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My procedure is about two weeks away and I'm...

My procedure is about two weeks away and I'm feeling extremely nervous but also very excited. I've wanted this for as long as I can remember, with a nose that is way too big. Being the type of girl that has more guy friends than girls, lots of them have told me that my nose would look way better if it was smaller. I was teased when I was younger, not so much now but this passed year I decided to go ahead with it. Convincing my parents weren't too bad, my mom was the easier one, she got my dad to agree :) I am thankful my family has been so supportive as well as the close friends i've told..

I had my consult with Dr B about 2 weeks ago, after lots of research prior to my consult date, after the consult i went ahead and booked the date. Had the 2weeks booked off work and officially stopped drinking this past weekend ..Im used to partying every weekend so it feels really different already not being able to drink for a month and a half. and its hard telling everyone im on detox because i know they dont believe me LOL ive said detox numerous times but never followed through

Im having twlight anesthia - anyone have this too? comments ?


7 days away. super nervous but very excited :) been getting caught up with everything at work since I'll be off for two weeks.. Hit up the gym, been tanning lots since I wont be able to after the surg.. Actually watching movies with my friends since no more partying ... i feel like i havent partied in so long but its only been 10days lol

6 days away

today i picked up my antibiotics, gravol, painkillers all the good stuff.

picked up some dermab concealer, face wipes, polys, tooth brush, bioderm cleanser-heard its amazing, sunscreen from la roche posay or whatever for the time after the procedure.

feeling slightly nervous. about the twlight sedation, anyone whos had it if you can tell me your story?!


surgery went well i am now almost 10days post op. feeling goood nose is just a bit tender, surgery went well.. my nose still feels a bit big and swollen and tender but im sure it'll be better soon enough .

back to work on Monday, and off to harrison hot springs with my friends next weekend :)

He is a great doctor, I love my new nose. It is...

He is a great doctor, I love my new nose. It is very natural looking and I would recommend him to anyone. 

I only had one consult and I knew he would be the right doctor for me. After extensive research and reading online reviews.
I never felt rushed and pre op and post op was great he even guaranteed his work.

Years down the road

I can honestly say years later I am very happy with my results!
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