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I have read many other reviews and have found them...

I have read many other reviews and have found them to be helpful, so I thought I would take the time to document my own experience.

Stats: 5"9
130 lbs
25" waist
36" hips

I am tired of wearing padded bras and inserts to give myself some cleavage. No one has told me to do this. People's opinions vary quite a bit. However, I am doing this for myself and only myself. :)

I have my consultation booked with Dr. Alex Seal in Vancouver on March 16th. I am so excited!

Had my first consultation, torn about what size to get..

Hello everyone!

I had my first consult and have decided on smooth round gel Implants. The thing is, I'm torn between what size to get. I am tall and still want to look well proportioned and not have my chest be the only thing people look at. However, I don't want to regret that I didn't go bigger, as many women seem to experience.

These pics are with 310 cc round gel implants. He did say, they will look smaller once implanted and higher up. It's hard for me to picture, hense why I'm so confused! He said what I had chosen is smaller than the wish boobs I had shown him.

Pre op done!

Was approved for financing from crelogix. ( Yay!! ) Went in to sign some paperwork and try on some more implants. Last time I was thinking 300 or 310 cc. I had a couple months to think.. and I don't want to regret not going big enough. So i am leaning more towards 350 cc. Dr. Seal said 375 is probably too wide for my 12 cm breast width. He will order 360 for surgery day as well as 350 to see what looks best. I also have some slight asymmetry between my breasts. One is a bit larger.. but not enough to seriously bother me. I would be concerned about choosing different implant sizes to even them out.. and the larger one not dropping fully .. Decisions decisions.. now just awaiting an appointment time that works for my schedule!

350 cc Mod + Sizers

Here are the sizers I am leaning more towards going with. I am still driving myself crazy wondering if I should go with 400 hp which would be the same width, but more projection. I don't want the bubble look, but I also don't want to regret going too small.. I have a petite frame, but I am tall. I don't want to feel I have to do some crazy glute workouts to balance out my figure after getting implants that are too large. . Oh well, I have until Oct to plan. Still awaiting official appointment confirmation that will work for my schedule . I gave up toe opportunity on June 4th to have surgery, since I had already made plans to do Tough Mudder with my brother tomorrow! I hope it will be all worth it!!

We're any of you worried about getting HP implants, but went ahead and are glad you did??

So confused!

Surgery Booked!!!!


It took quite some time to get one, due tonthe doctor sharing the operating room with someone else in the building. Dr. Seal's team needs to work around the other' schedule. At least, that is what my understanding is.

Official date is Oct 15th! A week before by birthday. I am so excited, I can't even explain. The countdown is on!

More Wish Pics!

I'm obsessed with boobs... thought I would share some wish pics!

3 more sleeps!

So.. last week, I messaged my surgeon stating I wanted 350-375cc mod+ implants. Upon looking more and more online, it seems like most women get high profile. I have become more accustomed to it, and have started to prefer it for myself, as long as it's done right.

I saw a video on YouTube of one woman getting 300cc mod+ and regretting it. Then the very next year, she switched to 450 cc high profile. I didn't want to end up with boob greed, and feel like I spent all this money, just to look how I do with a padded bra. I want more OOMPH!

Anyways, so I messaged my surgeon today to request around 415cc high profile, as well as apologized for being one of "those" people who can't make up their mind. I felt really bad, but it's my money, and my body. They were so accommodating, which I appreciated so much!

Today is the day!

Today is the day!! It's BOBOBIE TIME!!! It felt so good to throw away my super padded bras, and all the extra pushup inserts. Liberating.

I'm nervous, but also super sleepy that it prevents me from getting too amped up. Although, that may be another story once I get there.

I honestly just really want water, which I wasn't allowed to have since midnight. I'd rather just get surgery done, so I can have some water!! Oh, and new boobies, of course. ;)

Post op!

Hello again everyone! I got home a couple hours ago. I just wanted to write about how it all went!

So, I was scheduled to arrive early at 7:30 am. It was super hard not to have water, cuz I kept thinking, hmm, I'm thirsty,I'm gonna grab some water. And then I kept remembering that I couldn't. Over and over again haha.

The nurse asked me to change into a hospital gown. (Stylish) ;) Take out my jewelery, and all clothes except my socks and panties. She checked my vitals. Tehn sent in the anesthesiologist in to check for any allergies, current meds, etc.

After that was done, Dr. Seal came in to ask if I had any other questions, did some drawing on me, explained that one side of my ribs is more prominent than the other ( which I've always hated) And said there is no way to guarantee perfect symmetry, which I understand as I totally do not expect absolute perfection. Either way, I was just happy I was getting boobs! We confirmed the final size I chose, which was 415cc high profile silicone implants.

