over with! Had to go buy some new pants tonight just to be able to have something to wear to church Sunday. Got a size 12, theyre loose everywhere else except my swollen waist! So i hated to spend $60 on a pair of pants but i know ill need them for a little while anyway and i can always get them taken in later if needed.

Pretty much back to doing all my normal stuff just being slower and getting worn out quicker, needing more breaks. Feeling pretty good. Just totally looking forward to feeling like normal again! AND looking normal... Cant wait for the end results~! One thing i would tell ppl going into this is be prepared to WAIT.. haha i guess i didnt think about it but everything takes quite a while to settle and get normal.
Im standing pretty straight now, except my hips ive noticd that my butt kind of stays tucked because my hips wont allow my back to curve out at the bottom like normal. Cant even be on top when hubby and I "ya know" because my hips wont allow me to move!! haha i almost got stuck on top of him the other night. That was pretty fuuny let me tell ya! It was a challenge. I was pretty surprised that i could not move my hips hardly at all. Things will relax with time i guess. More waiting! :-)

Hello! 20 Days PO... Saw PS yesterday, he said...

Hello! 20 Days PO...
Saw PS yesterday, he said everything looks good. He said why dont we let everything settle and see you in 4 months.. 4 months!! lol..
Boobs are still sitting pretty high.. If I took a pic frm the side youd be able to tell. The are just very full at the top, and less at the bottom where it needs to be! Actually one seems to be dropping faster than the other. My left looks higher and kind of flat- but i am left handed SO I would say thats why.. My left pec muscle is definitely stronger. I like to flex it hahah it looks like when those body builders flex and make their pecs jump up and down.. I cant quite do it with my right, so that tells me my left is stronger.

Ill post pics as things change... Loving my TT incision- its so low and thin that i can wear a string bikini thong and cover it.. You cant even see the incisions on my nipples! BARELY...
My nipples are huge.. One day id like to get that fixed, maybe when i get a lift. I used to have really small perfectly round nipples until i had kids! Then they spread out and the pigment is all over the place! Not even round.. Even my PS said hes never quite seen it before and he asked me to give him my opinion on where id like the incision because there is no definite i had him erase it and draw it a little higher and im glad i did because you really cant see them.

Today is my last day on that keflex that he gave me for the infection i possibly had after he took the drain out.. The swelling and pain is gone in that area now...
The area above my incision gets some pretty brutal swelling but i think its getting better.

Im feeling 95% normal.. Ive had a very nice quick and easy recovery... Im lifting my daughter again because I have no choice. It doesnt give me any pain, extra swelling, doesnt feel like a strain at all and doesnt cause me to be sore or tired or more worn out.. I have pretty much my normal energy back.. I only pick her up when I have to. To get her in and out of the car, the highchair, her crib, etc.

Thats about it.. Ill post a pic or two today.

1 month Post op!! Well i am 1 month and 1 day...

1 month Post op!!

Well i am 1 month and 1 day post op and feeling great! 100% normal like it never happened except my abs get sore easier than before! Not bad though.. Boobs still havent completely droppee, but they are much better! A lot softer and looking more and more natural each day... Ive been lifting everything i normally would with the exception of certain things id normally help hubby do- like move furniture haha..

Im loving my waist. Always had a smaller waist but i had that darn pouch and always had to hold my tummy muscles in- not anymore!! I have a couple pics, one from the side which shows my curves and im NOT sucking in! woohoo... I alwyas had a major habit of just holding my tummy muscles firm, and now i can just relax and dont always have to be thinking about that..

Hope everyone is healing well and that my journal here has helped anyone wanting to get this done.. Im very glad I did!! you go through a ton of emotions but in the end its so worth it!
Im able to wear all my normal clothes again. Jeans are fitting again as the swelling is very very minimal these days! My BB still bothers me. I will be talking to PS about that at my 4 mo appt.. Maybe there is some procedure he can easily do to make it look more normal..
Still tapong the incision, will continue for 3 months.. Massasgin the breasts once a day now in stead of 3.. Still not wearing a bra, not until they drop to the level i want.
Started tanning again but only in the very high pressure beds ( barely any UVB rays, which tans me really good and NEVER burns me) though i am taping the scars and wearing clothing over the area so that my scars are not exposed!

Well thats about all for now. Life is way back to normal so i dont have a whole lot of time to get on here anymore, but i do still try to check in on everything.

Finally to the 6 week mark! I guess I can start...

Finally to the 6 week mark! I guess I can start lifting everything again and working out, although i already have been lifting everything. I will start working out now though.. But even sitting up from a lying position hurts a little and makes my abs sore. they get sore very easily, but thats to be expected.

Went bra shopping the other day. I LOVE VS bras :) Ive never owned one til now. They are awesome, wish i could afford one in every color haha. Feeling 100% normal of course. Boobs still arent completely dropped i dont think? They look good from the front but from ther side they look like they need to drop more. Im beginning to think theyll stay this way.. Not sure. I really wanna see my PS to ask if they are as far as theyre gonna go so i can wear a bra now. I am happy with them but from the side they seem not ready- they dont have that natural slop that breast are supposed to have...

Also got a swimsut, wish i had gotten lipo on my thighs! Theyre so thick that any bathing suit cuts and makes them look even fatter... Always been my problem area.

My sister got her boobs done yesterday! I bet my mom does it next haha. I hope she does, shed love a TT too, shes always wanted one. Has had 4 kids including twins (Me and my brother) and back in those days they did the Vertical cut for c-sections! I wonder why they ever did that. It looks terrible.

Anyway heres some new pics.

Havent been on in a WHILE. But I am now almost 4...

Havent been on in a WHILE. But I am now almost 4 months post op. Still happy with my results, except my belly button. I have a follow up appt in 3 weeks and ill take it up with him then and see if theres anything he can do to make it look better, or atleast halfway normal... Finally got feeling back in one of my nipples, but it is very sensitive and has a lot of shooting pain and burning sensations. Itll pass im sure.. No soreness in my TT scar or muscles anymore. My boobs have dropped even more. Sometimes i feel they are saggy but they look pretty good and my husband says he likes that because they look and feel extremely natural ( which he wanted). He says you could never tell they are fake. Ill take his word for it :). Ill get a lift when I have them replaced in the future.
I had this one area of my TT scar that was a dark purple color and seemes to always swell up and scab or peel- Finally pulled a stitch out the other day and now its healing up!
Anyway, feeling great and overall very happy!!!! It was definitely worth the cost and pain and all that good stuff. :-)

Well, its been a little over 7 month since surgery...

Well, its been a little over 7 month since surgery (wow!!) and everything is great! Im loving my body, and my boobs have gotten even better in my opinion. I didnt think they would drop so much but they have and they look and feel really natural. I can feel the implant sometimes, almost feels like a plastic bag in there, but i dont mind and either does my husband. Its usually only if i lean forward or push at it from the side..
I went for my post op check up on June 5th, and my PS scheduled me an appointment in December to do some work on my belly button. Yay!!! Its the one thing im unhappy with. It makes me feel pretty self conscious, so im hoping he can fix it. Otherwise i am very happy with everything and so glad I did this!!! It was totally worth it and i would 100% do it again.

2 years PO- BB revision & pic.

Been almost 2 years since my surgery, and everything is good. I'm still very happy with my body and so glad I did this. My surgeon fixed my belly button issues, and it looks much better and more normal. Best 10k ever spent! ;-)
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