35 Year Old with Dark Circles, Dorsal Hump and Indent on Left Side of Bridge - Ventura, CA

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*Treatment results may vary

It's my first post so please forgive me in advance...

It's my first post so please forgive me in advance as I am new to this.

I have seen 4 PS now for rhynoplasty in the LA area. First time was when I had my BA / reconstruct done with dr.hodnet. He made it sound like a simple task, but didn't want me u see too long so insisted I return for a second sx. Years later and another child, my older son accidentally head butted me and broke my nose (2nd good break across the bridge)
It was "set" but I waited a year to see another PS in encino.
Apparently dr. J as they call him thought I had very high expectations and wouldn't be happy with my result. I left devastated.

After reading many reviews I called dr. pickart in Ventura CA. He mirrored dr.J's comments about the margins of give on a nose job would leave a perfectionist unhappy. But he did recommend a filler to treat the I sent the light casts shadows on and to reduce the appearance of the dorsal hump. He explained some fillers have desolver that can be used to reverse it if I was unhappy.
His bedside manor was very kind.. And like every other PS I have met said I would need a TT to get rid of the tiny pouch I have.... Not ready for that commitment yet!
I opted for Botox that day ( dr.J did my first treatment for signs of forehead wrinkles and bruised me) dr .pickart was gentle and it was painless.. I am very pleased with the result two weeks later so I called and scheduled my appoint meant for next Friday!! A filler day he called it! As I may allow any additional left over filler be used to decrease the dark gallows of my under eyes!

One week to go

I'm so nervous!!
I have minimum of the non surgical nose job scheduled next Friday.. But I am really starting to feel my whole face could use volume after loosing 75lbs!
Thoughts!? My dark circles and hallow checks age me horribly

Restalyne or juvaderm ?

I been living on real self in prep for Friday's procedure.. I read awful restalyne reaction reviews :( I am worried to have to many areas filled and then have to desolver it all due to a reaction or infection...
Any thoughts? I am defiantly getting the nose corrected, been a dream for years! But why bother if the year troughs totally age me? Even with make up u can see them :(

Big day

I started arnica two days ago.. Trying to avoid caffeine and drinking lots of water.
Appointment was moved from 10:15 to 11:00 so dr has enough time to do my procedure and answer my questions about my May Lipo surety scheduled (another review to come)

I didn't know I would be this nervous, it's only a filler procedure but, I guess having had a crooked nose for 10 years I am excited and nervous for the new look!

I may have him use left over filler to fill my tear troughs or lips.. I'll post post procedure pics soon!!

Post op first day

Dr.Pickart is so amazing.. He took over an hour to talk and comfort me, asked a ton of questions and looked at my dream pictures .. I'm bruised but not badly, and a bit tender.. But all manageable

More pictures of the "after"

We did one full syringe in my nose and 2/3 in my year troughs .. 1/3 in my upper lip..

He was gentile and I had no discomfort at all!

Swollen but not bruised

So if I can give you all any advice to be prepared for bruising in advance makes a world of difference.
13$ I purchased a 3pk of 30c of arnica tablets
7$ I got arnica gel (cooling type)
4$ I purchased the gel bead face mask and froze it..
After procedure I ice religiously.. My hubby took me to the movies so we could still have time together without me being self conscious. The lovely girl at the theater even threw my ice mask in the blast chiller ( next to the ice cream) so half way through the movie I could pick it up and ice mid movie.
I did get a headache from icing so a single naproxasodium and poof! Felt amazing ...

This morning.. I am still swollen but very little bruising!!

Final update

Well it's been 3 full days and the swelling is gone, very little bruising .. I love my nose, my face looks less tired ! the .3c in my upper had very little effect post swelling.. But I'll wait till my year troughs need touch up to worry about it! All in all most definitely worth it!

One month update (no makeup)

Here is a one month check in for all my wonderful Realself gals out there following along

Two months out

I had surgery a month ago and the Yama caused a bit of additional juvaderm in my lips and eyes to be absorbed extra fast! I noticed a smal dip in my nose as well.. I'll keep u all posted!

Oops forgot a pic

I pressed submit to fast lol here a image to elaborate..

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