I Have Been Wanting a Butt my Whole Life - Miami, FL

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Hello everyone. My journey starts here. I'm so...

Hello everyone. My journey starts here. I'm so scared. Finally put down my deposit with Md Johnathan Fisher. I didn't really have the funds to do so but when I spoke to one of the reps @ Vanity Cosmetics she said that in order for me to get the special I would need to put down at least $200.00 today so I did. So I am going to do the bbl and stay at the recovery house for 7 days. My total includes the procedure, garment, the 7 days & 3 massages. So excited in order for me to come up with the rest of my funds I will use my tax money of course ( it's tax season duh) and I should be getting a bonus from my job not really sure how much that will be. I've also put in a ton of applications for part time work. Hopefully I won't burn myself out by working two jobs. Anyway I'm excited can't stop thinking about how my sexy new body will look overly excited!

Is this what I really look like?

So tired of being confused with this conehead from behind. Lol

List of supplies 31 Oct 2013 2 months pre After doing a lot of research and being part of so many Facebook group, I picked up f

I can't wait to look like this.

My goal

Is to one day look how my stimulator app made me look. Wow!

I can not wait too make this transformation happen

Playing with the simulator app.

Trying to convince my fiancé to co sign.

Hey girls how did you do it if you didn't have the funds right away or your credit wasn't @ the best score? We're you able to find a cosigner and how. I have my dad that I could ask to co sign for me but that just seems weird to even ask of him. Then there's my fiancé but he's against me even having this procedure done. I told my fiancé that I would pay the majority off with my bonus & tax money in a few months & he knows how determined I am to make this happen. So hopefully he will come around and co sign for me and soon.

Thinking about switching to Yily.

Hey dolls it's been awhile since my last post going back & forth about who will give me the results I am looking for.

1st) I want a nice plump booty
2nd) nice round (not big) but round hips
3rd) I want a tiny waist
4th) liposuction to inner thighs
I was first going with Fisher, but as far as hips & butt you know the combo I haven't really seen the results I want from the fisher dolls. Beautiful butts butt I want more than what I've seen. Of course I am a little worried about leaving the country to have this procedure done but I'm sure everything will be ok. I refuse to even say anything else to my significant other about this because of course he is still trying to change my mind bout this but I refuse...... So Yily maybe the one. I love her results. I will definitely be paying for the insurance & blood transfusion off top just as a precaution. I'm thinking of staying at upscale & going no later than the first week of June would love to go before hurricane season really jumps off. Any advice from any post op Yily dolls? Any advice from any RS sister who has already gone thru this procedure what types of vitamins and that kinda of thing.

Physical tomorrow & EKG next week.

Physical $30.00
EKG 30.00
Passport idk need to find out

So I was so excited about going to the DR for my surgery, but I'm also getting a little discouraged from other peoples post. I would hate to go somewhere & spend all that money to not be happy with the results. That scares me. I will stay focused and keep my eyes on the prize ( my future booty that I dream about every night).

What r chucks?

Can someone please tell me what chucks are? It's something I need for surgery.

Is Anyone else afraid of going to the Dominican Republic around hurricane season?

Want to go to duran but she's booked till after August should I be or Is Anyone else afraid of going to the Dominican Republic around hurricane season?

My hemoglobin was at what.....

Oh I forgot to add that when I had my physical last week my hemoglobin came back as 14.20 I was impressed my doc said that I have very thick blood & my EKG & chest scan came back good. I'm so amped up about getting my body right.

Help Post op Duran dolls

So received my appointment date & what to bring info from Jazmine @ Bella vita consultants & I need to know if I really need to bring all of the things she had listed below also as far as meds what does Duran provide & what do I bring?

You are one step closer!
You have been scheduled for your surgery with Dra. Duran
Congratulations on your upcoming surgery! I am so excited for you! As you prepare for your upcoming surgery and travel, here is a list of important things you may want to begin planning and purchasing.
1. Passport
2. Contact information worksheet for your family
3. Contact information for the US Embassy
4. Geritol
5. Ultrasonic massager (1Mhz)
6. Ultrasound transmission gel
7. Hemoglobin tester/analyzer
8. Hibiclens
9. Disinfectant spray/wipes
10. Rinse free bathing wipes
11. Heparin/Lovenox anticoagulant injections
12. TED hose
13. Maxi pads
14. Any other products that suit your needs
15. A smile J

Bella Vita

I've been so busy trying to get this booty!

