43 Years Old, From Fort Lauderdale, Desperately Needing A Booty ( Big One, Preferably) McDoll - Miami, FL

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Hello Ladies - I, like most of you RS Dolls, have...

Hello Ladies - I, like most of you RS Dolls, have been stocking this site and doing a lot a researches on Doctors, etc, etc. I have chosen to go with Vanity. All the horrible customer service issues that you've been reading about Vanity, IS very true (at least for me, until I met Karina) but I'm willing to go with Dr McAdoo. I've read a lot of negative reviews about Vanity's customer service but I don't care all that much about that, I just care more about my safety and of course, my results, which from my researches, I believe that Dr McAdoo will deliver. I am scheduled for my bbl and lipo of body, upper arms and inner thighs on May 7th....... I scheduled a consult with the Doc through Vanity customer service for Saturday, May 12th. Because of all the negative reviews on customer service and coordinator, I made sure I confirm that the Dr will be in for my consult. I was given the address to (I was told Vanity but - NOPE, same company tho) Encore... I arrived for my consult on time and lo and be hold, the Dr was not in...... I met with Karina, who pretty much explained to me the whole ordeal. She was very nice and informative...... I told her that I wanted to lose some weight as I am 35-40lbs overweight but she insisted that I do not lose weight because all of my fat is on my breasts ( I have huge ones, even had them reduced and lifted 10yrs ago) and stomach and not to worry that the Doc will take it all off (stomach) YAY!!!!!!! She showed me pics of his before n after and I have to say "WOW" I made a deposit to hold my date. Karina gave me her cell phone number and promised that she can be reached at any time, day or night. I wanted to test that theory so I called Karina a few days later with questions regarding supplies and pics of their garment, she ANSWERED n was very quick with sending pics and she answered all of my questions. So far, she has proven herself to be quit productive and cool........ I am starting to love her.... she rescheduled me to meet the Dr on April 16th and to do my Labs on that day..... I CAN'T WAIT..... having sleepless nights already because of anticipation. Hope Dr McAdoo can deliver me a great curvy body with a juicy behind. I am going to tell him to " go to war with my fat and take all he can and not only wants. I will be posting my journey but if anyone of you beautiful ladies have any advice of did your procedure with Dr McAdoo, please don't hesitate to chime in and tell of your experience/results.......

Before an wish pix

So here's my before pix... Nooooo asssss but huge boobs. Thank you God, for Dr McAdoo!!!

Changed Surgery Date

So I've changed my surgery date to April 23rd..... I think this works out better for me in more ways than one. I called Karina and she was a darling in assisting me to find a suitable date and time for me. I didn't think changing the date was going to be a non issue work wise, had I known this earlier, I would've schedule for this date so when I asked (hypothetically) since I am tired of not being able to sleep due to anticipation otherwise, I was surprise to hear that it would be ok to take the time off so I thought why not earlier? I want to be in the far end healing process in May month since my Husband's Birthday is on the 19th of May, which we plan on celebrating and also, the long Memorial Weekend in ending of May on which we always go away so I don't want to still be massively sore around these date... AAAAnnnnnnnddddd...... I am tired losing sleep over this surgery...... I look at more booty than I think any man do and I eat, sleep and dream booties...lol! Anyways Dolls.... I have 3 weeks to go before my date and still can't wait!!!

Consult and Labs

Beautiful, Sweet Karina, have rescheduled my consult and labs for April 10th.... So far, I've been having a great experience with Encore/Karina. I received an email from Vanity, giving me instructions on pre and post surgery which I think is great... soooooo excited!!!!


So I bought the following.....

BBL Pillow $100
Foam Board
Faja (another one, I get one with my package deal through Vanity)
Ez Pee
Sport Bra (open front)
Big Booty Panties
Waist Pincher
Anti Embolism Socks
Arnica Cream, Arnica Montana Pills
Firming Lotion/Stretch Mark (Palmers Coco Butter)
Gauze and Tape
Antibacterial Soap
Extra Strength Tylenol

I have everything else already...

Maxi Dress
Flip flop
Itch Cream

Day before surgery, will shop for food....

If anyone wants to know what the pre and post instructions are, feel free to ask!!

Package Deal With Vanity

My package deal for $5000.00 includes -

16 areas (full stomach, back/bra lines, flanks, waist, arms and thighs) of lipo with fat transfer to buttocks

one faja/ body compression garment

2 massages...

I looked through groupon for lymphathic massages and found some great deals, so I bought 3 more. Karina told me that I only need like 5 and I also read that some doctors advice to use a rolling pin and gently roll the lipo areas instead of spending money on massages! I'll have my husband try that on me lol. I will give a review on the booty buddy pillow I bought for sitting and driving. I bought it from BOODY BUDDY.com

one arm compression garment

Super excited because I changed my surgery date yet again

Sooo, I changed my date again, to the 14th of April, because of work but I am overly excited that I'm able to do it much earlier. I called the lovely Karina, and let me tell you, she exhausted every avenue trying fit me in upon request. I even felt bad, calling her so much but she was amazing.... I am still having sleepless nights because of anticipation.......

