35 years old, 5'5, 140lbs - BL and BA, 475cc HP unders, with full abdominoplasty

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Tomorrow is the big day. I'm 35, 5'5, 140 lbs and...

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm 35, 5'5, 140 lbs and the mom of beautiful 4 years old twin girls. I'm getting a breast list and augment with 475cc HP silicone and a full tummy tuck (with the excision of an endometrioma in my c-section scar) there will be two surgeons in the OR (a plastic to perform my cosmetic surgery and and OBGYN to remove my endometrioma.

A little background (you can't totally skip this part if you want!) : I was quite heavy (220lbs) in high school and once I graduated and moved out I lost weight fast. I yoyo'd with my weight for most of my adult life until I got pregnant. I gained 60 lbs with my girls. I was in the hospital for two months before they were born at 32 weeks and during their one month NICU stay I did nothing but sit in the hospital and watch them (and me) grow. I continued to gain weight rapidly for 6 months (I was breastfeeding and couldn't understand why I wasn't losing!) until I finally went to my doctor and found out that my thyroid was off the charts (it wasn't working at all). I was diagnosed with hypo thyroidism and put on meds and slowly (very slowly) the weight came off. It wasn't until 3 years ago that I became very sick and ended up losing 30lbs in 2 weeks. At least the baby weight came off! Not in a good way and I've struggled to keep this weight ever since. My lowest weight was almost two years ago at 135 (when we went on our super delayed honeymoon) with a lot more muscle but working out so much and being a full time mom just burnt me out so I had to (and still am) try and find some balance.

I saw my first surgeon nearly 2 years ago. I saw 3 more after that and finally decided on Dr. Gray. The endometrioma is getting removed st the same time so that added to my wait time so everything would line up. Ultimately, I didn't want to take two periods of 8 weeks off of life with kids and my position as a volunteer firefighter (because really, who has time for that?!)

Dr. Gray has hospital privileges which worked out wonderful for me because when I was sick I developed a lung condition that didn't make me a candidate for a private surgery centre. I'm more comfortable and grateful to have my surgery in the hospital just in case something goes wrong I know I'm surrounded by all the resources I could possibly need.

Anyways, sorry I keep digressing. I'm a deflated 36B and my tummy has loose skin I can't get rid of with exercise. I know I could technically be in better shape and lose the 10 lbs I've put on since the beginning of summer, but it is what it is. I plan on getting in better shape once I'm cleared to work out again!

I'm rambling again, ok, I've decided on 475cc HP silicone. I think they're Allergan but I'm not 100% sure. I have pretty broad shoulders and am usually pretty muscular (or at least I was this past summer). I recently got a cold and the cough has been sitting in my lungs (which happens with me due to my health issue) for 3 weeks so I haven't worked out and I can tell! Ugh.
That's one thing I'm worried about (aside from the fact that I might not wake up because I've never been under a general anesthetic before) that I'll have extra mucous build up and it will complicate my breathing while under (I was told my surgery would be around 6 hours- with the two surgeons doing their own thing). Apparently they'll give me something while under to dry up the secretions and I hope they can give me something after as well as I'm so scared to cough. He's prescribing me Dilaudid and my GP told me it acts as a cough suppressant too so I'm hoping for that! I got some Benelyn just in case. My GP said I can come see him when I get back home and he can prescribe me some codeine syrup.

My doctor told me he may not have to do any plication. When I first consulted with him last July I had a bigger gap than I did when I saw him again this past November so obviously all those core workouts helped some! But I told him if he sees anything in there than can be even slightly tightened to just do it! And he may do some lipo on my flanks (as much as he can do without moving me). I hope he does but he's all about contouring so I'll leave that up to him. He's the pro.

I'm staying in the hospital for one night and then I've booked a hotel for the next night. I get to go back home on Thursday. It's a 3 hour drive and I'm not looking forward to it!

I can't think of anything else to add right now. See you on the flip side, wish me luck!

