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I'm 46 years old and I want to revisit ( or at...

I'm 46 years old and I want to revisit ( or at least come close to) my 20-30 year old body. I don't have kids, so it wasn't child bearing that has me wanting this surgery.....it has been yo-yo dieting.

Over the past 10 years my weight has gone up and down 30 lbs. I'm 5" 7' and I typically weigh between 159-189 lbs. My I love myself weight is 165 lbs.... A nice size 11/12. My current weight is at the high end.... 187 lbs, an uncomfortable (for me) size 14/16. It is this constant fluctuation in body weight that caused my butt to just disappear. I've always had a small waist and a big plump butt, but all the years of yo-yo dieting has left me with a deflated droopy butt and aging has added in a wider waist to match.

So I've decided to have a bbl with 12 areas of lipo with Dr.McAdoo. He has some pretty good contouring results and all girls ended up with a more shaply booty ( although small) as I saw from his before and after photos.

If you have been to Dr. Mc Adoo or know anyone who has I welcome your input as he has a limited number of reviews in comparison to some of the other doctors I will not be posting my journey however, I will update with with before/after photos and my experience with Vanity Cosmetics after my surgery.

Massages with a bbl and fat transfer to hips

OK so the closer I get to my sx date (a little less than 2 months) the more questions I have.
I've been reading where doctors say massages are not a necessity and some swear by them. Then the doctors that suggest having massages vary on when to start; some say start the day after and some say 1 week 2 weeks after.

I will follow my surgeons recommendations but I'm curious to know what your doctor suggested, did you follow his instructions exactly or not, and would you do anything different. If you didn't follow his recommendations did it effect your results?

Also, if you have your hips done as well, how do you lay during your massage since you can't lay on your side or back? Standing?

I just saw some new photos of MCAdoo's work and its looking good. I'm soooo excited! I will post my before pictures closer to my sx date in March.

Who says McAdoo only does small butts?

Everyday I search hoping one of the many McAdoo dolls post or updated with AFTER pictures.
Here are two McAdoo dolls I found and I think he gave them both banging butts.

My dreaded before photos

So I've been delaying posting my before photos just because I can't stand to look at pictures of my body. But I know for those on this site who are like me the before photos are just as important as the after.....so here goes.

Aww ma'an!

I've been reading some recent negative reviews and seeing some awful booties on McAdoo and it has me scared. Should you have good results 100% of the time? I don't know! I do know that I just pray that I am one of the ones that ends up with good results from Dr.McAdoo. But, is it worth the risk? Should I change to Fisher or Dr. O? I have to decide quickly because I a month out.

Soooooo disappointed

Intially i said i wasn't going to tell my journey however, the closer I get to March 21st the more I have to say or more often, ask. So, as i get closer to my sx date I've decded to share a little more about how this process is going for me. Which has been nerve racking to say the least.

Let's start with the fact that i have been following several FUTURE McDolls scheduled for late February. I was excited for them and me. For them, the new bodies they want and for me, the chance to see recent results of serveal girls that have sx scheudled before me. Great opportunities for MCAdoo to solidify my choice of him.

But, now I'm so disappointed for the dolls that have to cancel, reschedule or switch to another doctor due to MCAdoos unavailability the 4th week in February. I can only imagine what's going on in each of the ladies mind, with having to deal with last minute change of plans and or doctors. From my experience thus far and from what I've read, Vanity is a force to be rekoned with no matter which doctor we choose.

I guess this means the community as well as myself will have to wait a little longer before we see any new McDolls....ugh! On a positive side i believe everything good,bad and inconvient happens for a reason; I feel the ladies who encountered a problem with scheduling will prevail in the end. This holds true for all of us. As nervous and anxious as I am, I know God has my back.

The real deal with labs and supplies

So I want to talk about labs and supplies....two things I'm all over the place with.

Labs...I'm curious to know how many ladies waited until Miami to do labs and how many did them before arrival. Did you have any problems? Would you do it the same way again if you could? I read a journey on labs done prior and Vanity wanted them done again for one reason or another once she arrived. I read a different journey of were she waited til Miami, only to find out there was a problem and she had to wait several days for an infection to clear up. What was your experience from my vets and what are you considering from my futre dolls? Has anyone had//considering labs done at Labcorp prior?

