5'9 & 130lbs, 23yrs with asymmetry 34A to 295cc and 325cc Allergan Inspira HP Implants - Vancouver, BC

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Hi everyone!! i have been on realself for about a...

Hi everyone!! i have been on realself for about a year now just reading through different reviews, it has really helped me to make up my mind about going through with this procedure.

Right now I am in the process of booking a doctor. Any of the Vancouver ladies out there you may know who ive been looking at: Dr. Alexander Seal and Dr. Richard Warren.

Both surgeons have gotten back to me regarding baseline prices for a BA. Dr. Warren's office is stating $9,000-$14,000 depending on how long the surgery takes, whereas Dr. Seal's office has said $6,000-$7,300 for silicone implants including the surgery costs.

Many people have been telling me that you get what you pay for, and I am so in love with Dr. Seal's work that I am pretty set on going with him! I have read many reviews that he has great bedside manners and is a wonderful guy. I have a consultation booked for September 15, 2015. I am hoping I might be able to get in sooner if there is a cancellation.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that Dr. Warren has a 18 month wait list and he does not post any before and afters.. Basically he relies on word of mouth. I find it hard to wait 18 months just for a consultation if I don't even know for sure that I like his work?!

Did any of you have a hard time like me? What made you decide to go with your PS?

First Consultation Done!

Hi everyone,

I finally had my first consultation after waiting for 4 months (and I know that is nothing for some of you, who wait longer than a year!!). The consultation went really well. Dr Seal is a very personable man. He has good bedside manner - or so it seems!

We spent the first little bit chatting about my stats:

And my goals:
To obtain a naturally fuller breast.
He did all of my measurements and my BWD is only 10.5! It is not that large, so that will play a factor in what implants I go with.

Once we did the measurements, we discussed his suggestions in conjunction with my expectations.
300-350cc Round, Smooth Silicone Gel, Under the Muscle/Dual Plane
Which is pretty on par with what I thought I wanted. The only difference is that I like the 350cc's which I did NOT think I would like prior to actually trying them on (they are definitely at my top end, I think I would be very very happy with them) and Dr Seal did say that those are getting to be the biggest that my body can handle with that size while still maintaining the look that I want.

The one thing he did say that I never thought would be the case is that he is thinking I will be going 325-350cc EXTRA high profile!!! In my mind, I thought I would be Moderate Plus!! So imagine my surprise when he says that he is thinking extra high profile. I think this is because I am so petite across that in order to get the full look I am desiring I will need a more narrow implant with higher volume. Crazy!!

So I got a few tentative dates, which are Oct 28, Nov 7 and Dec 11. I am leaning towards Nov 7 because then I need to take one less day off of work in my recovery. I JUST started a new full time job on Monday (yesterday.....) so I feel bad going in with a pre-required week off work but I guess that's just how it goes. They are being very accommodating which is amazing, I just feel a little bit bad.

My long-term boyfriend is still not entirely on board with this whole thing so when I told him I could have a date in 2 months, he freaked out a bit. He's like "I don't know why you need to change? I get that it's your body, but there's a difference between like working out to get fit and actually augmenting your body." So that is kind of upsetting for me. I asked him if he would take me to and from the hospital and he is hesitant. I dont know. It sucks.

My mom isn't fully on board either because the only people she knows who have gotten their boobs done have gone huge, and she hates that. She said she won't support me if I go too big. But I guess it will just take some time for them to come around.

On the plus side, I have photos!

Before Photos

Pre Op Appointment Booked

So my pre-op is booked for Oct 20! I am way excited. It is like 2 weeks before my actual surgery date, and I will be doing my final sizing, paying the total amount, and all the paperwork!

I was wondering how long you all stayed out of any kind of chlorine? I am a lifeguard on the side and I am supposed to be working a shift one day a week until Dec 5th, but I am most definitely dropping that!
I just wanted to know if it is like 6weeks? Longer? :)

6 more weeks!!

I am officially 6 weeks away from my surgery date! In 6 weeks, I will have boobies!!!!

So so exciting. I am now starting to create a list of questions to ask my doctor at my pre-op appointment, can you guys suggest anything?

So far:
1. Can we reconfirm the shape, profile, type, and texture of the implants?
2. What are all the things that I will be prescribed for post-op?
a. Muscle relaxants?
b. Major pain killers
c. Stool softener?
3. Can I use ice after the surgery?
4. When can I drive after surgery?
5. What about working out and sex?

Any suggestions would be awesome :)

I also have a list of what to buy..
1. Bendy Straws
2. Special Pillows
3. Baby Wipes
4. Easy to eat foods
5. Ice Packs
6. Button Up PJs
7. Prescriptions
8. Mouthwash
9. Front closure sports bras

Getting way too excited

I cannot believe that some of you guys book your surgeries 6months to a year in advance! I booked mine 2 months in advance and I am annoyed with how long it is taking, however having a full time job is definitely helping time shoot by quickly! I have 35 more days until my surgery and I am beyond excited.

I just found out one of my coworkers got her boobs done around Valentines day almost 2 years ago now, by Dr Pugash, and hers feel so real! She got 350cc silicon but she is so small height wise that they will easily be D's on her. I am excited about how real mine will feel too!

I am hesitating a bit on my size again because I dont want to go too big, or too small... I just don't want to pay $7000 and have boobs that are smaller than I am hoping for, but I dont want to have boobs that are way too big for my tiny frame!! I want good sized boobs but probably towards the bigger end of what my BWD can hold. I will probably go for 350cc but I think I will talk to my surgeon a little bit more about what he thinks is best. How challenging!!

Regardless, I am excited. My girlfriend who got her boobs done said it took her quite a while to be comfy driving, which isn't good as I drive like 30km each way to get to and from work lol. The only plus is that it is mostly straight lines, in reality, I touch 3 main roads (since I go on the highway) so I think I will be okay.

How long did it take you to be able to drive?!

30 Days!!

I can hardly believe that there are only 30 days until my surgery! Time is shooting by, I can't begin to imagine how quick these next 4 weeks are going to go.

