20 Y/o Very Flat Going to 400cc Silicone Moderate/MP Profile - Victoria, BC

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I have wanted a BA ever since I hit puberty! when...

I have wanted a BA ever since I hit puberty! when I went for my first consult the PS said I never developed and have barely any breast tissue. So this is much needed!
I am 6 days out and I'm super excited! I have a cold right now so I hope it goes away for my surgery date. I have my heart set on 400cc silicone moderate or moderate plus profile.
Today I have to start getting everything ready! eeek!


During my second consult I tried on Sizers! it was so fun :) and I deffs didn't want to take them off.
I tried 375, 400 and 425. The nurse and I both thought 400cc was the obvious choice. I workout 4-5 times a week so I am a bit more muscular then the average girl and the Sizers made me look super proportionate. Here's a pic of me with the 400cc Sizers! their shirt they gave me to try on with them really is throwing me off...

Wish boobs!


ahhh so excited I could barely sleep lastnight! it's 8:30 AM and I have to be at the clinic for 11:30. The past few days I've been running around getting my house ready, putting everything on bottom shelves and buying the necessities! It took me almost an hour to get my small bra off for the last time lastnight.. maybe even shed a tear but I won't miss them! seeee ya itty bitty titty commitee! I'm ready for a change :) I still have my heart set on 400cc moderate plus profile. I just realized I never mentioned my dimensions... I'm 135 pounds but a lot of it is muscle, 5'6 and no kids. I can't tell who's more excited me or my boyfriend! Just to mention that he has been an amazing supporter through this! Anyways, super super excited! I'll keep yall posted!

Surg day was amazing!

I HAVE BOOBS! AND THEY LOOK ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! especially for surgery day I was expecting some serious frankenboob. Ladies take your arnica pellets 2 days before surgery 3x a day. It works to minimize swelling and bruising. Everyone at the clinic was very surprised how I barely swelled. Anyways, everything about my surgery day was amazing. My mom took such great care of me :) and the clinic staff were phenomenal all the way through. I would HIGHLY recommend clinic 805 in Victoria, BC. Dr. Smith is one of the best plastic surgeons I'm BC and does many models! I think that is why I paid so much but it is so worth it to find an excellent PS. He ended up giving me moderate profile! I needed that width and fullness I was missing in my boobs. Pain wise: He gave me tramacet and it's working well. Only needing to take 1 pill every 3 hours or so. I am not waiting until I am in pain to give myself more pain meds. Being in nursing school helps with knowing when to take my drugs!
But to top my amazing day off... my boyfriend surprised me by coming home early from camp to be with me! He wasn't supposed to be home for another two days. It was amazing to wake up to his kisses. Absolutely love him :)
Anyways! it's 12:30 AM and I should get more sleep!
I will post post op day 1 pics today!
Ps: I cried in the mirror when I saw my beautiful breasts for the first time.. waited so long to have them!

Post op day 1

So it's post op day one and all I can say is PAIN! ahhh Tramacet does nothing! Tylenol has been doing more but not enough. I've just been in bed all day trying to sleep the day away.. I have no upper body strength. I have to call my boyfriend to help me sit up :( .. you definitely need someone to stay with you during recovery 24/7! I will post some pics of my new girls ... I am happy with them so far! no frankenboob! or square boob! they are the perfect size to my liking :) I do have swelling around my side boob tho... my ribs hurt almost more then my chest at this point.


Is anyone having like 8/10 or 9/10 pain post op day 1 and 2? this is horrible! I think going for a car ride really aggravated them because now my side boob is on fire. Really hoping things calm down. My pain meds suck!! what are you ladies on? are they helping?

9 days post op!

Well the week of pain and suffering is over! I had my 1 week post op visit and the nurse showed me how to massage my new breasts to get them to start fluffing and dropping. I have already noticed a difference since I started. I do 3 minute massages 3 times a day to each side. I had crazy nerve pain in my right side boob and it was debilitating but since I started massaging the implant off of the nerve I have no pain! it's awesome. One thing I am kind of upset about is my left breast scar.. it's raised and doesn't look good. So I have to go back in a week for them so snip it! ouch!
After my post op visit I went shopping for new clothes because she wanted me to get my arms moving and let me tell you it was amazing! shopping for shirts is my new fav thing because my girls look awesome in everything. I'll post some pics!


I am so upset :( one of my incisions looks terrible. I'm worried that it'll forever be bumpy, crooked and not nice. My right breast incision is straight and flat like it should be. Agh! For 8 grand and over "3000 BA performed" by my PS you would think we would have prestine incisions. What can cause a bad incision? tight skin? or just dexterity?

2 weeks post op!

2 weeks post op and I'm feeling good! wish they weren't as hard but I'm massaging them lots.. I want them to bounce!! I am happy with the results :) since I have a deformed rib cage which my new boobs kind of hide I had to have my implants farther apart... not too happy about it but once they get squishy I'm moving I can put them together and it'll be voluptuous. Here's some pics!

Suture abscess

Well the past week hasn't been too fun for my right breast incision! for a month post op this incision had delayed healing and was the incision was starting to separate! I was put on emergent antibiotics and had to go into my PS office right away. Turns out my body doesn't like sutures! the incision had two suture absences so my body was rejecting them. They were taken out yesterday and now I am trying to heal again. Very annoying as I want to workout, have a bath or go to the lake! my other incision is beautiful and can't even see it. The pics are of the suture abscess before I got them removed.. pretty nasty.

5 weeks post op! new bras!

I can't believe how fast time flies! 5 weeks post op seems not right lol. Anyways! I am loving my new girls :) I couldn't have picked a better size for my figure. I am going to start going back to the gym today!!! ohhhh my am I excited for that. I used to go 3-5x per week... I've definitely put a few pounds on that I would like off. I went bra shopping with my boyfriend yesterday too! La Senza had a wicked sale of every bra in the store either 20-25$! I saved so much money! I splurged and bought myself the basic everyday bras and my hunny bought me 3 sexy ones ;) I am a 34 D or DD! going from a A to DD seems surreal. I uploaded some pics! oh and my suture is FINALLY closing and healing like it should be.

More pics

7 weeks post op!

Absolutely loving my new girls. It is my first summer not being self conscious in a bathing suit! it feels so freeing. I could live in my bikini now ;)

3.5 months post op! loving bikini weather!

Time flies! can't believe it's been 112 days since my surgery! I love my results except for my scars are still bothering me.. hoping they fade quicker. I updated with some pics! I have no limitations on mobility or physical activity anymore and they are super bouncy!
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