20 Years Old, Primary Rhinoplasty in the Netherlands

Hi all, After reading hundreds of reviews online...

Hi all,

After reading hundreds of reviews online I decided to add my own story on here as well. My nose has been bothering me for as long as I can remember. I've been wanting to get a rhinoplasty since I was 16 but decided to wait until I was fully grown. Last summer I actively started looking for a surgeon in The Netherlands or nearby. I've had a consultation with Dr. Noorman van der Dussen (Belgium) but decided his age might be an issue so I started looking for other doctors. I planned a consultation in December with Dr. Bart Stubenitsky at the Velthuis Clinic in The Netherlands. I couldn't find any reviews for him on The RealSelf but found some online that were quite promising. Would love to hear it if any of you have any experience with him though.

The issue with my nose is that it is quite large in comparison to the rest of my face. I have a very small forehead and a very small mouth and this makes my nose look even bigger. I also have a hump on the bridge of my nose, very large nostrils and a bulbous tip. Please let me know if you have/had a similar nose so I can kind of see what to expect.

Consult at Velthuis Clinic

Sooo I had my consult with Dr. Stubenitsky at the Velthuis Clinic in Hilversum today. He's very friendly and made me feel super comfortable. He explained a lot about what to expect and made a morph that looked very good. Feeling quite confident that I'll be choosing him as my surgeon. I really do want to get a second consult and bring my dad along to see what he thinks about it. Getting more excited about this whole thing now. :)

Planned my surgery

Hi guys, just a small update to announce that I now have a date! Will have my surgery at the Velthuis Clinic on the 21st of April. :)

Before and my own morph

Surgery is less than a month away... I wanted to include another before and a morph I did myself to kind of show my desired result. My surgeon said that he isn't going to make my nose very small as I have a prominent chin. I think this pic should be achievable though. I wouldn't mind it turning out a bit smaller but I don't want to have unrealistic expectations. I trust my surgeon so we'll see how it turns out. :)

Out of surgery

So I finally had my surgery yesterday! It went very well, according to my surgeon, and it wasn't half as bad as I expected. Everyone (and I literally mean every single one) who worked at the Clinic was extremely nice and sweet and caring. I went home I think 2 hours after surgery and felt fine. Watched Netflix until I think 23h in the evening and then tried to get some sleep. That was probably the worst part. Even though I don't have those big tampons in my nose, it is quite difficult to breathe through my nostrils so I think I only slept for 4 hours. Apart from that, I still feel fine. Haven't had any pain since the surgery whatsoever. I can sometimes feel the stitches pull on my nose slightly (when I'm trying to eat for example), and that is a bit uncomfortable but not painful.

Side pic of cast and before/after pics from below

Nose is already looking smaller than before, even with the cast. It's a bit difficult to see the tip now because of all the tape and the cast, but it's already a huge improvement (excuse the bloodiness, can't clean it yet).

Before and after pics taken during surgery

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