I would love to hear about the ONE item you couldn't have done without during your recovery :)

25 Days!!

I am so excited. The countdown is on!! I will be paying the full balance at my pre-op on Oct 20th, which will be around $7,000. Isn't that a hard pill to swallow..
My man is going to come with me to my pre-op appointment which I really appreciate so he can see me in the sizers and help me to choose a size that fits my frame. It be nice to have an outside view. I have a bunch of before and after photos on my Surface that I am going to bring with me to the appointment so that I can show my doctor exactly what I want and so he can recommend a size according to my desires. I trust him very much so he can make the final decision in the OR if he needs to.
I will be placing an amazon order in the next day or two to get some of the things I am going to need, I am going to buy a 7.5inch wedge pillow to put in my bed along with pillows on top, and 2 more bras that are comfy. I will probably make a trip to walmart or winners soon as well to pick up things like bendy straws and the ice packs a few of you have mentioned. It is definitely starting to get close! Time will fly by I know it :)

Photos of what I want

I tried to choose before and afters of ladies who were similar to my size/breast volume now so that my doctor can get a good idea for what I am hoping for

New Pre Op Questions List

I have compiled another Pre-Op questions list, please have a look through and see if I am missing anything really important? :)

1. Do you provide anything for anti-nausea
2. What do you recommend for laxatives to help with constipation
3. Is there anything I can do pre-op to help with stretch marks? Arnica, moisturize?
4. Can we reconfirm the shape, profile, type, and texture of the implants?
5. What are all the things that I will be prescribed for post-op?
a. Muscle relaxants
b. Major pain killers?
c. Stool softeners?
6. Can I use ice after the surgery?
7. When can I drive after surgery?
8. Timeline for working out and sex?
9. Do you use the keller funnel?
10. Can you give me very thorough post op instructions?
a. Massage?
b. Can I take ibuprofen/anti-inflammatory?
c. Do I need to wear a wrap? If so for how long?
d. How long should I sleep in what position?
11. What should I AVOID post op to avoid complications specifically ie. Lifting, bathing, exercise?
12. When will my post op appointments be?
13. How can I care for my implants so they maintain shape and last?
14. How large can I expect the incision to be?
15. What can I do to promote healing pre and post-op?
16. What is the exact implant brand that you are recommending for me and what is your specific experience with it? Are your other patients happy with it? Why do you recommend this brand?
17. Is CC covered within 1 year? 2 years?
18. When can I switch from my surgical bra to a front zip sports bra?
19. What about a regular sports bra/wire free bra?

Breast Cyst and Surgery?

I haven't done any research on it yet because it just crossed my mind as I was showering today..

About a year ago, I went in to see my family Dr (who has since retired) regarding my left breast hurting; my left side is my bigger side. She said that there is one or two cysts in there and if they continue to hurt me I can get an ultrasound - well... nothing ever came of that. I still feel what I assume is the offending cyst so I am assuming that it didn't go away on its own.
At my initial consult with my doctor, he asked if I have had any cysts or lumps and I said about a year ago but nothing ever came of it with my Dr, he said he might send me in for an ultrasound,

My question is, does a cyst complicate the surgery at all? Have any of you had a cyst prior to surgery and can you tell me if it made any difference at all?

Thanks lovelies! :)

Pre Op Appointment!

So I had my pre op appointment yesterday and it went well. I finalized my size and got answers to my massive list of questions :) He said that he wont be prescribing any muscle relaxants and since the pain killer that I will be prescribed is either T3 or Tramacet (not a hard narcotic), he wont be prescribing any stool softeners as it doesn't cause constipation or bloating like the others do. He said to have gravol on standby though because it might cause nausea.
He said that ice is totally okay, and I will actually be getting ice packs in my little take home bag that the hospital gives me. I asked about sex.. he said 4 WEEKS! My man was there with me and was not thrilled to hear that lol!
My doc uses the Kellar Funnel which is awesome, a no touch technique to reduce the change of CC and other infections as well as trauma to the incisions. yay! He said that anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen can be taken after a few weeks.
I asked about a wrap, he said it will depend how I am progressing and if I need it or not. He said that I should expect to be sleeping sitting up for about a week and definitely not on my tummy for 3 months.
My post op appointments will be the next day after surgery, and about 5 days after surgery. I can shower after 3 days! The incision will be about 4.5cm which is good with me! He said that I can probably switch from my surgical bra to another bra after 1-2 weeks, but he said that tight sports bras actually sometimes hold them up too high, so the surgical bra I get is a bit more loose so that the implants can fall - so I might not want to switch. We will talk about it when the time comes :)
He said that he believes in incision massage after 4 weeks and then we will have tape on them for 3 months (he said steri-strips and silicone sheets have both been known to do well, but I will have to wear something).
He said that we are taking some really good steps in implant choice to avoid rippling or de-formation, so I shouldn't plan for any of it to happen and that there isn't much that can be done pre-op to help with stretch marks, because I am not going big enough to get stretch marks on my breasts. He said moisturiser does not hurt obviously.

So the issue I found with choosing my implant size arose from how small my BWD is. The first time we measured it came to 10.5, but we re-measured today and he got 11-11.5 but I feel like that is the VERY top end because I was complaining that I do not what to have boobs that are far apart. He said that the BIGGEST I can go is Ultra Full Profile Natrelle 340cc implants, I tried them on and hated them! They stuck out so far :( thats not the look I am going for. So we decided it would be best to hang out around 300-325cc's. He is going to have sizer implants and order a range so that he can decide during surgery.

I chose a range in ~325cc Natrelle Full Profile Round Silicone Implants or ~325cc Mentor High Profile Round Silicone Implants. The difference between the two:
Natrelle Style 20 High Profile : 11.2 BWD
Natrelle Style 45 Extra High Profile : 10.4 BWD

Mentor Style 3000 High Profile implant: 10.2 BWD
Mentor Memory Gel HP implant : 11.4 BWD
Mentor Memory Gel UHP implant : I could go bigger in size here because the BWD is much smaller, a 350 cc implant has a BWD of 10.1cm

These are the ones that he will be using, either Natrelle or Mentor, and I am assuming that these are the sizes that he could place based on my BWD. The website below might be super helpful to you ladies looking at the sizing and projection differences between implants :)

Overall I am happy with my choice. I arrived at 325 both times I chose my sizing and even though a bigger size creeped in to my head between the two appointments, I know my surgeon will do me proud and I am going to trust him to get me what I am looking for.

Only 17 more days!

12 days?!

Holy cow. Today is 12 days before surgery, its getting so so close! Ahh. How exciting :)

I got some bras that arrived in the mail which is awesome and I also got my sleeping wedge!! I will post a photo. It was $40 on amazon and it has a thousand or two good reviews. It is supposed to take up to two days for it to totally expand to its full height so I might not be able to sleep on it tonight but good thing I got it early! :)
I will let you know if I can sleep on it before my boob job, let alone during lol

The bras I got were recommended by someone on Breeziers review I think.. The free press day bra from Nordstrom rack, $6.97!! In the photo, the beige one and the grey one are those bras. They are probably going to be more comfy bras for later on in the recovery than right away. The white bra is from fruit of the loom, cheap like $9 on amazon and its a size 34 band... It looks TINY! I don't know how that will work out. But that and the black bra are front clasp and will be for post surgery pretty quick. The black one is jockey and was like $34 on sale for $18? Not bad!

I unpacked my wedge not 30 minutes ago and it's already quite expanded! I think it will be a good purchase.

For some reason my surgeon didn't give me my prescriptions at my pre op so I'm going to call and get them tomorrow. I want to be prepared and not have to make a pit stop on the way home. Did any of you get your prescriptions early?

I also have to go do my blood work this week! Ah I'm so excited. Everything is happening! Only 11 more full days! November 7 come sooner!

Booty workout!

