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When I was 10 years old I broke my nose and had a...

When I was 10 years old I broke my nose and had a few other serious hits to my nose from sports and felt like my nose never healed quite properly. I am also quite mixed ethnically and believe that may have something to do with my nose is so prominent. I just hated my profile so much and the fact that I always felt like my nose stuck out so much in pictures. I used to get teased by my sisters for having a 'hockey player' nose when I was younger but although the teasing stopped, I never stopped thinking that I would like to get rhinoplasty.

The main reasons why I decided to go through with it is that I am 24 years old, mature enough to make my own decisions and know that this is something I really want. I am financially comfortable enough to undergo the procedure and not be broke because of it! And last but most importantly, I found a doctor that I am completely confident in. Dr. Buonassisi has outstanding reviews and was very informative in our meeting.

My surgery was yesterday and other then being a little out of it yesterday due to the meds I was on, I have felt no pain and have very minimal bruising!! I will post my pics once I get my cast off next tuesday!! including profile pics of before and after!


Day 6 - Compared to the recovery hell I went through after a breast augmentation my nose recovery is going extremely well. The biggest challenges are staying indoors, feeling stuffed up and having this cast on my face. Im so anxious to see the results and this cast does not let me see anything.
My cast comes off on Tuesday March 27th and I cannot wait. I'm trying to prepare myself for all the swelling that will be on and around my nose and that I might not be completely pleased with the results I see right away.
I hope it looks good though :)
Sorry for not posting pics of my recovery as I have a little dried blood around my nose (where the stitches are) and its not very pretty!
I'll post some on tuesday for sure!

So I got my cast off yesterday and wow did that...

So I got my cast off yesterday and wow did that feel good to take off!
The bump is all gone but my cast was so tight that I have a purple ring where my cast was!
So once the bruising subsides and the swelling goes down a little more I'll be able to see the results better...
For now I am happy with the change, Its a subtle difference but a good one :)
Im going to wait a couple days before I post after pics as I don't want an "after" pic up until the stupid purple is off of my face.
I also emailed my clinic and asked for my pre-op pics. As much as I HATE looking at my old profile it will be good way to see the difference. I hated my profile so much I don't have any pics of my own from that view point.
Its really nice to know that once I am ready for new pictures, I won't have to worry about what angle its taken from ever again!

Been feeling mixed emotions all day. Im really...

Been feeling mixed emotions all day. Im really liking the way my profile looks but from the frontal view my nose looks so weird. I know its swelling but I cant help but feel a little down when I look at it and all I see is swelling and bruising!
Luckily, my boyfriend keeps assuring me the swelling will go down and that it will get better.. still it sucks :(
Im posting a before and after of my profile; so much better already!

So I am 2 weeks post op now and boy has my...

So I am 2 weeks post op now and boy has my swelling improved since I first got my cast off! Although its improved, the bridge of my nose is still very swollen (wide looking) and sensitive. Its especially sensitive and sore around the area where my nose was broken. I wouldn't say its painful but just doesn't feel right yet. I also still have stitches between and hanging a bit of my nostrils which is very annoying since I work tonight and hope people don't think its snot :P
Nevertheless, I am happy with the recovery so far and am really happy to have new yet natural looking profile.. Just wish the healing would speed up! Oh and wish I could blow my nose so so badly! The Qtips just aren't doing the trick :)

Well, it was my first week out of the condo and...

Well, it was my first week out of the condo and back at work! The first couple times I went out my nose felt (and was) a little runny but I thought ahead and made sure I had a couple qtips in my purse to dab it with. It was excited to go back to work to get my co-workers feedback about my new nose, since they were all very supportive and excited about my surgery. It was great to hear positive feedback from people who are used to seeing me everyday. They said the change is a definite improvement yet subtle enough that you wouldn't quite know why I looked a little bit different.

When some customers asked me where I had been for the past 2 weeks I was very open with telling them that I had my nose corrected. It was nice to not beat around the bush about it.. felt really good actually to not feel like I have something to hide! Anyway, they were all very interested in learning about the procedure went, and said i was brave which is a nice thing to hear, and said although they had never noticed anything being wrong with my old nose they said my new nose was perfectly symmetrical and looked great on my face! Again, its nice to know that I don't look like a different person .. just a more improved version of myself.
Though the procedure was expensive and although it takes awhile to see the full results.. I must say I'm at 2 weeks post op still swollen and still numb but I am already so happy with it! It is 100% worth it! It is so nice to look the way I feel from all angles and not worry about who is seeing me from the side. Just a very rewarding , free-ing feeling! The surgery was worth every penny, thanks to a very skilled Doctor!

Well I am now a month post op and I must say I am...

Well I am now a month post op and I must say I am not obsessed over it anymore like I was the first 2 weeks.I still a few things I cannot do: I still can't blow my nose as my nose is still sensitive ( I still have a stitch in my nose!) My still does not look/feel natural yet.. Which I heard happens! My upper lip feels stiff which is annoying but Ive read about this and apparently it goes away within the first few months Thank god :) oh and I can't wear sunglasses yet and have to wear sunscreen on my nose whenever I go outside. Other than that I don't have many other restrictions or have much else to do as for as care goes for my nose. I still have another month before I see my Doctor and I am excited to take new pics and hear what he has to say about my outcome. I am really very happy with my profile. I feel like it is very natural looking and I like that. From the front its a very slight change not really too noticeable but my bridge it straight now and I like that. I know I still have a little swelling on my bridge but I don't stress over it! I am happy already and just can't wait to see the end results. Some days I think I wished it was more of a drastic change but then again who knows if a drastic change would have even been better? maybe I would look really weird? who knows!
All and all I am really happy I got it down. People look at me from the side all the time and I don't feel uncomfortable!
Anyways posted my month post op pics! Any feed back is helpful :)

I had a dream last night that I had my old nose...

