Dr. Giuffrida is an Artist. Simply amazing.

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Venice Plastic Surgeon

I met Dr. Giuffrida On my pre-op appointment He came in Very welcoming and professional I stood up so he could see my body and what we were going to do, then he says "How's your budget? Would you include your chest?" to which I replied I would totally do it, but i don't have anymore money (which was completely true) and we moved forward, then he asked me "do you have any questions for me?" and I had a million but at that moment I blanked out and said "I don't know! What do people ask?!" the he explained everything to me when would I be able to go back to work, to exercise, what I should eat, what to expect from my surgery etc, etc. So professional. We were done, I left home with instructions on paper and the the day of the surgery came. I followed every single instruction they gave me and showed up on time and beyond excited.Then Dr. Giuffrida came in draw everything he needed to draw on my body and then says "do you mind if i do this too?" (pointing at my breast) to which i replied, "no, go for it" and I remember feeling I was in the bests hands, not because he did my breast too, but because he's so professional it made me feel he was putting his name on my body, so he was gonna do his best (and he did) and that made me feel so sure about everything. No doubt I got the best surgeon in the word. As soon as he was done drawing everything on me Rita got me ready with my meds and cleaned my body. The procedure started and I was conscious the whole time but now I don't remember quite well, it's a blurry memory right now, but what I can say is that Dr. Michael Giuffrida's hands are golden! Such a medical artist, I think I was even singing throughout the procedure lol. Long story short, I passed out twice and ended up in E.R. there's a whole black spot in this story and then I'm fully aware of myself in the emergency room, it was around 9 or 10 pm and Dr. Giuffrida came to check on me to the hospital I was taken to, which I think was the most human /professional thing! As I've been saying he's simply amazing. We laughed a little about the scenario, how I went there to get an amazing body and ended up confused in the emergency room with still an amazing body lol, he even took a picture of me and shared it with the nurses so they knew I was perfect. Then i got home and the following days Dr. Giuffrida checked on me again, everything was/is going great. And i got my one week follow up appointment and let me tellnyoh I got 1000% more than i was expecting, of course I'm still a little swollen, but the body I have, I've never felt so confident in my entire life! Beyond words, I can't even begin to explain how amazing it feels.and how this experience has changed my life in so many ways. I'm proud of taking that decision and even prouder to say Dr. Giuffrida was my surgeon. So if you're considering getting a liposuction, He's definitely your choice. Thank you so much Dr. Giuffrida for all your professionalism and caring. I'll be forever grateful and continue taking care of this amazing body you got me! Much love. Germán Oviedo Rojas

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