Juvederm 1cc and Dysport Injections. Vancouver, WA

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I have my first appointment for injectables this...

I have my first appointment for injectables this Monday. So far my experience with Nu U lasers, (Dr Allens office in Vancouver) has been pleasant to deal with so far. When I called and made my apt, the receptionist was nice and helped me find a time that worked with my schedule.
I'm excited and a a bit nervous of course but over I'm really looking forward to the results.

26 yrs old, juvederm and Botox 1 time

okay, so yesterday I had my apt with Dr Allen. The office was clean and presented well, receptionists were kind and attentive when they were busy wth another costumer.

Once I got called back into the injection room I wasn't waiting long before the Dr came in. Dr Allen firstly wanted to make sure I understood the package that I bought (it was off groupon) and talked with me about where I could get the filler and Botox. Then he began talking to me about the product he's currently promoting called sculptra, and I'll get more into this after I talk about the rest of my experience.
For my lips he used the cannel method, which I liked bcuz it is considered to be the best method when plumping up your lips and is said to reduce the risk of bruising. The injections themselves were only a little painful, and I only had slight tenderness afterwards. While the cannel method is supposed to be better for no bruising I wasn't so lucky and I did get a decent sized bruise on the bottom of my left side on the top lip. Regardless of the bruise I am happy with the shape and outcome of my pout.
Afterward he administered the Botox in between my brows. I was at first not planning on getting it and was nervous about this because I don't have any wrinkles there yet but, he said you paid for it might as well use it and made me feel like id be okay.
Unfortunately he didn't talk to me about the after care when getting Botox, and thankfully while I was initialing all the paper work I read it throughly and remembered that you were not supposed to lay down for about 3 hrs. The problem is he didn't reiterate this when I left and he talked so much about other things that I felt overwhelmed, especially with me explaining this was my first time and I was nervous I feel that he should have gone over the after care better. There's was a lot to take in during the 20 min apt And even though the paper work said don't lay down and don't rub the injected Botox area, I didn't know why and was able to find more info online once I got home. But it almost escaped my mind, and I'm thankful that I remembered. In fact, he didn't go over ANY aftercare about either procedure I had for both the Botox or juvederm lip enhancent and I feel that explaining after care is extremely important.

While he does seem knowligable, he seemed a bit rushed, talked fast and spent a lot of time talking about the sculptra treatment.

He said that it is a filler that will add volume to Whatever area were injected by the body creating collagen, I asked him if it could help enhance my jawline and chin since those areas are a bit weak and I am considering implants but before I could finish my sentence he interrupted me and said "yes yes yes all of this we can do with this treatment". he told me that it would add volume to all the places I have concern about including adding volume to my chin and making it more pointy since mine is just a little short of where it should be, he said it would enhance my jawline as well, and enhance my cheeks. Kinda sounded to good to be true. While I believe he wasnt trying to pull one over on me, after doing a lot of research (5hours at least) I haven't seen anything about it enhancing features, only restoring collegen that has been lost. So I don't feel that my questions were answered truthfully, which makes me feel a little uneasy about getting this done with him. It is something I am strongly considering and will most likely do but I don't want to be told whatever I want to hear, I want to be told the realistic result I can expect. And unfortunately because of this I will most likely go to another office. Trust is huge and while I am currently happy with my results, the fact that he focused more on the pitch than my questions concerned me and I don't feel comfortable going back:( I may have been a groupon customer, but I came in fully planning on this being the first of many visits, I'm not sure if he felt that I want going to do more or what, but building repore with your clients is always important, and sadly I just didn't feel as cared about as I needed. Perhaps I have high standards...but it's my face so I can't and won't settle.

Overall I'd say the experience was good, I didn't get botched and I do feel that he knows his stuff. Just perhaps he is more concerned about the sale? I'm not sure. But, I am happy with my lips and in the next few days I will see the full results of the Botox.

Just showing the bruise lip.

It's not the end of the world, the bruise will hopefully fade quickly. And then I'll be left with just my pout:) ???????? I am very happy with the overall shape and result, the bruising is a possibility I knew could happen as with any injection. Not a big deal, but I just want to fully document my results.

3 days post 1cc juvederm and Botox

alright, swelling has gone down. I've been massaging my lips a lot to work the beading away. The lumps finally went away as of last night, and my lips are getting their feeling back. The bruise has also faded to almost nothing. My lips are slightly asymmetrical but they were to begin with. I'm seven happier now that the swelling has gone down they look like my lips just with a little more plumpness to them.

The Botox has settled as well and I'm happy with the result. I'll post the Botox pics later. I got 30 units between my eyes in the scowl line area. I don't have a before pic to show the difference but I will post a after.

Got in touch with PS and very happy with his response.

So just a pre curser I did have my wisdom teeth taken out a few days ago, and so I'm on some pain meds. Apologies in advance if my update is written a little funny.

On Wednesday I sent my PS pics of my 3 month post op boobies. I have been concerned bcuz my nipples weren't moving up my breast as they settled and they seemed droopy for the stage that I'm in. Usually he emails me back with in the hour and ALWAYS by the end of the day. One of the awesome things you get with Dr.Gorin is that he is very attentive to his patients.

When I didn't hear anything back by 1pm the next day (10am portland time) I decided to call in to ask if he was out. And sure enough he was out on vacation!

I was relieved to know it, even though I loved my experience with my PS and all of his staff, my brain went to the worst case scenario of " what if I have to get them re done and I have to pay for it all over again :(" Thankfully reality was in fact that he was just out enjoying his life lol.

Even still while he was out on vacation the receptionist got a hold of him and he got back to me with in a couple hours of when I had called. I am super happy with the way Dr.Gorin and his office has treated me, its honestly beyond my expectations.

Unfortunately, he did say that it looks like my boobs are taking there sweet time to settle and that theres a possibility that we may have to fix things. He the assured me that it would be of no cost to me and stood by his policy of if any revisions need to be done with in the first year are of no cost to the patient.
He wants me to continue massaging aggressively and we will see how things are in a couple months. If I do have to go back in, it won't be until the 6mo mark.

All of this is a huge relief to me. I'm of course hoping that I don't have to go back in and do the healing process all over again. Hoping that they will somehow settle perfectly in the next few months, but knowing he stands by his work if things aren't looking right puts my worries at ease. And that if they aren't looking like how they should that he wants to make sure they do.

I've read many stories on here about this happening to girls and their surgeons not standing by their work, making me even more confident that I picked the right PS, and I have no problem flying back to Portland to make sure I'm in good hands.

I'm still supposed to massage aggressively over the next few months in hopes that my nipples will rise. But in all honesty, They would have to rise quite a bit and I'm not sure if that will happen. If I do have to go in I will ask him about changing the implants, I'm used to the size now and can tell if they settle right they would look perfect but the whole low nipple thing makes me wonder if I should switch to teardrop ones. He said when I was first choosing my implants that teardrop implants tend to angle the nipple upward, and I really want to make sure that if I have to get them redone that I don't have to go back and my nipples will settle in the right position.

Dr Allen

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