29 Yrs Old, 3 Kids, and Very Ready to Have a Body I Can Be Proud Of! Victoria, BC

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I had my first child very young, so my body was...

I had my first child very young, so my body was stretched to maximum capacity before it was even done maturing. I've had stretch marks and saggy skin since I was 15 years old. I had my second child 4 years ago and my third child 2 years ago. We are done having children and I am so ready to feel as sexy on the outside as I do on the outside. I love my husband tremendously and am so excited to make both of our lives even that much better:) I am getting a full tummy tuck, breast lift with implants, and lipo. My consultation was fantastic and I cannot wait to book my surgery date. Very nervous about recovery, but excited nonetheless.

Photo of boobs and belly

Wish boobies!

Wish boobs! I'll need a larger sized implant. Moderate profile so that I don't end up with torpedo boobs. Also leaning towards saline

My body currently

tummy and cheat Pics

Sizing appt booked!

So excited to have my sizing appointment next week. I've been researching sizing and types of implants for months now. I think I've decided to go with gel instead of saline. The overall benefits have won me over. I'm also looking forward to meeting with his nurse Cindy to discuss TT details! I plan to pay for my surgery in full next week, so I'm excited for how quickly they'll be able to get me in! At this rate, it's looking like I might miss out on this summer because I'll be recovering, but hey, I'm ok with that! I am so excited and SO nervous!

Change of plans!

So I eventually decided to do just the tummy tuck. After many consultations, I've decided to leave my breasts alone for now. Since I've stopped breastfeeding, they have lifted a bit and are a bit smaller. Not so heavy and full anymore. I know that with the TT, my body will change all over so I might just be happy with that! Surgery is booked November 16th!

Less than 48hours away and panic starting to set in!!

I am so overwhelmingly anxious that something terrible is going to happen to me. Either during surgery or during recovery. I have anxiety even on good days, so I expected this. I actually called my surgeons office and asked if my surgeon had ever had any deaths. They said no. Not one. Not during surgery or during recovery or anywhere down the road because of their surgery. That was relieving!! I'm quite worried about my son (3 years old and very attached to his mama), I worry that while I'm at the hotel for the 2-3 days. He may miss me and become upset or sad that I'm not there. I worry that my husband won't be able to keep it together at home and could possibly resent me for this. Silly anxieties? Hubbs and I have been pretty Icy the last few days. He's not feeling well and I'm anxious and have a lot on my plate. He has a hard time expressing compassion and support. But whaaaatever, I will still carry on and take this day by day! I'm posting my last 2 wish pics. Praying for a cute Bb and a low incision!

Last sleep before the big day!

Well it was hard to say goodbye to my babies as they left the hotel. My 5 year old wrote me a letter (of adorable random letters and numbers) for me to read while I'm here, she says. I've never been away from them before, maybe that's why it was so hard. I'm feeling very emotional. Very scatter brained. And very anxious. Does everyone feel this way before surgery? I wish I could fight this terrible feeling. Yuck :(

An hour away from surgery pre op and surgery!

I feel a little surreal at the moment. Had a very uneasy and wakeful sleep. Just waiting for my 2 best friends to come to my hotel to once over everything. Then going to the surgeons clinic to check in. Wish me luck everybody! See you all on the flat side!!

Day after surgery!

Hi friends, at the moment I am feeling alright. Right after surgery I was incredibly nauseous and was fighting the urge to vomit. The nausea lasted all day and into the night. I think the nausea was also brought on by intense back pain. I dry heaved and almost passed out from the pain. It was the most intense thing I have ever felt. The pain killer prescribed to me is tramadol is what makes me so sick so i haven't taken any today. I'm allergic to Tylenol so I've only had Advil and gravol today. My friends visited me throughout the night last night and today to help me up as I needed. My nurse came this morning to show my friends how to change and clean dressings. I'm just about to have a sandwich (not really very hungry though) and I cannot wait to take a gravol and go back to bed. Sleeping is tough. Back and belly pain are constant. But I've figured out little ways to ease the nagging pains. Getting up and using the Bathroom has been okay. Walking hunched over and shuffling my feet. The pics today are from when the nurse changed my dressings. The incision is beautiful and low and my belly button looks amazing!

Ohhhh the misery....

Last night was miserable. My back is killing me, my stomach is killing me. Everything hurts and I'm feeling really bad for myself. I'm really fighting myself with the pain killers. They make me so so so sick but I am in soooo much pain. It's a little on the unbearable side. I am finally home and that feels really good. The hotel was quiet but I actually find comfort in hearing my kids laughing and playing downstairs. Thank god for the electric recliner we just bought. It's stationed in our bedroom by the tv and all of my recovery bits and pieces I'll need for a while. My husband has been amazing. Super helpful and very supportive. If I have one suggestion for anyone who may be getting this surgery done DONT LAUGH!! it will kill you. Seriously. I have a funny family and it sucks. Last night I couldn't stop laughing for some dumb reason and the pain was so excruciating that it quickly turned into screaming and then sobbing. I probably looked completely insane. So yeah, stay far away from anything even slightly comical. Trust me! Like I said, happy to be home now :) happy to be more comfortable. Thank goodness.

Second dressing change

My bandage change was a little less weird today. I actually touched my skin and was surprised that it had feeling. I expected my entire belly to feel totally numb and strange. Incision is clean and doing well.

4 days post op.

I feel much more human today! I haven't taken any Advil at all today! My nurse thinks I'm a little crazy for going through recover with only Advil as pain management. Buuuut that's ok, it works for me! I slept a bit better last night and I've had much more energy today. I folded some laundry and washed a few dishes. Looking forward to bed time tonight ;) I'm a little worried about my husband returning to work tomorrow and me being home with the kids but hopefully things will go well. :/

Drain details

Drains out! 8 days post op!

