33 Years Old - Mini TT with Lipo - Virgin Islands

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Living in the Caribbean has its ups and downs but...

Living in the Caribbean has its ups and downs but one constant is the beautiful water that entices all and provides ample opportunities for beach days, boat trips, and (you guessed it) bathing suits. After my first daughter, I compulsively exercised until I was in better shape than I was pre-pregnancy. With my second daughter, however, I didn't have the same time to devote to exercise and when diet and moderate exercise weren't cutting it, I decided PS was the way to go. I was looking into traveling stateside for lipo or even possibly the British Virgin Islands when a friend told me about the doctors that had started coming down to perform plastic surgery procedures. I was ecstatic and made a pre-op appointment almost immediately. Dr. Polynice was very nice and put me at ease. I expected the "red marker treatment" and it was nothing like that. In fact, I left feeling pretty good. He did suggest in addition to liposuction of the abs, flanks, and back, a mini tummy tuck would help get rid of the extra skin I have below my belly button. I left and reviewed my options. I researched. I read reviews. I studied my body in the mirror like I was preparing for a test and decided to do the mini TT with lipo. This Friday will make 2 weeks pre-op and while I am SO excited, I'm very anxious too. I'm not nervous about the procedure--no problem with needles, etc--but I pray the results are everything I am hoping for!

Before Photos

Thought I would share some photos like everyone else! I'm 5'3" and 135 pounds, give or take 3. :)

Explaining to my girls

So it's been weighing heavily on me: how to tell my two girls what mommy is doing without giving them any kind of self esteem or body issues. I'm fortunate, I think, that my girls are young (8 and 3 years of age). They're both very active but I'm concerned the 8 YO might think, well if mommy wants a flat tummy then why don't I have one? Any suggestions on how to approach this with them? Surgery is one week from Friday!!

Today is the day!!

Waiting to be marked and sedated. I'm feeling more anxious than nervous. Praying all goes smoothly! I'll keep updating as I can.

Post op day 1

I did not sleep well at all last night. Assuming it was a combination of attempting to sleep somewhat upright in a recliner plus pain medicine side effects plus pain, period. On the plus side, the pain meds are helping me. Based on other reviews, and staff recommendations, I know to stay on top of them so I'm not playing "catch up".

The tumescent fluid still has my backside feeling numb. I've read that it'll take my kidneys 24-45 hours to reabsorb and excrete. Wondering if I'll be in more pain when that wears off...

I haven't had what I would consider a lot of drainage but I'll discuss with doc at post op visit today. I'm most excited that the incision is so low. Dr Polynice had told me it would be but some other photos on here had me wondering how low they could actually go. I'll post photos as soon as possible.

More later!

Post op day 2

This isn't the best photo but gives you an idea of where the incision is. I'm very happy so far!!

1 Week Post op

Pain is subsiding. It's mostly in the lipo spots and feels like just major brushing, though the appearance of a bruise is faint, if any at all! :)

I'm still fairly swollen, as you can see in the pictures, but I'm really happy so far. I know the swelling will last a while so I'm just being patient.

Drains were removed Wednesday and I was able to shave my legs and take a nice shower. So nice! They also weighed me at Wednesday's post op. I'm the same weight. I'm not surprised. With all the swelling, and I was bloated cause I had not yet used the restroom (the Percocet made me constipated), I wasn't expecting to be lighter.

Really excited to start working out. It's still weeks away but I just want to tone up now.

Next follow up is November 12th. Hoping I'll get the okay at that point.
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