Had Labs done today...fingers cross

Went to get my lab work done today and spotted the man of the hour, Dr McAdoo... didn't talk to him tho but will do on this coming Saturday.

Here's how everything went down

I really wanted to do my surgery earlier and my boss came to me and asked me to find out if I could change the date from the 23rd of April to earlier, I was like "hell yes" ( in my head lol) but I was afraid that would not be possible since is such short notice to Encore. Yesterday, I called Karina and told her my wishes and she verified and told my that the Dr is booked but she was going to do everything she can to see if its possible or if anyone cancel, she would put me in... I gave her the dates I would like but we decided to keep the 23rd as planned initially just in case nothing opens up for the dates I would like to switch to. At the end of the day, Karina txt me to let me know that SHE CAN'T FIT ME IN....... buuuuuttttt she would look out for cancellations. This morning, I called Karina and asked if I could go in to do my labs, since we had initially scheduled it for this Saturday coming, I figured, I should get it done now in case an earlier date should become available, and or if anything comes back where I would need to take care of before surgery (infection/hemoglobin issues, etc) I want to get it out of the way now, so she said YES, I left work right away and drove over to Encore and did my labs, spoke to Karina and asked a few questions and told her that I will still come back on Saturday to have my consult with Dr McAdoo, She asked to be excused for a minute, a few minutes later, she came back and told me that she have a cancellation for the 14th..... I was so happy, that I hugged her so tight and said, YES, I WILL TAKE THAT DATE, then she asked if I wanted to see the Doc now but he had 3 consult before me and I had to get back to work so I told her to let us keep the Saturday for consult and I will do my pre op so that I wont have to take off work to go do pre op... Karina is truly a gem, she is efficient, prompt and soooo sweet. I absolutely love her.......... I will see the doc on Saturday and update on that, all of course if my labs permits me to proceed with my dream surgery.......

Labs Are Bacj

All clear for surgery... yay!!!!

Current weight and measurement

I currently weigh 168 lbs and I am 5ft 1inch..... my current measurement is 38/39/42 meaning, my bra line is 38inches, waist 39inches and hips 42inches..... I know, YUKE!!. I am that person who carry my weight on my upper body - breast, shoulders, upper back, upper stomach and arms and I absolutely HATE it, with a passion!!!! I will monitor my weight/measurement after procedure and update. I do have a very small waist, which is overshadowed my fat and rolls lol.... I wish to be at 34 (dreaming of 32 but don't think its possible) bra line, 27 waist and 44 hips.... lets see what magic Dr McAdoo can deliver and then I guess the rest will be up to me to conquer on my own, through diet and exercise!!!!

Booty Buddy is gone missing lol!!

I ordered my Booty Buddy pillow last week, which should've been here since yesterday ( tracked it and it said DELIVERED but did not receive it) but nothing. I called the company to help me find this buddy of mine lol so I'm hoping the missing buddy is captured before by BBL because God know, i will need it. I was told by Karina to go and buy an inflatable donut cushion at Walmart, instead of this expensive Booty Buddy (thats what she uses) so today I'm going to buy one ($7) and try it out and of course if it works, then bye, bye Booty Buddy lol. Since my labs are good, I thank God, that it permits me to move forward towards my dream body, I am so tired of trying to lose weight and not be able to. I was always good at losing tons of weight in no time, but since I turned 42, its like pulling teeth to lose just 1lbs. I want my booty and a small waist and smaller back, and arms and inner thighs. I will work very hard on maintaining my figure after.

List of questions I have for the Doctors

Ladies, here are a few questions that I am planning on asking the Dr during my consult. I think these questions are valid ones and is relevant to most of us RS sisters, planning this procedure.

I want to do my Mammogram soon, so I am going to ask how soon I can after surgery?

What Vitamines ( if any ) should I take pre and post op?

How long after surgery does the drain comes off?

How long later to shower, when is post op?

How to empty and care for drain?

I want to see my faja and pick out the color/cut I want

What should I bring with me on surgery day?

Can I get my script before surgery and if not, what will you prescribe for me? ( so I can check stock at local pharmacy) I don't want to be in pain and running around trying to fill my prescription.

Should I do a butt exercise to enhance my result and if yes, how soon after? ( I read that its best to do exercise without touching the butt, that is helps with the healing process and makes the butt blood vessel flourish and enhance the result)

Tell him my wishes and ask him for his honest opinion based on my body type

Should I wash my hair with shampoo or anti bacterial soap as well?

Is there a resting area to nap for the person waiting on me during surgery?

