56 Year Old with Heavy Face and Malar Mounds Deserves a Lift Too! - Vancouver, BC

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I've had Botox and fillers to my lower face in the...

I've had Botox and fillers to my lower face in the past. These treatments didn't help at all. I've been told by both the dermatologist and a another prominent PS (advertises HEAVILY on this site) that because I have such a heavy face and prominent malar mounds (I had to look up the meaning of malar mounds!) that the results of Botox, fillers, and even a facelift would not be 'noticeable'. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed.

I then found this site and other ladies with the same issues. They all had success with their procedures. With renewed optimism I renewed my search for a PS. My girlfriend had a facelift with Dr. Brown and she looks gorgeous! So of course I booked a consult. Dr. Brown was patient and answered all of my questions. We talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly. He showed me volumes of before and after facelift pictures including those of women whose faces were similar to mine. He does great work. I felt so at ease and in good hands even before I met his vey caring and knowledgeable nurse Tanya. She's been a joy to work with.

I had a brow lift and blepharoplasty in 2004 with wonderful results that have lasted to this day. I still can't believe the before and afters!!! The PS who did these procedures has since retired. So, I have some experience with PS. I'm hoping for similar results this time around.

After learning about a 'heavy face' and 'malar mounds' from this site, I started lymphatic massage and that helped reduce the puffiness in my face and in particular the malar mounds. I'm so excited about these changes and the changes to come! One more week.....

I've included before pictures.

Tomorrow's the big day!!!

My surgery is tomorrow at 10:00am-facelift, necklift, and fat transfer. I'm spending the night at the surgery clinic and will be discharged on Friday morning when my son will pick me up and drive me home where my husband and furry babies will be waiting.

I'm looking forward to being on the other side.

It's good to be on the other side

I have to say this was much more painful than I thought it would be. The pain is mainly in the neck area and in particular where the draining tube was placed. the It was removed this morning. I stayed overnight and in hindsight that was a very good decision. The nurses were brilliant and attentive. I felt incredibly cared for and in good hands. It was a rough night so I needed the extra TLC.
I'm quite swollen with lots of lumps and bumps but deep down I can see there is a much refreshed and beautiful me lurking. I'm trying not to look in mirrors and to give my face time to heal.

Behind the ears pictures

The RN shaved my hair prior to surgery. The atrpictures from behind.

Turning a lovely shade of green.

5 days since my surgery. I'm still quite swollen and tight. Pain has subsided and I no longer need pain meds to sleep. I'm finally getting used to sleeping on my back so much so that last night I slept right through the alarm for my antibiotics. I have to take them 4 times a day for 6 days to prevent infection.
My husband has been great. Each day he cleans my stitches and applies polysporin. He also soothes my ego by telling me I look great, the swelling is not that bad, and he can hardly see the bruises. He knows just what to say ;).

Although the pain has subsided, it has been replaced by bruises. They are really starting to show now and have turned my face into various shades of green. I've been taking arnica and bromelain and hope that these will help with the bruising. It's also still difficult to swallow or chew. I've been living on protein and fruit smoothies and scrambled eggs. I can't really chew anything more than this yet.

I see the PS tomorrow and hope to get the stitches out.

I've included pictures taken today.

Stitches out today!

I'm looking forward to having the stitches out today. Saw the doctor yesterday as he's going on holidays starting today. He's says everything is looking good and I'm healing nicely. I'm okay to drive and to have the stitches out. I'll be driving myself to his office today where his lovely nurse Tanya will do the honours. She's such a valuable part of his team. I've included before pictures taken right after Dr. Brown marked me up and just before the surgery.

Ouch! That hurt.

Very painful getting my stitches out today. The right ear was fine. The nurse was very gentle and I thought I would breeze through the process. When she got to the left ear, I thought I was going to jump out of the chair. Apparently 3 stitches were buried and new skin was growing over them. I asked if she could just leave them but apparently that can't be done (infection risk etc..). She was as gentle as she could be but had to wrestle those 3 little stitches out. I think that was the most pain I've had so far. I shouldn't complain. As they say, no pain no gain, but I really wasn't expecting that level of pain.

On a positive note, she was quite impressed with my body's healing abilities and the fact that my bruises are already yellow/green. She says based on the colour that my bruises should be gone in a few days. I hope so. I want to go out without looking like I've been beaten up. I'm already tired of wearing hoodies and sunglasses especially since it's cloudy and rainy here in Vancouver. Sunglasses look odd at this time of year.

Sending you all good healing vibes...

Better today after having stitches removed

For the first time in a few days I had to take pain meds to sleep last night. Today the ears feel much better. My jaw and neck however continue to be tight, swollen, and achy and my yellow bruises still prominent. I have an appointment today so makeup and hair down along with my thick black framed glasses should do the trick. I look quite swollen but hopefully no one will notice. Updated pics of ears with stitches out. Hoping the swelling here recedes soon as well.

Healing has slowed....

I'm very happy with my results. I think my healing has gone very well. As my doctor's RN pointed out, the healing has gone so well because Dr. Brown did his part and you've done yours. My bruises have faded, the scars are much less prominent than I thought they would be. Inevitably however, the healing has slowed and I don't see as much difference from day to day. I'm still bothered by swelling, particularly in the lower face and neck, and a tight/sore feeling in my neck. I'm also anxious to get my scars faded to the point that I can wear a ponytail. But I realize that's quite a ways away.

I'm wondering if any of you have found products/techniques that will help the scars fade and flatten more quickly. Any advice would be appreciated.

Having said all of this, I do recognize how fortunate I am to have had such a gifted surgeon and staff and to have had such a wonderful recovery to date. I also feel that this website has been a great resource throughout my journey.

Lymphatic Massage

I've had 2 sessions of lymphatic massage so far this week with one more tomorrow. What a difference! I can feel the swelling recede almost immediately. My neck and face feel much better and less painful and swollen. Of course I still have some swelling, but I find it quite manageable. I know this will take months to resolve, but I feel that lymphatic massage helps speed the process and increases my comfort.

I am a big fan of lymphatic massage as it worked wonders on my malar mounds in the months prior to surgery. I go to the lymphatic and massage clinic of Vancouver where they use the Vodder method.

5 weeks post op

I'm healing well and still pleased with my results. It will be 5 weeks tomorrow since my facelift and fat grafting. My scars are healing well especially in front of and behind my ears. The scar on my chin looks like it will take a bit longer than the others.

Recent Photos

I'm pleased with my progress to date. I see my PS tomorrow for a 4 month update. I sometimes do a double take when I look in the mirror. It's taken years off my face without looking done. I've attached my 4 month update pics
Richmond Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Brown and his nurse Tanya are a great team. I felt he was the one as soon as I met with him and Tanya. He's realistic and tells it like it is. Dr. Brown is always kind and understanding. He's a great listener. I felt at ease with his calming manner. He loves performing surgery and you can sense this as he prepares you for surgery. The aftercare has been great. I spent the night at the clinic and have never felt more cared for. All in all a very good experience. I would recommend Dr. Brown and his staff.

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