Hi ladies

I have had a few of you requesting a booty workout, I could post a before an after photo of my bum to show you the progress that I have made from working out (this routine and more advanced stuff) but I wont :P

If you are interested in a workout you can do at home take a look :) this is just the first portion, I will post each portion separately by month :)

Motivation for you ladies

Here are some photos of me while I was at my prime in the fitness world, I have admittedly dropped off from that because of my surgery, I figured why bother if I'm going to lose it all anyways LOL - not a good outlook, do not copy!

Haha but you can see that with working out and especially doing the donkey kicks and fire hydrants, my flat booty improved drastically! Grab a 10lb weight and sandwhich it in your knee between the thigh and calf!

Look at those itty bitty titties. You can see in the first photo I actually cared and wore a bra, slowly over time I did not give a *bleep* :P

Ab routine and heavy narcotics?!

Hi everyone!!

I am now 5 days out, monday to friday of working and dealing with my puppy and 5 year old step daughter, the time will FLY by!! Ahh! I picked up my prescription note, he prescribed me Dilaudid? Apparently its a stronger narcotic than perks or oxycodone, which surprised me greatly as my doc said he was going to stay away from the heavy's. My dad just had throat surgery on Friday and so he has 40 t3's, so I will just switch to T3s once im able to.

I will add an ab routine above too so that if you want to do that too you can. I find that speed walking on a 24 incline with intermittent walking lunges at a slow speed on the incline cuts any little belly fat I may have and its gentle on my knees. I recommend that as well :)

Medication haul

Here is my medication haul, I picked up my prescription - 30x2mg tabs of Dilaudid $15. I got arnica tabs $15 for 3 small bottles, a stool softener $10 and robaxacet $12.50. I still need to get anti bacterial soap and stretch mark cream.

I also picked up Huggies baby wipes, because who doesn't want to smell like a baby when they feel crappy? Lol and some dental floss.

I will be doing another shop later this week, I'm going to get gingerale, canned cream of broccoli soups, yum :) and fruits/veggies/salad stuff, water bottles, and crackers.

Am I forgetting anything?

Got my surgery time!!

The surgical center just called, I need to be there for 11am! Thats not too bad, better than 2pm or 3pm thats for sure. I should be able to leave by 4pm so that is good news! My man usually works at his family's business every Saturday, and he will have his daughter in the evening, so I asked my mom if she could pick me up and if I could spend the night at their house the day of surgery. She obviously said absolutely - so when I told her about my surgery time I got a million questions that I didn't have the answer to lol
What time is surgery done? Can I be in recovery? What time are you going in for surgery? Do you realize it takes me like 45 minutes to get there? How much notice will they give me?
So I called the lovely lady back at the surgical center and asked her and she gave me all the answers lol I should be going in for surgery by 12pm and coming out between 1 and 2pm. As soon as my bed touches foot in the recovery, the nurse will call my mom and let her know what time to come, apparently they usually keep you in recover for an hour to an hour and a half so I should be out of there by 4pm latest!
Tomorrow night I am going to take all my required stuff over to my parents house and set myself up in my bedroom there, and then its one more work day and I am on my way to boobie land!
I am always starving in the morning so this will be interesting lol

Fur baby

I gave my little fur baby a bath last night, because god knows when I will be able to do that again! He is a tiny 10lb wiener dog cross, and he hates the bath! So he wiggles all over the place lol he hated me for it but at least he is a clean little cuddle bug for when I need him to give my his love :P

I took some more before photos that I will post either today or tomorrow, since it is my last day before surgery! It wont be long now ahhh!

Buh-Bye Boobies!

I am now less than 20 hours away from making my way to the surgical center! For some reason RealSelf doesn't like the fact that my surgery is on a Saturday so it might say that my op is today! Silly RealSelf.

It's hard to believe that it's finally here, since I feel like I've been waiting so long! I am a bit nervous and very excited.

I will post some last ditch photos of my little boobies before they disappear for good! :)

On the other side

Well I made it!

I am laying on the couch at my parents house fighting sleep, and my mouth is quite pasty but I am doing pretty well.

I feel tight and sore for sure. My lats even are sore which is weird!

He ended up placing 295cc in my larger left breast, and 325cc in my smaller right breast. I was veeeery surprised to hear that. It's the first thing I asked the nurse when I came to lol my left rib protrudes out a bit so in combination with overall being a bigger breast I guess for balance he chose these sizes!

I keep having to remind myself to relax my pecs lol oI feel like I'm tensing them a bit.

Boy am I tired!

Day one post op appointment

I had a very brief post op appointment this morning with my doc, he just wanted to check the dressings to see if they were icky and needed changing. Which they didn't so that's good!
My poor bf was so squeamish lol the doc was talking about how beefy my pec muscles were and he was squirming all over haha

I got a peek at them, they seem nice sized. Nothing gigantic. It's weird to me that the side with the 295cc implant does look bigger, I am not going to be too upset if they are asymmetrical as I was before hand, I am just hoping for good cleavage and some side boob!

I will likely have to wear a strap come Thursday, I will have another post op appointment. Not sure how I'm going to get there...lol my family works and I can't drive.

Last night was kind of rough! I had a sore back after not too long, and my first instinct is to turn into my side. My brain kept going "turn turn" but my body wouldn't do it lol which is good. I am going to take a robaxacet tonight before bed for sure.

My PS said I can shower tomorrow evening or Tuesday, he said no scrubbing but water is fine to run it over them. So that's exciting! Just taking it easy today :)

Forgot to add

I have an implant card!

And oh hot damn, did the drive to and from the PS Office ever hurt. Not fun at all. I thought it would be okay because its a BMW but I find out after that it needs its shocks done.. Lol go figure!

Day 1 boob photos

Here are some photos of the girls from day one! I am pretty tired right now, I think I slept from 11:30pm to 10:30am waking up of course for my medications. I took them at 10pm, 2am, 4am (Robax), 6am and 10am. I am feeling pretty good, just sore through the back and neck. I want to sleep flat but I could never get up from that if I tried.

They are feeling pretty good today, just a bit swollen and tight. Not too much pain which is good :)

Day two boobies!

I am now going to bed on my second day post op, and I'll be waking up to day 3! I feel like the pain is totally manageable, I will be dropping down to T3s or extra strength Tylenol tomorrow probably, and if I need to go back up again I will. I will continue to take the heavy stuff through the night for sure though.

I feel tight, and achy - my ribs and sternun feel a bit swollen, I'm glad he gave me a 36 band surgical bra because the 34 band would be insanely painful. They gave me 4 surgical bras so I have plenty to rotate through!

I have my second post op on Thursday at 4:15, and I will discuss getting a darn strap and all that fun stuff. Not sure when I'll get to see my incisions but they arent leaking through the dressing at all.

I have yet to poop... But I don't have a constipated feeling, its more like I couldn't push hard enough due to the pain/tightness in the chest to make anything come out even if I had to lol. I took a light overnight laxative tonight so hopefully tomorrow it will be easy :P

I put some bio oil on tonight, its weird, I have some little like pin-prick scabs on my inner most cleavage and I'm not sure what I could have gotten them from. They are literally the size of a pin head so I'm not concerned its just weird.

I can shower tomorrow! Yahoo!