I can't thing of more right now, but as I come up with more questions ( if I do ) I will post but pretty much know the answers to every other questions, which i received via email ( pre and post op instructions )

I want and ORANGE shape with lots of projections and a slope on my back. I want maybe about 1100cc's each butt??????????? and very aggressive lip on stomach, back, waist, flanks, arms and very little on inner thighs, just to get rid of tiny fat pocket on inner thighs, this will prevent the touching and hopefully, create a space between my thighs after months of compression..... thats all for now Dolls..... Later!!!

Please excuse all the typo/misspelling

I don't like this laptop I am on.... I meant to say 1100cc'c in each cheek NOT butt lol.... I only have one butt lmaoooooo!!

Curve Cure Cushion

So I still have not resolve the issue w the missing Booty Buddy but I did ordered the Curve Cure Cushion w the hopes that this will ease my stressing about my driving. I love sleeping on my sides n stomach. I do not really sleep on my back so I think I'll do ok w the sleeping on my stomach. I I know that it'll get frustrating at some point but that's the least of my worries. I dwell on how I will be able to drive. I live in Fort Lauderdale but work in Miami Beach, which is (without traffic) about 45 mins away n I'm ALWAYS sitting in traffic so having a suitable cushion to accommodate my driving will be awesome. I tried the inflatable donut ring n it did help a little but I feel so much pressure on my legs n back. I'm really hoping that this CURVE CURE CUSHION works. I'll update on that. Hope I find my Booty Buddy so I can try that out as well. I need to figure out this driving thing situation, FAST. Any suggestions will greatly be appreciated.

Still waiting to find out the whereabouts of my Booty Buddy

Got an email from Booty Buddy Customer Svc, stating that they are looking into find my pillow so we'll hear the verdict on that soon (hopefully) I should receive my Curve Cure Inflatable Cushion so if that works, then I'll just cancel/return the Buddy...

Consult/Pre Op was today with McAdoo

So ladies, today was my consult, finally, I woke up at 6:30am, yes, 6:30, took a shower and shave my legs, arms, etc and wash my hair and straighten it and did my makeup. I figure, why not since I have not put makeup on in such a long time or even shave my legs or do my hair and nails for that matter, all because of my depression from weight gain and also, don't want to meet the Dr without looking decent.... I gave myself ample time to get there, in case of traffic. I arrived at 9am on the dot ( that's the time Karina asked me to go) I made my final payment and took a seat. while waiting, they were a few women there who's purpose was either for post op or consult... I asked questions about there surgery/wishes and was surprised to find out that all of them was there to see McAdoo. Busy man, this Doctor. I saw my Faja and tried it on, asked Karina a few questions and did some paper work and waited for the Dr. I waited for an hour an half, but it was not too bad since the other ladies and I was having interesting talks about their upcoming/present surgery experience. I finally got to meet the Dr. Doctor McAdoo, have this relaxed, confident, soft, kind and sweet demeanor about him. I think I already love him. He was so patient, even tho he had so much going on with consult lineups and post ops and surgeries and such. I asked all the questions I had written down and he answered all of them, accurately and again, patiently, Oh, did I mentioned that, he is a good looking man, he has a beautiful smile. I was so embarrassed to show him my body but he made me feel at ease. He asked me to show him any wish pics I may have and to tell him what I am looking for, I explained to him what I want and also gave him the opportunity to give his input on my request based on my body type, which he did. He then told me that he knows exactly what I want and he'll do all he can to deliver. Now - he told me a few things that I did not know. I thought that I would not have a problem sleeping since I do like to sleep on my stomach BUUUUTTTT, apparently, I can't ( at least not for long period of time) he told me that I cannot sleep on my stomach a lot because he is giving me hips and I need to stay off of my stomach for long periods of time due to easily being able to put pressure on my hip and also, if I don't, the volume of the derriere will reduce even more. He explained that everyday, I will lose like 1% of the volume and about 20% in total after healing is over but if I sleep on my stomach, it'll be a much greater volume lost., the fat cells needs to hang freely in the butt. I cannot have it sitting on top of my butt (if that makes sense) while lying down, this will cause it to shrink more significantly (but not indentation) I also need to get a full anti embolism sock that is long enough to cover my entire leg. He showed me the Booty Buddy, which he suggest to buy, and he also showed me pics of DYI beds, which I'll post. I will also post his post op instructions he emailed to me while I was there. I love this man!!! I will post the answers to all the questions I asked. I truly believe that I'm in good hands....

Post op instructions from Dr McAdoo, In English and Spanish

BBL and Lipo postop inst.pdf1/ 5


James McAdoo, DO. FACOS (rev 03072016)
BBL instrucciones postoperatorias y LIPO
WHAT TO EXPECT AFTER. What you do for the next two months determines the
outcome of of all your time and investment.
QUÉ PUEDE ESPERAR DESPUÉS. Lo que se hace los próximos dos
meses determina el resultado de todo su tiempo e inversión
SITTING: Only sit with no buttocks in contact with the chair.

