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Hello realselfers! Im 18 years old and I am...

Hello realselfers!
Im 18 years old and I am getting my breast augmentation in 2 weeks! And I am so excited. I know 18 is young but I have been researching for over a year and have been to 2 different consults. I am happy to say I have found the perfect doctor and have chosen the perfect implant for me!
I am looking to achieve a natural but large look! I know people say if you go really big they will never look natural, but I believe if you find a skilled doctor and have a good fit implant for your body, that will not be the case!
Here are my stats :
Weigtht: 140lbs
Height: 5'5
Age: 18
Implant: 492cc Mod+ Silicone

As of now I have not a single nervous bone in my body, but I will probably be Sh***ing my pants the night before!! Please if you have any questions or comments post them below! :)

OMG 3 more days!!!!!!

Hey ladies, today marks 3 days until the big day. Im super excited, but no nerves... YET. Im super anxious to get the procedure done and have the hot summer body ive always wanted ! Eek so excited! Do any of you have any recomondations for last minute things I need? I have a bunch of sports bras, and something to prop me up at night.. What else do I need!?!?!?

Tomorrow's the big day!!!! Switched back to Mentor

Hey ladies, so tomorrow is the day. Is it weird that I'm not the slightest bit nervous? It doesn't even feel real to me! I had originally chose Mentor 450cc's saline moderate plus, then changed to Mentor 500cc's silicone moderate plus, then to Natrelle 492cc's silicone moderate plus back to Mentor silicone 500ccs Moderate plus! They must hate me lol so indecisive !!! Anyways, I'm very excited and will post after they're done! Wish me luck!!!

Finally!!!! 485cc's Allegran Natrelle

Ok ladies, just got out of surgery and I'm so happy! They look amazing for how new they are! And my surgeon came and saw me before with another option of implant, a form stable one which I ended up chosing!! So happy!!!! No pain. Yay!

Day 1 PostOp

So today's the first day after surgery and I'm honestly feeling great! Even went to the mall. I'm feeling no pain and my boobs aren't even that high up. I must have a great surgeon :)

Day 2 textured implants?

Changed out of my surgical bra! And I also found out that I have textured implants in. I had switched back to 500ccs mod+ mentor but when my surgeon came in to see me about an hour before the operation, he brought me a 485cc full projection form stable implant by Natrelle which I ended up going with last minute. I had no idea they were textured though. And I'm not sure how I feel about it? I've heard they're firmer.. Anyone have experience with these??


So I was freaking out for no reason at all about the textured implant. I was reassured by my surgeon that the implant he used was indeed smooth. I just couldnt find it online! lol
And i tried on my first non padded bra today! Loving it!!

Bikini Shopping!!!

Today I shopped my heart out and bought some cute bathing suits and clothes. Everything looks so much better with a nice set of tits lol I'm so happy, this has done wonders for my confidence.

10 days Post Op Pics and Jiggle Video

Squish/jiggle video 10 days post op
Today's the ten day mark and they feel amazing, I love my new boobs.. Only complaint I have is like everyone else I wish I went bigger!!! I feel like they look too similar in clothes to what they looked like in a double push up bra before my surgery! Kind of makes me sad sometimes :( they look great naked though haha. Over all I'm pretty happy. Hope they get bigger once they drop and fluff more!

3 weeks PO

Just past the 3 week mark! Happy but sad... Really wish I went bigger. I feel like they've gotten smaller:( but at the same time when I'm naked and in certain positions they look huge! I don't know what I'm feeling about it. I know I love the shape and how natural they look this early but I just wanted to be a full DD. Which I measured as a 34DD.. But some DD bras fit a bit big, some fit perfect, I also fit a 36D and a 32 DDD, wtf!? UGHHH so confusing. does anyone else feel this way ?!?!

So much squishier!

3 weeks post op
Just a bit over 3 weeks post op and they have a lot more movement then the day 10 video!

1 month PO!!! 34DD

Hi ladies!! I'm now 1 month post op! Everything has been great! I get sad about the size of them outside of a bra but damn when I put one on they look huge!!! Anyone else feel this way? Anywho, they're getting more and more squishy and I'm pretty happy over all! Although i might go for another size check!

They're Dropping!!

So they're finally starting to look and feel REAL! Im so happy! I feel like they look so much bigger in photos though. oh well. Maybe they'll fluff out some more!
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