VASER Lipo Helped So Much!

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As an engineer for Sound Surgical, I was very...

As an engineer for Sound Surgical, I was very educated on the results VASER Liposelection was producing for almost 5 years. I had seen many doctors perfect the application of the VASER technology into their practice thus creating very satisfied patients. In talking to my doctor about the results of the procedure on me, he suggested that I try to loose 20 lbs before having the work done. (Weight 225lbs).

My problem areas were belly fat and love handles. I was fast approaching my 40th birthday and set out to loose 20 lbs to look my personal best by 40. I watched what I was eating and began to jog 3 miles, 3 to 4 times a week along with lifting weights 2 times a week.

In early April, 2007, my doc had seen me and I was now 20 lbs lighter. (Weight = 205) He asked if I was ready to remove my love handles as if it were a routine task for him. The VASER Lipo procedure was growing popular with men and continues today. I had the procedure done on a Friday afternoon and was continuing my normal life by noon on Saturday. There was very little pain just some slight soreness and swelling. I was awake the entire time and very comfortable with just the local anesthesia.

The bruising was less than I expected and disappeared completely within a week. The best way to describe the soreness is similar to doing a couple hundred sit ups. For a couple weeks I took things easy but then jumped back into my workout routine. I was happy with the shape that was starting to take place.

2 weeks after surgery I had lost another 10 lbs (Weight = 195) and was overwhelmed with the new level of confidence I suddenly had. Old acquaintances could hardly recognize me. Not only did the VASER Lipo experience help remove the stubborn love handles that were here to stay but the entire process motivated me to change my lifestyle.

By the time I turned 40, 1 and ½ months after my VASER procedure, (Weight = 185lbs.) I had lost the belly fat and double chin and reached my goal of looking my personal best. There is simply no stopping me now. I currently weigh 185lbs today, I’m still running and lifting weights and feel great.

Denver Plastic Surgeon

He is very experienced and skilled. He only sets realistic expectations for his patients. If you do your part, he will certainly do his part very well.

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