5'1140lbs 32yrs Old No Kids Had Previous Breast Reduction and Weight Loss Surgery/ Miami, FL

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Hello dolls, I'm a future Macadoll yay!!!! I'm...

Hello dolls, I'm a future Macadoll yay!!!! I'm sooo excited to get my new booty. The date is set, deposit is made, just confirmed with kaylas recovery home yesterday. I just need to know the essential items I need to bring with me. I don't want to have a bag full of useless things and I definitely don't wanna waste my money. Please help!!!

Wish pics

I really want the fuller bottom half "upside down heart"

I'm in Miami baby!!!!

So I was a little worried because I flew standby this morning but thank God me and my friend made the flight. Keyla picked us up and we came straight to vanity she Is very sweet. She said we will get to go out tonight!!! Gotta turn up a lil before we lay down. paper wk is done just waiting to to see dr mcadoo...

Dr mcadoo omg!

I tell you ladies this guy has a great personality pretty funny too. He comes in and asks for your wish pics and he really gets into details about the look you are trying to achieve super detailed and drawings. Im sooooooo excited!!!!!

8hrs out of surgery! !!

So the pain after sx was the worst... to me it felt like really bad period cramps. .. I literally had to get on all four to relieve the until I got to Keylas. Surgery was scheduled for 830, I got my anesthesia in the operating room at 10. Ive been hm since 4. Ms elsa has been taking care of me so far cuz my friend that had surgry after me is still inrecovery. I dont know who cooked the chicken noodle soup but it was bomb.com. I know my friend will truly enjoy it when she gets here she has a thing for good soup... after that I had a bowl of fresh fruit... ms elsa is soooooo sweet. She help me to the bathroom the many times ive already called her and she just came in again to chk on me :) Overall im feeling really great right now just stiff I have alot of bleeding from my stiches on my ribs at the top of my stomach by the bra line. I guess from lying on them in bed. keyla asked if I wanted her to brjng some heavy food hm or some ckn, I declined right now but im thinking maybe I should for later cuz I love to eat lol... so so far so good!

8hr post opp

2weeks post op

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