Liposuction of the Abdomen - Victoria, BC

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My name is Asia and I'm 20 years old, if always...

My name is Asia and I'm 20 years old, if always struggled with keeping my weight off ever since I was young. about 2 years ago I lost 65 pounds which was a huge life style change for me. I currently eat very healthy and get plenty of exercise , but no matter how much I do I have stubborn fat on my stomach and flanks. so I decided liposuction would be the best bet since it is a great procedure for those who have areas they can't get rid of themselves. I did lots of research on surgeons in my area and I have found one who has all great reviews. I booked a consultation which went very well, my surgery is scheduled for may 23 of next month and I am looking forward to it. Will update those after the surgery. :)

16 days to go, getting very excited. I've been...

16 days to go, getting very excited. I've been pushing my self extra hard at the gym trying to tone up so this may give me better results. Want to go into this surgery healthy as can be.

Forgot to mention I will be completely out for...

Forgot to mention I will be completely out for this surgery. My doctor doesn't beleive being awake for this procedure is the best. to be honest I am okay with this, I'd rather not see what their doing. I've been under general anesthesia before for a different surgery and it went very well.

I added a couple more pictures, I think I've...

I added a couple more pictures, I think I've slimmed down a little bit since the last ones. Getting closer to surgery date, can't wait :)


Tomorrow is the day! So nervous but excited. Hope this goes well and is worth it, staying positive

Here are the after pictures!

Procedure went really well! The nursers and environment were unreal. So happy, not a huge amount of bruising or swelling but that could still change. As it looks now I am super happy with the results :)

Picture comparison

Day 2 after surgery

well it's day 2 post op. Definitely alot more sore bruised and swollen. managed to have a full shower and changed the bandages covering the incisions. been getting up and about a little bit but been resting alot. The pain killers they gave me work well with helping numb the pain. will update again in a week or so.

More pics more bruising

a little worried

Well two weeks after surgery and I am still a bit swollen and numb. I'm not as flat as I was after surgery though it's looks like my pouch is back just not as big. Maybe I am over thinking it and need to wait? has anyone else had this problem?

Swelling is going down a bit

Latest pictures.

Here's a couple pictures. The tenderness is pretty much gone now. Still a bit swollen, hopeing my stomach will get a but flatter but I've been back at the gym 6 days a week toning up! Happy with my results :)

Second picture

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