54 Yrs, Never Too Late! 32B-305 Ideal Implants under muscle

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Had my consult Oct 13, Dr Gelfant was very...

Had my consult Oct 13, Dr Gelfant was very pleasant and his assistant Hayley did my initial sizing. I've chosen the newer Ideal Implant as it's saline filled but I think far superior in look and feel and structure compared to traditional saline. I'm petite but breasts are still perky and dr said I have very little drooping and I'm a good candidate for these implants. Trying to decide between 275cc and 300. Felt 300 looked big in sizing, but will confirm and decide at pre op October 26th. Can't wait to go bra less in some dresses and tops in summer and feel and look sexier in bathing suit.
Stay tuned ladies! Surgery is Nov 15!

Cost shows incorrectly

Cost should be $8700 plus tax. Don't want to mislead anyone with that typo!

Pre-op today! Size decided :)

Saw Dr. Gelfant today and we discussed sizes- he's not big on women bringing in photos of wish boobs-prefers to go by my body size and what he believes will work best. We agreed on 300 cc's for the Ideal Implant. Interestingly his patients don't wear the post operative bra(my daughter did/even slept in hers) Dr Gelfant prefers you heal bra less or if needed with the Velcro tape. He also doesn't believe in post surgery massage but encourages certain exercises instead and ice.
After answering my questions and taking photos, I next saw Hayley, his assistant for final sizing. With boyfriend with me, the 3 of us agreed the 300 cc's would be the maximum for my small frame, while giving me a lot more volume. (Of course if boyfriend had his way, I'd be getting 400cc's!! Lol ????
Paperwork was next then I was done.
Countdown 20 days.......

Just a little tip...

This may make some of you laugh, but I don't want work people to know about my enhancement, (and I'm not going too large) so I've been padding my bra during the work week so that when I come back from "sick leave" no one knows why I booked off "sick". Lol! Just not a fan of office gossip. Unfortunately with my work everyone sees the absent calendar, therefore they see I've booked off in advance. So far, it seems to be working as people are giving me a 2nd look (as if to say, I didn't realize she had a chest). Interesting social experiment you could say. Countdown 13 days!!! ????????

5 days and counting...

Getting excited and nervous too!

Surgery done!

I'm a bit woozy and feels tight. So far so good. Went with 305's the maximum my 300's could be filled,

2 days post op

Hi ladies, here's my "pain management" update: I took my last pain killer at 4 am Wednesday morning, and since then just Advil or Tylenol. I saw my PS Wednesday am and he told me not to take Advil until Saturday, and to just take Tylenol or the prescription painkillers. Dr Gelfant said I was healing nicely and said I can try sleeping on my side and that I can shower today ( 2 days post op) yay! Took my laxative last night as the meds really constipated me. Ok as for the pain itself, I've been doing 2 different types of stretches since a few hours post op and are doing them on the hour, 10 stretches of each exercise. Dr. Gelfant has a YouTube video and there's other PS's with videos regarding rapid recovery. The pain was probably at its worst last night, (day 1 post op), and saying that it was a tightness and some sharp nipple pain that came and went. Nothing too unbearable- and no, so far I haven't taken any more prescription meds. I truly believe the exercises and moving around my condo is helping speed up my recovery. After my dr removed the outside tape on my incisions, it felt better too. I'm tender but it's not as bad as I thought!

Getting there....

Day 3 & 4 post op my breasts were tender and stiff feeling. Hardest part was sleeping on my back since I'm a side sleeper. Stopped my pain killers Wednesday since they didn't help me sleep, just constipated me. Just kept with Tylenol extra strength. I'm doing my stretches every hour or so. Had a bit better sleep last night.

1 week today since surgery

Hi ladies! Well it was a week today and I feel pretty good. I took 2 weeks off work (I had originally planned lipo on tummy too but dr said I probably wouldn't be happy (based on the small amount of belly fat and my tummy muscles), and to wait till breasts were done and decide if I wanted to do a TT instead or nothing at all). I find I tire easily- I usually hit the gym 3 days/ week and walk a lot. Getting stronger each day though. Breasts are getting a little softer and swelling has gone down more. ( I like this size-hope they stay like this! Lol)
Think my left breast has dropped a bit more , hard to tell since I'm holding phone to take pics. Starting to alternate sleeping on back to side- helps with a pillow behind lower back to sleep on side(that's how I normally sleep). Incision site is tender when I move too much, but bearable. I've used very little drugs, eating lots of pineapple, taking Arnica and zinc- all great for healing.
Used a bit of ice under breasts a few times and hot water bottle on back.

1 week today

"Wireless" bra shopping

Did some bra shopping today as I feel my new girls need more support then a bralette or sports bra- hoping with a little support (no underwire and comfy), that this will help my constantly aching back! Both from the Bay-Warners. Get fitted ladies, and don't be surprised if you end up with different sizes!

2 week follow up

Just got back from my dr and he said I'm healing really well! Said my breasts would soften over time and that this will be my size (yay), as most of my swelling is gone except for a little in cleavage area, and that they will get a bit closer together, but not a lot, since that is how my chest anatomy is. Dr. Gelfant said I can go to gym tomorrow (yay again lol) and do cardio, legs and very light bicep curls (no pec exercises for 6 weeks). Dr said underwire and push up bra ok at 6 weeks, or minimal underwire use at 4 weeks. Dr. Gelfant put paper tape on scars, which I'm to change 1/week, and wear for 6 weeks.

4 weeks tomorrow!

Thought I'd do a 1 month update- my girls are feeling pretty good. Had a lot of "squishy" "sloshy" sensation in right breast when I lifted my arms or exercising. They have dropped and are getting softer daily. The feeling of the implants moving a bit is still there but not as prominent. My dr okayed me at 3 weeks to use the silicone scar tape, which I change weekly. For those Canadians, you will probably have to buy in the USA (I did). It's about $22 usd but easy to apply (I cut 1 strip in half and use for both breasts) . My scars are still quite raised but it's only been a month. I'll do a scar photo next time. Happy healing ladies!

2 months post op

Hi ladies, here's pics from today as I'm 2 months post op and girls feel nice and soft and feel like I've always had them this size. Any Ideal Implant questions, fire away!
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gelfant and his assistant Hayley were very professional and caring. My questions were all answered in a timely manner and the surgery went very smoothly. I would highly recommend Dr. Gelfant!

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