be aware of medical professional in florida where Miriam is the owner she is dishonest

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Hello, sx buddies I have been viewing this website...

Hello, sx buddies I have been viewing this website for the last three years, i have read a lot of journeys and now I am ready to share my journey. I had breast implant 8yrs ago but after my kids my breast dropped so that makes me very self conscious and am ready to do me again so i have decided to get a lift and new gummy bear implants, i am going to vanity in Dec, to get this done with DR. James Mcadoo after that i will be going to DR to do my bbl/tt with DR. Lima in March,2015 i am so looking forward to this and my husband is such a big support of whatever i want to do i am at the point where i talk about it every day with him because i am very private so i would never share this with anyone else but him he is my rock and is always here to take care of me even when i had a c-section with my daughter he took care of us.He will be going with me to vanity for my surgery also i have shared some pics.

Miriam from medical massage professinals is dihonest!!!!!

I send Miriam at medical massage professional a $1000.00 for a package to stay at her RH for 7 days when i was going to do my surgery at Vanity i decided not to anymore because of personal reasons. I contacted her and told her that i needed my money back after i came back from Florida she said okay then said she would call me back but i didn't get a call back from her. so I decided to contact her again and Barbie answered the phone saying Miriam was busy and she would give me a call back nothing,anyway i text her to find out the date of my refund she text me back a paper showing charges for Airport pick up/drop off and a fee for pay pal so my refund would be $803.45 mind you i never stayed at her RH not even for a night i came back home the same day i got there anyway i said okay she said her accountant needs to process the refund and she would mail me a check i told her no send my money back through pay pal she agreed i have been waiting since then and nothing she stop answering my calls and when i text her she takes for ever to reply the last text was i would get my refund last week and it would be $500.00 with $250 in credit for massages and how i can sell it to someone if i don't want to use them i am like are you insane lady first of all i don't live in Florida and secondly i paid you a $1000 so what the hell are you talking about am done talking i will see her in court. so i called Miami police fraud department and inform them of what is going on they said that it's a online fraud because that's where i met her they are working with my attorney to get the information and text i have that she sent me and i will be taking her to court for my money. she is a very dishonest person and people need to be aware of her behavior and not use her business for any services whats to ever because if you can't do your surgery she will steal your money she was all nice and everything until it's time to refund me my money lets see if it's worth it she stealing my money but she will be paying for all the fees my attorney acquire while filling these papers.(God don't like ugly)

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