Day 3

Hi everyone

Its the end of day 3 post op and honestly I am feeling really good. I think that overall it has been easier than I was expecting it to be - I had a minor little ache this afternoon when my man came home from work and my little pup put his paw on my incision, but other than that I have been fine!
I took T3s today at 11am and 4pm so I think I am doing pretty well.

I had a little poop today lol! I was more worried about like popping a blood vessel in the ladies because gee was it ever not easy. TMI :P but the stool softeners will definitely help that going forwards. I highly recommend taking them lol

I feel very at peace with them, I think. I spent so much time obsessing and reading and learning all that there is to learn about them and so I dont think I had unrealistic expectations going in to it. I explained to my boyfriend that they probably wont look nice for the first couple months and that it is going to take time for them to look how I want them to, and I think thats why I have been overall really positive about the girls so far. I am sure things could change as time goes on but for now, if something isn't looking exactly right, I know I don't mind. They will settle over time and at 6 months if I am not happy well that is a different story. I can accept that things will take some time :)

I tried on a 34C bra that I bought pre-surgery for the rice sizers, I didn't do it up because it has underwire, I just held the cups to my boobs, and it seems like they will fit that quite nice. Obivously they didn't fit in right now due to the high and tightness of them lol

I also tried on a swim suit but I am still a bit limited in my mobility so I didn't tie that up around back either. Hopefully over the next couple days I can take a comparison shot in the swim suits so I can begin tracking progress!

I am going to have a shower when my bf gets home from the gym, I am hoping to get this marker off.. It has been really stubborn and the baby wipes just arent cutting it lol I will upload some photos from my phone after I post this update :)

Day 3 photos

Day 4

Yay day 4! Tomorrow I am definitely going to throw together a comparison from post op to day 5 and day 1 to day 5 :) il do like days 5, 10, 14, 21 and 30 comparisons I think!

Today has been pretty good, we were up early to drop my mom at the airport, and I didn't take any pain pills through the night. I set my alarms and woke up for them but didn't feel it was necessary. I took one first thing in the morning (7am) for the drive to the airport and then didn't have to take anything else until 1pm. I took a boost of extra strength Tylenol around 5 and other than that I've been pretty good :) I think I'm done with the hard pain killers.

I definitely feel the stretching in the skin, I'm trying to keep my shoulders back but its hard lol my mobility isnt there either quite yet.

I have a post op visit tomorrow and I am betting il get the strap, but hopefully the doc will confirm that healing is going well. We can talk massage, strap and incisions :) I don't know when il be getting my incisions changed. They haven't even leaked through the gauze from day one!

Obviously I will keep you all updated and happy, positive healing thoughts to all of you :)

5 Day Post Op Appointment

I had my 5 day PO Appointment today, and it went really well! My PS was really happy with the progress so far and I agree. He said that we will make another appointment for a weeks' time, and if I think they are sitting high in a week then we can maybe talk about getting the strap. He said if I am happy with where they are sitting then I can push the appointment back to two weeks from now and then we can re-assess :)

I hear some chatter about the RS App.. WHY NOT ON ANDROID :( waaah. Oh well lol maybe one day.

I didn't take any sort of pain medication today at all, and my surgeon was kind of mad at me because I drove to my appointment lol I didnt have a choice though! They called and moved it up by an hour, and I only had a ride to the original time. He just said that there are so many idiots on the road that it isn't me he's worried about, he would just hate to have something happen. I took a major artery that was blocked with traffic so it was slow moving and very straight forward :) I felt 100% comfortable driving. I would have taken transit if I didn't feel comfortable, but I was fine.

He taught me my massages! I am supposed to do them 3 times a day if I can, for 10 of each. The first is grabbing the side and lifting toward the opposite shoulder, the second is to find the bottom of the implant and pinch up to get fullness at the top, and the last is to use the side of the palm and roll down. He said don't do them too hard yet, we just want to keep the capsule soft.

Overall I am so so happy with them at this point! I will post some comparisons later as I am posting on my computer and the photos are on my phone.
I am off to the salon to get my hair washed :) I figured why not treat myself


Sorry some of them aren't the same angle lol I didn't look close enough at the before photo!

Increased tightness 6 days PO

Hi ladies
Did anyone get increased tightness in both breasts about 1 week post op? Today my boobs seem to have tightened right up mostly on the inner crease and top of the breast. Obviously my head is in the gutter thinking hematoma, but there is no bruising of any sort really, its just a lot of increased tightness.

I don't think I did anything out of the ordinary too much? This morning I had to jog a few steps out of the way of a garbage truck with my pup, but I didn't think much of it

Tightness explained?

So thanks to NewDrVath.Fan2015 I realized... My period is incoming within the next few days! That would totally be a cause for tightness in the nee tatas. Sheesh how did I not think of that?

It's day 7 today!! Wahoo one week with the ladies. I feel good still, overall. The tightness is annoying but what ya gonna do? It's part of the process.

If im being honest, sleep has been just awful. The past two nights I haven't slept much. I can't sleep on my back let alone propped up! I keep accidentally turning onto my side and it freaks me out to say the least. I don't want to ruin my results from accidentally sleeping on the side. I'm going to buy the night lift bra! Then I can breathe easy i hope.

My mom let it slip to my little sister that I got my boobs done lol. It's something we both want so I was going to wait til she was home at Christmas but my mom was visiting this week and my sister asked what I'd been up to, and my mom said well she got to do something shes been wanting for a while ... And my sister new right away! Lol too funny. My older sister still doesn't know at all

Happy continued healing, planning and obsessing ladies!

Bra size calculation?

So I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say Breezier should get paid out on her bet that she thinks il be a D lol!

According to the Night Lift website to calculate bra size is to measure bust (30.5in) and measure at the fullest part of the breast (35in) and subtract the two, whatever the difference is determines the cup size.. 4.5inches.. Meaning I'd be a 32D!

Have any of you been successful in ordering a bra using this method, specifically the Night Lift bra?? Thanks lovelies!

7 days post op!

Here's a few photos of the ladies in the free press day bra! I can't believe it is all boob in there, what a happy realization :)

Loving them!

Oh i also wanted to apologize for changing my screen name so much lol I figured ittybittybeauty didn't work anymore and then the other choice was not anonymous enough! So here I am. There's a highway in Vancouver called the Sea to Sky and it connects you from the beach to the mountains in 2 hours :)

Incisions day 8

To be honest, I am laughing at these incisions. I actually laughed when I saw them.

The left one is dark because of the ink, and the right one has a little string hanging from it, but otherwise damn do they look good?!
I was expecting something so much more gruesome lol

They are already sitting exactly in the crease, and so when the boobies drop even more there will literally be NO sign of them! That and I can honestly hardly see them now..

Another hat tip to my surgeon, well done, my friend!

Workout plan - all in one place

Hi ladies

Here is the workout plan, all in one place :)

You will see the workouts for month 1 on the first 4 pages, month 2 on page 5 and month 3 on pages 6 and 7!


First day back at work

Just like Mia, I am having a hard time at work today!

