32 Year Old, 120 Lbs, 5'9", 310CC Moderate Plus Silicone, under the muscle

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I discovered this site through my research and...

I discovered this site through my research and have found it so helpful in guiding me through what other girls have experienced. I've been born lucky with having a fast metabolism, but have always wanted larger boobs to make me look more proportionate and to match my booty :)

I have booked 3 consultations so far but they are so far apart - one this Wednesday (Dr. Seal) one in July (Dr. Lennox) and another in November. (Dr. Pugash) I wish they were closer because my preference is to have the surgery before summer and it's painful to wait that long!

Definitely nervous about the outcome as I'm looking for a natural look, especially with my petite frame.

Like other girls, I'm nervous to what some of my family and friends will say, but ultimately it's up to me and if it makes me happy trey should be happy for me!

Current boobies

Here is what I was born with. Not that I mind them, but having a larger handful wouldn't hurt!

Wish boobs

a sample of some wish boobies

First consultation done!

went for my first consultation with Dr. Seal and was pretty exciting. Was weird to see myself with boobs. Tried on all different sizes keeping in mind everyone regrets not going bigger. I think I decided to go with moderate plus as I don't want the projected round ball look for myself and 310cc's. Will be going back for a second sizing though.

Really liked Dr.Seal though. Very humble, kind and easy to talk to. He was great at explaining all the options, with pros and cons and providing his recommendation for my body type, which is silicone, round smooth, under the muscle, incision under the crease of the breast. Luckily I did my research on here before so had a feeling that's what he would say.

Either way positive experience and after looking at the pics of the sizers in my shirt I definitely prefer me with boobies!

Pre Op Appointment

So had my lengthy pre op with Dr. Seal. I had SOOO many questions - but he reassured me that most people do and its good to come prepared. He is so great at answering everything, reassuring you, but also giving you the risks. I think I've narrowed it down to 300/310cc Mod + and after showing some wish pics, he agreed that given my torso that it would look similar to that. He talked about his minimizing scar techniques - which he uses the tape over the incisions to have constant pressure, in addition to massage. My girlfriends incisions look great and some over reviews on here same thing. I'm thinking it might be due to the fact that he is a reconstructive surgeon first? Anyways, also asked about me driving a standard and carrying my laptop around (As I need to for work), at the day 10 mark (when I'm scheduled to go back to work), and he said that should be fine. Talked about nipple sensitivity as well, so most likely will need those nipple covers - not too keen on having those babies standing tall at all times!

He went over all the risks associated to the surgery and reassured me that if I needed anything else or wanted to come in again, I could. I asked to take the sample sizers home to try on with more clothes, which he was totally fine with - gonna try them with a bunch of stuff, which is great.

He uses the keller funnel to release the implant, which is something I came across in my research and the dual plane approach which allows the implant to not be completely tethered to the muscle, therefore minimizes the animation.


Paid my $500 surgery deposit though and it's officially booked for Apr 16th - that's just over a month away! AHH! Pretty excited now after this appointment, just a little nervous about the recovery. So many different opinions on things to do before and after to help and it's a bit overwhelming to be honest.

I'll upload photos in the next post of the sizers again.

Pre op Pics

Sorry they are almost all sideways I see... Can't zoom in but here is what they refer to in size:

All are mod +

1 finger - 295cc
2 finger - 300cc
3 finger - 310cc
4 finger - 325cc

Felt 325 was too wide, too big, so 300/310 is where I'm thinking to achieve my look.

The last pic is a wish boob he said mine would closely resemble as she has a long torso like me (top left)

310cc mod + sizers at home

tried them on with a sports bra at home - don't mind the clutter behind - doing some work/trying to while getting distracted with boobie dress up time

Do these look too big?

trying the sizers on with different shirts at home I wonder if the 310cc's are too big. They look so long and wide on my frame. I know it will be going under the muscle so won't look as big, but just wanted to get some more opinions. This size thing is stressing me out!

More 310cc mod plus sized pics

i keep going back and forth on this size. I need to make sure I pull up the bra with the sizers which makes a difference on how they looks. Here I don't think they look as enormous as in the previous post. Either way I'm going to go see my PS again to try on smaller sizes with my clothes as that's how most people will see me! Not naked lol

More before pics

Similar to many of you I've found this website to be very helpful and hope I'm helping others as well as they go through this journey. The only downside is that for the last month I've been obsessed with reading review after review, so much so that I don't think it was healthy. Overthinking everything. So I've made up my mind and emailed the doctor my choice for my size. 310/300cc mod plus (whatever fits better).