SENTADA: No sentarse sobre los gluteos en contacto con la

Use bolsters made of rolled up 2-3 bath towels wrapped with duct tape to
maintain roll shape to carry body weight on the posterior thigh region below
your buttocks.

Usar toallas de 2-3 enrolladas con cinta adhesiva y poner
por debajo de los muslos para que queden envueltos para
mantener la forma de rollo para llevar el peso corporal en
la región posterior del muslo por debajo de sus gluteos.

Additional bolster in the small of your lower back will assist in support of
your back against the chair, car seat or airplane seat. Trim the length of
your bolster to fit inside a coach airplane seat (17 inches) or airplaine
business or car seat( 20 inches).

Un almohadón adicional en la parte baja de la espalda ayudará
en apoyo de su espalda contra el asiento de la silla, asiento de
coche o avión. Recortar la duración de su collarín para caber
dentro de un asiento entrenador de avión (17 pulgadas) o
negocio airplaine o asiento de coche (20 pulgadas)
LYING IN BED: The goal is to have your buttocks in a dependent or
"closest to the ground" position while sleeping. This with reduce the
amount of buttock shrinkage and allow the edema to maintain the
volume and shape during the stem cell growth phase of healing. But
you can not place pressure or lay on the buttocks directly for it will
cause change in shape and flatten the buttocks.

Acostado en la cama: El objetivo es tener los glúteos
en un dependiente o "más cercano a la tierra" posición
mientras duerme. Esto con reducir la cantidad de
contracción de la nalga y permitir que el edema de
mantener el volumen y la forma durante la fase de
crecimiento de células madre de la curación. Pero no
se puede ejercer presión o la incubación en las nalgas
directamente para que causará un cambio en la forma
y aplanar las nalgas.

Prior patients have came to a solution for this situation with a sleeping-
cot or pool lounge-chair buttock modified with a buttock cut-out hole
through the suspension material. The modification includes: removing
suspension material to allow the buttocks to dangle down through the
cut out portion of lounge-chair or sleeping-cot.

pacientes anteriores se llegó a una solución para esta
situación con un dormir-cuna o en la piscina de salón-
comedor de la nalga modificado con un agujero de la
nalga de desconexión a través del material en
suspensión. La modificación incluye: la eliminación de
material de suspensión para permitir que las nalgas
cuelguen hacia abajo por la parte cortada de salón-silla
o dormir-cuna.

Other patients have also used two inflatable twin size air mattresses
under their bed sheets on top of your mattress. Position one air
mattress at the head of the bed and one at the foot of the bed. Be sure

! 1

to have the groove between air mattresses running from left to right. As you
lye on your back place buttocks in the groove between the air mattresses.
There should be no contact to the buttocks from the matrasses. To prevent
mattress from drifting apart, upside down duct tape may need to be placed
between the air mattresses .

Otros pacientes también han utilizado dos colchones de aire
de tamaño doble inflables de conformidad con sus sábanas
de la cama en la parte superior de su colchón. Coloque un
colchón de aire en la cabecera de la cama y el otro a los
pies de la cama. Asegúrese de tener el surco entre los
colchones de aire que van de izquierda a derecha. A medida
que la lejía en sus nalgas el lugar de nuevo en la ranura
entre los colchones de aire. No debe haber ningún contacto
con las nalgas de los colchones. Para evitar que el colchón
de distanciamiento, al revés puede necesitar ser colocado
entre los colchones de aire cinta adhesiva.
GARMENTS: Wear your garments (spandex, girdle, binder) 24 hours per
day for the first 8 weeks as instructed, except in the shower. Use abdominal
rigid board and foam pads in the abdomen the entire way around your flanks
and lower back area. Use gauze triangle over superior buttock ridge.

Fajas: Use sus prendas (spandex, faja, aglutinantes) 24 horas al día durante las primeras 8
semanas según las instrucciones, excepto en la ducha. Utilice la junta o cojines de espuma
rígida abdominales en el abdomen durante todo el camino alrededor de sus flancos y la
espalda baja área. Utilice triángulo de gasa por la cresta de la nalga superior.
ANTIBIOTIC OINTMENT: Over your stitches and apply a small amount of antibiotic ointment each day for first 3
days. Spray 91% alcohol over incisions and garment twice a day to reduce bacteria levels near the operative

El ungüento antibiótico: Sobre los puntos de sutura y aplicar una pequeña cantidad de
pomada antibiótica cada día durante los primeros 3 días. Pulverizar 91% de alcohol sobre las
incisiones y la ropa dos veces al día para reducir los niveles de bacterias cerca de los sitios
LEAKING: You may leak pinkish fluid from the liposuction sites and soak your dressings for the first 24 – 48hours.
Be careful not to stain your bed linens, couches, clothes, etc. You may want to sleep with some towels under
yourself. Some patients will not leak fluid. Do not worry if you do not. Hydrogen Peroxide will remove the fluid
stains from linens, garments, and clothing.