I am tired. Definitely tired. I feel like its a lot later in the day than it really is! I think it's because I've been pretty much a couch potato for the past week, and when I did do things it was only for a limited amount of time.. It's now been 6 hours at work and thats a long time to be sitting stark straight and using the arms to reach around for the phone, the mouse and files etc.

I am also tired from the whole sleeping situation. I figured out a way to keep myself from turning onto my side! I am an adamant side sleeper so this has been a big challenge for me thus far. What I have done is move the pillow from under my knees to be up under my bum, so that I am elevated, and then I have 2 pillows lengthwise with my body running on either side of my spine so that there is a gap between them, and then another one behind my head... and that prevented rolling on to the side. What a circus it is to keep from side sleeping. I just want my NightLift bra! (I said that it shipped today so hopefully shipping is nice and fast and its there by Friday).

I will definitely post a review of the bra, buying it prior to being sized by a professional, and wearing it so early on, so not to worry.

I just want to sleep! lol

DAY 9 photos

I haven't posted photos in a couple days so here they are! The girls are definitely looking better and better each day.

I also wanted to throw it in there that my left incision is far from perfect! The right is looking awesome but I got a better photo of the left and its a bit worse for wear, however I am not concerned :)

The corona swim suit has thong bottoms and my bf bought it for me as a joke, but I COULD actually wear it now.. Maybe in Vegas LOL

Loving the ladies. I'm glad that they aren't super obvious in clothes, I wasn't gunning for big tatas so I think the size is pretty perfect.

Happy healing :)

NightLift has a delivery date!!

I checked the tracking number and the NightLift bra should be here by Thursday end of day!! I do have to drive across the border to get it so hopefully it is there by 4pm PST so that I can get it after work lol

I have a post op appointment tomorrow as well so I am going to clear it with him that I can even wear the damn thing (kind of forgot about that....) and hopefully all will be well.

My bra has been bugging my incisions lately. Today I put some tissue between the band and the incision. If I am being completely honest this terrifies me that the NightLift will be too tight around considering that my surgical bra is a 36 band?! But then I remember that the Nightlift bra goes way the heck up your back... SO I don't know. I will find out hopefully one Thursday....

Day 2 at work, I hit a wall at around 1:00pm. I trucked on but by 2:30 I was drowsy and just not happy. I've been not my normal happy self since then lol my coworkers can tell. But I had surgery so what do you want from me! I just don't know how to use my pecs less. Its a struggle. Each day will get better though!

I will let you all know how the post op appointment goes tomorrow, I think I am going to ask for the strap as I want a bit less upper pole. I am hoping I can achieve this because I did get the fullest implant style you can get lol. I just hope that they will drop a bit. I can honestly say I wouldnt be upset if they stayed where they are, they just look more fake than I was hoping... But it wouldnt make the thing "not worth it". I am just hoping for some droppage :)

12 day post op visit

Hi ladies

I had my 2 week post op visit today, but its like day 11 lol so that's okay! He said everything is looking great, which I agreed with. I had a few things I wanted to address with him and he gave me some answers :)

I have been getting a little zap all day today on my right incision and it was because the surgical bra was pulling on the little suture string that was sticking out so he trimmed that off for me. He also taught me something very interesting about incisions:
Your incision will get darker around 4 weeks post op! He said the blood is starting to come forward around 4 weeks and that makes it even more red, so he said not to panic if they get darker over the next few weeks.

I know I would have gotten worried considering they look good now so I'm glad he told me!

I also have a sort of flat spot on my right outside portion of my boob and he just said its the muscle that hasn't relaxed yet which is good to know as well.

We discussed implant placement and we both agreed they need to drop more so he told me when I massage down the top of the implant to hold for a few seconds and repeat. I also got the band, I will only need to wear it in the evening and throughout the night, he doesn't want me wearing it all day since they are already in a pretty good place.

My incisions are uncovered right now, he said to shower and clean the crusties off the left side and then cover them back up tomorrow :)

Overall really good, and I will be seeing him again on Dec 3rd in the morning for my almost 1 month post op appointment

Forgot to add!

He approved the NightLift bra! He said he had never heard of it but as long as there is no underwire and it doesn't hold the implants up, then it is fine with him!

NightLift and one other!

Soooo I just typed up a whole review on my phone!!! and my boyfriend called me in the middle of it.. And when I came back to the page it was gone. Annoying!

So I zipped across the border and picked up my NightLift bra today!! I am super pleased with how fast the shipping was, I ordered it on Sunday so it wasn't processed until Monday and it arrived by thursday! Happy :)

I nervously tried it on, as it looks HUGE, and I was so pleasantly surprised because it fit!!! I was like oh my goodness it is not possibly going to fit me.. And it did! Relief lol!

I also got a Danskin Plunge Bra in 34C and that fits too! The band was reeeeally tight, I won't be wearing that for a long time. It's got too much compression for me right now, but it looks awesome. I just need some cleavage now lol


I am not sure if it will be all right to sleep in just yet because the base is a bit hard (no underwire) but still lands on the incisions, so I will have to see how the girls feel at bedtime tonight :)

It is true to size as per their size measurement chart and it fits me 12 days post op! So ladies who are early on, don't fear. I just hope it continues to fit

2 weeks!!

Hey ladies,

I made it to two weeks! Wahoo! I am so glad that they are starting to soften up and be a bit more squishy. I was able to push them together today for the first time when I tried! lol it is such a crazy thing.

I have been really good, and I haven't bought a single real bra.. I have bought a few bralettes (they should be arriving next week) so I am excited for those! But still no real bras, which is good, because all of you are posting so many amazing bras I am getting antsy :P

I am still doing my massages and rubbing bio oil on every night before bed, and so far no stretch marks! I am really hoping to avoid them, my mom said definitely no running without these babies being supported, because that's when the stretch marks will come lol not sure if that's 100% true but I'll take it as good advice.

Its been 2 weeks out of the gym now, and in 2 weeks I should be able to get back in there and do lower body and light cardio stuff, I am starting to feel a bit of a withdrawal because my bum is totally disappearing. I am the type that has to constantly work out in order to keep my muscle mass so its kind of a bummer (ha).

Wearing the strap at night has not been any sort of a problem, I still wake up a lot in the middle of the night to make sure I am not sleeping too far on my side or putting weight on my breasts, but in a way I am glad that's happening because I wont ruin my implants this way.

Happy healing ladies! I will totally post photos of my bralettes when they arrive :)

A little comparison

I threw together a comparison for pre op, one week post and 2 weeks post, there's not too much change from week one to week 2 but they are looking good!

Top is pre, left is 1 week and right is 2 weeks

Sisters not twins

So just like everyone, my boobies have come to the point where I can push them together. I am STUMPED. The left breast is the one that my surgeon put 295ccs in and it is significantly bigger than my right breast.

This honestly does not bother me because it is almost an identical size difference as it was pre BA, so it doesn't make me upset, I'm just very interested as how there is still such a significant difference lol

Ohh human anatomy. You so silly.

3 weeks tomorrow!

