20 Years Old, Primary Rhinoplasty in the Netherlands

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Hi all, After reading hundreds of reviews online...

Hi all,

After reading hundreds of reviews online I decided to add my own story on here as well. My nose has been bothering me for as long as I can remember. I've been wanting to get a rhinoplasty since I was 16 but decided to wait until I was fully grown. Last summer I actively started looking for a surgeon in The Netherlands or nearby. I've had a consultation with Dr. Noorman van der Dussen (Belgium) but decided his age might be an issue so I started looking for other doctors. I planned a consultation in December with Dr. Bart Stubenitsky at the Velthuis Clinic in The Netherlands. I couldn't find any reviews for him on The RealSelf but found some online that were quite promising. Would love to hear it if any of you have any experience with him though.

The issue with my nose is that it is quite large in comparison to the rest of my face. I have a very small forehead and a very small mouth and this makes my nose look even bigger. I also have a hump on the bridge of my nose, very large nostrils and a bulbous tip. Please let me know if you have/had a similar nose so I can kind of see what to expect.

Consult at Velthuis Clinic

Sooo I had my consult with Dr. Stubenitsky at the Velthuis Clinic in Hilversum today. He's very friendly and made me feel super comfortable. He explained a lot about what to expect and made a morph that looked very good. Feeling quite confident that I'll be choosing him as my surgeon. I really do want to get a second consult and bring my dad along to see what he thinks about it. Getting more excited about this whole thing now. :)

Planned my surgery

Hi guys, just a small update to announce that I now have a date! Will have my surgery at the Velthuis Clinic on the 21st of April. :)

Before and my own morph

Surgery is less than a month away... I wanted to include another before and a morph I did myself to kind of show my desired result. My surgeon said that he isn't going to make my nose very small as I have a prominent chin. I think this pic should be achievable though. I wouldn't mind it turning out a bit smaller but I don't want to have unrealistic expectations. I trust my surgeon so we'll see how it turns out. :)

Out of surgery

So I finally had my surgery yesterday! It went very well, according to my surgeon, and it wasn't half as bad as I expected. Everyone (and I literally mean every single one) who worked at the Clinic was extremely nice and sweet and caring. I went home I think 2 hours after surgery and felt fine. Watched Netflix until I think 23h in the evening and then tried to get some sleep. That was probably the worst part. Even though I don't have those big tampons in my nose, it is quite difficult to breathe through my nostrils so I think I only slept for 4 hours. Apart from that, I still feel fine. Haven't had any pain since the surgery whatsoever. I can sometimes feel the stitches pull on my nose slightly (when I'm trying to eat for example), and that is a bit uncomfortable but not painful.

Side pic of cast and before/after pics from below

Nose is already looking smaller than before, even with the cast. It's a bit difficult to see the tip now because of all the tape and the cast, but it's already a huge improvement (excuse the bloodiness, can't clean it yet).

Before and after pics taken during surgery

Cast off! Very swollen and small bump on bridge?

I got my cast taken off today, finally! It didn't hurt as bad as I expected. It's still so swollen but already a huge improvement! Only thing I noticed straight away is a small bump on my bridge. I didn't see this in the pics that were taken during surgery so I'm hoping it's swelling... Anyone here who had the same issue?

More swelling and bad skin

At the moment my nose is so swollen that it looks worse than before, I think. But just have to be patient and wait until the swelling goes down... Also, my nose is extremely greasy and full of black and whiteheads after the cast got removed. Touching it is still quite painful and I don't want to risk damaging my nose, but if anyone has any tips on clearing up the skin on and around my nose, I'd love to hear them! Also, bump is still there. It must be swelling though as it also hurts when I touch it (like pressing on a bruise). I did email my surgeon yesterday so hopefully he will calm me down by telling me it's swelling, haha. Still very statisfied with the profile though! Especially the tip and nostrils look amazing (even though he didn't change the base of my nostrils, they became sooo much smaller!). Another thing I'm worried about though is the tip dropping. I've read on here that the tip usually drops after a couple of weeks, but I really don't want that to happen! I love my tip the way it's now (from the side). Just hoping it will stay up like this. :)

More swelling

Tomorrow I have to get back to work and my nose is still sooo swollen. I hope tomorrow the swelling finally starts to settle a bit. I want to keep updating this to maybe look back on in the future and show others that swelling is normal (hopefully my nose will shrink and be an example of normal swelling, haha). I've been so obsessed with my nose, taking pictures all day to see if it looks better already. Still very congested, can't properly breathe out of my right nostril yet. There's a big dried blood scab blocking my nostril so air barely gets through. I'm not allowed to take them out though and just have to wait until they come loose I guess...