FUGA: Usted puede presentar fugas de líquido rosáceo de los sitios de liposucción y remojar
sus aderezos para las primeras 24 - 48 horas. Tenga cuidado de no mancharse la ropa de
cama, sofás, ropa, etc. Es posible que desee dormir con algunas toallas debajo usted mismo.
Algunos pacientes no van a perder líquido. No se preocupe si usted no lo hace. El peróxido de
hidrógeno eliminará las manchas de fluidos de ropa de cama, prendas de vestir y ropa.
BRUISING: Bruising, soreness, and swelling are normal. This will increase for 2-3 weeks, and then subside.

Magulladuras: Formación de hematomas, dolor e hinchazón son normales. Esto aumentará
durante 2-3 semanas, y luego desaparecen.

•BATHING/SHOWERING: Do NOT shower until instructed to do so by your surgeon.

Bañarse / ducharse: No se duche hasta que se lo indique el cirujano.

South Florida water supply has a small amount of mycobacteria that can cause infection of your surgical area.

suministro de agua al sur de la Florida tiene una pequeña cantidad de micobacterias que
pueden causar la infección de su área quirúrgica.

Distilled water from a store container my be used to wipe down your body with regular soap and finish with 91%
alcohol wipe down.

El agua destilada de un recipiente guardar mi ser utilizado para limpiar su cuerpo con jabón
regular y terminar con alcohol 91% limpie hacia abajo.

Avoid water immersion until your incisions have completely healed and the scabs have fallen off. This includes a
tub bath, swimming pool, or Jacuzzi.

Evitar la inmersión en agua hasta que las incisiones hayan sanado por completo y las costras
se hayan caído. Esto incluye un baño de tina, piscina, jacuzzi.

When you are instructed to shower, do not worry about lumpiness or irregularity, as this is normal soon after
surgery from the swelling. Continue to wear your garments as instructed.

Cuando se le indica que la ducha, no se preocupe por bultos o irregularidad, ya que esto es
normal poco después de la cirugía de la hinchazón. Seguir usando sus prendas según las

DRAIN CARE INSTRUCTIONS: You will notice one or two small clear tubes exiting from your abdominal area connected to small reservoirs. Your
surgery required the use of drains to remove excess fluids from your lipo areas. Removal of fluids promotes
earlier reduction of swelling and a smaller hour-glass waist and abdominal

DRENAJE INSTRUCCIONES PARA EL CUIDADO: Se dará cuenta de uno o dos pequeños tubos transparentes que salen de su área conectado a pequeños embalses. La cirugía requiere el uso de drenajes para eliminar el
exceso de líquidos de sus áreas de lipo. La eliminación de fluidos promueve la reducción
anterior de hinchazón y una cintura más pequeña de reloj de arena.
These drains will remain in until the total volume is less than 25cc for each drain in a 48-hour period.

Estos drenajes permanecerán en hasta que el volumen total es de menos de 25 cc por cada
desagüe en un período de 48 horas.
Please empty the drains every 4 hours or when 1/2 full and record the amount.

Por favor, vaciar los drenajes cada 4 horas o cuando 1/2 completos y registrar la cantidad.
List the volumes for each drain separately. This is very important.
Enumerar los volúmenes para cada drenaje separado. Esto es muy importante.
Total the individual drain output every 24 hours and record on the Drainage Record Sheet.

Total de la salida de drenaje persona cada 24 horas y registro en la hoja de registro de
Please strip the drains as instructed by the nurses. Compress the tubing between fingers and a pen and milk the
tubing toward the reservoir. This will allow proper drain function.

Por favor, tira de los desagües según las instrucciones de las enfermeras. Comprimir el tubo
entre los dedos y una pluma y la leche de la tubería hacia el depósito. Esto permitirá que la
función de drenaje adecuado.
The drainage color will initially be red and progressively become thinner in character and change from a pale red
to a yellow or clear color.

El color de drenaje inicialmente será de color rojo y se convierten progresivamente más
delgado en el carácter y el cambio de un rojo pálido a un color amarillo o claro.
Once your drains are removed, light colored fluid may leak from the drain holes. This is normal and will stop after
2 or 3 days. It is helpful to place an ABD pad in your undergarment to prevent saturating your clothes.

Una vez que se quitan sus drenajes, líquido de color claro podría salirse de los agujeros de
drenaje. Esto es normal y se detendrá después de 2 o 3 días. Es útil colocar una almohadilla
ABD en su ropa interior para evitar saturar la ropa.
FOLLOW-UP CARE: Do not take a shower while the drains are in!! This increases your risk of getting an infection

No tome una ducha, mientras que los drenajes están en !! Esto aumenta el riesgo de contraer
una infección

La atención de seguimiento:
FIRST POSTOPERATIVE VISIT: Make a one post-op office day follow up visit with office scheduler. During this
visit the doctor or staff will check to be sure your garment is in proper position with appropriate pads. Exam will
be performed to assess your incisions and sutures are intact. Your drain output record will be checked. And
check for any postop complications (for possible hematoma, seroma, cyanosis, necrosis, etc.).

