36 Year Old Mommy Makeover Nightmare - Miami, FL

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I thought I would share my whole experience with...

I thought I would share my whole experience with anyone considering going to Vanity Cosmetics. I wish I had known because I would have gone elsewhere. It's not my intention to bash the place because some people may like it. I just want to prevent anyone from going through what I went through. Day 1 I was told to show up anytime before 3. I got there at 1 pm and waited 3 hours before I was taken in the back. An assistant sat with me and asked me a few questions to get me ready for the doctor. She then sat at the desk taking calls from other patients and texting on her phone. At one point she called her phone "retarded" which I absolutely don't like. The doc came in about 30 minutes later and asked me what I wanted. We chatted for 5 minutes and then he said pull your pants down so I can see. It was very weird but I did. He measured and marked me and then the same with the top. At this point I told the doctor that I changed my mind and wanted silicone instead of saline. 

I had to talk to my surgery coordinator who told me it was an extra $500. I had an email from her that said it was only $300 because I asked her months ago to change me to silicone. She said all I had to do was tell the doc I wanted silicone and it would be $300. When I told her that I have an email from her that said $300 she said well the price went up. ????. My surgical coordinator called me and said I owed $500 for the recovery house and that she somehow overlooked it. I told her that I absolutely did not because I paid in full. She then tried to charge me for my compression garments but I told her that I have documentation stating it is all covered in the recovery package. She finally said ok we will waive the fee and your all set. 

I was told surgery would be at 5:30 the next morning. I got a call about an hour later saying they changed it to 10:30. So the next day we headed to the office at 10 for my 10:30 and I got a call saying it had been pushed to 1:00. We had already checked out of the hotel so we had no where to go and I had the worst headache from no food and no caffeine. So I arrive at 1 and sit until 2:30 before I finally asked what the problem was. They said it would only be a few more minutes. I waited another hour. So at 3:30 they took me in back and gave me a paper dress to wear. Told me to out it on and sit in this chair. They gave me nothing to out my clothes in so they were on the floor. I was in a room with another lady just separated by a curtain. The doc came in to check the other girl and I could see everything thre did to her. They don't care about privacy at all. The nurse gave me my chart and told me to initial every page in. There were about 100 pages. I read the first one and that's when I almost got up and left. It said I was there for a breast reduction, which I was not. I told the nurse that it was worn so she went and got another order that had the right stuff on it. If I didn't catch that I would have woke up with small boobs???????? 

I went in another room where they took my pictures and then the doc came in to draw on me. I was in a hall behind a curtain and probably 4 different people peaked around the curtain looking for someone and there I was naked. Again they don't care about privacy. Finally I went in for surgery at 6pm. I came to and they sent me on the way. The nurse that walked me to the car didn't pick the drain up before I sat down so when I got the the recovery hotel I had blood all over me. I got settled in the recovery hotel which was not comfortable or worth the extra money. I was given a nurses aid that weighed about 100 pounds and couldn't speak or understand English. She was very nice but was no help at all because of the communication barrier and she couldn't pull me out of the chair. My meds were messed up. I was given percocets 1 5/325 every four hours as needed. I suffered for three days. I went the next day for a check up and she took all the gauze off the incision and told me to put nothing on it and that I could shower in 4 days. Oh my sister is here I'll be back.........so Saturday I called and asked for more medication but I had to leave a message. 

I never heard back until Tuesday. They told me they couldn't call in a script and I would have to wait until Friday when I came in. So I ran out of meds by Wednesday. I did take 2 showers because the nurse said I could. I went Friday for my checkup and waited three hours. When the doc came to see me he told me I should have never showered because the water could and was giving me an infection. He asked me why I didn't have gauze pads over my wound. I told him the nurse said not to. He said that was wrong and I should have kept them covered. He asked me if I read my discharge instructions and I told him I never got any. He had then printed for me but at this point I'm 7 days post op. He wrapped my breasts correctly because the nurse that did it was wrong and he gave me the correct prescription. So my doctor was James Mcadoo at Vanity in Miami. My results seem good so far. So that was my nightmare and I hope my experience will help someone make the decision to avoid this place!!

Aventura Plastic Surgeon

Seemed very busy but was very nice. My results are good so far but I'm 10 days PO.

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