I also wanted to update with some pics of me in some bikinis and a bra to show after boobie photos.

I always bought my bikini tops small so it will prob be hilarious to see them with boobies - def won't fit but hey excuse to buy new ones! Yes!

3 days to go!!!!

Just received the call from the clinic for my arrival time. Sh*t is getting real and these boobies will be here soon! Definitely going through a whirlwind of emotions as many of you probably did. Didn't sleep that well last night as my mind was racing. Definitely super excited but nervous about the recovery and of course how it will look. I'll keep you ladies updated and share pics as soon as I can. This website has been extremely helpful for me with all the support so hoping I can do the same for others :) it's boobie time!

Boobie time! I made it!

made it through phew! Had to be there for 10am and surgery wasn't until just before lunch time - there waiting part was brutal as I had so much anxiety. Work up in recovery and was in quite a bit of pain so they gave me some narcotics, which unfortunately made me really sick. Not feeling the best to be honest but I'm sure it will get better. Will send pics later as I need to rest.

Took a quick peak though and they look great! :)

Day of post BA pics

I agree with the other girls that have been to Dr.Seal. His work looks great day one! I finally feel better, was able to have some soup and with the painkillers don't feel that bad. Pretty rough go at first though, puking with a tight chest? No thanks!

Day 3 post op

man this whole rest thing is proving to be difficult for me. I was feeling pretty good day 2 post and started cleaning and doing dishes...: yeah not a good idea. Was in so much pain last night that I was sick again. I'm forcing myself to just rest today, after last night I have to. I just get so bored sitting around lol. Had my post op appt yesterday and he said everything looks really good.im very happy with the results so far, so I'm sure it will only get better! Will be able to shower today and have another apt with dr.Seal Wed to have my dressings changed. Nervous to look at the incisions... Eee!! Also tried lying down flat on my back last night as the PS said I could try. Annnnndd nope! Does not feel good, felt like I could t breathe at all. I'll attach some new pics later, but overall happy :) just need these puppies to drop and fluff like everyone mentions. I love that term for some reason. Hope all you ladies are doing well healing and thanks for all your support! Been so great!

Post op day 3 pics

Post op pics day 4

i think I'll need more space on my phone with all the pics I'm taking... Here are a few more. These boobies are just too fun, I can't help it lol

And I've ordered a few bras, even though I should wait. What else am I to do while I have this week off?!

6 days post BA

forgot to update after my second follow up apt with Dr. Seal. He said everything looks great and will reevaluate next week if I need to wear a bandau but for now they look really good. He changed my dressings and then gave my instructions for the displacement exercises I need to do. Definitely want to stay on top of those so I have some soft boobies! Sleeping has been a pain. My boyfriend noticed me hunching my back which is from the tightness so trying to adjust my stance more. Definitely feeling better but can't wait for them to soften up! Here are some more pics for you ladies!!

Implant card

hey ladies, forgot to add my implant card! See below for what I got! Also went shopping for a few new work shirts, since i go back to work tomorrow, so dreading that. But whoa shopping is waaaayyy more fun when you have boobies!! I feel an addiction coming on....

Post op day 10

well had my first day back at work yesterday and it was not fun. The morning was tolerable with just some light uncomfortable pain, but the afternoon I felt like the space between my boobs was going to pop out, and felt out of it. I'm in outside sales so today I'm driving all day, and conveniently in a standard.... Yeah not great. Still really struggling with my sleep too, really bad neck, shoulder pain, and have tried all different positions on my back, lying flat, on the couch, on the recliner. Starting to give up :( I did order the nightlift bra though so really hoping I'm able to sleep comfortably on my side with it. By their measurements it says I'm a 32DD?!? Whaaaatttt? But they were out of stock of that size (of course). I feel like I'm still super swollen so I ordered the 32D. Worst case scenario I'll have to exchange it, but I need to try in the meantime. Going a little crazy with this no sleep thing. Have another apt with dr. Seal this Friday. Can feel the implant along the side and bottom crease of the right breast which is weird. Will get DR.Seal to check it out this Friday though. Bought s cute crop top though and love the look of it with these boobies!!

New sports bras!

got some new sports bras, seen on some other realself members (was a little inspired yes). Man do they look so much better with boobies!