PRIMERA VISITA postoperatorio hacer un día una oficina postal-op visita de seguimiento con
el planificador de la oficina. Durante esta visita al médico o al personal verificará para
asegurarse de que su ropa está en la posición correcta con almohadillas adecuadas. Examen
se realiza para evaluar sus incisiones y suturas están intactas. Se comprobará su registro de
salida de drenaje. Y comprobar que no existen complicaciones postoperatorias (para su
posible hematoma, seroma, cianosis, necrosis, etc.).
SECOND POSTOPERATIVE VISIT: Approximately one week after surgery, the second visit will address the same
areas above. If your drainage output is less then 25 milliliters per 48-hour period time and this amount for two
days in a row then your drains will be removed. Any signs of infection will be treated with additional antibiotics.
Any signs of garment seam abrasion of the incision will be remedied with instruction for additional padding
between the garment and the skin. Surface stitches are removed between three and six weeks.

SEGUNDO visita postoperatoria: Aproximadamente una semana después de la cirugía, la
segunda visita se dirigirá a las mismas zonas anteriormente. Si la salida de drenaje está a
menos de 25 mililitros por hora período de 48 horas y esta cantidad durante dos días seguidos
a continuación, se eliminarán sus desagües. Cualquier signo de infección serán tratados con
antibióticos adicionales. Cualquier signo de costura de prendas de vestir a la abrasión de la

incisión se solucionarán con la instrucción de relleno adicional entre la prenda y la piel. puntos
de sutura se retiran de la superficie entre tres y seis semanas.
THIRD POSTOPERATIVE VISIT: You will be instructed to follow-up weekly until the surgical drain is removed.
After removal of the drain, will follow up monthly until the three-month postoperative photographs are taken.

Tercera visita postoperatorio Se le darán instrucciones para el seguimiento semanal hasta que
se retire el drenaje quirúrgico. Después de la retirada del drenaje, hará un seguimiento
mensual hasta que se tomen las fotografías postoperatorias de tres meses.
FOURTH POSTOPERATIVE VISIT: you will be instructed to receive photographs at 6 and 12 months after

CUARTA VISITA postoperatorio se le darán instrucciones para recibir fotografías a los 6 y 12
meses después de la cirugía.

Consejos para ayudar a acelerar su recuperación

TIPS TO HELP SPEED YOUR RECOVERY: PAIN MEDICATION: Take your pain medication on a consistent basis the first few days after surgery if you need

Medicamento para el dolor: Tome su medicación para el dolor de manera consistente los
primeros días después de la cirugía, si lo necesita.
SMOKING: Absolutely no smoking.

FUMAR: Por supuesto no fumar.
SWELLING AND BRUISING: Patients have had reduced swelling and bruising with Arnica Montana, Bromelain
and Calendula. This can be taken daily as directed if you prefer.

Hinchazón y los moretones: Los pacientes han habían reducido la hinchazón y los moretones
con Arnica Montana, bromelina y Caléndula. Esto se puede tomar al día como indicado, si lo
ACTIVITY: Rest for the first 24 hours after surgery. No exercise for 14 to 21 days. Normal light daily activity is

ACTIVIDAD: Descanse durante las primeras 24 horas después de la cirugía. No hacer
ejercicio durante 14 a 21 días. se permite la actividad diaria de luz normal.
FLUIDS: No alcohol, tea, coffee, or carbonated drinks should be consumed for at least 8 weeks after surgery. Do
not drink vegetable juice (V8) tomato juice, or other high salt drinks, as salt will cause swelling.

Líquidos: Nada de alcohol, té, café o bebidas carbonatadas deben ser consumidos durante al
menos 8 semanas después de la cirugía. No beba jugo de verduras (V8) el jugo de tomate, u
otras bebidas con alto contenido de sal, como sal causará hinchazón.
DIET: After the first postoperative day, you can eat organic vegetables and fish. Reduce bread, milk and meat
and increase organic raw vegetables to improve the healing process. Choose foods that are low in salt (to
prevent swelling). A low-salt, high-potassium, organic, vegetarian diet is important in achieving good results from
your surgery. If you are having some nausea, then fluids or light meals should be taken. Gradually increase to
heavier food or larger meals as tolerated.

DIETA: Después del primer día del postoperatorio, se puede comer verduras orgánicas y
peces. Reducir el pan, la leche y la carne y aumentar los vegetales crudos orgánicos para
mejorar el proceso de curación. Elija alimentos que sean bajos en sal (para evitar la
inflamación). Una baja en sal, rica en potasio, dieta orgánica, vegetariana es importante para
lograr buenos resultados de la cirugía. Si usted está teniendo un poco de náusea, a
continuación, fluidos o se deben tomar comidas ligeras. Aumentar gradualmente a una
alimentación más pesado o más comidas más grandes según la tolerancia.
AVOID ASPIRIN/ASPIRIN PRODUCTS: Avoid medications that contain aspirin or ibuprofen for the first couple of
weeks. Take all antibiotics that are prescribed.

