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Hi ladies so i need help ASAP i am stuck in...

Hi ladies so i need help ASAP i am stuck in between two very good drs? I already booked and paid for a date with Fisher for October but ive been going back and forth in between him and Hasan has anyone else had worked done with them please share pic??? Thank you i know Hasan has just recently came back from a 6 months being off. I also know he had a death before and also that he is not a board certified plastic surgeon but his work looks amazing please advice your doubts about this.

Changed Drs Again

So i had my heart set on fisher from the start unfortunately after reviewing alot of his reviews on here, i had second thoughts and the fact that again for the 2nd time someone has passed in Vanity just spooked me i will no longer be going with him although i got to admit the Coordinator was a real pleasure speaking with her she was always there to answer all my questions. So now after seeing Drs salamas work i went ahead and booked with him for the 27th of October can't wait, anyone looking to go out there for those days? Any suggestions on places to stay near by?

Mommy Makeover

Its official oct 27th count down begins paid 10k today and got my lab requirements and FMLA paper work turned in for Dr Salamas office to fill out. Hopefully their has good as the Coordinator shes been more than a doll shes always available day and night......texting and responding to all my questions she is very knowdelge able and makes me feel very confident on my choice can't wait......

Please anyone who can share recent photos or share their stories will appreciate Need to make my decision quicktly.

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