2 1/2 weeks post op

Nightlift bra = finally sleeping!!! Now that I'm sleeping on my side I can get some needed sleep and wow do I feel better. Had my first night out for a friend's birthday last weekend and everyone was loving them, including myself :) realized I haven't shown pics of my incisions. I keep forgetting to until after I put the tape back on and trying not to peel it off as it irritates my skin. Anyways, I'll try and do that this week. Have some numbness in my left bottom boob which I know can be normal and soreness on the incisions. The morning boob that everyone talks about is real! Stiff and uncomfortable but after the displacement exercises they feel much better. Have another apt with dr.Seal tomorrow to evaluate whether I need a bandeau or not but so far he says they are dropping nicely which I agree!

Some updated photos below for you ladies!

1 month anniversary!

Can't believe its already been a month! Still loving them and so happy with the results so far. Wearing the bandeau at night to push the implants down a bit and the numbness still exists under my left nipple, but Dr. seal said that's normal so not concerned. Finally remembered to take photos of my incisions. They are doing much better. My right one didn't look bat great to begin with and my skin got irritated for a bit as I took the tape off when my skin was dry vs in the shower.

6 weeks post op

where did the time go? Crazy it's almost been two months! These girls feel more and more apart of me and I love them! There are times I wish I went bigger but my boyfriend keeps reminding me that I went the largest I could go for th profile type (mod plus). Just love how clothes look so much better though. Keep meaning to do before and after photos from previous weeks, but here are some recent pics until I do :)

2 month boobie anniversary!

crazy it's already been 2 months! You guys werent kidding that the time flies! Not much new to report other than I love having boobies that fill out bikinis. Best. Thing. Ever. Still don't have any feeling on the left boob under the nipple, but I know that can take take to come back. I get get some zingers in the left one too once in awhile but morning boob is barely there anymore!

3 months old!

hey everyone! Where has the time gone? Now that our summer is finally starting, time to work on my tan! It's seriously crazy how quickly the time has gone by since my surgery though. I love them so much and they make all my clothes look so much better. I'm very happy with the size and other than a few pieces I can still wear all my old clothes which is great. Haven't gotten measured yet, but on my own I measured myself as a D! Hello! I'm still getting pain zingers on my left boob, the one with no feeling under the nipple, which is annoying but I'm patient and I'm sure it'll stop. I've stopped wearing the tape on my incisions (not sure when I can but hated the sticky residue on my skin) and every night I've been rubbing bio oil on the scars while I do my scar massages. Still doing the displacement exercises every day too. Pretty pumped to show these babies off in Vegas August long :) overall super happy with the outcome and gave me the more proportionate body I was looking for! Yay for boobies lol

New Victoria secret bras!

just purchased my first few (of many I presume) real bras, both from VS. one underwire and a wireless one. Love them both and as always, with boobs damn those bras look better lol

Before and after photos!

So crazy to see the comparison. I especially love the side view with so much more volume. So happy with the results!

6 months!

Can't believe it's already been 6 months. Honestly love my boobs and they haven't hindered my life in any way. Other than bras I can wear pretty much all my clothes too which is great. I do have some rippling on the bottom of each breast, which is common with girls that are thin, with not as much skin (asked dr. Seal about options and he mentioned I could get fat injections, not a big deal for now).

I also have issues sleeping on my left boob. For whatever reason it's just uncomfortable and I get pain from doing it too long. Right side no problem though.

I'm very happy with the way they turned out though and looking forward to a bit more dropping and softening up. Still doing my exercises (prob only once a day).

Some comparison photos I included this time. Amazing to see the difference!

Scar update

I've been using bio oil on my scars every day and can't believe how much better they look! Plus got some new lingerie. Just love how I feel so much sexier with boobs! Woo! Lol

10 months post op :)

Wow where has the time gone! Crazy to believe my one year anniversary is just around the corner. Not much has changed since my last post. Still have weird aches when I sleep on the left boob. New pics though :)
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr. Seal was fantastic. Like everyone has mentioned, his bedside manner makes you feel comfortable and at ease. If I had any questions pre or post op he was quick to answer and always offered for me to come in to take a better look. He helps guide you to the right size without telling you what you should get, making sure to listen to your goals for your end result. The results themselves I couldn't be happier. From day one they looked fantastic and keep getting better. The private clinic was great as well, with extremely friendly nurses that were very accommodating. A couple of my friends went to him too and had great experiences and I recommend him 150% to anyone looking to get a BA. His front staff are wonderful too, very helpful always excited to see you. Overall, great surgeon, great results - go see him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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