Post Op Days 1 and 2

Got driven to the hospital for 630am admission. Checked in and sent up to surgical where they did some tests and asked some questions. Met with the anesthetist, my OBGYN and Dr. Gray.
Dr. Gray marked me up and took some photos and explained everything to me again.
I was coughing pretty good going into surgery (even got a nasty look from one of the nurses) to try and get the extra mucous buildup out (result of my lung condition) before getting put under. We went over my allergies again. I get an IV and something to calm me down. Then I breathed in some "oxygen" my face went tingly and I was out.
Next thing I remember was in the recovery room with a few nurses around me assuring me everything went well etc. I remember them saying that my boobs look fantastic! Lol
I was in a tremendous amount of pain. I was told my surgery was about 4 1/2 hours - I went under around 830 and next thing I knew it was 330 and I was waking up - So I must have been in and out of consiousness for 2 1/2 hours? I spent nearly two hours in recovery as the nurses tried to get ahead of my pain. I got fentanyl and dilaudid and whatever else they could find (I just remember them asking me how I felt and then ordering more pain killers).
Then I started having a hard time breathing. The nurse assured me it was normal, and that it was bronchial spasms or something that happens after anesthesia and that I should breathe slowly in and out and calm down. That was scary because it felt like my throat was closing every time I tried to breathe in! That lasted for what seemed a while but maybe it wasn't, I was so out of it.
I finally got sent upstairs to my room (a private one thank goodness). Got some more painkillers and went to sleep. My dad came and brought me my belongings around 7pm and stayed with me for a few minutes. My husband and mom Face Timed me and I could barely keep my eyes open. I just remember feeling like a bobble head slurring my words! Talked to my husband today and he said I was pretty high!
I woke up wearing the leg air compression type tubes (I think they put them on in surgery). Still pretty out of it I tried to write texts back to my friends and husband and it literally took me 20 minutes to write a sentence!
By the end of the night I couldn't sleep well and I was extremely itchy all over. The nurse gave me some more dilaudid and benedryl and I had the best sleep ever!
I remember waking up each time in more pain though because I was sleeping for more than 4 hours and the dilaudid seemed to be wearing off around 3 hours for me.
Just spent the day in the hospital trying to get my prescriptions sorted out and spoke to my surgeon. He said everything went well and according to plan, no surprises. He ended up doing plication as he said there was a bigger gap than he thought and I had a significant buldge at the top. He also said he got my incision right down where my c section scar is! I sure hope so as that would be better than ideal! And I hope it heals as well as my section scar (you can barley even see it). I asked him about my breasts and how I thought they looked quite wide, to which he replied that they're right in line with my nipple and that once they settle they will squish in a little. I hope so cuz right now I have no cleavage and a big gap in the middle! Has anyone else ever had that at the beginning???
I sent my husband a couple pics and he replied with "is that all the bandages you have?" I said "yes why?!" "Just curious" he says. ???? Ok, I was thinking a little more along the lines of "hey boobs! Wahoo!" lol.
Anyways, my kids are at home with my mom and doing fine. My dog is fine, and I'm fine I suppose!
I'm just in the hotel now for the second night with my friend. Ordered some sushi. Don't know how much I'll eat as I haven't eaten much of anything in the past two days!
I'm expecting a visit from the nurse around 9pm to change my bandages and check on me.
I'm off back home tomorrow. The 3 hr car ride should be interesting!

Post op day 6

I felt like I finally turned a corner yesterday. This isn't really so bad anymore. The things that bug me the most is the coughing. I cough all day long. Little coughs. With my Lung condition I usually have a good hack session and clear them out but I can't do that so I've got these little coughs intermittently throughout the day. That's the painful part. I'm going to my
GP tomorrow to get a script for some codeine syrup. I know I shouldn't suppress it but I'm worried all this coughing is stretching the stitches or my muscles apart again! Is that silly to think that?
I've showered twice and am nearly standing up straight. I think my doctor expects me to stand straight around the one week mark so another couple days should do it. My lower back hurts so bad when I stand though!!
I plowed through my dilaudid. Thing is, is they were giving me 4mg shots in the hospital and sent me home with 50 1mg oral tablets! I could take 1-3 as needed. Well I took 4 as 3 did nothing and every 4 hours so they went super fast. They're good though! So I had some leftover tramacet from my icu stay a couple years ago and switched over to that. It's working fine as well. Probably wouldn't have done the trick a few days ago but like I said I'm feeling much better now so it's perfect.
I was constipated for 5 days and senokot did nothing for me so I sent my mom to get me some prune juice. The lady at the store told my mom I might get cramps from prune juice and recommended a magnesium powder instead. I'll post s photo of it. Well ladies, this stuff works. In fact a little too much!! Doesn't happen right away but it's way better than any laxative or stool softener! I highly recommend it. I think I may have taken too much because I asked my mom how much she gave me and she said two tablespoons. I looked on the label and it said teaspoons so who knows what she gave me! Haha
I went out to the drugstore with my husband to get fresh gauze for my incisions. Does anyone else put gauze or anything over their incisions under their binder? Or their breasts?
I can't find another front closer bra so I guess I'll have to go bra less when I wash this cuz it's gross already.
I've been using lots of cold packs on my boobs too and it feels much better. The swelling came down a bit (not in my tummy tho!) and they aren't as far apart anymore. I'm loving them already and I'm so glad i didn't go smaller. im a little sad that they're going to get a tad smaller still. I hope they don't drop too much cuz I love the height of them right now. Ah well, anything is an improvement from before right?!
Other than being super bored (my parents took my kids to their house 250km away for a full week- let's hope everyone lasts that long!!) They'll be back Sunday and then I'm on my own come next Monday. Hopefully I'll be good to drive them around. What's everyone else's experience with driving and getting back into full time mom duty post op?
I pulled my lounger into the sun yesterday and that was stupid. Now I have this shooting pain in the side of my right boob. I hope I didn't do anything to them!
I can also totally lift and move my arms. I don't because I was told not to but I hear some women can't lift their arms above shoulders at all. I really don't have any problems with my boobs I'm so surprised. I hope I bounce back fast. And I'm hoping that all my hard work in the gym is going to be in my side during recovery.
Also, I read some things to take while recovering. I usually drink protein shakes anyways and would put BCAA's and glutamine in them prior and post workouts but those are both good supplants for healing. Glutamine is excellent for the immune system. Also L-Arginine boosts your body's ability to produce human growth hormone which is what will make you heal faster and easier, so I'm taking that as well. I just throw it all in my shake.
I've been craving pineapple so bad and been eating lots. I'm assuming that's because pineapple is loaded with bromelein which is a mineral to promote healing as well. So neat how our bodies tell us these things by craving them.
Anyways, I probably wouldn't have written so much it's just that I'm so so bored!! I'm so glad the sun is shining and i can at least work on my tan lol.
Will update soon.