Well, I started to feel more human today. Walking is much more manageable and I washed my hair and sponge bathed myself. I even put on makeup, did my hair and put on my normal clothes! Today was my one week appt. my nurse was apparently quite surprised at how bright I looked today! Today she cleaned my incision, looked at things closely, praised my beautiful new belly, then she finally took out my drains! I was more than ready to have them go. They're so awkward and in the way, not to mention they pull and hurt quite a lot. I was given compression underwear and was headed to do some errands with a gf today. The entire time I was out, the compression garment was really painful. It was pressing on my abdomen (internal stitches) and was causing a lot of discomfort. We were out for a few hours and I walked ALOT. When I arrived home, I took the compression garment off and decided to use my original Velcro Girdle instead to relieve the pain on the abs. When I took the compression piece off, I noticed how swollen my abdomen was. It freaked me out, I haven't seen it swollen like that before! Then, while making dinner I started to notice how sore and full my belly feels. I'm worried that my belly is accumulating a bunch of fluid. Not sure if this is normal? I will be calling my clinic first thing in the morning. So much for early Black Friday shopping. Uugh :(

Bloated puffy gut 10 days post op

So I had my drains taken out 2 days ago and ever since, I've been so uncomfortable. The bloating and swelling is unbelievable!! I feel so uncomfortable it's a little crazy. I'm stressing about Seroma, but I don't think that's what it is yes. I'm hoping and praying that it's just swelling and that eventually it will work itself out. I feel a little sad because I always felt bloated before surgery because of the muscle separation issue. Then I felt flat and skinny right after surgery, and now I'm back to feeling puffy and bloated again. I have been insanely busy the last couple days, I'm thinking I could be doing it to myself. Next appt is Thursday, but not sure if I can wait. This totally sucks :(

Feeling great!

2 weeks post op already!! I had my scar management appointment today, got a little incision cleaning and feeling awesome. My nurse told me she doesn't think I have a seroma, and it looks more like regular swelling. Especially considering that it is gone in the morning. I am basically back to all normal activities and everything feels great. I can still feel some tightness in my abdominals, but nothing to really hold me back. Today I sneezed and it wasn't painful at all, just tight. I'm so happy to be healing so well!

Every day gets easier

I'm just a little over 2 weeks and I'm completely back to myself again. All of my regular activities, walking completely straight, my energy is back. The only thing I haven't started again is the gym. I'll start back at the gym again next week. Treadmill, stairclimber, and bike. No weights or lifting yet. I can't even believe that I'll be able to wear cute little sports bras and workout crop tops now! I was way too chubby to be able to do that before. This is amazing.

3 weeks post op

Well, safe to say that life has completely gone back to its usual craziness! Every day is just as busy as the next and passes far too quickly. I have to actually remind myself sometimes that I'm still less than a month from major surgery and try to force myself to calm down. My confidence has boosted quite a bit, I feel thin and sexy! I've been putting on makeup every day and putting effort into getting ready for the day. I cannot WAIT to get back to the gym and start being able to see results! I am excited to have some core strength! The future is bright!!
I've started doing scar management and using the scar tape. This stuff is amazing and works so well!

It's been a month?!?

Well it's been 4 weeks!! The scar tape is wonderful and swelling is going down daily. The worst swelling for me is the upper abdominals but I hear that's super common. Getting lots done for Christmas! Can't believe Christmas is already here wow!

Celebrating a month

I finally get to wear and feel sexy in something that my husband picked out. This is a little personal, but I guess it doesn't get more personal that the stories we've all shared so far. I'm posting this because I am now proud of the choice I made to give my body the shape I think I deserve. I am 30, have 3 kid and have worked hard at creating a better body mind and soul. Now my outside better matches my inside. I showed this picture to my husband, and even though I am much happier with what I see, he said he saw me this way even before surgery. What a great man I have! Side note, I think I'll do the marble in the belly button thing as mine seems to be super tiny. Thoughts?

40 days post op

I went bathing suit shopping today (yes it's winter) and I actually picked out the cutest bottoms I could find! I am so excited for the summer!!

7weeks post op

Yesterday and today I have gone pretty hard on the treadmill doing HIIT programs. Today I got my period and I'm in so much pain. I. Ever get cramping or heavy periods but today it's awful. I'm bleeding very heavily and my stomach is aching so bad it's nearly taking my breath away. I'm waiting for a call back from my nurse to talk with her about it but this feels a little unusual. This is my second cycle since surgery. Has anyone else had this happen? I'm a little concerned!!

Back at the gym hard!

Starting to see results and it is amazing!!! I've started doing abdominal exercises and can totally do planks way better than I could before surgery. Lifting heavy to biggen the booty;)

Almost 6 months post op. Weird oozing???

So today I noticed a piece of random dry skin on my incision. I peeled off a little chick if skin and there was a tin hole that oozed white stuff. No stink, no soreness. Totally random. And 6 months later after my incision was fuller healed?? Help!!

According to my consultation, Dr Smith is absolutely the best choice for my surgery decisions. He was so informative, so thurough, and worked with me to get me exactly what I want. At first, his idea didn't exactly match mine. I completely value and appreciate his professionalism, but when I expressed my idea, he gave me his honest opinion, and then supported my decision in an incredibly thoughtful way. He was very positive and easy to talk to. He showed me his procedure portfolio and wow. Just wow. His work is seamless and beautiful. I feel like his prices are a little higher than some other surgeons in town, but I don't mind paying because of how great he is at what he does. I'm very much looking forward to continuing on to surgery with Dr Smith

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