31 Year Old, Old Forehead Scar Revision - Vancouver, BC

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I have this procedure done today. Dr. Bunonassisi...

I have this procedure done today. Dr. Bunonassisi was very nice . The meeting was very informative. He answered all my questions and I have made this decision to get rid of this 25 year old-scar.

I have this scar because of an accident while driving a bicycle during my childhood. Dr. Bunonassisi has recommended : excision, Re-orientation of the scar direction and geometric closure.

I am writing my opinion here and I still don't know the final result so I will give you my honest opinion.

The procedure itself was not painful at all. He numbed the area pretty well, explained what he was going to do and I felt that's he was doing his best.

Immediately after I reached home, I had to look at the area and to be honest I thought the scar he created was terrible!

There were multiple stitches, a horizontal line that looks absolutely hideous to me. I know it's too early to tell and to be honest he did explain that this may happen but eventually things will get better.

Let's hope he is right!

I will keep updating you at regular intervals, I will post another update on day five, 14 and 30. I will also Post another update after six months.

I haven't submitted my rating in full yet for obvious reasons.

Day#1 post procedure

As promised I am updating you on the regular basis this is how the scar looks like 24 hours after the Procedure. Please don't mind the Polysporin and blood.

Day #3 post excision, Reorientation and geometric closure

I don't see much of a difference, I'm keeping the area moist with Polysporin.

I can't really tell what is going to happen so far.

I'm keeping you posted because I understand how important it is for other people considering this treatment to see the progress.

Fingers crossed

Day #4 - progression

still no way to tell how things will be like when those sutures come out.

Please dont mind the shiny appearance (polysporin)

Day #5

Looks better , the view might be interrupted by the stitches.

I wanted to document the progression day-by-day as I found it difficult in the past to do so with most reviews.

It bothers me as I can't have a shower or wash my face yet.

twice daily application of polysporin is not a problem!


I notice more redness

I'm not sure if this is normal, But I do notice some increasing redness.

I hope I'm not doing something wrong. I still cannot wash my face so I'm using a cloth and water to clean the rest of my face.

Stitches will come out in two days. I will continue to keep you posted.


Fine red line

In 24 hours , I will be getting these stitches out.

I will update you then.

I am bothered about not being able to wash my face/hair.

I have used dry shampoos and soaked clothes (annoying)


Stiches removed: can't really tell but my 1st impression: I did not like it !

I have had my stitches removed. My surgeon told me that it healed pretty well but it is "bumpy" and red (expected) , he recommended I start using a silicon sheet on the area at night time.

the redness should go away in 6 weeks and the final results in a full year.

I will let you know if I start seeing changes.

24 hours after applying silicon sheet.

I don't know if its due to the silicon sheet or not but won't you agree if I say it looks better already?

Daily update.

48 hrs after removal of stitches , application of silicon sheets (almost all the time) .

The only reason I am posting often is because i am noticing a change (almost daily)

12 days review

daily application of silicon sheets (almost all the time), I noticed flattening of the scan and less redness.

I don't know , I think there is an improvement . Things are far away from where I want it to be as its still too early.

Just more photos

more photos

3+4 same day just different lightening (flash vs no flash)

Today's photo

Nothing noticeable changed.

Still using silicon sheets most of the day, even when going out, Can't really say I am bothered at all.

The scar it self is flat , red and 'active' .

Again its a matter of waiting .

Day 19

red/angry looking ,silicon sheet every 12 hours

chose to increase the photo's contrast in the to intensify the colours and make it more obvious.

qucik update

changing silicon sheet application every 12 hours.


less red (maybe not appreciated in photo)

Update ..

Still red , but softer so sure.

I am still applying silicon sheets twice daily.


Believe it or not, Apart from redness, I think there is an improvement.!

No real change

Healing has definitely slowed down.I don't see the the line of the revised scar all i see is the red thing .

My skin tends to go red so you can see its almost as red as some surrounding areas but more intense.

two different shadows are posted to show you the difference between indoor/outdoor looks.

Opened for opinions

Hi guys

So our about 40 days after the surgery. I do feel there is an improvement.

I have taken for shots to share with you today. They are all done under flashlight.

I just wanted your opinion, Especially those who had similar procedures done, so I get a better idea with my follow up appointment with my surgeon.

So I'm open to any comments, suggestions, or advice.

Enjoy the pre holiday Time and you may have a Merry Christmas.

Softer ?maybe

I think its a bit softer other than this , no major changes?

new one

Slow process, daily use of silicon sheet does make a difference.

no real MAJOR changes I can notice.


OK, It took me a long time to decide to update things here

so , yes the scar is great. It looks better. I would say most people don't notice it.

It has been a good job but long wait.

Thank You DR B!
Vancouver Facial Plastic Surgeon

He was very honest,professional and realistic. I would go again if I needed to.

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