Supplies....Do I REALLY need all the stuff on the bbl supply list? I will get what i need to get i just want to make sure i really need to get it first. Tell me ladies what is a must have or you can leave that off, from the list? What were the things you wish you brought with you but didn't? Or if you haven't had your sx yet what is your opion on the list? Are you buying all the items?

Arrangements so far

So far I have my transportation, accommodations and massages arranged.

Transportation... Even though I could fly much cheaper I've decided to make the 11 hr drive to Miami. I think I will be more comfortable being able to lay the seat down, add pillows and lay in the back of our truck compared to sitting on a bbl pillow and alternating trying to stand during a flight. My husband is fantastic! He is very supportive of me and this process. Even though he's a good husband to me, it surprised me (as he only likes to be away from home no more than long weekends) when he offered to drive me, be my personal chef and do all he can to take care of me during our Miami stay. I want to make the ride there part of the trip and not just a means to get there so we will divide the ride up into something like, drive 6 or 7 hours, stop for the night, maybe see or do something where we stop then drive the remaining 4 hoiurs getting me to Miami around 9 am maybe earler the day of my pre op. On the drive back from Miami we will more than likely drive straight through with only short breaks every 4 or 5 hours.

Accommodations... After much thought I've decided to stay at a Caddlewood. My husband wants to be able to cook during our 6 night stay and this hotel has a full kitchen with dishwasher, DVD player, free washer/dryer and is only a 9 min drive from Vanity. My other affordable options were an apartment or one of the ExteƱded Stays of America. In addition to the kitchen I also wanted a few on-site amenities like a pool to enjoy before my sx and an on-site resturant (just to have a choice if he didn't want to cook or what I want is just easier to pick up) so, that crossed off an apartment, and I wanted a place above 2 stars so, end the end that crossed off Extend Stay. While a little bit in more in price I am happy with the amenities and location this Candlewood offers.

Massages... I'm getting my massages done with Medical Massage Professionals. With traffic it's about an 18 minute drive from my hotel to Miami Beach where they are located. They have great reviews, good before after photos and good price point packages. You pay $25 for a reservation then the balance once you arrive. Im praying i feel good and can use the drive there to look out the window to sightsee then explore the area after each massage. I considered having my massages done with Vanity but I only read negative reviews on RS. I also considered Sapphire.

Who switched to McAdoo @ Vanity

So I have been reading all the drama going on at Vanity with one of their key doctors loosing his license. From what I can tell most ladies scheduled late February/March with Dr. O have switched to McAdoo.

Because your initial reviews list another doctor it makes it impossible for me to find you. I need your help!

I want to follow all future McAdoo dolls scheduled through March 2016.

Labs done

I just had my labs done! I chose to have them done prior Miami at Labcorp and it turns out there is no upfront cost with insurance. It's going to be a long weekend anxiously waiting until I get my results.

OMG 19 days til Miami

Oh my gosh this is getting so real....19 days til I arrive in Miami for my life altering experience.

Ladies get your labs done before you arrive...

Ladies (if you can) get your labs done before you arrive in Miami (or where ever you are having your surgery).

Here is the deal. On February 2 I had my yearly physical. My PCP did several test including a urine analysis.... and all came back good. On Friday February 26 I go to Labcorp to have my labs done for my surgery. Although I'm anxious waiting for my results over the weekend I'm still thinking I will be all good....hell what can happen from the 2nd to the 26th. Apparently alot! On Tuesday March 1st I get a message from my cordinator saying that they recieved my labs the day before and my results show i have UTI. Wait, what!

I quickly make an appointment for my PCP and they agree to see me immediately. My doctor tells me one of two things has happen. One...labs are not always accurate and maybe Labcorp made a mistake or two...in the last 24 days I actually got a uti...after all, he explained they are relatively easy to get. I can't imagine the disappointment I would have had finding this out in Miami as Dr. McAdoo would have not performed the surgery.

Anyway I received antibiotics and should be uti free in about a week. Boy am I glad I had the opportunity to clear everything up before had.

Finally, I am clear for surgery

I am finally clear for surgery. No more uti and all labs are good. Yippie!

The past 2 weeks have been an ordeal. First some of my lab results were missing and I've had the most difficult time getting my pre op coordinator to pick up the phone and call Labcorp for them (since it was a doctors prescription Vanity had to be the one to get them). Then for the past week I encountered difficulty getting another prescription for a u/ a to make sure my uti was clear. My regular coordinator and my pre op coordinator both were telling me no problem I will get your missing labs and also get you a new prescription but neither one of them would ever follow through. Ladies I'm sure there are good coordinators at Vanity but 2 of the 3 I encountered did nothing but give me the run around and lie to me. I would call and the operator would say she's "on the other line" with another patient only for the coordinator to finally return my call via text or email (couldn't even bother to pick up the phone) 3 or 4 days later saying she's been out of the office. Smdh.

