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So today I went to my first rhinoplasty...

So today I went to my first rhinoplasty consultation! I'm 19 and just moved to Vancouver from california. My nose (specifically, my profile) has always bothered me. It's not that bad but I got my dad's romanish nose and I just want it more refined and feminine and smaller. I'm just scared since it's not THAT bad now what if I hate it after the surgery and wish I'd never done it? I know that won't happen but what if? I almost wish my nose had a big bump or something so I would definitely see an improvement no matter what. That's why I need a skilled surgeon who can make subtle but definite improvements. I've been researching rhinoplasty for a couple of years now, and I know I want to do it, it's just always been a question of when will the time be right. This seems like the best time to do it since I saved up money and I am not around any of my friends and family, who I don't want to tell. I know I could tell them and it would be fine, but I know they would just be confused and awkward if I told them. I don't want anyone to know, just to wonder why I look so great haha. I scheduled an consultation with Dr Bartlett in Vancouver. He specializes in rhinoplasty and does hundreds a year. He has been doing it for more than 20 years. He has completed a Fellowship with the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and is certified with the American Board of Facial and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and is also Board Certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery. He has studied further post specialty training in Facial Plastic and Rhinoplasty Surgery in Switzerland, Italy and the United States. Anyway, so he seems very qualified. I had the consultation today and he was awesome, very nice and friendly and professional. This is the computer imaging picture he did. He would lower the bridge, reduce the columella, and create a supra tip break. I really like it but I feel like maybe I should have another consultation and make a few tiny changes. I don't know. Is it to straight and pointy? I want to have a small cute button nose! I'm a surfer girl and I want a nose that matches my personality. I want the kind of nose that looks like it should have freckles haha if that makes any sense. Just a little bit upturned and small and cute. I'll try to find some wish pics and compare a little more. He was so nice and right away I liked him, so I am tempted to just book the surgery with him! But I have heard so many times to go to several consultations before you decide on your doctor. Any thoughts I need advice!

I edited the picture and I want my results more like this!

So i edited the picture dr bartlett did and this is more what I want my results to look like! When i went in for my consult I didn't bring any wish pictures and I was having a hard time explaining exactly what I wanted, so the doctor came up with the picture above. But the more I looked at it I knew it wasn't exactly what I wanted. so I edited it a little more and also edited the results of the chin lipo I want. That is my dream profile! oh, to be able to put my hair up without feeling self conscious... anyway so I emailed it to him to ask if something more like that would be possible.. fingers crossed he says yes..

some more wish pics


this is what i don't want!!!

this is someone else's wish pic and exactly what i don't want! i don't want a pointy tip at all and am terrified of the possibility... this is why it is so hard there is no perfect nose it is all personal preference and that your surgeon knows exactly what you want and has the skill to do it and you heal right.. so many things to go wrong ugh

so I scheduled another consultation with dr bartlett

I scheduled another consultation with dr bartlett since I wasn't happy with his first computer imaging. but now I'm thinking if that was what he thought looked good that is what he will subconsciously do even if we agree on something else and looking at his before and afters I feel like his afters tend to be a little pointy which is what some people want but not me. I feel like dr bounassi's afters are nicer but he can't fit me in for a consultation until sep 24th and I was hoping to schedule the surgery for around the 15 of october since I'm going to hawaii for two weeks on oct 22nd.. but I just need to be patient I know I can't choose a surgeon based on convenience!

Before pics

Went to second consultation with Dr Bartlett

so I went to my second consultation with Dr Bartlett today. I only had to wait about 10 minutes to be seen which was good. And then we just went over what I wanted again. I feel very confident in his ability as a surgeon, but I do feel like he was a bit rushed in doing the computer imaging, I wanted to make sure he knew exactly what I wanted. So I had to kind of insist he keep changing it until it was right, because I feel like he kept changing it to what he thought looked good, and saying "ok, I'm going to print this now" but wasn't exactly what I wanted. But we eventually came up with this result, which I like! But he didn't seem too keen about.. it was weird I asked him his opinion on it and he said "well it's not baaad". Looking at his before and afters, I think he likes noses to be completely straight, but I want a slight scoop. I need opinions! is there something wrong with this nose?? oh and also he said now that the surgery would be 9 thousand instead of 6 because I want the tip reduced and the whole nose made smaller. In the original imaging he did, all he did was slightly lower the bridge and reduce the columella, but for this result he'd have to bring the tip in. So the receptionist was very nice and is holding a spot on oct. 14th for surgery, and I will let her know on sep 24th after my consult with Dr Buonassisi if I want to go ahead with it! So I'll need to decide between Dr Bartlett and Dr Buonassisi on that day. Do you think consultations with two doctors is enough before I decide? I know I lot of people do 3 or 4.

went to consult with dr buonassisi

today I went to the consult with dr buonassisi. he was awesome and I had a way better connection with him than with dr bartlett. I think I may go with him!

consultation booked with Dr Grigoryants

Hi everyone, its been a while since I updated this, I had to put off my surgery for a while, but now I moved back to california and have a consultation booked with dr grigoryants on april 2nd. He has a great reputation and I have a good feeling about it. I'll update again after my consultation!

wish pic

wish pics

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