5'5" 115lbs 1 Kid(breastfed) 350cc IDEAL IMPLANT. Vancouver, BC

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I saw Dr.Gelfant a couple months ago. He was easy...

I saw Dr.Gelfant a couple months ago. He was easy to talk to and informative about the implants.
I wish he would have done the sizing with me tho.
I went for 2 pre-opp appointments for sizing. The desk lady was in the room doing the sizing with me. I felt a little awkward with her and felt like my decision was rushed the first time. After trying the implants on in their room with her standing there with me, I decided on 375cc. The second time I went in I was unsure of that size. It's hard to tell, when you have different sized implants stacked on top of of eachother on your chest in an ugly bra..She suggested 350cc, saying the 375cc was a little big. 350cc looks like a more natural fit. I feel like I will have boob greed after my surgery with the 350cc's. However, I don't want to risk getting implants that are too big for my body ..
2 more weeks before the surgery! Getting extremely anxious about the recovery. I'm a single mom of a 3 year old and I don't know how much help I'm going to need after and for how long. I have people staying with me for the first 4 nights. So I guess we'll go from there..

9 Days Post Op updates !

On the day of my surgery, May 10th, I was extremely nervous. Nervous about the size of the implants, about being put under, about the pin after, and worried I wasn't going to have enough help with my little one. Luckily. Everything went smoothly!! I was the last operation of the day. Arrived at 1:15pm at the Cambie Surgical Cente. Waited maybe half an hour or so. spoke with a couple different nurses before going to the surgery room. When Dr.Gelfant Spoke with me just before I went in, he mentioned we spoke about sagging and drooping preciously (my first appointment with him) because of the state of my breasts before, and also mentioned a breast lift will probably be needed in the future...I thought that was an odd thing to mention minutes before my surgery 0.0 I layed on the bed with my arms out and he laughed "you're terrified aren't you?" I was very very nervous and scared. Appreciated my few moments of relaxation as the anaesthetic set in before I fell asleep.
When I woke up I instantly had a panick attack. In a room with a few othe patients in their beds hidden behind curtains. The feeling of so much pressure on my chest was something I wasn't expecting. I cried. focussing on breathing with my diaphragm instead of filling my chest with air. I was sore all down my arms and in the palm of my hands. The wonderful nurse took great care of me. However I felt I was laying there alone crying and trying to get normal pattern of breaths going for my self for a little too long before she started giving me a few doses of fentalyn.
The nurse took my pain from a 8/10 to a 2/10 and was great to talk with. Fed me water and painkillers. Juice before I left, helped me get dressed, wheeled me to my car and helped me get in. She even called the next day to check in and was just a very great nurse! She was wonderful!! !!!
I was told the first couple days are the worst. I strongly disagree. Around day 5 was the worst for me. I think it had something to do with my daughter coming home for a couple days and me trying to do too much. I did have friends stay with me for a whole week but it's hard for me to just sit and do nothing while my crazy child is running around and there's laundry that needs to be done and such.
Week 2 is becoming a lot more
Comfortable. Still very sore under my armpits around my ribs, and breasts are sensitive. My daughter keeps whacking me in the chest.
Living alone in Langley with no car while healing from breast augmentation is a little boring. Can't take my child out to the park because it's just a little too far to walk there and back and I can't push the stroller yet.

The day after my surgery my friend drove me to Vancouver to see Dr.Gelfant for a follow up. He just took bandages off asked how I was doing and said he'll see me in a week. And went back to focussing on whatever he was doing at his desk. And I let myself out.
I was supposed to see him today but I had to rebook for next week because I have to stay home with my daughter.

Since my surgery I have had a few friends of friends ask who my sergeon was. I recommend Dr.Gelfant to anyone looking for a great boob job.
He had a way of doing his job, he knows what he is doing.
I'd say the only thing that was negative in my experience was maybe the lack of reassurance and having the implant fitting with some One who's not my surgeon standing there with me... Not everyone is completely comfortable being half naked infront of a mirror looking at different sized boobie inhancers on their chest with a woman who's Not a Doctor in the room with me watching me..

I did like her tho! She was nice to talk with. still would have preferred having my doctor do the implant sizing with me tho. Just makes sense.

Did I mention I LOVE THESE THINGS?!?!?!!!!!!
350cc was a good call.

Here are a few photos I took during the week. (Should have done full front and side the day of and after. Wups)
Sagging is happening already..worried about that..

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