After 2 weeks of texts, emails and calls I finally came across Alondra who quickly got my missing labs, a new uti prescription and made sure everything was all clear for surgery.

I've been packed for the past 2 months, have all my supplies and am ready to head to Miami this Sunday where my new booty and snatched waist are waiting.

Ma'an I just gotta say this

I read a lot of reviews and comments and I HAVE to say this....Unlike some very vain people (you know who you are) on rs I think McAdooo does a good job NO MATTER your size. I'm not considered a big girl nor a small girl (I wear a 12 sometimes 14) and I still took offense. I find some of the comments people have the nerve to make thoughtless and inconsiderate..... be it on their own page or comments under some one else's. I thought this was a forum to encourage and uplift one another and not give smart azz answers when asked questions or try to outright or slyly put anyone down . If you don't like what you see damn it don't look.... I'm just saying!

My DIY BBL Chair/Bed

So I have been considering all the ways suggested to sleep during recovery off my BBL. The $300 curve air mattress, the two twin air mattresses taped together and a lounger. After looking into each of these I decided the most economical would be the lounger.

I have several pool loungers in the basement and decided to give it a try. I have the type of lounger with slats. I layed in it to see where my butt would be then cut 4 accurately positioned straps.

I LOVE it! It is very comfortable and does not even feel like my butt is hanging out. My lounger has 4 positions, starting with upright all the way down to flat. I think it will be perfect for my to sit in while watching TV and eating and it will be easy to add a sheet, blanket and pillow for me to sleep in at night.

I think the lounger with slats works better than the fabric type because cutting a few of the straps did not compromise the sturdiness of the lounger. The downside to this type is it does not fold away for easy storage when not in use.

#What a day

Originally I typed this long explanation about how horrible my day was as it related to today's dealings with Vanity. When I finished typing I clicked post update and instead of updating , wha-la all my rantings disappeared.

I don't know what happen, but I took it as a sign that what I was saying was not meant to be shared in the way and tone I was sharing it as I was totally pissed.

i will instead post something more positive...I am excited about my sx, I am looking forward to meetings Dr McAdoo and I am eager to see my final results.

I try (and it's sometimes really hard) to live my life not according to my own will or the will of others but the will of God. And even something such as big booty and a snatched waist, if it's meant for me then no amount of mishaps or misinformation can prevent that from happening.

Miami bound in 1 more day!

A reminder for myself and all other anxious dolls

As I lay in bed filled no consumed with anxiety about my sx on Tuesday I'm reading post after post from past and future dolls who at various and multiple points throughout their journey have felt the same way. One review i read, the doll got up and walked out right before the doctor came in to perform her surgery. Although I thought my feelings were natural I won't let them CONTINUE to overcome me. I am not the type to post Scripture or Bible thump but I was encouraged to comfort not only myself but all the future dolls who randomly come across this post. Philippians 4:6-7King James Version (KJV) 6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. 7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Like a cryng baby picked up and lulled in her mother's arms I feel better because I am better and I hope you feel better about your upcoming sx or anything/everyting in your life that is causing you unrest. Now who's ready for pre op tomorrow? I am! Whoop whoop

Pre Op

So I arrived in Miami and made my way to Encore at 8 am. They told me on the phone that they open at 9 but when I arrived it said on the door they open at 8:30. The door is unlocked I'm guessing because some patients have to be there even earlier for sx. I along with a few other ladies waited insde and right at 8:30 they pop out from the back (and not 1 minute before even tho you can hear them moving around) and allow you to sign in. I signed in first but was not seen for about 2hrs as they see post op sx first.

That place is a 3 ring circus but overall seemed to have some order. Even though I had done my labs because of my age they did an EKG. All good there. I meet MCAdoo and he is friendly with a joking sense of humor. He asked me what I wanted, gave me a few quick sleeping tips then disappeared. I watched him go from room to room to room the entire time I was there. Then on to fill out my paper work..I think this took the longest as there are over 50 pieces of paper to fill out and sign. The entire process from the time i signed in took 4.5 hours. I didn't think it was bad at all only because there are alot and I mean alot of girls (and guys too) there for one reason or another. While i waited i listen to drama story after dram story...vanity really need to get there ish together. The common demominator was horrible, lying patient coordinators.