So I am at my 21 days post op tomorrow! 3 weeks! Can't believe how quick time has gone. I am going to post a couple full body photos so you can get a feel for how they are in relation to my bum and the rest of the bod!

I am loving them, even though they aren't perfect, they are amazing! The right side which is the larger implant definitely had some dropping to do which makes me happy :) I am liking where my left is sitting so I might stop wearing the band and let gravity do the rest, either that or I will maneuver it so that it is only pushing the right side down lol what do you think?!

I love that I can hide them under clothes, and I can't wait for actual bras that give me awesome cleavage. They are softening up a lot but still have a ways to go, as they can be pushed together and giggle a bit!

Overall it's been a great 3 weeks.

My left incision is a tad lumpy but at my 4 week post op appointment my doc is going to show me incision massages lol I'm sure there's not much to it.

If I reach for something funny or flex my pec too hard my implant jumps up and everything is high and tight so I am definitely doing my best to keep them down lol its the funniest thing though. All of a sudden they are back up tight and high.

Oh! Nipple sensitivity batman! Sheesh. They are standing at attention like crazy, and boy do they get irritated, especially if my zipper from my jacket rubs on them lol good times!

I am using bio oil almost every night, I have noticed my areolas are a bit puffy sometimes so I am super worried about stretch marks, but so far so good? Has anyone else experienced puffy areolas?

Happy healing my friends!

1 month post op appointment!

I had my one month post op appointment today! Yayy! It went really well, he is super happy with how they are sitting and said I can be done with the strap. I only wore it at night anyways so its not like it matters too much!

He gave me the joyous news that I CAN WORK OUT!! YAHOO :D he said I have pretty much no restrictions at this point except no upper body stuff, I can't go back to lifeguarding for another month and to otherwise try to get back to a normal ish routine. He said I can wear underwire bras as long as it doesn't bug the incisions which is super awesome, I think I'll hang off for a bit more though.

He said to keep doing the displacement massages and he said to do little tiny circle massages on my incisions to break up the scar tissue. That's good with me!! He also said to push the right one down and out a bit.

He addressed my asymmetry, he said that for now wait it out but if down the line it bothers me, I can switch out one of the implants. In hindsight I should have asked what kind of costs would be associated with that but I didn't ask because I don't think it matters enough. I enjoy the fact that it looks like it pulls to the side way more in photos because that COULD be reality. What I see through my own eyes might not be what others see, so the photos give me another perspective.
I think I will email him to ask about the cost associated with another surgery.

Otherwise! I see him again at my 3 month post op appointment on February 9th :)

I will post a bunch of photos and some comparisons! You can see in the before and after my left breast totally pulls to the side. I ain't bothered :)

Love yourselves beautiful ladies!

More photos

Scars at 30 days post op!

I took some photos of my scars at 30 days post op. They are looking pretty great :)

I am still sleeping in my NightLift bra, although I don't put a lot of weight on my boobs while I'm sleeping - at least I try not to. I will usually sleep with a pillow under my arm and belly and then another under my head so that there's a gap for my boobs lol! It works.

Anyways hope everyone is doing well!

Almost 6 weeks post!

Time flies when you're having fun! Holy cow it is insane to believe that I will have hit the 6 week mark this Saturday. It seems like I was waiting 6 more weeks to get it done only yesterday!

I am loving the new ladies, I always have. I honestly think the key to my success and joy in these babies comes from my realistic mindset going into a BA. I explained to another on here that I think it's a major misconception that fake boobs are perfect. Once you go back and analyze your own pre BA breasts, you can get a good idea for what they might do when you get your BA. By doing this, I realized that my left breast points more to the side (before and after) which helps me to totally accept it because there is literally nothing that could be done about it. It's a lot easier to be positive when you know that there isn't a darn thing that the surgeon or anyone else could have done to fix it. So for you ladies going in for a BA, try to be realistic. Analyze what you have now and try to come to terms with the things that will not change, you will be SO much happier if you do :)

Sure I wish my left boobie wasn't quite so much bigger, I definitely think about it. I also wish it didn't point out so much, but I sure as heck am not putting myself back to square 1 with a revision over it. It isn't that bad in my opinion. You just have to figure out if you can live with it, and I can :)

Now! Onto some goods. I haven't had much pain, I can sleep in pretty much any position I like (NightLift and pillows, thank you!) And I can wear underwire, although I have yet to wear a bra for longer than 20 min.. Lol I want to test it out before I get stuck at work for 8 hours with one on and hate myself for it!

I have been successful at the gym as far as lower body goes. I realized that I can do planks no problem as I am an avid roller for my quads/hams/glutes and I realized mid roll-session that I was doing a plank lol no pain or discomfort! I have not done much upper body as I haven't hit 6 weeks yet but I did do some shoulder press at a light weight! I can't wait to get my shoulders back lol

In selfie style photos I find that the left breast looks way bigger whereas in mirror photos they look proportionate to one another, I think selfie style is just unflattering :P

I have noticed that with my incisions, I have some bumps under them so I have been doing my massages to try to eliminate the scar tissue! There is one nasty bump on the right side that you can't see from the outside, but it has proven to be the hardest to eliminate!! Anyone got tips for tough scar tissue? :)

Happy healing!!

My absence and an update

Hello dolls, I am so sorry that I have been so MIA this past month. I got that email over the winter break stating that RS had been hacked and I was kind of (really) hesitant to even log in to the site. I am sure its fine.. But you know, overly cautious over here.

So I am now 8 and a half weeks post op! Just over 2 months, wowowow how quickly does time fly? I can tell you that I am doing well. The boobs are looking and feeling great - most of the time. They are dropping in to place, and squishing right up that my bf is sincerely happy with how they feel :)

He is a bit of a special case though sometimes.. We were snowboarding and I am significantly better than he is, so I was trolling him a little bit and riding realllyyy close behind him lol it made him a tad bit upset, so when we were standing there he gave me a nudge and I fell over.. When you have your feet strapped in to a board and you arent expecting it, reflexes are not very good lol so I ended up falling on my left breast.. hard. I was NOOOOT happy to say the least. He was very apologetic and I knew he didn't mean to do that but he is 215lbs and he forgets that I am only 130lbs lol so a little nudge to him is like a body slam from a sumo wrestler to lil old me.

Since then I have noticed that I have been getting more random little aches here and there, most specifically when I wake up if I have been sleeping on my side/stomach a little more than usual. I will definitely feel the ache in my chest but it goes away pretty quick. I emailed my doc to make sure that at 8 weeks I am okay to sleep on my stomach as it seems like I am transitioning from side to stomach slowly over the the weeks.

I am getting randomly little zaps in my nipples here and there, but they arent painful or anything - its just the nerves kicking back in to action. I always had feeling so that was nice but I did go through an awful hypersensitivity phase! That has passed now, I am back to only a little too sensitive with some zaps here and there.

I am still only wearing bralettes and comfy sports bras.. Not too sure why to be honest as the bras that I own are comfy as well. I think I just like the opportunity to not have to wear a bra all the time LOL!

