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First post! I was always teased in school and...

First post!

I was always teased in school and I've alwaaays hated my nose. I was very self conscious in school about it, not so much anymore. Although, I still want to change it. It's long, narrow and has a rather large bump on the end. I've been looking into having Rhinoplasty done for a little while and have booked a consultation for this Friday.

My mum is supportive, so is my boyfriend. Haven't told my dad yet - probably will before my consultation.

I'm very excited about the outcome ...not so much the actual surgery part of it though >.< Hopefully my dad will be able to drive me home from the surgery...

I have to take some time off work for this. I work in an office so a couple people may notice/comment. Have any of you dealt with this... how did you handle it? I wonder if I should tell my employer what I am taking time off for ..?

Tentative date for surgery is Oct 4. I have pretty much made up my mind that I want it, although still have to meet Dr. Denton.

Well tomorrow is consultation day! I'm very...

Well tomorrow is consultation day!
I'm very excited and a bit nervous to see the "after" pictures that Dr. Denton will show me.
Mum is coming with me.. probably for the best. I feel more comfortable with one of parents knowing exactly what's gonna happen on the day.
I realized that I may be able to use the rest of my sick time for the time
Ill be off work. I was originally thinking I'd use vacation... hopefully I won't have to.
I guess I will update tomorrow and let you all know how it goes!

So Friday was my consultation! Dr. Denton is...

So Friday was my consultation!
Dr. Denton is very informative and friendly, all of his staff are very helpful as well.
He touched around my nose and took a couple pictures, it all went very well! Apparently, my nose will not be an 'easy nose' as I have a lot of cartilage on the tip and fairly thin skin. Denton said that he would probably shave some off the bump on the bridge of my nose as well. I have attached a picture of the proposed after surgery look....I love it! Looks 100% better than it is now.
He talked my mum around as well as she thinks I won't look unique after I have the surgery and I will lose my character. I don't want a character nose though..... Denton said that he is not changing my look - he is only impoving it. I think she is satisfied now :)

My new tentative surgery date is November 8th at around $6500.

and thank you all for your kind comments and support :)

I was just thinking tonight .…… too bad Dr....

I was just thinking tonight .…… too bad Dr. Denton's office doesn't have a back exit! After surgery, I am going to have to come into the waiting room, into the elevator, through the buildings lobby, and out into the STREET. Vancouver's Broadway shouldn't be too busy early in the morning..hmmm....
Trish booked me in on Nov 8th and I would be the first patient of the day at 7:30am.

Now I play the waiting game.

I just realized that I updated last week although...

I just realized that I updated last week although I updated it as a comment and not a new post...
So I woke up sick today. I have a sore right eye, runny nose, and a minor headache/sore ears. I don't know if this will affect my surgery or not... it's scheduled in 2 days! My nose isn't running thaaat much but I still feel like shit =(
My boyfriend left to go to his Whistler cabin for a week. He said he may visit me on Saturday. I hope he does cause I will be mega bored. Although I have some work to do at home that won't last forever. Good thing about so much time off work to recover is,
I can finally finish the seasons of Lost. So addicting.
Please let me know our experiences with head colds and rhinoplasty.... :)

Wellwellwell I arrived at surgery at 7:30 am to...

I arrived at surgery at 7:30 am to pay and fill in some brief paperwork. I then got changed and had some tablets that prevent feeling nauseous and to calm me down. I wasn't too nervous.... mostly excited :)
Dr . Denton went over all the photos and took some more and answered some more questions.
Before I knew it, I was asleep .. during the end of the surgery I can remember asking some questions but its all very vague.
Now I am at home, drinking a protein shake and relaxing with my travel pillow. My parents are taking very good care of me. I miss my boyfriend though :( he may come back on sat or sun .... we'll see :)
No pain so far!!!!

Well last night was okay, I slept only about half...

Well last night was okay, I slept only about half the night though. I never ever sleep on my back so it's so strange and I sometimes find myself wanting to roll over Ahhh.
My mum is making me bacon and scrambled eggs soon :) It's 8:30am so ill think ill get up and stretch my back.
My eyes are still puffy and blue :( but I pretty good !!! ... My throat isn't dry and all which is awesome cause I was expecting it to be
One question: I bought a saline stray but I'm wondering when to use it and how often? I just hope it doesn't stray too harsh into my nose

Thanks all for now! =)

Our TV just broke!! OH NOOOO Too much overuse...

Our TV just broke!! OH NOOOO
Too much overuse today! :(

My mum just got off the phone to tell my brother about my rhinoplasty (I didn't tell him anything about it).. his reaction was "what was wrong with her old nose?" Aw

My nose feels super congested and full. Feels sooo heavy without the drip pad.