McAdoo did cancel sx today for some patients due to a family situation but he returned to finish pre/post ops. The patients who got canceled were pissed and asked for a refund. Me personally, I would have asked for a discount and a reschedule.

I'm scheduled to be there in the morning at 4:30am. Don't know if I will be 1st as there is another girl scheduled for the same time.

The Booty's are off the charts in Miami and they are everywhere you look. I know some girls thought I was crazy because I would stop and check out the doctors work. I really hope he gives me a big butt but a natural looking one. One that matches my thighs and legs because damn near every girl I saw went so big that it didn't match their legs and it screamed I'm fake.

Oh, there were alot of ladies I met who didn't have a clue as far as what to expect. I mean they ALL were literally clueless as to why they where being lied to by the PC's , what supplies they needed, access to more photos and reviews, why they where switched to a different doctor if they had Hanson or Fisher...it surprised me how many knew nothing as I listen to them talk. Also the pricing is real. Every girl there paid a different price for the bbl, some rates included (supposed free) garments while others had (supposed free) massages. So the rates to a certain degree are negotiable.
So thank you RS community because from the time I paid my deposit I was well informed not only on the procedure but Vanity as well.

Well when I post again I will be on the booty side!

This is a hell of an experience

I've tryed to upload photos several times today so yall can see but it won't let me. I will try again later.

Apple, Orange, Pear

Apple, orange or pear are the choices in booty shape. So the heart shape booty I asked for falls under a pear. But when I woke up and saw on my chart he gave me an orange....I was livid. I DID NOT WANT AN AZZ THAT JUMPED OFF MY BACK! I wanted a slope butt. And somehow some way by the grace of God it turned out just right. After having a few days for the results to settle in I'm glad he gave me an orange. It has more projection and is fuller all around on my booty more so than the heart that tends to be fuller only at the bottom. He said he gave me an orange even tho I specifically asked for a heart because I had both shapes in my wish pics. I think we should have come to a clearer understanding vs him just going with it. So make sure your wish pics match EXACTLY what your saying. Don't mix and match shapes just because it looks good or her....pick one. My waist is tiny and my butt is the perfect size for me. It's not a ghetto booty but it is big enough where people will think I have a nice azz and not a fake one. Overall and for right now I'm happy with my results.

One week post op

Today makes one week and one day since I've had my bbl surgery and it has been an interesting week.

First I really do like my results... He did a good job. The doctors I went to in my state said I would need a TT but after 12 areas of lipo with McAdoo my stomach is flat. I was worried too because one doctor showed me photos of wrinkly sagging stomach's and said mine would look like that if I didn't get full TT. Lies! My stomach is still very swollen but still very flat. Very happy. I can not wait til my swelling goes down to get the final measurements of my waist.

My azz is lovely. I love the shape and the fullness of it. I really can't wait for fluffing season as it is still hard and not quit as round as I would like. But I'm realistic I know it's only been a week so I will have to give it time.

My recovery up til this point was brutal. The discomfort in my back when trying to sleep was sheer hell. There was absolutely no way for me to get comfortable. I have a diy longer, I went out and got the two air mattress...nothing was anywhere near comfortable when trying to sleep or alleviate my back pain. It felt like an elegants foot was on my back weighing me down anytime I tried to move.

I've taken the triangle out. Too painful. So I wear the foams, the ab board and a wast trainer (which he told me to add only 4 days post).

So all in all Im vey happy!

My recovery is a b**ch

I don't know any other way to put it......my recovery is a b**ch. I'm not feeling it! I see some of you posting pics and updating almost daily. Where as my body feels foreign to me. I have no desire to try on cloths let alone take off all this gear to pose for a pic. My nights are sheer misery as I can't get comfortable to save my life. One minute I love my results and the next minute I'm like what the hell did I do. I hear it will get better in time but my patience with time is running thin. A 3 month recovery process when I'm only two weeks in seems like an eternity.

Dolls am I the only one? When can I expect to feel my back, sides, and stomach again? I've been tempted several times to just say bump it and roll over on my back so I can get some rest. Ugh! I don't see how some dolls do this more than once.