I have been using the ScarAway silicon sheets, and I love them. I have been wearing them for a little over 2 weeks I believe and I felt that they softened up really well from using the sheets. I dont know that there has been much a change in the color of the scars but that could also be because I am only at 8 weeks. I am just going to continue to follow the drs orders and keep pressure (steri-strips or silicon strips) for the first 3 months!

Otherwise things have been going well, if anyone has any questions about my recovery or anything ask away! Happy to help my RS fam :)

Photos from about 7 weeks post

11 weeks post op

Hello gorgeous's :)

I am not 11 weeks post op and so seriously thrilled!! I am loving the boobs and can't wait to see my doc for my 3 months post op appointment on Feb 9th! I have a few things to talk to him about:

I have random aches sometimes here and there, I just want to be sure that this is normal! I am sure that it is.

In the sunshine, do I have to take any extra special measures to protect the implants and the scars (especially scars) aside from standard sun screen - for example SPF 60?

I also wanted to discuss with him that I have been feeling as if (although I am IN LOVE with my result) I could go bigger. I would love to know that in 5-7 years after I have a baby that I could go up in size if I wanted to. Because originally he said this was pretty much my max due to my BWD, so rather than living 5-7 years counting on going bigger, I would prefer to know now if it is even possible. I would not go in for a revision any time in the near future unless it was free lol I am in love with my boobs and he literally gave me EXACTLY what I asked for (34C/32D) and I couldn't be happier. No part of me would go back and do anything different!

The implants are the perfect size for my frame, I just would like 50-100cc more so that I don't have to wear a push up bra to have good cleavage, but on the other hand while they are this size they are totally hidable! Which is good for work. So honestly I'm conflicted lol he is the best surgeon and I will absolutely be going back to him for a revision when I need one!

They are so so soft. I got a new bikini from Inti Beachwear (a Peruvian made bikini company based out of Vancouver) and her bikinis are PERFECT For BA boobs, I will add a pic or two of it. If you're interested they are $35 a piece I believe on the website and I fit a Medium!!

I will update again after my 3 month post op visit!

Inti Beachwear

Hi ladies, a few of you have been wondering about the swim suit, they do ship to the US no problem :) go check out their website. I seriously love the top for my post BA boobs (never would have worked before) and the bottoms are super cheeky. Totally worth the $35 a piece!

I have the Paula style top in a Medium and Raquel bottoms in a Medium!


3 Month Post Op Appointment

Hi all!

I had my 3 month follow up appointment on Feb 9 and it went really well! I am still in love with my results as I have been the entire time - since day 1! My surgeon asked me how I was feeling and I said that I loved them.

I asked him about scars in the sun and he said that unless you are tanning topless you should be okay but if you do have them exposed to the sun then definitely SPF 60 would be best. He said within the first year is when you need to worry about the scars turning dark, so I will be extra vigilant with the scars until a year just so they don't get ugly lol. He said that it does take a year for them to fully fade so it is a slow process but they are on their way.

He said that scar pressure therapy is the best in the first 3 months so I don't have to continue unless I want to. I bought 12 weeks so I will definitely continue on with them until I run out and then might move to just BioOil, who knows! The ScarAway strips so far have made the scars soften and become indented as opposed to standing up off the skin, so that is great.

He said that the asymmetry that I had in my breasts is pretty much gone, visually you can't really tell at all which is true. The only time I can really see it is if I push them together or if I am doing a deadlift with a tight sports bra on. So it doesnt bug me. He said he wouldnt go forwards with a revision as the size difference isn't obvious, and I would agree.

He said that after a child or in a few years I would be able to go bigger as the skin has stretched and having implants does change the dimensions of the breast so it wouldnt be an issue. He said we could measure again, but we didn;t end up measuring. In his opinion, he doesnt think that my body would necessarily look best with anything much bigger. I can't say that I don't agree. I think that this size is perfect for me, and if I did go bigger it would probably be like 375-400cc MAX. So who knows, I may even keep this size forever :)

It is easy to forget how big they look when you always have them covered. Throwing on a sexy bra or bikini always helps to have me remember how good they actually are lol I havent gotten sized yet at VS or otherwise, and I havent bought any new swim suits aside from the one at Inti (which by the way is 20% off until Feb 19! - INTI20 is the code)

I will be going back to see my surgeon in 6 months at my 9 month post op appointment, and excitingly, my sister-in-law is likely going to be getting surgery with my doc as well! I am thrilled because I seriously love his work and couldnt be happier :)

I havent taken any recent photos so I am going to do that in a little bit and then I will be uploading them soon.

I hope everyone is having a good time researching, healing and loving their new additions :)

3 months post op pics

So here are some pictures.

I am absolutely in love with the skinny strap grey bra! It's a t shirt bra from Victoria's secret and has zero padding. It still blows my mind that I can wear stuff like that!

Professional Before and Afters

I got my professional before and afters today! Crazy to see where I came from.

17 weeks post op (4months) & sleeping!

I wanted to post a review about sleeping!

I have been sleeping on my side since 13 days post op lol this whole back sleeping thing did NOT work out for me, I was in so much pain and hardly sleeping a wink once I stopped taking my medications.

The reason I was able to sleep on my side so early was the NightLift bra, honestly it was by far the best purchase for me post BA. it was worth every penny. I just recently stopped wearing it to sleep, on Feb 9 when I saw my surgeon he gave me the OK to stop sleeping in any sort of protective garment and so, I did!

My boyfriend always sleeps grabbing my boobs so when I started to have to wear a bra every night he was seriously upset lol!! Needless to say, he is thrilled and back to his regular business of groping the ladies.

On a side note, my coworkers were discussing nose jobs and lip fillers today and I made a side comment that I would rather stick to permanent stuff (ie a BA vs lip fillers) and one of my coworkers was like OMG my boyfriend would break up with me if I got implants...

So I responded with yeah that's what mine said too, but he loves them now! Lol. (He never actually said hed leave me but he was not on board). I just find it funny that people need their boyfriends approval for something so personal. A husband I understand but eh, a boyfriend not so much. I did this for me and me alone so if he doesn't like it then the door is to the left *kisses*

Happy healing my loves!


I went for a lovely Swedish massage yesterday at the Scandinave Spa in Whistler and it was amazing!

Just prior to the massage when we were leaving I realized I had forgotten I had implants lol so I was curious as to whether it would suck or not...

It didn't hurt or bother the girls at all! And the masseuse used a good amount of pressure! I should add that I am comfortably sleeping on the stomach most nights and I have been since just before 3 months (my surgeon said wait until after 3 months because then the pocket is healed.. So I tried my best lol)

So that could be a big part of why it didn't suck, but the massage bed was soft and comfortable, definitely no pain!

I added photos of my incisions, I had pressure on them since day one and now I am wearing ScarAway strips.. Honestly not every day but usually I am :) the scars look pretty good if you ask me!

