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Hi world I wanted to share my journey with others...

Hi world I wanted to share my journey with others with my breast augmentation because I found it so helpful to read through profiled when I was deciding I hope I can help others as well. We'll I've been wanting this for years ever since I was a teenager I always wished I had more I've always had hips and butt but wanted to fill out my clothing better I didn't really considered it when I was younger because honestly I cared what others would think. About 6 months ago I started seriously thinking about it again and decided to go with my wishes and do it for myself it would be my 35th birthday gift to myself after watching profiles and reading realself I found my doctor and booked I'm 4 days post op and I'm already pleased


Last night I tried to sleep in my bed instead only my couch where I'd been the last 4 nights and it wasn't good I had to go back to the couch in the middle of the night. I really miss sleeping on my stomach it's tough having to sleep upright. I'll be glad when I'm able to sleep regularly again

getting better

I always feel better after a nice shower but I'm still amazed how winded I get after only doing a few things. I'm glad I have a few days more off of work

1 week post op

Yay I made it to one week. I can't believe how much anxiety I had pre op listen ladies you will be fine. The first 2 days were rough but nothing you can't bare and it's true what most everyone says it's really more pressure than pain the swelling was the worst for me to get used to but it wasn't so bad ultimately I'm really glad I went through with my decision. I definitely do miss sleeping on my stomach and sitting upright and sleeping that way isn't easy but I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end I know it's only been one week but I'm hopeful that everything will turn out great today will be the first day I'll be going out to dinner and I'm excited I have serious cabin fever

First outing

So last night was my first outing since my surgery I went to dinner with a friend I still haven't driven yet he picked me up thankfully. It was OK but I did get tired easily and the craziest thing happened when I left the restaurant to come home. So the temperature had dropped since we got to the restaurant so leaving out I don't know what it was but I'm guessing the cold air irritated my muscles and they literally started having spasms it was so uncomfortable I had to hurry up and jump in the car and he put the heat on full blast because it felt crazy like just a bunch of muscle spasms all over my chest and it was pretty scary I just took deep breaths and tried to relax but it was kind of crazy so going forward I'm going to make sure that im properly covered before going out in cold air so ladies in colder climates keep that in mind. I also wore a large collar sweater to cover them since they still look high and tight I'm not ready for a reveal to others yet

feeling better

Sleep still is not the best but I'm managing I drove for the first time yesterday it wasn't too bad but I'm gonna keep it to small trips only for now

each day is better than the last

I'm beginning to feel more comfortable each day I still have that Franken boob look going on especially without clothes on but it's to be expected in trying not to worry about it 4-6 weeks is when it seems most people look more natural. I can't wait til my 3 week mark so I can begin my stretches and massages I'm told that helps with settling them tremendously until then I'm taking it easy and following my doctors orders

before and afters

quick update

I remembered to take pictures of my incisions today they look pretty good so far there is a little tape residue on them but overall they feel good as far as my breast goes they still are high my right is higher than the left I'm looking forward to starting massages next week to aid in the settling

2 weeks yay

I've made it to 2 weeks I've been feeling good this has definitely been better than I expected thus far I go back to work Monday my right boob is higher than left right now it's not too drastic tho. They are a tad softer too I'm looking forward to starting massages next week

3 weeks

I was beyond excited to reach 3 weeks I can finally do my stretches and massages which I was so anxious to do because my implants are still high and not so soft I'm really hoping the massaging speeds up the process but I'm still pleased so far I just try to keep in mind that everyone will have a different recovery some will move slower than others also many surgeons have different requirements but I made sure I followed Mines precisely because ultimately I want to have the best possible result I was also given the ok to exercise again I just can't do any chest or shoulders everything else is ok I also was given the ok to wear regular bras however I'm going to stick to sports bras because I know my implants still need to do some dropping and fluffing I'd rather wait to buy bras since my size can change. Again I'm really happy with my results so far and I'm guessing I will be a 32 Double D or 34 d we'll see I also bought Mederma advanced scar cream my incisions look good so far soul the cream should keep them looking great


I'm so glad to have hit my 1 month mark I must say it went by fast. Since last week I started my stretches and massages and they were a little weird feeling at first but now it's fine if think they have help them look softer and drop down some I'm hoping that I'll continue to settle nicely. I still think they have a ways to go but I'm not trying to stress about it since it can take 2 months for some. I'm still going to wait til 6 weeks to get measured for bras I don't want to get wrong sizes because I heard size can change once they more. I am wearing sports bras now they are comfortable i buy large now I use to buy a medium a few of my old ones still fit too. Yesterday I got a few bralettes from target that'll be the last things I buy until I get sized. Overall I've had a positive experience I'm sleeping better now as well ill continue to update weekly in hopes of helping anyone please feel free to reach out. Oh also my incisions are flat I'm now using mederma advance in hopesthat they lighten up until next time guys have a great day

5 weeks post op

Hey guys I hope everyone is doing well this past week has been a good one I'm continuing to feel more comfortable with my boobs. Even sleeping on my stomach some. I have also noticed some more settling and they are softening as well. They still don't bounce much when I'm doing jumping or cardio like running yet. I heard they will be kind of stiff line that for a while they don't look so tight anymore tho. I was going to wait til my sixth week to get fitted for bras but I'm anxious so I'm going to go this weekend I think I'm going to end up being a DD which seems so crazy to me but I'm happy with my size so far I feel they fit my frame well ill do an update of my size and pics of my new bras will be posted I'll most likely go to Victoria Secret. Until next time guys

6 weeks

Tomorrow makes 6 weeks much is the same since the last update however I did get measured at Victoria Secret and I'm a 34 ddd there which seemed so crazy to me so I went to Macy's as well and I could fit there 34 double d's I've also heard that Victoria Secret run small so I've been going around looking for 34 + 36 Double D's which have been feeling just fine I found a few at Target and also at Kohl's as far as my incisions they look awesome they are very flat and the Darkness is fading nicely I'm still only using the Mederma advanced once a day I still think I have more settling to do but I don't think my bra size will change they also continue to get softer however they don't move as much they're kind of like still stuck so when I'm running or doing exercise it's not an issue overall still I'm very happy with my results and glad that I went with 550 ccs it is the right size for me until next time

Looking forward

Hi guys it's been a little but I wanted to give an update I passed my 2 month mark which really flew by fast. I still feel that I am not further along as I should be but I know that things can take time and differ from person to person. I definitely don't have any regrets tho. I really need to keep up with my massages I forget to do them sometimes especially when I'm busy but I know they are crucial for the desired look. My right breast is still higher than the left right now. I have a post op apt in may 9th which will be my first one because my surgeon is out of state I'll be traveling to see him hopefully all is well. I feel pretty normal now but I must say finding bras has been an experience. Also things like wearing a simple tank top is so different now with breast. All of my clothes fit fine but I must admit I want to revamp my style now most of my older things were mainly printed or higher necklines because it help me look more busty now those things look odd with these ddds lol so I'll be doing some shopping for v necks and solid color clothing lol also I feel much sexier now and it's amazing how much attention boobs get I'm still not use to it ill share more after I see my doctor hopefully all is well until next time

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