1 Week Until Surgery Age 30, 3 Kids Via C-section and I'm Ready for my Flat Abs and Big a$$ (Long overdue) - Miami, FL

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I have been rescheduled 2 times with Dr. Fisher, I...

I have been rescheduled 2 times with Dr. Fisher, I am so over it! Anyhow I called for a refund and Diana convincede to give Macadoo a try! I was kind of reluctant but I figured what the heck! I'm just ready for the results! Anybody that has had Mcadoo I would love to see your results and if anybody needs a roomy let me know! I will be flying in July 29th

Getting Nervous

So I finally am getting nervous, can't believe I only 5 days away for my surgery! I have been stocking this website for 2 plus years! I have all of my supplies from the first surgery date so I am already to go!! I have already booked my ticket, bags packed and I a only owe $500 toward my surgery! Almost ready to go! I will keep you posted ????????

4 days before I'm a Mcdoll!!! Lana Issue ughh ????

Apparently Labcorp forgot one of my tests that what on my rx, my pterodactyl test... I knew things were going to smooth but my preoperative lady told me I could get it done there... I still have to weigh my options though, anyhow I am going to post a before picture with this update! I am still going through wish pics so I will post them tomorrow... Any suggestions will be considered lol Also I decided to stay with Claudia at her recovery house, she quoted me 5 days 4 nights at 725... I hope she is worth it and also I am open to a bbl buddy or other options for recovery homes Thanks Ladies

Paid in Full

Paid my $500 today so I am paid up but still have not received my receipt... So the break down is $4000 for the bbl and 12 areas and I am also getting my arm lipo which was $500. So my goals for tomorrow will include checking on my pt test and making sure that I have all my supplies that I need...

Vanity smh smh

Well I didn't have a chance to update on yesterday but here it is.... So I called Vanity to find out how important the test was that was skipped by labcorp and what can be done about it? The test that was skipped, tests how the fast/slow your blood clots and I passed this portion back in May with the first set of labs I had! You can only use labs within 30 days so they gave me the option of doing the lab on Friday. I hope everything goes well bc I will be hella upset lol So that afternoon some lady from Vanity called me saying that I owe $500, I told her that I already payed what I owed and she insisted that it was an $1000 balance owe instead of $500! I reminded her that I switched doctors and she needed to speak with Diana! THE END LOL I'm not trying to be stressed out before my surgery... She finally gave up and said ok! Bye Felicia!!!! Lmao I hope they don't try any funny business when I get there but I have Diana number saved in my phone, just in case! Hmmm so my plan to day is to remove my nails and Polish for surgery and again make sure everything is packed and ready to go! My bf is dropping me off at the airport and did I tell you guys that I have never flown and I am terrified! I start to hyperventilate just thinking about it! Lord be a fence!!!! He better be careful that I don't pull his butt on this planet with me lol

Massages at Claudia Recovery House vs. Vanity

I was wondering if anyone else that Stayed with Claudia got these massages there! I told Vanity that I may get the massages at the recovery house and she was acting weird like.... Beware and make that they know what they are doing! Totally freaked me out so if anyone had them let me know if they were done right! Thanks

Miami in the AM

I am currently on hold with priceline, I tried to print my airline tickets and I could not! So now I am on hold! Great! Anyhow, no sign of Vanity today, no one called but Claudia called to check in with me to make sure I was coming in the am lol I told her I was all in!!! I will post tomorrow, I'm tired!

I missed my flight!!! Morning from hell

I missed my flight, by 3 minutes! Can you imagine?? I was sooooo pissed with my man, but then I realized that we both were tired as hell! But it was mainly his fault, for the record! He knew it too, so he bought me a one way ticket to FLL! Which is 30 minutes away from Miami but that was the best that he could do! I swear he always come through for me, now if I can only get him to..... lol Anyway my flight leaves at 1:30 and lands at 3:20 so from there I will have to get an Uber! Lord be a fence! Mcadoo better give me some special attention for all this darn trouble! Thanks to my Mr. for saving the day! I will never forget my first experience flying bc it was a disaster!! Lmao, I will update a little later after I eat this terrible airport food that cost a fortune!! *side eye

Touched down in Miami Baby!!