2 weeks

Two weeks 2 days

Soooo I'm feeling JUST a LITTLE better

So I am feeling just a little better. Yes every other day or so it gets a little easier to cope with the recovery process.

My stomach is swollen and very hard so I've started back getting LDM massages in my home town. It is helping break up the mass of hardness. But the technique is no where similar to what I was receiving in Miami so I hope it still helps.

My sleep is still severely impaired but I am able to cope with it much better. I made some adjustments to my lounger by cutting out 4 more straps and it let's my butt hang a little more. The pressure is still immense on my back but overall I'm getting use to sleeping in my lounger again. I measured my butt and it seems to be 1/2 inch bigger since hanging closer to the ground in the lounger. Could just be swelling though as I may have been eating salty food.

My back, sides and stomach are still numb. I'm hoping the massages help. I also purchased a rolling bin to roll over my stomach. ...kinda like self massages and it seems to be helping too.

My body still feels foreign and I have yet to flaunt my results outside of the house as I'm waiting for the final results (in 3-4 months) before I can determine how I feel about my new shape and butt.

Before and After

I don't have many before pictures as I didn't like how I looked but here is one 2 days before surgery and one 21 days after for comparison.

Today makes one month post operative

I hated my results

Yes you read right...I hated my results! Newsflash! Not everyone is INSTANTLY happy with their results and I was one of them....that is until a few days ago. This is what happen...

Today makes 5 weeks 2 days post op and for the past 4 1/2 weeks I was VERY unhappy with my results. Yep, even tho to most my results look great.

The good.
I thought my azz was huge, my stomach was flat and I no longer had any back rolls.

The bad.
I thought my azz was noticeable bigger at the top and flatter toward the center. I thought one cheek was just a little fuller than the other and the WORST part I thought my hips were huge and way too round. And they all were!

Well what a difference 5 weeks make as I now FALLING in love with my results. The highest fullest part of my butt and the one check slightly larger than the other was actually swelling. Now that most of the swelling is gone down both checks are the same size and I no longer have more fat at the top of my butt cheeks. Everything has rounded out a little more and me likey.

At 5 weeks I'm hoping all the swelling is gone because my butt has gotten SIGNIFICANTLY smaller. It's no longer huge or an xl as McAdoo called it (to me) but more of just a nice size azz. I would go so far to say its more of a large medium even tho my husband says it's still huge I think he's just comparing it to there being more back there than there once was.

It NEVER occurred to me that my hips were really swollen too because they never seemed sore or had any bruising. Now that most of the swelling has gone down my hips are not so dramatic and their shape has more of a natural sloping like I wanted.

I'm really relieved! I encourage anyone who does not have an INSTANT love with their results to give it time. Let the swelling subside and the booty loosen up (the 1st few weeks the butt is hard as a rock with no free will movement) before making any FINAL judgement.

Now if I can get everything to FREEZE right here I will STAY happy. But, who knows as I'm told (and read) final results don't settle in til somewhere between month 3 and up to month 6. So we will see! But for right now I FEEL fine as hell....lol

Note: Now that I'm past the one month mark I will no longer post weekly pics but will switch to monthly pictures. For me at this point weekly pics are redundant as the changes are slow and take several weeks to notice.

8 weeks

I'm at the two month mark. My last update was at week 5 and this is what has taken place since then.

Between week 5 and 6 a lot of my swelling continued to subsided and my butt seemed to fluff. It was soft all over, it also dropped and rounded out just a little more.

Don't get comfortable with you butt until your recovery is completely over as I learned during week 6. During week 6 I purchased a new garment where I had to pull the WAIST portion OVER my butt. Well even though I only pulled it OVER my butt for a second (as the butt portion was out) the compression was so tight that my butt broke out in large hard lumps. Thankfully it went down the next day....so just be VERY careful with your new assets.

Week 7 and now week 8 were uneventful.

I still have difficulty getting a comfortable nights sleep but for the most part I have gotten use to my temporary limitations of not being able to sit (YET).

I still get massages, and they help. My massage therapist seems to think most of the swelling in my butt is gone ( a girl can hope) but I still have some swelling in certain parts of my stomach. I have 1 more week of massages. After that I am going to just let it do what it do. But overall my stomach is pretty flat.

As of now I still like my results and I am very thankful that I was fortunate to have this experience.

Let's catch up

I am now one week shy of 4 months and this is what has been going on since my last update during week 8.