More before pictures that show my old nose

Figured it would be good to add some clear before pictures of my entire face! Most of them I hate and never would post online or somewhere, all because of my previous large nose. Going through these pics already makes me so happy that the big nose is gone forever, haha!

I can finally breathe again

For the last two weeks following surgery I couldn't breathe out of my nose at all. It was all because of dried blood blocking my nostrils but I was told the first week that I couldn't do anything about it. Yesterday I got so fed up with it (also because I couldn't sleep at all those past weeks) that I called the clinic again. They told me I could try one of those rhino pots to rinse my nose. I immediately tried it and everything that was blocking my nose came loose straight away (sorry for the tmi). I have rinsed my nose again today and I can finally breathe normally again! So so happy. My tip for anyone who's planning a rhinoplasty, ask your surgeon what day you can start rinsing with one of those rhino pots. I wished I asked them sooner because it could have saved me some terrible sleepless nights! Tomorrow I hit the two weeks PO mark, but the swelling hasn't really gone down yet. Hoping it will be better next week. My smile has almost fully returned though so that's great. I do notice that my columella incision isn't complety smooth. There's a ridge where the incision is. I hope that it's because of the swelling and that it will smooth down once the swelling goes down too.

Two week mark

Still a lot of swelling, both in the bridge and the tip. You can see that there's also still a "bump" on my bridge. The sides feel like bone but I hope it's just swelling. These pics are both taken from the same angle, before left and after right. The most obvious difference is the length of my nose! Looks so much better now.

Humpy and bumpy

Just a small update. The swelling in the tip is finally going down a bit (not enough to show up on pictures though) but my bridge currently feels extremely bumpy. I have been reading that this is due to the healing of the bone (calluses and swelling). Just have to be patient! It feels weird though, because the bumps are very hard (like bone) but they feel very different from the bump that was initially removed from my nose. Would love to hear if any of you also had bumps and lumps during recovery!

Swelling going down

Hi there! I believe I just passed the one month mark. Swelling has definitely gone down but is still very present, especially in the tip and the sides of my nose. There's still a small bump on the bridge, I hope it will go down eventually but we'll have to see. My nose has finally been feeling normal (not numb anymore) and my smile completely returned after 2,5/3 weeks I believe. I added some non-selfies to show my nose from the side!

Changed my review to worth it

Just a small update and more pics from last week. I changed my review from not sure to worth it. So far I'm still very happy. Of course there are some minor things (still some bumps from certain angles and uneven swelling) but I'm confident that those will disappear with time. I'll try to keep updating with pictures every couple of weeks so anyone interested can see how my nose is healing. :) These pictures are from last week, so around the 6 weeks PO mark.

Just one more pic from 5 weeks PO because I LOVE my nose here

Still very happy, but there are also some slight "issues"

Hi there! Just another update. I'm at exactly two months po today! I haven't really noticed any changes regarding the swelling since my last update which I posted a few weeks ago. Apart from discussing the positive things, I also want to talk about some of the more worrisome aspects.

- Bump on bridge; the small bumps I felt went away after massaging but there is one hard bump left. I try to massage it often but it doesn't go away. I'm not too worried about it, but I do want to mention it.
- Raised scar; my columella is still very swollen which causes my scar to be very visible from the side. I think this will go away as the swelling subsides, but it has been bothering me.
- Uneven swelling/indentation; on my right side my nose has a slight indentation, right where my tip starts. The other side does not have this. It sometimes causes my nose to look uneven or bent in a way. Again, it's probably uneven swelling but it is something that worries me.
- Sensitive scar and strange bumps in nose; my scar is still sensitive on the inside of my nose. There are also some weird bumps on the inside of my nose. You can't see those but I sometimes notice them when I rub bio oil on my scar (and on the inner side of my scar).

My only follow up is in November. I did email my surgeon about a couple of these things and he basically told me to wait and let everything heal. Again, I don't worry to much and am still extremely happy with the results but I did want to mention these parts of it as well.
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