Forget Senokot

10 days post op

I'm falling behind but I took some 10 day post op pics. So happy the first week is behind me. Can't wait to get back to the gym. I've started walking and am feeling good. Was standing straight at one week post op. My one week post op appointment went well. The nurse said everything is healing the way it should be and I can switch to micropore tape at 12 days post op. My right breast seems to be stopping faster than my left but from reading reviews on here I think that's normal if you're right handed. I'm completely off painkillers and take an Advil here and there. Driving is also ok, don't have an issue with it at all. I'm still coughing lots and bringing a tonne of stuff up but it doesn't hurt nearly as much. Thank god. Back into full mommy mode now and I'm pretty tired at the end of the day! Can't wait to get back into the gym and shape up my legs again and work on my newly flattened tummy! So happy with the results thus far!

2 weeks post op

Not much change from 10 to 14 days but I was able to put the micropore tape on my tummy incision. Taking the stitch tape off is no joke! You have to go slow and once you get to where there's some hair, it really sucks lol. But glad to have it off. The little bandaid on my tummy is a blister from the bandage adhesive. It's having a hard time healing cuz it's always covered. My left is still sitting high.

3 weeks post op

Just passed 3 weeks and my breasts are concerning me! My right seems to have fully dropped but my left is still sitting high and looks deflated, even feels smaller! I can feel the empty pocket underneath and the right side I can feel the implant. Is this normal? Should I be worried or do I need to give it way more time? Looking down my right looks wider than my left too. It looks even worse in the photos :(

I read that it can take up to 6 months for them to fully settle and now I'm worried that at 6 months they'll still look different because my right dropped so soon! I also wish they were much closer together which is making me wonder if I should have went moderate plus instead of high profile. Because they would sit wider right? There still seems to be puckering in the vertical incisions but I'm hoping that will subside.

I sent some photos to my surgeons office and the nurse said that it's hard to tell at this point and that the dr will look at them at my 6 week appointment. She told me to go without a bra and let gravity take its course. I do mostly at night with a really loose built in bra in a tank top and when I'm at home but I can't bring myself to go without in public. Plus my nipples show if I do! Any recommendations on things to cover them up? I'm sure there's something out there that's discreet.

Does anyone have any stretches they have done to stretch their chest and front of neck out? If I don't wear a bra I feel like everything is pulling down (in reality it is lol) but it's super annoying.

My tummy is healing well. I was able to take my binder off (I wanted to throw it out the window I hated it so much. It would always ride up into the bottom of my boobs and was so bulky!) I wearing spanx which are equally annoying cuz since I don't have skinny legs they pinch my thighs and start to roll up too. Doesn't look that great under pants. I still wear the binder at night. Better than sleeping in spanx I guess. Just a few more days and then I can get rid of it all.

My tummy is a little troublesome too. It's super tight below my belly button but there seems to still be some loose skin above it. Don't get me wrong, anything is an improvement but I'm wondering if it's something I did or if it could have been tightened more. And it's just skin not swelling or fat so It won't get better. I was coughing pretty much the whole time I couldn't cough much (if that makes sense) so I'm wondering if I somehow separated something or what? Any advice is appreciated!

I really was hoping to not have any problems and my tummy be completely flat.

I know I sound so ungrateful. I don't mean to be and I'm known for picking out all the bad stuff so forgive me. I also wish I could just get rid of all the extra love handle skin. It looks ok standing up but as soon as I sit down everything is compressed and they're so flabby. At least if it was fat I could lose it through diet and exercise but this is with me forever :(

Oh, I've been doing some massages that I googled to help the left drop. Anyone have any good ones that have worked for them?
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