Week 9
I lost the last of my swelling. During wk 5 I lost 1/2 inch and during week 9 I lost another 1/2 inch. All was swelling. I was very realistic and expected some volume loss so I'm not upset. Instead of my butt being humongous like it was day after sx it is just huge and I'm cool with that. You are not being realistic if you expect your butt not to go down some.

Week 10-12
Nothing really changed and I think my butt is stable. I made it 12 weeks with out sitting on my butt AT ALL. I did not drive and every time I was in a car I was able to lay in the back. I did not even use my bbl pillow as I stayed on my knees and or elbows and I only slept on my stomach. Unlike some I waited the FULL 12 weeks before I sat. Who knows if it made a difference in my results or not.

Lessons Learned
Wow wow and wow again, this has been an experience and I have learned a lot and would like to pass some of my learning on. They are listed all randomly but here goes.

1. Chill out when purchasing supplies. I know there are lists circulating ( and I bought almost everything from it) but for me I did not use over 50% of the stuff I purchased.

2. Calm down about your results. I was all over the place after sx and during my recovery as it related to how i felt about my results. One minute I'm in love the next i thought he did just ok. I now look at it this way...yes there are things he could have done better but overall my body is in a better place than it was before and i will just have to be okay with it as I cant/won't do this again.

3. Protect your knees and elbows. I stayed strictly on my knees and elbows during recovery. My knees were always covered but my elbows were exposed due to short sleeves and tank tops. All the kneeling has my elbows black so I would advise you to keep them covered or when putting your weight on them that they rest on something silky not just soft.

4. When you get tired of your garment or your recovery time is up make sure to keep the waist cincher on. Even at almost 4 months I can tell the difference in my stomach after I've had my waist trainer on vs when I go without it.

5. As I've mentioned the first time I sat on my butt was week 12 and day 1. So the first time I sat It was very uncomfortable and kinda hurt. Even when I slept it felt like I was sleeping on a basketball. I'm slowly getting use to it and it no longer feels like I'm laying or sitting on a ball but more like a natural butt. What's funny tho is i couldn't wait to sleep on my back and now I actually prefer my stomach.

6. Realize that even as the weeks past your skin and fat gratis are still delicate. As I posted in week 5 or 6 my butt reacted to the compression from pulling up my garment and even now in week 15 if I don't t wear my ab board the waist band of most pants leave an impression on my skin.

7. Your butt drops a lot. Right after sx my butt was high on my back and I didn't have a cuff. 4 months later the fat has dropped very nicely. I no longer have as high of a butt and the fat has settled down and formed a very nice plump butt cuff.

8. Right after sx give real self a break except for your updates. For me i would get upset or depressed when i saw another dolls results whom i thought turned out better than i did. I now realize most dolls still have something they wish was done better or different. We all take multiple pictures and only post the ones we feel highlights our point of either good or bad results. So looking at after pics can sometimes be misleading. Don't judge yourself based on some one else.
If you judge based only on your before photos most of the time you will see improvements is most areas if not all.

My memory is full on my phone so I can't take new pics until I fix that but I will post updated pics soon. I wanted to go ahead and catch everyone up before too much time passes.

Lastly remember this too shall pass. I thought I would never exit the recovery phase. Mine was difficult to say the least but now it feels like forever ago (even tho it wasn't) and it's continually becoming less of an ordeal and my life has returned to normal (minus the flat azz). So hang in there and regardless of your results stay positive.

Note. If you have not had your sx and would like to purchase my UNUSED bbl pillow I will send it to you. I paid $99 and will sell it for $30 plus shipping just to recover some of my money. If you trust me and this option private message me for more details.

Til my next update! :)
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

Let's keep it real! Can we? All of this he was so nice, sweet funny or what ever that I read on other peoples reviews before I had surgery go right out the window when 1yr post op if you have any type of questions or problems with your procedure Dr. McAdoo is ghost. G-H-O-S-T! I would think that it would be a goal to continue a positive relationship with past clients as well as the future clients he hopes to get but, this is not the case. Althoug this doctor has changed facilities, he along with his staff that moved with him are still the SAME people who preformed my surgery yet my inquries were treated as if they did not matter or as if my surgery was performed by a different doctor not just at a different facility. After patient care is just as important as a sweet persona during consultation or decent results however, Dr. McAdoo and his staff have interest in only securing new patients and will leave your new butt naked and twisitng in the wind should you need him post surgery.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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