That's all for now :)

Today started off pretty bad :( I didn't get a...

Today started off pretty bad :( I didn't get a good sleep and I felt dizzy. I am getting really down with the bruising and swelling, although its getting better.
I ate some yogurt and had a nap. Later in the day my mum washed my hair so I felt a lot more fresh. My brother came over to visit and we had beef stew which was really easy to eat.
Forgot to mention but yesterday my mum made fish and mashed potatoes for dinner ... so yummy!
I feel extremely congested and kinda itchy .... I posted another picture :)

Today is a good day so far. Can't believe it's...

Today is a good day so far. Can't believe it's only 9:15AM! I don't sleep much at night.. probably cause I nap so much during the day. It's difficult to sleep on my back, can't get use to it! I woke up, cleansed my face, took antibiotics, had some yogurt, got the kitty and now I am watching The Holiday. It's one of my fave movies :)
A question: my nose is sooo blocked with dried blood although I was told not to stick anything in my nose. I can't sniff either ... I put Polysporin in my nose several times a day and that helps. Is this normal?
I'm worried that when I get my cast off, I'm gonna have a completely blocked nose. How do I eventually clean this ?

PS- no idea why my pictures are uploading sideways ... so annoying!

Woke up early again today, although I had a good...

Woke up early again today, although I had a good sleep last night. I think I may have slept on my side for a bit, not sure... I had a shower, so refreshing! Then had some pasta and beef stew for lunch. Was finally able to have tea! I drink about 3-4 cups a day and haven't had any since before my surgery so I definitley enjoyed it... haha. I was even able to wash up the kitchen a bit and unload the dishwasher. My mum has been so good to me, cooking lots of soft delicious meals and cleaning everything up... I'm starting to feel bad lol. My nose feels good, no pain at all. Still feeling congested. I used the saline spray a bit so I could clean the dried blood inside...although, I didn't get all of it. Applying lots of polysporin throughout the day. Boyfriend is (finally) coming over this afternoon. =) Posted a picture from today.

I get my cast off on Thursday. I can't wait to get...

I get my cast off on Thursday. I can't wait to get this thing off! My nose feels so numb but pressured at the same time and congested.. the dried blood that I can't reach is making the inside kinda sore :(
Do all these feelings go away once the cast is off? I hope I won't feel congested anymore.
I baked peanut butter cookies today and my friend came over to watch Julie and Julia. Whenever I feel like I do too much, my nose starts to feel sort of tingly at the tip... so I rest.
All in all, a good day but I've had enough now :)
I will be happy with WHATEVER type of nose I get, as long as it looks nothing like my old nose. Looks good so far.

Can't seem to delete pictures or change the rotation - anyone know how?

Hey everyone! Last day with my cast today. Woke up...

Hey everyone! Last day with my cast today. Woke up and had some sausages with eggs. Did a bit of schoolwork and checked my work emails. Not doing too much today, my nose is really itchy!!! It's also sore inside from the dried blood that I can't reach.
My eyes are still bruised red and purple, under my eyes have gone yellowish green. Very attractive :(
Waking up in the morning is the worst. My throat is suppppper dry (I guess cause the antibiotics) and my nose is all plugged. Nose is pretty greasy as well so Im looking forward go scrubbing my face tomorrow.

Hahaha not many good things to say today... so done with this cast :| Tomorrow can't come fast enough :)
I'm excited to talk about my surgery with Dr. Denton though and find out exactly what happened. Ill update tomorrow!!

So today was THE day! I got my cast off! The...

So today was THE day! I got my cast off!
The first thing that Dr.Denton asked me when he entered the room was. "So how did your brother react?" I was sooo lost. I don't remember ANYTHING after my surgery for that entire day, I was completely out of it. Couldn't even walk. He explained that I told him "the whhhhole story" about how my brother doesn't know about my surgery and how he's coming to dinner .. blahblah. lol! I found it hilarious. I think he did too.

I'm not gonna lie, today it hurt. Getting the stitches out (I had 6) hurt the most - probably the worst out of this whole week. The cast coming off didn't really hurt, just felt really weird and uncomfortable. Although now it's off and I was able to wash my face very lightly when I got home. My eyes are still reddish and greenish. My nose is swollen but that'll go down. I'm very happy with the outcome and it'll look better as time goes on :) I posted a picture from today. No makeup still.

I'm not sure what's going on in my nose but my...

