31 Y/O female 168 at time of surgery - Miami, FL

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Ok so I have emailed Vanity about 30 times today...

Ok so I have emailed Vanity about 30 times today lol luckily my consultant is very informative and has answered all questions. I am currently looking into several different recovery facilities. Looking to do the surgery the end of feb begining of March. Super excited and nervous. I will be flying in from Atlanta on a Tuesday doing surgery on a Wed and wanted to leave on Sat or Sun. Really want to leave Sat but they said I may still be in some pain to leave that soon. Any help input on leaving 3 days post op is appreciated. I am so confused and would love some input so I can know what to expect and what to start planning for.

Before pictures

So these are my before pics can't believe I'm posting them but here goes lol I'm 5-04 197 pounds just list 22 pounds and trying to lose a Lil more before the surgery

One more pic of before

FINALLY TAKING THE PLUNGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I am finally doing this I am officially 28 days from surgery in Miami with Dr. Mcadoo. When I started this blog over a year ago things didnt line up and I now know why.... 3 months after I starting planning the surgery I found out I was pregnant lol. My lil miracle princess is 5 months old and I will officially be getting my life together Aug 24th. I have lost about 11 pounds and need to loose about 10 more I'm currently at 200 (bmi will be at 34 at 198 but I want to go at at least 190 just in case scales are off) I wanted to do vitals this week but I started my period and am waiting to see if I should wait til I'm off or what so we will see. I booked my recovery stay at Curvy Angels and Vanessa has been such a big help. I have had a MILLION questions and she has helped with all of them. So for now I'm working on weight, working over 50 hours a week, taking care of a 5 month old and 7 year old, and trying to get all my surgery crap together. Needless to say I am SUPER busy any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated.


Ok so this is going to be long but I will cut it down. I originally was supposed to have surgery last year and everything was all set flights booked recovery deposits made.... And then Mcadoo left Vanity. They tried to allow me to go to a different doctor but I did not meet the BMI for him. I cancelled my flights and postponed everything. A FULL year later I am now one week post op and ready for my new life. I will be giving reviews on Dr McAdoo, Seduction Cosmetics, Curvy Angel Recovery House, and My Body Contour 305.
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