EVITAR productos de aspirina / ASA: Evitar medicamentos que contengan aspirina o
ibuprofeno para el primer par de semanas. Tome todos los antibióticos que se prescriben.

Fever over 101°

Llame a la oficina inmediatamente con cualquier de los siguientes:
Fiebre por encima de 101 °

Any unrelieved nausea or vomiting

Cualquier náuseas o vómitos que no se alivia

Severe pain not relieved by pain medication

El dolor intenso que no se alivia con analgésicos

Any firm/hard masses developing in the surgical area

Cualquier masas duras / firmes en desarrollo en el área quirúrgica

I figured my sleeping method

I have a leather ottoman/trunk in the middle of the living area/room. I pulled it up to the sofa and leave a large enough gap between the ottoman and sofa so my booty can hang. I tested it out, and let me tell you, it worked, I will be ok with this and sleeping on my tummy for short period of time. I am still waiting on the curve cure to test out in my car.... I tried to post pics of the dyi bed/chair but it won't go through, He suggested the lounging chair as well as two blow up twin beds. The instructions on how to do it yourself is listed in his post op instructions.

Answers to my list of questions

Mammogram can be done anytime after sx

can take Arnica Montana ( if I choose to ) 3 days prior to sx, Iron, if you have low blood count or blood thinner if you have blood clot issues. Vitamins after, would be Vitamin C, B12, Iron, Bromelain, and Multi Vitamins..

Drains get removed based on fluid output, different for everyone but could take anywhere from 4-10 days.

Cannot shower until drain is removed. infection is more likely with drains on.

Emptying of drain is listed on his post op inst.

I saw and picked out and tried on Faja ( I picked black)

On SX day, must wear slip on shoe, maxi dress or robe, faja and blanket ( no foam or ab board until 4 days post sx)

Cannot get script before day of sx but will get day of sx so love ones can go fill while you are in sx..... prescribe, Percocet, antibiotics and nausea pills. forgot the names, I have to email him and ask and then I will post.

I told him my wishes and ask for his opinion and he gave it all...

I cannot do any exercise until after like 6weeks

Must wash hair/body with Hibeclen day before and day of sx, no shampoo/cond

resting/nap area is available for person waiting on you.

So there it is ladies. He does have other valid answers to questions I couldn't think of but would've have asked had I thought of it, in his post op inst. I just thought of an idea to try out in my car for driving.... I am going to roll 2 beach towels and tape it together and try to tape to my seat and tape a huge sofa cushion to the back of the seat/chair and see if that work... I'll post... Also, I am going to post the email I got from Vanity for pre and post op.... some useful info on there too!

Here's another pre and post op intructions/info from Vanity

1. Drink any alcohol
2. Smoke (no smoking within 30 days prior to your surgery date).
3. No natural teas
4. No herbal life
5. No protein shakes
6. No aspirin (if you need to take a pain killer or something for a headache take Tylenol)
7. No vitamins
8. No birth control pills
9. Any Acrylic or gel nails
10. No nail polish on hands/feet


The day of the surgery you CAN NOT have:
Jewelry or piercings
Make up
Eye contacts
Acrylic or Gel nails
Color on your nails


1- The day before surgery an assistant will contact you to give you last minute instructions as well as the time you must be at the clinic for surgery.
2- Please shower with antibacterial soap before surgery in order to avoid any residue from perfumes & creams left over in the body that may cause an infection.
3- 8 hours before your time of surgery, you cannot eat or drink anything. Not even water, you have to be fasting.
4- After the surgery, it is recommended to walk 20 minutes per hour everyday starting the day of the surgery.


o Patients need to be at the surgical center at the designated time and they must bring a companion with them.
o By state law, the patient should arrive at the clinic two hours prior to surgery in order to have sufficient time to prepare for the operation and comply with any other requirements.
o Our surgeons require patients to be at the clinic for a minimum of two hours before the operation in order to undergo an evaluation by one of our anesthesiologists, and fulfill all preoperative protocols.
o We cannot guarantee the exact time of your surgery. This is mainly due to our doctors having several surgeries throughout the day. Many factors can alter the time of your operation and how long it will take for your surgeon to complete it. Some surgeries, even with the same doctor, may take longer than others. Remember that at Vanity we provide our patients with all the time and care they deserve. Be patient with us as we endeavor to serve you in a timely manner.
o After the surgery has been completed, the patient will be taken to a recovery room where he or she will be under the care of a nurse. The patient will remain at the designated room under post-operative care for about 3 to 4 hours.
o The whole process, from the time you arrive at the clinic until you leave with a companion, can take about 10 hours depending on the circumstances and/or type of procedure performed.
o Please provide this information to your family and/or any individual(s) that will accompany you on the day of your surgery. In order to better assist you during the whole process; it's important they read and become familiar with all the preoperative and postoperative highlights stated in this document.

