Liposuction at Vanity Miami Dr. Fisher- Changing to Dra. Almonte Dominican Republic

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So i have been on RS for a while now. I had...

So i have been on RS for a while now. I had smartlipo about 2 years and it was totally a waste of money and time, the dr. only took out 600 cc, WTF is that. Mind you, i didnt know anything about lipo or cc's, im just thinking that im going to get all these love handles removed, guess not! Anyway, all of this has led me to finally take the plunge and get the lipo that i really want , done. Im Dominican, so my first choice of course was going to DR but with the same token, i fear my people in DR because they can be really gangsta and just not give sh*t about you and take your money. So i started looking else where and i found dr. fisher and have read my reviews on how he does lipo aggressively like they do in DR but not exactly. In the US they can only take out a liter of fat during lipo which is 1000 cc's , in miami they can take out up to 4 liters which is 4000 cc's and in DR there is no limit, which is why everyone wants to go to DR. Honestly would so go to DR but i have heard horror stories of girls waking up during surgery and i just cant even imagine. Also i am going with my bf (which doesnt know spanish) and i really dont think he wants to deal with being outside of the US. Anyway, I've been dealing with vanity for about a week or two and dont plan on having my surgery till august which feels like centuries away. I first was qouted $4300 because i wanted to get my inner thighs done and also wanted a tiny bit of fat transfer ( i know my but is already big but i have a ton of cellulite and why waste my fat). I know fat tranfser helps a little with diminishing cellulite. So i was first talking to Ana, pain in the ass, and then i was reading about fishers coordinator Jessica so i decided to speak with her, she is slowly becoming a pain in my ass as well. I paid them $2250 already and im feeling like i should ask for a refund because of all the issues with these ladies. Im afraid that when i get there i wont get Fisher and i am telling you, these ladies do not want to see hell on earth because i will bring it. I know some people have mentioned not getting a refund but i dont care if i didnt get it in writing or if they didnt tell me anything about refunds, i will have my credit card company cancel the transaction. Has anyone else had this problem? I also booked my room at the ramada inn in hialeah, for 7 nights it came out to $777 kinda pricey i think. I might just stay for 5 days opposed to 7. Someone please give me some advice on what i should do, refund no refund, should i stick with them, go to DR, ughhh idk. Help!

Changed doctor To Dra. Almonte in Dominican Republic

So i decided to change my Dr. I was receiving a ton of messages and comments of how good Dr. Fisher is and i should just let go of all the disrespect of vanity call center girls...and to that i say HELL NO! I know Dr. Fisher is amazing, he's comparable to doctors in DR with the amazing lipo he does which is why he was my first choice but i dont care how amazing of a Dr you are; if i am not getting the attention i deserve before hand, I'll just go else where. The fact that you're putting your body through such a tough surgery as it is, I dont want to deal with the other BS.
Anyway, aside from all the stupidness, I have to say that yes, Jessica is amazing and my #1 advice for everyone is please please please speak with Jessica ONLY if you're going with Dr. Fisher. She is simply and angel, her and I even text back and forth. She sent me pictures of before and after of her surgery, she looks AMAZING! I was able to get my refund asap when i spoke to her. Dont ask for Maria the supervisor or anyone else just Jessica, she'll take care of you.

Decision on DR doctors

So initially i wanted Duran but of course who can ever get in contact with her, ugh. But..... I actually did after a week of constantly sending her whatsapp messages, just keep on blowing up her phone. She finally responded to me but she was pretty straight forward with everything, I also didnt really have that many questions to ask because i was just so excited she wrote me, didnt even remember half of them. I also got in contact with Cabral he responds within minutes but he is extremely pricey for DR prices. Money isn't an issue but i kind of feel like if im going to DR i really dont want to pay US prices and on top of the fact that he doesnt have the best record; im good. So i decided that i didnt want to go to CIPLA, its a hospital, its dirty, and disorganized from what i have read. So i decided on Dra. Fatima Almonte, she does amazing work and she works at CECIP which is a clinic and you dont have tons of different sick people roaming around. Dont get me wrong there are infections everywhere but no deaths have occurred at CECIP and i put that in high regard. Also the area is extremely safe and has great hotels, which i plan on staying in one of them. My bf is coming with me and he prefers to stay at a hotel instead of a recovery house which is understandable. I just now need to find a nurse that will travel to me. If anyone has any information on a nurse, please message me would truly appreciate it.
Lesly, her assistant is so attentive. She has answered all of my questions promptly, she is great, so sweet. Havent sent a deposit or anything yet, soon will though.

Does anyone know who..

this is? Are they a RS doll? who's her Doctor? I took a screen shot of this wish pic.

some more wish pics

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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