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Hi all I am 25 years and a mother to a 6 year old...

Hi all I am 25 years and a mother to a 6 year old boy.
He was a BIG boy and stretched me out. I am ready to get my body back!

Today is April 4th and I had my pre-op appointment with my surgeon. Only 18 more days til I'm firm again :)

For the past few months I've had an obsession with this website reading everyone's personal experiences. I had LOADS of questions for my surgeon, he answered all my questions to the fullest detail, I left the office satisfied.

Sounds like from what he tell my incision will be low, and my belly button is going to be an inny! I've seen some belly buttons and was like eek I don't want to look this way. I am sure my Surgeon will do phenomenal work.

I am getting extremely nervous about the surgery. What are some tips you flat-siders can give me as to what to keep table side post-op.

My Husband is also have some "work" done a few...

My Husband is also have some "work" done a few days prior to my surgery. However his down time will only be days, lucky guy. At least he'll be off to help take care of me :)

Has anyone heard of trying to use a walker when walking to the bathroom and to eat, beneficial or not?

I received a call from my PS and they told me they...

I received a call from my PS and they told me they had to reschedule my surgery!! But, it was for 2 days earlier :) ahh exactly 2 weeks away :) !!! Nervous, scared, and excited!

Going to vent.... So I have been keeping my...

Going to vent....
So I have been keeping my surgery a secret from most co-workers and friends. Now that the BIG day is nearing and ppl are hearing I will be off work for an extended amount time questions are being asked.
So lately I haven't cared what others thought so I've been freeling and openly been discussing my plans.
This is what I hear.
"You're to young" "How could you do something like this" "Why are you so worried about how your tummy looks" "How could you send so much money on something you don't need" "the risks"

I just want everyone to accept I'm doing this for me. I want my self confidence back. I want to be able to buy pants n shirts in the right size. I don't want to buy clothes to hid my tummy. I want to wear a bikini again. Dress pants I don't want to wear spanx with you anymore!

Has anyone else gone thru this how did u deal with it?

I've been having the most bizarre dreams the past...

I've been having the most bizarre dreams the past couple days. I'm sure it's related to either stress at work or anxiety about the upcoming surgery. But they are so crazy I wake in the middle of the night like woah!

Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi everyone I'm getting extremely nervous for my...

Hi everyone
I'm getting extremely nervous for my surgery. Yet still very anxious.
My surgery will include, TT,MR, and lipo to upper abdomin, flanks, and back.
My surgeon is one hour from my home, and the surgery is day surgery meaning my husband will be driving me home afterwards. Any suggestions on what to have in the car with me? Did anyone experience nausea or vomiting after surgery?
I'm keep wanting to change my mind about the surgery which I'm assuming is normal. Cause the more I think that way the more I say ARE YOU KIDDING, YES YOU'RE GETTING IT DONE!

Can anyone tell some things they found useful or couldn't do without post op!?

I'm so nervous and scared. My mind is going a...

I'm so nervous and scared. My mind is going a million times a minute, definitely cannot think straight, or sleep.
I keep rechecking things make sure I have everything I need.
My grandmother just passed away 2 days ago, I'm nervous About attending the funeral definitely cant miss that its on Wednesday. I know she'll be with me in the morning :)
My father is now taking me instead of my husband. Husband had gynecomastia yesterday he needs to heal more before driving. Makes me nervous he won't be with me.

Well I'm going to TRY to rest. Next time I post I'll be post op!

I had my tummy tuck yesterday. What an experience...

I had my tummy tuck yesterday. What an experience that was.
The pain is no joke, I guess its more like soreness after a very intense workout.
I've been managing my pain with my pill every 3 hrs, i hope to decrease it soon. i wish i would have toned my legs before hand cause my legs and arms are sore from standing n walking,
I really don't have an appetite, all I've had was a sleeve of saltine crackers and a banana. All I've been doing is on n off sleeping in a not all so comfortable position but it works for now,
I really haven't had much drainage, but its only been 1 day.
Time to take another nap :)

All I have been doing is sitting in the same...

All I have been doing is sitting in the same position and only get up to use the bathroom.
I'm incredibly hunched over my belly is soo tight. I get winded in my walk to the bathroom.
My CG that they gave me from surgery is not the greatest. Im constantly readjusting it. I'm looking forwars to having these drains out and wearing a diff CG.
Am I doing what I should be? Obviously don'twant to over exexert myself.
These pain pills make me pass out haha. So I've found a comfortable position where my lower back, thighs, and calves are supported. I mean I still have pressure pains from sitting like this from time to time.
My father brought me over a walker with a seat and brakes, I tried it out going to the restroom, how awesome is this lil thing. Mainly brought it over so I can use it for my grandma's funeral on wednesday.
How is everyone else doing?

I'm POD5, I'm feeling good, sleeping better thru...

I'm POD5, I'm feeling good, sleeping better thru the night. I'm extremely itchy under this CG I scratch and don't get any relief urgh! I don't know if I can rub anything on my skin. .? to relieve the itchies.
I've toned down on the pain management, I'm able to get up easier, however I'm still hunched over and get really stiff after sitting for long periods. The lipo area on my back is where most of my pain is, and my drains sites. I CANNOT WAIT TO GET THEM REMOVED!
Otherwise the pain in my abdomen is more like soreness.
I attended my grandmas funeral yesterday, was a very sad event, crying was hard to do. Its one of those cries you cannot control. After the funeral events Icame home and rested alllll night :)
This morning I got up by myself, got my son rdy for school gave him a shower, made his breakfast n lunch. Layed his clothes out, I felt so proud haha. Its the little things :)
Ohh on POD3 I had a BM 2x, all I did was ate some pitted prunes, didn't have to strain just came on out ..tmi? Well I felt a lot better after wards.

I'll post some new pics later today.

One week post op, wahoo! ! I saw my PS today and...

One week post op, wahoo! !
I saw my PS today and had my drains, stitches and steri strips were removed. What a relief not to have those annoying drains!!
My PS told me I'm a poster child for tummy tucks :) he says everything looks great, and healing perfectly.
I'm still incredibly hunched over and walk very slowly.I'm able to lay a little more comfortably with my knees elevated of course.
I found out what that pain sensation on my right side. It was more like a burning sensation, PS says thats my nerve feeling coming back. Makes sense.
I will post some pictures.

So I'm incredibly itchy around my incision... I...

So I'm incredibly itchy around my incision... I need some relief, any suggestions?? I've been using just neosporin on it, because I'm not sure what I can I use so close to my incision. I am probably going to call my PS tomorrow. But just checking here first! ! HELP! !

Hi All.. I'm 2 weeks PO feeling r really well. I'm...

Hi All.. I'm 2 weeks PO feeling r really well. I'm still a bit hunched over still. Plans are to go back to work on Monday. Eek. Was supposed to be tomorrow but I was extended.
I haven't had any complications expect being super itchy nothing benedryl couldn't fix :) I posted some pictures.

4 weeks PO

Hi all
I made it to 4 weeks :)
Not to much to complain about! I went back to work full time last week which consisted of 10-12 hr days lots of swelling at end of days but nothing I couldn't tolerate.
Once all this swelling goes away I'll be golden :) I also need to watch my food intake I can definitely feel it when I have to much sodium.
Doctor says about 2-3 more weeks I can be released to workout! ! Woot! For now still listening to my body. I still get hunched over towards end of day or if I'm sitting to long. I just take ibprofen for pain.
My scar is healing well... I have silicone strips to help :)
How's everyone else?
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