Omg I have not been on Realself in a while. I've been busy working two jobs. Been at the partime job for over a month now. Plus I know who I'm going with so I'm not really looking for much on here except for post op dolls post. I'm trying not think about it as much so I don't get anxious. My surgery isn't until Sept. So I have at least 5 months before the procedure. Wanted to go to her earlier than Sept, but since there is nothing available I will not settle I will just patiently wait. But I'm tired & I know that it will all be worth it in the end.

Putting pre op pictures back up.

Looking for a travel buddy for Dominican Republic Sept 8th

I have a sx date with Duran on sept 8th. Would love to have some of my RS sisters as travel buddies.


New Duran Doll

I'm sticking with my girl Duran! That ass is hot.

I got this from one of the post op RS sistas.

I saw this on one of the post op ladies from RS page. I wonder if that hole is gonna be wide enough for my butt though. Looks like a great idea.

My Countdown Calendar.

I got this photo from someone else's page but that is my countdown calendar. 150 days

Purchased flight tickets

So I just purchased my flight tickets. Now I need to figure out which Recovery House to stay at desicions desicions.

Possibly an earlier date than Sept.

Talked to Jazmine @ Bella Vita & she maybe able to ge me an earlier date than Sept. I want to have this done soon but, I don't want to rush either. I guess if it's meant for me to go in July instead of Sept then God will make away.

Only 143 days away.

I know that seems far away but man I have a lot to do to get ready. I like not feeling like I have to rush to have all the money I need saved up.

Random thought nothing to do with realself just venting but...........

120 days left

Over 20 days passed since my last update!

Love this shape

Hopefully my future body

I want to look like her! Another Duran creation love it!

Hopefully this works

Just put my deposit down for Recovery House

Serenity it is!

My bbl count down! 100 days to go

I can't believe I have 100 days to go. Seems like a long time but I started my countdown calendar @ 150 days. So all of those days has passed & there is still so much for me to do. I will be purchasing my passport this week.

Finally applied for passport.

Applied for my 1st passport. Hopefully there won't be any issues. 99 days till take off.

2 MONTHS PASSED still have NOT received REFUND from VANITY in MIAMI!!! WTF

Trying to be patient. Did not contact them until after 8 weeks because they said it would take 6 to 8 weeks to receive my refund but damn why are they holding my money almost 3 g's!!!!!! That is unacceptable!!!! SHAME on them.

75 days Away.

Got My passport today!

Working on my supplies

Still have a tone of things to buy before Sept but I'm working on it.

60 days

Countdown 50 days

Getting so close 30 days before the new me!

Made it to the other side

Hi dolls I finally made it to the other side on Monday sept 8th with Dra Duran.
Sorry for just now posting but I have been very busy recovering because this shit ain't no joke.... I've been in the dr since sept 7th and I leave to go home on the 19th. I will make sure to post photos when I make it home where I will be more comfortable and my boo can take my pics. Any who this has been one crazy ride. I'm glad I can finally have my life back and stop the realself and wish picture obsession that has pretty much occupied my time since January of this year. I'm pretty sure my fiancé will appreciate that. I'm just glad the hard part is out of the way granted I still have a few more massages (that hurt like hell because i have a lot of fluid to drain with my massages) one last heparin shot that you have to get in your thigh that ish hurts. & last but not least are these damn uncomfortable fajas. I'm in my stage two now when I say it took the nurse 30 minutes to squeeze me into this thing I ain't lying. Fajas are the devil but they are really suppose to help with the long term outcome of your procedure. Anywho signing off will update later with full details of the entire experience. Oh by the way Duran is awesome. I love that lady very sweet & knows how to give us girls curves.

I'm going home tomorrow can't wait

I miss my bed, my boo, my tv ,my house etc. I'm so ready to get back to my life. I've been in the DR since 09/07/14. Can't wait to go home tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a long but also a happy day for me.

Vanity cosmetics does not refund money beware!

Vanity cosmetics was my first choice. But after i changed my mind and decided to go with Duran instead. Vanity refused to refund me my money.

Vanity cosmetics does not refund money beware

Vanity cosmetics does not refund money beware!
1 Feb 2015 5 months post

Vanity cosmetics was my first choice. But after i changed my mind and decided to go with Duran instead. Vanity refused to refund me my money.
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SultrySheIsMe February 1, 2015
If it is worth it to you, you should file suit. If you did not sign an agreement to that "company policy" it is null and void. I work for legal aid on California. They will have to give you your money back PLUS some if you sue them. But be sure that you didn't sign off on that policy. What BS!! They use the deposit to maintain medical records photos and doctors evaluation on file!! What? You are not even a patient , you never even went in to be examined, you don't have any medical records in their facilities. Don't let them push you around. It would be great if some of these ladies got together and filed a class action suit!!!
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