I'm not sure what's going on in my nose but my left nostril hurts :(
I got a light & a little mirror and I peered inside .... looks pretty swollen. My right nostril is okay but the left has 2 swollen little "pockets" and they're pressing on each other. This is blocking any air that comes through :(
Is this normal?!

Everything is going well :) my nose is a little...

Everything is going well :) my nose is a little stuffy but not nearly as bad as before. The selling has gone down inside my nose a little bit, still can't really breathe properly through it though. Under my eyes is still green... makeup covers that up mostly.
It's my first day back to work tomorrow after about 10 days off! It's been nice relaxing time considering, but I guess it's time to face the music (and tons of emails).
I love my new nose =) it suits me waaayy more than my old nose. I am very happy!
Also, I added a new photo!

Hi everyone! Wow time has flown by! I'm almost...

Hi everyone!
Wow time has flown by! I'm almost at my 3 weeks post op date. I have my appt on Dec 7 (Fri) to meet with Dr. Denton.
So I am doing really well :) super happy with the results and thank you all for your happy thoughts and words... this website is amazing! Honestly, if I didn't know about this website and if I couldn't blog during the process, I would be lost.
This whole process hasn't changed my attitude at all, I was worried that it would. I'm exactly the same person although a different nose :)
No one has really noticed (they haven't said so anyways) which is good.
My bruising has only JUST one away completely ... I still have dark under eyes. I got a real bad case of bruising, I suppose because I have very thin skin. I also have psoriasis but that didn't make a difference. Nose is still swollen inside, can't properly breathe through it yet :(
I don't have any pics just yet but I will take one very soon!
:) bye for now

Hello all! I went for my post op appointment...

Hello all!
I went for my post op appointment today :) Dr. Denton said that I am healing and progressing very well. My tip is still very hard although that's normal as he did a lot of cartilage work on the tip. There is a tiny bumpy part of the side bridge ... although you can only tell by feeling it, not looking. He said that's because that's where he cut into the bone. It may smooth out but it doesn't really bug me anyways.
He said I talked through the whole surgery!! I guess that's how he knew about my brother coming over .... haha. He kept on giving me more medication to help me sleep. That's why I don't remember a THING AT ALL until mid-day after the procedure.
Oh wow. It's been quite the journey. Well worth it though!!!

Added new pictures! :)

Added new pictures! :)

Hi everyone! So I'm a few days off my 3 month...

Hi everyone!
So I'm a few days off my 3 month marker :)
I love my nose and I'm doing great!
The only thing is that the tip is still quite swollen and hard. I had a lot of work done on the tip so Dr. Denton said that was normal. I am have difficulties breathing out of my left nostril so he may have to cut more cartridge next time I see him. Not sure though.... we'll see how it goes. Apart from that, everything is good!!! :) I will post a new picture later tonight.

Uploaded 3 new pics :)

Uploaded 3 new pics :)

Its been 5 months. Its been good! I've had...

Its been 5 months. Its been good! I've had difficulties breathing out of my left nostril so today I had a minor revision. I entered the surgery room and felt exactly how I did the morning of my rhinoplasty! All the nervousness feeling came back to me. I had freezing in my nose (felt like 5 needles!) and the dr went in and started cutting away at the insides to remove the extra cartlidge that was preventing me from breathing properly, it HURT. I hated every second of the procedure. So about 6 hours later and my nose is still hurting and bleeding. Also, it seems like its slanted to one side. It wasnt like that earlier today... so I'm not sure whether thats it being swollen or if its gonna stay that way, so I'm kinda worried. Has this happened to anyone else?

My breathing is better now, although not fully...

My breathing is better now, although not fully 100% the way I'd like it. Kinda frustrating during yoga lol..
Now that its been almost a week since my procedure to remove some of the cartalidge, its less swollen and more straight. So glad it didnt stay slanted looking!
I go back to see Dr. Denton again in the first week of May so he can assess my breathing and how everythings going.. :)

1 year later!!

Wow, 1 year!
Can’t believe it… this time last year, I was about 45 minutes into the surgery. I still remember how nervous I was while walking into the surgery room and seeing the bed and the tools. I have no regrets at all! I can breathe perfectly and am very happy with how my nose looks. I posted a new picture, which was taken this morning. Next Wednesday, I have my follow-up appointment with Dr. Denton.
Feel free to ask me any questions you want or anything about how my surgery went :) good luck to everyone who is currently recovering … happy healing!


Front view photo

2 Years!

Hey everyone, I realized that today is my 2 year anniversary since my rhinoplasty! Wow!!
I hope everyone is well, I've attached 2 new pictures ...one taken today and one that was taken a couple months ago. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming surgery or your healing process! :)
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