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I finally did it. After years and years of wanting...

I finally did it. After years and years of wanting this done and two years since my first appointment, I went in today and paid for them. I go in for the actual surgery on Wednesday. My first appointment was almost two years ago when I went in for a consultation. I booked the surgery for a week later but I found out I was pregnant a couple days before. So this got put on the back burner. As it was getting closer to the day I was planning on stopping breastfeeding I started thinking about this again. I called the office and asked if I could just pick up where I left off. They said it wouldn't be a problem but my doctor was on vacation until the fall. I was pretty bummed but I'm also extremely impatient so I went with their suggestion of Dr. Hanif Ukani and I am so far not disappointed. He's so nice and easy to talk to. And when he was reviewing the notes from the previous Dr, I found out they were written completely wrong and I was charged for saline which was something I have never wanted. Glad I switched because I never would have found out unless I was impatient and took their suggestion.

Anyways, at the first appointment he put me in the robe and took a peek at what was there then he took some (terrible) notes. Then we sat and chatted for a while. At the second appointment he did the robe thing again only this time he actually measured and wrote everything down and explained what he was measuring for and everything. After that I put on the sizer bra and tried on a few cutlets. I settled on 350 cc silicone under the muscle. Then we sat down again and he took my blood pressure and talked a bit about the procedure and prescriptions. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease.

I'm sort of worried about the size of implants I chose. I'm worried they could be too small, although when I google pictures of that size, they all look too big. It's really tough to say so far, but I guess I will find out in less than two days. I will add photos tomorrow hopefully. :)

Today is the day!!

I'm getting pretty nervous. I have to be at the office by 12:45 then the surgery will be around 2. I haven't eaten or drank since midnight and I'm getting really thirsty. Today is going to be one of the hottest days of the year and I'm not allowed to drink water or wear deodorant. This should be fun.. I really hope i chose the right size. But I'm pretty sure I won't be too upset at whatever comes out, as long as they're not all warped or anything. After breastfeeding my boobs were just demolished. I'm hoping for a mid to full C. I'll post before pictures on the way to the hospital probably. I'M SO HUNGRY!!

on my way!!

This is really exciting. I'm just nervous about complications and sizing. And what really makes me upset is not being able to pick up my kids for three weeks! I have an 8, 3, and 1.5 year old. The older ones will be fine but I lift the baby up constantly. I'm wondering if it's even worth it to pay this much and be basically useless for so long. Well I guess there's no turning back now. I took a couple pictures after my shower.

It's done!!

So I get to the clinic yesterday and my check in time was 12:45 and the surgery was set for 2. I waited in the waiting room until three o'clock! Like not even in a gown or seen the doctor or anything. So they take me into this little room with a shiny blue bag rolled up and a warm house coat. I sat down while the nurse asked me some questions and watched me take out my piercings. Then she looked around in my mouth to make sure I didn't have any crowns or caps and also so that I had a suitable throat for putting the trach tube down. This nurse was so nice she made me feel really comfortable. Then she told me the gown and cap and booties were in the blue bag and to place all my stuff in the bag. After I get my gown on, the anesthesiologist comes in and asks me more questions and she was really nice too. Then the doctor come in and takes pictures and draws on me. He asked if I had any more questions and I asked if he had an implant lying around the same size as mine that I could look at. He says not a problem and comes back with the actual boxes with my implants in them. Obviously he couldn't take them out but he showed my the size and style on the box. Then he goes and tries to find a sample implant but could only find a 250cc. Oh well, I'll know their size soon enough. After the doctor left I was peeking in my gown at the writing and the nurses were so funny asking if I was saying my final goodbyes. I said 'farewell, suckers! Won't miss ya!'

They then took my into the freezing cold operating room and strapped me onto the bed. The nurse and the anesthesiologist were trying to comfort me before putting the iv in but I told them that needles didn't bother me. Then they gave me the mask and told me to count back from 100.

I woke up and all I felt was pain between my boobs. It was hard to breathe all the way in. They had already given me morphine and demerol while I was asleep but then they came by and gave me some pills that I couldn't see because my eyes weren't opening. I took them and they told me they were oxycontin. The pain still didn't go away though. They gave me some water and let me take my time getting dressed and the nurse helped me with a ponytail. Hey wheeled me down to the loading zone and my husband helped me in the car. I got home and came right upstairs. I left the clinic at 7 and was instructed to start my percocet at 10 pm. The pain was there until I took the percocet and it seemed like the perks kicked in all the other drugs that didn't work earlier. I was so loopy and feeling no pain. I ate some toast and tried to watch a movie but my eyes wouldn't open so I just went to bed. Sleeping sitting up wasn't so bad, maybe because I was all hopped up on pain killers. I had to set my alarm for 2:30 and 6:30 so I could take all my pills.

Now I'm up and I've got an ice pack switching sides and trying not to itch my skin off. The skin between my boobs doesn't hurt anymore, the nurse said it was just stretching like crazy and the muscles and skin weren't used to it. Now that it's all loosened up I can even breathe properly. I don't get to shower until tomorrow and I'm covered in purple paint and he stuffed my bra with pads in case I started bleeding. I can't even take those out until my shower so I can't even tell how big they are. I'll post some pics but there's not too much to see yet.

One month (ish) later!

I had my one month appointment on Thursday and he says I'm healing very well. My right one has dropped and is softer and my left is still up higher although they were never really too high to notice. My doctor put new paper tape on the incisions and after they fall off then it's onto bio oil if I feel it's necessary, which I probably won't since I'm not in the habit of flashing my new tatas to everyone. I'm still stuck in this awful compression bra until the 27th and it's driving me nuts especially since we've had a major heat wave since I had surgery and this thing is made of plastic I swear.

A few things I would do differently if I had the choice would be to definitely not get it done in the middle of summer considering the terrible bra and the fact that you aren't allowed to swim for six weeks. Oh and the boob sweat. It's atrocious and now it's something I have to deal with forever :-S
I also probably would have gone a bit bigger. Just a tiny bit. I haven't been measured yet but I think I'll be somewhere around a medium C and that is smaller than I wanted.
The price is scary! When you're so set on getting something you want, the price doesn't seem like a big deal but now that it's over I really wish they were cheaper. I know the money is already spent and I wouldn't change my mind if I had the chance, it's just frightening to think of the price sometimes, lol.
All in all I'm happy with them, and I think I'll be much happier when I can wear cute bras and bathing suit tops. Oh and when I get over how much I spent on them :)

I'll keep updating and add some pics when I can wear something other than this disgusting bra.

Thanks for reading!
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