They asked if I needed to use the washroom one more time, and then had me lay down on the operating table, on top of and under some really warm blankets. I expected to be freezing, but it was nice. I did, however start crying as soon as I layed down.. I was so incredibly scared. The anesthesiologist put a cannula into the vein in my hand. I heard Dr. Seal confirming with other members of his team in the room , about my allergies, etc. Making sure they were all on the same page.

The anesthesiologist told me he would administer some sedation and I basically was like, yes please! I just wanted to calm down. I don't remember anything after that, but being in the resting room with some other super kind and sweet nurses. I really felt I was cared for.

I think I felt just the tiniest bit nauseous at one point, they gave me medicine for that. Had me drink some ginger ale, gave me an oxy for my pain, and prescribed me Dilaudid, which I am slightly nervous about. I am an addict/alcoholic in recovery for over five years now..I know when I had my rhinoplasty, I was prescribed Tylenol 3 and did just fine. I took half doses to be safe, and didn't get hooked again. I will practice the same this time as well. I'm just so happy I have boobs now!

Day after surgery! Getting used to these foreign objects..

So, I slepy pretty poorly last night, and went for my one day post op visit this morning. He said they are very swollen, but it's normal at this stage. Said he will remind me many times that they will continue to drop, and will actually get bigger and develop their shape. Right now, there is quite bit if swelling in-between my breasts.

Went to buy some more conformable pyjamas ,and men's sweatpants, (as men's sweatpants are just so darn comfortable). Also bought an around-the neck travel pillow to prevent me from laying on my side.

Was told I could have a shower today. Had a quick rinse, (although baby wipes were quite useful today already). I kept thinking by implant was falling towards my stomach, so I was holding it up and freaking out. Quickly rinsed off, and put my bra back on. I think I need to rest a couple more days with my bra on haha. I'm sure I was imaging things.. but my implant falling downward seemed so real. I didn't want to ruin the new boobs!

Day 3 Post Op

Hello everyone :)

Because my sleep had been so intermittent, and I was finally able to stop icing to get swelling down, ( based on a call from the surgical centre) I went to bed at 3pm yesterday, and got up around 1pm today. I was so exhausted. I also had a very bad headache and nausea at about 5am this morning. I think not having my daily Starbucks is getting to me! I got sick last night. Felt slightly better afterward. Too much medication and not enough food probably. I drank some milk to ease my stomach and took some Gravol. Had some cereal when I got up at 1pm with some almond milk, and a cup of milk with some restoralax. (I have barely had a BM since the day before my surgery. Not good!)

Anyways, here are some pics. The swelling has decreased quite a bit between my breasts. I was able to shower again today, but this time I wasn't scared of my implants falling put of their pockets. Also, I find that drinking a lot of water has decreased my bloat substantially, despite not really having a decent BM.

Going out tonight!

It's so liberating to finally be able to wear some of the clothes I haven't worn, due to having to wear a strapless bra and always adjust it. It wasn't worth the hassle. I had to share my sheer joy of being able to wear this shirt braless (with my nipple taped down, of course)

Also, I find the towel stays up better after getting out of the shower now. I wonder how many this these new additions will come in handy for! Haha

Swelling has gone down, and I've started massages now. I've seen them change since starting yesterday. I was afraid the
Massaging would hurt, but it really didn't. Yay! Relieved :)

Boobie update!

Well, everything has been healing quite smoothly. They are beginning to feel like a part of me. I no longer fear them falling out while not wearing my bra in the shower, nor do I freak out that there are two foreign pieces of silicone inside my chest. Massages don't hurt at all. However, my nipple have been quite sore, and they were never very sensitive to begin with. I Googled the cause, and apparently it's due to the nerves stretching around the implant. I hope it goes away soon, as its a tad annoying! I also ran for the sky train today, which felt a little odd, but not painful at all.

Getting dressed is more fun now :D I go some bras from Walmart while in the states. Man, do you guys have way more selection there! Although, the McDonald's breakfast wasn't nearly as good. . So, you win some, you lose some. ;)

Here is a boobie photo shoot for you all!
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Seal and his staff have been so wonderfully kind and accommodating. From the lovely ladies in the office, Jennifer and Jenna, to the excellent care at the surgical centre, I am thoroughly impressed. Dr. Seal has taken the time with me to make sure I was confident with my decision, and I never felt rushed or pressured. His level of skill and KINDNESS I feel is hard to come by in the cosmetic surgery world. He truly cares about his patients, and I HIGHLY recommend.

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