I had a dream last night that I had my old nose back! I was so relieved to wake up and see that it wasn't there.. Cant believe my old nose is now my nightmare!! So glad it's gone for good :)

Although I had told my co-workers and friends in...

Although I had told my co-workers and friends in Vancouver about my rhinoplasty I did not tell my family for fear of judgement and because I knew they would try and talk me out of it ( I am the youngest sibling so that tells you enough, lol) .
My family lives in Saskatoon which is two provinces away from Vancouver so I really had nothing to worry about as far as them seeing me during recovery.
One of my sisters came to Vancouver for a visit yesterday and I was curious if she was going to notice or not. Much to my surprise she had NO IDEA! She asked me if I did something differently to my hair ( not quite..haha)
I kept laughing to myself because she wasn't noticing, even from the side profile view. She kept asking me why I was laughing so I finally told her. I guess its been years since she really had a good chance to study my nose so she had completely forgotten what it looked like. When I showed her my before- profile view pic, she thought it was an exaggeration and had a hard time believing it was that bad before. Anyways, she took it quite well because obviously I still look like myself and its very natural. She even went as far as saying that it looked perfect on me.
I think the reason why people that close to us are judgemental when it comes to plastic surgery is because they think we want to change the way we look and try to look like someone or something else when really most of us just want to enhance/correct our features.
Again it was nice to have that ability to decide whether or not I share that I had my nose done rather then people immediately being able to know :)

I am now at 1 month 15 days post op and the...

I am now at 1 month 15 days post op and the recovery process is going well! I still have swelling on my bridge. Especially the top half of my nose where my doctor placed a graph to straighten the bridge. Its not noticeable to anyone really but me but it makes me excited to know I still have a long ways to go. I read it takes graphs up to a year to fully settle in and take its true form. So for everyone else who has a graph placed in there nose; we have a lot of waiting to do but also lots to look forward too!

Some people say that after rhino that they completely break out of there shell and become outgoing... for me not so much but then again I was never shy to begin with, but I don't think I have changed at all. However I am not self conscious when people look at me anymore which is amazing!

I hope everyone going through rhinoplasty or looking to get it done have realistic expectations and find a doctor that they can trust so that everyone can come out happy and feeling better about themselves :)

I am now over 2 months post op and enjoying my new...

I am now over 2 months post op and enjoying my new nose! I can now gently blow my nose (of course being sensitive to when I rub the tip), and my scar under my nose is fading and is completely invisible with a little cover up on it. I have no weird bumps or any issues with it as of yet and hopefully it will stay this way! Will update again soon :)

Well I am 3 months post op now and very happy with...

Well I am 3 months post op now and very happy with the results! My nose is still healing and I am still seeing little changes here and there but nothing major anymore. I posted a new side view of my nose. I am so happy with how my profile looks now :)

Its funny because when you see pictures of me before and after side by side I feel like there is a MAJOR difference in my nose but yet nobody notices anything on Facebook, in person etc.
I wouldn't be embarrassed if anyone asked if I did something, but no, nothing at all! Just a "you look great" comment when I see them or something like that.
So its quite strange, that people notice you look better but have no idea its related to your nose!

Next month I am going to my hometown Saskatoon Saskatchewan. I am curious if my parents are going to notice anything??
One of my sisters ( the one that visited) and my best friend from home are the only ones that Ive talked to there about it. Its going to be fun to see all my old friends and see what happens! I haven't been home in 2 years so who knows if they will even notice?
I will keep you posted!

Hi everyone!! the left side of my nose had been...

Hi everyone!! the left side of my nose had been feeling a little more sensitive then my right whenever I poked it. I realized I still had a stitch poking out deep inside of my nose.. Cant believe its been tucked in there for 4 months! Anyways, I blew my nose today and with a very gentle tug I got my last stitch out of my nose and it instantly felt better! I must say I have been paying attention to my nose much more again the past couple weeks then I have in awhile! I have been noticing slight changes...happy to report that its all looking good! Its so nice to take pictures with friends now and not have to worry about what angle the camera is at !

Put up a side by side pic of my old vs new nose...

Put up a side by side pic of my old vs new nose (with my boyfriend.)I feel like I look so different in pics now! So weird that people don't put two and two together and notice whats changed! lol

Hi Everyone! I am back in my hometown (haven't...

Hi Everyone! I am back in my hometown (haven't been home in 2 years) and was curious as to see if people I haven't seen in 2 years would notice my rhinoplasty! Interestingly enough, NO ONE noticed!! Not people I haven't seen in years, not people I saw a month before surgery, not even my mom and dad!! LOL.
To me its a great thing! I didn't want people asking me what I did, or did you get a nose job?? it wouldn't bother me if they asked but I'd prefer to be the one telling people if I feel like it... not them instantly know! I know from looking in the mirror, and seeing before and after pics how BIG the difference is. Its a huge change for me! My pictures to me now turn out so much better! My smile looks better, just in general my face looks better and I am so so happy I got it done! People not noticing means I still look like myself which is what I wanted! This type of surgery is definitely more for personal benefit and is definitely something you want to make sure you are doing for you, not for what people will think!
Anyways posting a couple new pics, I am ALMOST at 5 months post op!
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Phenomenal job! Definitely the go-to doctor for natural looking results.

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