My diy pillow

I just created this w the help of my husband. It's a decorative neck roll pillow n 2 stored away bathroom mats wrapped n taped around the neck roll n one of my sofa cushion. I'm going to try this in the car n see if it works n if it does, I'm returning both pillows I bought. Wish me luck ladies.

This is my Ottoman n Sofa

I just drag the ottoman to the sofa n create the gap

My bed w the ottoman n sofa

Excuse the nudity, WA too lazy to put pants on lol!!!

Thinking of doing my chin

Hello Ladies - Hope all is well.... I am thinking doing my chin as well but I don't know if I should. Has anyone of you RS sisters did your chin w full body Lipo n bbl? If yes, please give your feedback/pics. I read a few ladies stories n doesn't sound like their result was significant. Please chime in if you have any advise regarding this or if you already did. Thank you ladies.

So My My Chin as well

I called Karina to ask for a the price on the chin, she quoted $300... I went yesterday to Encore to pay for the chin n when I got there, she told me that the price Have changed to $500 ???????????? I was sooo upset but I went head n paid for it. Last few weeks when I was inquiring about doing my arms n thighs, I she gave me a quote w the arm compression free but yesterday, she told me that it was not for free that I would ha e to pay $60 ???????????????? I was again, very upset bc had I known, I would've have bought it from Amazon for half that price. Anyways, I won't let these billshit upset me. I'm so ready to do my surgery. One more day!!!!!!!

Surgery time is confirmed

I have to be at Encore @ 4:30am..... I did asked the surgery coordinator yesterday for the earliest possible time so I am very happy that it's going to be very early. I am still worried about the driving. Still need to get something reliable to sit on. The curve cure I ordered, I cancelled it bc when I read the return policy, it state that they will not accept a return if the package is opened or used. How are we suppose to know whether it'll work or not?? That's a bunch of crap. Well, heading home from work soon to get prepare for my big day ..,,YAY!!!!

Dr Mcadoo is an artist

Hi Beautiful Ladies, I really do want to post now but I'm still in a lot is soreness pain. McAdoo did an awesome job. I promise that as soon as I'm better il will tell everything n also update before n after pix. Just please give me some time. I'm certainly over on the booty dude n boy, my hourglass shape is INSANE!!!! I'll post everything soooooonnn :):)

I know that you ladies are dying to see the result

Here's are some befor n after pic... I was so gross looking n booty starved for sure ! I will do an update on my entire experience. I'm still stiff n sore but I had a maassage today and somehow, mustard up some strength to clean my house today n amazingly, I feel much, much, much better. I shed soooooooo much fluid n don't have an appetite whatsoever but I'm trying to drink lots of fluid like NAKED JUICES n water. Here's the day of surgery pre op pix n 'w day POST OP!!

I know, these are some lame pix.

I'm such a dunce when it comes to taking selfies. I tried to take pix on my own but the best I could get are these. I promise that I'll have my hubby take some old ones n I'll post ASAP.

Sorry I've been missing in action.

Hi Ladies - I know it's been a while n I'm so sorry. but I'm still planning on giving my complete review n experience with my journey. I do hope all you RS Sisters are healing well m those who are still pending sx, wishing you all the best. I wanted to let you ladies know that I AM BACK TO WORK n that I HEALED WELL. Tho I want to confuse writing about my journey, I am very tired ( long day at work) it's 3:30am n for some reason, I can't seem to fall asleep n I must be up at 6:00am. I will say this ....., I LOVE MY RESULTS. I am 2wks post op. I've healed well n almost back to normal. I lost a few pounds bc of lack of appetite n I've shrink down so many inches. I will tell you all about it but for now, I'm going to try n get some sleep. Goodnight!

Just slipped this dress on to see the curves.

The Chin Before n After Pics

Here is a pic of before n after of my Chin. Excuse the no makeup crappy look!

The pictures speaks for themselves

I love my shape n I'm sooooo happy that words can't describe my appreciation for Dr McAdoo ??????
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

I have read a great deal of positive reviews about Dr McAdoo. Based on these reviews and other researches, I've chosen him for my procedures. I have not met the Doctor yet, but I am confident, yet hoping that he will do his very best to deliver me the best result possible. I will do a review on him... Stay tune!!! After meeting Dr McAdoo, I absolutely fell in love with him. He's kind and sweet and very understanding and knows exactly what what he is doing.. He has changed my look to beyond my expectation/imagination. I never dreamt of looking the way I do now, all thanks to him. He's got a born with kind of smile that just makes you feel like everything with be ok. I adore him and most importantly, I love my results. HE HAS DELIVERED MY THE BEST AND OVER THE TOP RESULT...

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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