Video Diary Day 6 Rhino/Septo - Vancouver, BC

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Hey guys, i posted a video. I'm currently on day 6...

Hey guys, i posted a video. I'm currently on day 6 of recovery. This has been my experience this far. Let me know if you have any comments or questions. So far i'm pretty pumped about the whole experience; really happy i decided to go through with it. 2 more sleeps until my casts off. Stay tuned for updates!!

Just Adding more videos

night before video fix*

oops the night before surgery is here actually:

Cast comes off!!

my cast was removed yesterday and I'm over the moon excited to share my results with you guys!! The removal didn't hurt at all. Dr Buonassisi gave me dissolvable stitches. So no stitches were removed, they're coming out all on their own. The splints were a be yucky to get out, it didn't hurt though. It was just unpleasant. Anyway, i hope watching my videos is helpful for you guys. I really appreciated reading all the reviews on this website and the vlogs on youtube helped me hugely in making my decision. Feel free to leave any comments below or send me a private message. i'm more than happy answer any questions that you have.

Day 12 - Noticed a little hump forming

Not sure if it's just bruising or what. It's a pretty minor hump at this point, it's right above where I think my "hook" started. Should I be worried about this??

Day 16 - New Diary Entery

I just got back from Winnipeg, I'm exhausted. But I successfully traveled 2 weeks post opt with no problems. It felt a little strange upon take-off and when the airplane landed - maybe a little added pressure in my nose - but nothing too distracting. I'm noticing the bump on my nose a little more, and maybe I'm paranoid but I feel like my nose is shifting back and becoming crooked. I really hope it's not..
Anyway, I'm still feeling great. Waaay more confident in my own skin. My swelling has gone down considerably, but from time to time I still feel like I'm walking around with a clown nose on my face. Did any body else feel like that? My breathing is about a 4/5 and I'm still really nervous to pick my nose (lol) or get any of those hard boogers out of there. I've used saline spray once or twice but it just makes my nose feel really runny and blowing my nose is still uncomfortable so I kinda just avoidi that whole ordeal. Anyway.. happy friday everyone :) Talk to you soon!

just adding some pics to my story

My before Pics

Just wanted to throw these up for comparison. I can't believe the difference. It's been 2 1/2 months now and I've definitely "settled into" my new nose. My closest friends and family are starting to forget what the old me looked like and so am I! Just wanted to post these to remind myself.

I'll post my 3 month review video just before christmas, so stay tuned :)
Vancouver Facial Plastic Surgeon

A-mazing!! Dr Buonassisi is very professional. Board certified. I couldn't have been happier with my selection of surgeon. I felt comfortable with Dr Buonassisi. Vancouver's best!!

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