Surgery with McaDoo 2-16-15. Miami, FL

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Like most women i stalk this site everyday and...

Like most women i stalk this site everyday and been doing this for 3 years now. At first I wanted to go to Dr J but I decided to take my talents down to south beach lol. I expect to have a bigger butt. I always had the boobs but not the bottom.. It's time for a matching set. I'm 5ft tall 180 and bbl surgery is in 3 days. I was suppose to go to Fisher but I didn't make weight which was 160 lbs.. I'm a little nervous because I haven't seen to many reviews on Mcadoo but I'm praying I get the results I want.

In Miami

Okay so surgery is tomorrow bought a bobby pillow and ordered a bbl pillow from I also bought arnica gel, triple antibiotic cream. Vanity recovery house is full so I am staying at the extended stay hotel and it's pretty decent and trust me I'm picky about hotels. I will post before pics for you ladies but I'm about to get some rest for surgery early in the AM. Please let me know if I need more supplies.

I made it back

Dr Mcadoo is soooo cool. He actually told me he got married this weekend in St Lucia. Ladies he told me to buy 2 yoga mats and 2 twin air mattresses as well.. Can't really explain right now why u need it because I'm in a little pain but the pain feels like I did a massive workout in the gym and I'm sore the next day.. My stomach hurts the worse I promise u I feel like I did 1000 crunches.. My nurse is cool, she doesn't speak the best English but we get translation done. I will post pre and post pics tomorrow but I'm super sore and tired.. If y'all have in questions and y'all wanna get to me quicker I will give u my kik messenger a lil later.

Day of surgery things to know for Vanity and working with Dr mcadoo

1. Know what type of Booty you want and have pics. Mcadoo will ask you and take pics of the pics to give you what u want. I feel like I'm built like shekinah so that's what I gave him.. Make sure u have the type of projection and pics of the front shape and curves you want.
Know if you want your boott cheeks touching or spreading apart. I personally wanted mine to touch.
Definitely bring a down ass person who can stomach aftercare of the surgery. You will have a nurse with you for one night until 6 am and that's it the rest is on you and your people. I have a wonderful nurse name Anna and swear she's a angel.. O and work on your Spanish before u come down here because most of the staff speak little English but they're cool.

Things to buy
Arnica gel
Triple antibiotic cream
Plastic cups and straws, you need the plastics cups to drink and pee in the first couple of nights lol.

When u go to the bathroom in order not to get pee all over the place, u will need a red plastic or white styrofoam cup to put in the garment where the vaginal hole is. You will need someone to hold the cup there as you pee and pour it out in the toilet.. Best idea in the world because I damn sure didn't want urine on me after surgery. Plus I hate smells lol.

U need soups, jello, I bought Special K protein drinks, Gatorade, and water. Please drink plenty of water.

First massage is tomorrow will keep u updates and will post before and after pics.

Before pics

Please ladies be nice I know they're hideous

After pics

I love my results I'm still swollen and this camera isn't doing my body justice. Looks real good in person. I had my follow up with macadoo and I gave him a hug I love my new body.. He told everyday my body will get better and plus I'm happy I never had a butt, no plump or nothing I will u keep u ladies updated every week and update my pics. I'm still sore and I wish y'all could see in person but I will make a video later.

No garment

Swollen with no garment on. I took it off so it can be washed. Took some iron pills today I was feeling numb in my arms and legs but I feel great.

The real

I will talk about the untalkable.. Lol going to the bathroom... Sooo finally had a bowel movement, this experience is so different for me because I never had no ass.. So wiping my ass was Farley easy but when I tell u I had a difficult time yesterday it was crazy but I'm very happy with my results, macadoo gave me the max he said.

Day 10

Everything is going great! My dresses and clothes are looking good on me. I need to take some pics so y'all can see.. I'm very happy. I will post pics tonight. I also changed my garment for more compression to the lipo express large garment with ass out lol. I will post pics with garment on and without.. But for the most part I'm loving my new body. I also ordered a squeem off of amazon and it should be here. No offense to the bbl pillow but I have no use for it I just use my yoga mat, I have a big fluffy mat that holds me up without allowing me to sit on my butt. I will be returning the bblpillow tomorrow.

11 day post pic

Day 11 post op pic

Feeling good about my body. Going to the gym for my top half


Loving my booty
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

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