Accutane Has Changed my Life - Vancouver, WA

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I had acne since I was in middle school and after...

I had acne since I was in middle school and after trying over the counter medicines, topical treatments, pills and various other things I was fed up that nothing was working. I friend had told me about Accuntane and after some research I was contemplating going on the medicine, however I was still leery about it. The final motivator was when I was hanging out at my friend's house this past Christmas season and I was playing with her 1 year old son on the couch - we were rolling around and he was climbing on me and then I realized that there was blood on him. After having a slight freak out we realized that the blood wasn't from him but from one of my cystic zits that had popped during our playing. I was mortified. The next day I called my doctor and got the ball rolling to start in on the treatment; knowing that I would stay the course because nothing could be as bad what it was.
The first month was awful. My face was dry and peeling and the acne got worse, washing in the shower and touching my face was painful. But I stuck it out and within the next few months, I could see an amazing change! My skin was getting clearer and by March, I was so thrilled with my skin I couldn't imagine that it could get better - BUT IT DID! It got so much better!! (see my pictures for proof!!)
I started out the first month with just a single 40mg pill once a day, then the second month went to a 60 mg pill twice a day and the last 4 months I was up to a 40mg pill twice a day.
My only downside in this would be the dryness of your lips. I have NEVER had my lips so chapped. I was reapplying after everything - every swig of water, every time I rubbed my lips together, every time my hair blew across my face. Pretty much every 5 minutes I had to put some form of lubricant on my lips. For me personally, the plan old chapstick didn't cut it. I loved using the tiny tubs of Vaseline (even though I'm against mineral oil) and it helped SO MUCH. The other, slightly awkward, thing that I would mention is that the other orifices of your body dry out as well - your nose and your butt...gross, I know but there it is. Trust me, the butt dryness was a pain in the ass (pun intended).
But seriously, a few months of dryness for the amazing skin clearing properties?! I'll take it! I've been off for a week and am anxious to see how things fair once the drug is completely out of my system, but I'm optimistic that this is a change for the better and I hope it sticks around because I love it!
I got a facial the other day and the lady actually stopped and told me that my skin was flawless...I couldn't keep the smile off my face after a comment like that. :)
So what's stopping you from trying?! You'll never know unless you try right?


By the last three months, I was up to 60mg pills twice a day, not 40mg twice a day. :)

Update - one month off accutane

It's been a month since I stopped taking the drug and I'm still acne free (not even a small one popped up during my overly hormonal time of the month - if you're a girl, you'd understand). Couldn't be happier!

Update - four months afterwards

It's been four months and my face is still clear. I have had a few issues with the hormones settling back down - I had some major bouts of sweating even while the air conditioning was going full blast. But overall, I'll gladly take a bit of sweating if I get to keep this cleared up skin! I've had a few small breakouts, but only during my menstrual cycle. The breakouts have literally been one or two small zits, the white heads about the size of a pin head, and have all gone away within a few days so I really can't complain considering what I dealt with prior to this drug.

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