I love how my boobs fall to the side a bit when I am on my back as it resembles a normal boob! Yay

18 weeks or 4.5 months

I just wanted to post some comparisons as I found the bralette I did my rice sizers in!! Lol

In the rice sizers it's a 300cc equivalent, I got 295 and 325cc in reality (round smooth silicone dual plane)

In the scar progression pics it goes a couple days to today at the bottom right :)


5 months post op

I am 5 months post op now! Time flies when you are having fun. It feels like the wait to get the implants was so long but once I got them, time flewww lol

Everything on the boobie front is fantastic. No pain or anything aside from the normal aches like from wearing a bra for a long time. My scars are continuing to heal well and overall everything is good.

My boyfriend and I are buying a house together and anyone who lives in Vancouver.. New York or San Fran will know my struggle! Ugh so stressful lol

Anyways, to recap: I got Smooth Round Full Profile Allergan Inspira Silicone implants at 295cc on the left and 325cc on the right. My left rib protrudes a lot so that was the cause for the asymmetry.

REMEMBER even if you have the exact same stats or you look exactly the same as someone else, you will not have the same results! You can compare all you want but you can never judge your on results based on someone else your heigh and weight for example. Who would know from looking at me that my rib would cause a variation of 30cc? You can never know!

Just trust in your surgeon. That is the biggest piece of advice I can give you. If you don't feel comfortable trusting your surgeon... You have the wrong surgeon.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic time researching, planning and healing!

6.5 months post op

Helloooo!! I have been so so busy over the past 2 months with the house hunting.. I can't believe how little spare time I have lol we bought a condo though so THANK GOD! I am so thrilled to be 6.5 almost 7 months post op! I love the girls. They are amazing. Dr. Seal is amazing! I have no complaints really. Now that they are fully settled, I know I could have gone bigger and been happy with them, but because I was so flat I know I made the perfect choice by choosing the size I did. I adore them but I will go bigger later in life if $$$ works out ;) I sleep on my stomach/side every night. Its my comfort position and I am veeery happy that I did not have to give that up. Truth be told I have a trick. I have a very squishy soft pillow that I will put diagonally across my chest/torso and then I will have my head on another pillow and it pretty much keeps all the weight off of my chest... One of these days I will get my hubs to take a photo and I will upload one. Attached you will see my incisions, and the girls! I hope everyone is doing well!

More photos

I took some more photos. So here they are!

7 months post and thoughts...

I am nearing the end of my 7th month post op, and I can easily say that I am fully healed! Yippee. Now that they are fully healed and settled, I know that I would like them to be bigger. They have settled to be exactly what I had asked for, but then again I wanted 350 and my body could not accommodate it. I would be interested to see if there would be a discount on a revision to go a bit bigger if I do it sooner than later. If there isn't, then I would wait until after kids but I'd seriously consider going up to 375cc if it would not be the full cost. It's not that I'm not happy with them, because I am, I love them and I am thrilled, I just figure if I spent all that money I should not have any thoughts about a revision lol Always go bigger ladies, except I couldn't. So there's that :P I hope everyone is doing well!

9 months PO

Hi everyone! I am almost 10 months post op and doing great. My girlfriend just got her boobs done by Dr Seal about 3 weeks ago and I truly learned how easy my recovery was! The poor girl was puking multiple times a day due to her pain meds, so she had to stop taking them to stop puking. Ugh. I can't imagine throwing up with brand new boobs! I am so very thankful I had such an easy time! It really goes to show how different the experience can be for people!

I have attached some recent photos. Got professionallly sized, finally - 32DD at Change and 32D at Victorias secret. The dumb girl at VS first told me to put on a 34B (in her defence the dress I was wearing hides the girls really well) but anyways I was like LOL okay sure. So I went and got a 34B and called her over to my nipples popping out :P she quickly changed her mind.

The first bra is from Change 32DD and the second is an AMAZING 32D comfy ass bra from Victorias secret! Must buy.

I have an appointment on Sept 7 or 8th with Dr Seal where I plan to discuss potentially going a bit bigger. I don't want more projection or anything, just more fullness. So likely a 100cc increase? Maybe just under.

I am nervous though that going bigger would cause them to not be bouncey and soft because I would be stretching the skin so much. I am not willing to give up the bounce and soft feel for bigger boobs I dont think! So we shall see :)

Happy healing!

10 month post op appointment

I had my 10 month post op appointment with Dr Seal yesterday and it went really well. I was in there for about 35 minutes and overall it was good.

Dr Seal let me know that everything is looking great, and he also told me that a lot of ladies have been coming to him with my before and after shots, which is a total compliment :)

I did ask him about going bigger. He was super great about it and I really appreciated all his advice.

I explained the look I would be hoping for with a revision (a bit more lower pole thickness, with maybe a bit more side boob and a bit droopier) and he said that I could likely get that result with a revision. He did warn that I have such a great result, revisions open up the possibility for all the complications, and apparently they are more common the second time around.

We redid my measurements and he said I could now go to a 485cc HP implant, which is about 145cc bigger than I could go before (I could do 340cc UHP) so that is a huge jump. He said my desired result would probably be 75-100cc from where I am now.

He did say that his surgical fees would be waived so it would just be the facility fee and the cost of implants. That would still be a large chunk of change so I really need to take some time and ponder this out.

My boyfriend and I bought a condo in the Vancouver market in June and so we are now paying a mortgage, so I really need to check my priorities!

I was am thankful to have such an amazing surgeon and I seriously recommend him to everyone. Hands down I have had the best experience dealing with him and as long as he's around, he will do all my surgeries!

11 months post

I am nearly 1 year post op.

I have happily decided to stick with what I've got for another year before I make a decision on a revision :)

All the best on boobie planning and healing!

365 days later

On November 7, 2015 I got my surgery! I am now officially 1 year post op and seriously so thankful and glad that I made this decision and that I picked Dr Seal.

I cannot speak more highly of him, he and his staff are beyond amazing. I am going to take them flowers/wine soon too to thank them once again.

Everything is great one year post, I am loving the girls and always have. I definitely wouldn't mind going a touch bigger but for now I love my girls and am so happy.

1 year 3 months Post Op

Hi all!

Just wanted to throw up another post, I am 1 year 3 months post op.

My implants look AMAZING naked. Like so good, I am in love. They are easily hidden in clothing.

Last I left I was debating a revision, I still have my days where I definitely want to go bigger but the other days I don't feel that way.

I think that taking Dr Seal up on his offer of a revision for $4,000 would be smart, otherwise I will stick with these for the long haul. It would be dumb for me to pass on that offer and then get a revision in a year.

Either way, I am still currently undecided, but leaning towards perhaps not doing the revision. A push up bra does wonders for the cleavage.

Happy healing!!

(The suit is from Inti Beachwear)
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Dr Seal has been beyond amazing. I am so happy with his work, he has done a really great job. Further to that, it has been such a personal experience. Not once did I deal with a nurse instead of my surgeon. He spent two full hour long appointments with me answering ALL the questions, and I had a lot.. Never once was I unsatisfied with the interactions I had with Dr Seal. I would recommend him a thousand times over. Thank you for giving me a better result than I could have hoped for.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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