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Ok so I have emailed Vanity about 30 times today...

Ok so I have emailed Vanity about 30 times today lol luckily my consultant is very informative and has answered all questions. I am currently looking into several different recovery facilities. Looking to do the surgery the end of feb begining of March. Super excited and nervous. I will be flying in from Atlanta on a Tuesday doing surgery on a Wed and wanted to leave on Sat or Sun. Really want to leave Sat but they said I may still be in some pain to leave that soon. Any help input on leaving 3 days post op is appreciated. I am so confused and would love some input so I can know what to expect and what to start planning for.

Before pictures

So these are my before pics can't believe I'm posting them but here goes lol I'm 5-04 197 pounds just list 22 pounds and trying to lose a Lil more before the surgery

One more pic of before

FINALLY TAKING THE PLUNGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I am finally doing this I am officially 28 days from surgery in Miami with Dr. Mcadoo. When I started this blog over a year ago things didnt line up and I now know why.... 3 months after I starting planning the surgery I found out I was pregnant lol. My lil miracle princess is 5 months old and I will officially be getting my life together Aug 24th. I have lost about 11 pounds and need to loose about 10 more I'm currently at 200 (bmi will be at 34 at 198 but I want to go at at least 190 just in case scales are off) I wanted to do vitals this week but I started my period and am waiting to see if I should wait til I'm off or what so we will see. I booked my recovery stay at Curvy Angels and Vanessa has been such a big help. I have had a MILLION questions and she has helped with all of them. So for now I'm working on weight, working over 50 hours a week, taking care of a 5 month old and 7 year old, and trying to get all my surgery crap together. Needless to say I am SUPER busy any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated.
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