I am officially a member of the sky high club baby! Flying wasn't all that bad, but the air is kinda stuffy and thin at times!! I took an uber to Marion's home bc I landed in FLL. (Long story) Well as soon as I hopped out of that uber she was in the drive way, she gave me a big hug.... Had her assistant took my bags and she took me straight to Encore (Vanity).... Claudia is the best! She really cares about her guests and she made sure that I had everything that I needed! She took me to get dinner bc I was starving, and walmart as well to get my rx filled! I finally met Dr. Mcadoo and he is such a down to earth sweet person, all around! He came right in and ask about Uber! Lol He made me feel comfortable right away! We have a date for 1:30 pm tomorrow! We went over shapes and sizes but I will be going back over everything in the morning to make sure that we are clear! Oh and that man eyes are nice (bonita *in my Claudia voice!) Any how I will take some before pics tomorrow for you gals! Tomorrow is the big day, GN loves

Before Pictures

Vanity called this morning and my labs are good to go. They also said that they will be moving my surgery date up to around 11:00 am but they will have to confirm and get back to me! I took some before Pictures of how my body looks now. When I first became part of this forum I would never have thought of showing my before and after pictures but I have decided that would be selfish bc we are here to help one another and I want to contribute to this forum. So here goes nothing! Besides I won't look the same tomorrow! Hehehe


Before On yesterday in clothes

Update before surgery

Claudia dropped me off at 11:30, she said Claudia is praying for you! That was sweet! I waited for about 20 minutes and was called to the back. They took a urine sample and ask me to get dressed for surgery which consists of gown, compression socks, feet and head caps, I'm suse I look silly lol After an hour the anesthesiologist came in took some notes and them Mcadoo came in after! He drew all over me and took sevreal pictures! It's hard to trust someone with your body that you barely know ???????? I said a prayer and I am hoping that I am completely satisfied! I will try to update later tonight! Pray for me if you can, Thanks in Advance

Sorry I didn't update yesterday

When I got up, I felt like I had been hot by an 18 wheeler! Oh my God! Anyway Claudia was right there ready to bring me home! I didn't have to wait, she hurried me in the car and we were off! She tried to cheer me up but I wasn't feeling it lol! Her assistant was at the door when we pulled in, awesome service. She hurried me inside had soup waiting for me. Once she help me lay down, she fed me soup and Claudia wished away to get my pain Medicine. She was back within the hour, yessss! I think I love her! I had alot of pain everywhere but mainly my lower stomach and lower back which Claudia said was normal. One weird thing is that my tongue was numb and it still is. I told Claudia that I was concerned and she called the Dr office right away, they said it was normal. She had my back! It it is good to know that she cared. I ate some soup but not much bc I was in alot of pain. Later she brought me some white rice, chicken breath, and a little bit of salad. I took a few bites to make Claudia happy then I went to sleep. I bled alot and I woke up every hour or two bc the pain Medicine only took the edge off! I will show you some pics that I have but I must say I feel a little better today!

My back is torturing me!

There is a triangle shape object on my lower back and it hurts like a bitch! I had Claudia look at it and she pushed it down a bit more but I'm seriously thinking about removing it bc I can't sleep bc of it! I have had 3 sections and a broken leg so I can tolerate pain. This is a different type pain and when I touch it, I just want to past out. Also the tip of my tongue is still numb wth?

Followup appointment First Massage

Today I had my follow up appointment! It was very brief, she undressed me and said that everything was normal! She still doesn't have a reason for my numb tongue, I'm guessing that the anesthesiologist is to blame for that! I have two spots on my tongue, one on the top and one on the bottom! Smh I will follow up with my doctor when I get home! Claudia did my massage today, girls let me tell you! It was very painful but she handled me very well and got the job done! She said it will get better with time.

2nd Massage

Today I was a little light headed so I rested for half the day! I also sat in a lounge chair with the butt cut out instead of lying on my stomach all day. This really helped! I had my second massage today and it hurt like hell but once I was done, I could see a difference right away! My stomach was flatter than the previous day, also I added a camisole under my garnet and it feels more comfortable. I must admit that today was a better day!
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